WWE Superstars
December 10, 2010
Commentators: Scott Stanford & CM Punk/Matt Striker & Jack Korpela
Report by: Enzo Mendicino of Wrestleview.com

Arena: The show opened with the other PPV pre-game guy, Jack Korpela, introducing the Raw brand’s main event coming up later in the show: Eve vs. Alicia Fox. From Smackdown, JTG came out to start the show as the camera picked up a shot of Korpela and Matt Striker ringside. Korpela said JTG “epitomes high energy.” Tyler Reks was out next and Korpela listed the canned, one-dimensional characteristics of Reks.

Match #1: TYLER REKS vs. JTG

Striker said JTG will have to deal with the “quick, street style” of JTG. Reks informed pre-PPV announcer guy that he believes JTG is just average. On the other hand, Reks believes he is a “future main eventer” in WWE. Reks focused on JTG’s back early on as Striker held the audience by the hand to walk viewers through the basics of a heel trying to slow down the action to focus on a body part. JTG made a comeback with some unconvincing offense before he pulled out a pair of fuzzy dice. JTG chucked the dice into the stands, then hit the Mug Shot for a two count. Reks then threw JTG off the second rope and got that look in his eyes before delivering the Burning Hammer for the pin and the win.

Winner: Reks in 4:00

NXT4 video: Korpela and Striker fed to a video package on Week 1 of NXT two days ago. They specifically emphasized Brodus Clay as a potential dominant force in WWE. Focusing on “Ratface “Conor O’Brian, they actually included a picture of a rat next to O’Brian’s face.

Up next: Trent Barreta vs. Curt Hawkins in Match 3 of their recent Superstars series.

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Hawkins was mic’ed for sound talking trash to Barreta after the opening bell. Barreta had enough and slapped Hawkins across the face to jumpstart the third match in the recent even-steven series of matches on Superstars. Barreta controlled the action with a side headlock trying to frustrate Hawkins. They came to their feet and nearly botched a Frankensteiner attempt mid-ring. Barreta then calmly re-applied a headlock. Korpela suggested they could be watching the future of WWE. Suddenly, Hawkins flung Barreta over the top rope to the floor, with Barreta selling that he smashed his head into the ring steps. They cut to break with Hawkins catching his breath in the ring.

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Back from break, Hawkins was working on Barreta, who came back with an enziguiri kick that stunned Hawkins. Barreta followed with a kick strike to the face, but Hawkins kicked out in time. Barreta tried a suplex, but Hawkins blocked. Korpela said it was a “tremendous” block, which drew a question from Striker. Barreta then knocked Hawkins to the floor and followed with a springboard twisting somersault splash on Hawkins. The announcers noted the high-risk nature of the move, which led to a nearfall back in the ring. Hawkins then blocked a Dudebuster DDT, Barreta blocked the Taste of Pain, and Barreta came back with a Tornado DDT for the pin and the win. Kids in the crowd were shown pumping their fists in excitement over this outcome.

Winner: Barreta in 12:00

Still to come: Eve vs. Fox in a Divas main event.

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In-ring: Zack Ryder was out first for the Raw brand’s first match of the show. The other PPV pre-game guy, Scott Stanford, was ringside with an annoyed C.M. Punk to call Raw’s portion of the show. Ezekiel Jackson marched out next as Ryder sold confidence. Punk noted the majority of Big Zeke’s Titantron video is of Jackson beating up Ryder.


Ryder quickly grabbed a headlock, but Jackson flung him across the ring. Asked what a wrestler can do to combat Jackson, Punk suggested throwing a fireball in his face. Stanford wondered why Ryder continues to sign on for matches against Jackson, who began punishing Ryder. Jackson said he had this one, but Ryder slipped out of a suplex and raked Jackson across the eyes. Ryder followed with a dropkick for a nearfall, then delivered a knee drop for a one count. Zeke began no-selling as Ryder went to the second rope, which turned into Jackson clubbing Ryder in mid-air. Jackson warmed up a big clothesline, then nailed his Book of Ezekiel finisher for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jackson in 4:00

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Superstars profile: Kofi Kingston. … Punk and Stanford broke down the TLC PPV line-up thus far with Edge vs. Kane, Del Rio vs. Mysterio, and Orton vs. Miz. … The Raw Rebound focused on Cole and Lawler’s issues, Orton dropping Cole with the RKO, and The Miz vs. Orton set up for TLC.

In-ring: Eve was out first to get her shine ahead of the Superstars main event up next.

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Match #4: EVE vs. ALICIA FOX

Basic start with Eve scoring early offense before Fox cut her off and applied a reverse chinlock. Eve fought out with elbows, then found herself suspended in mid-air on Alicia’s back. They awkwardly crashed to the mat with Alicia scoring a backbreaker across her knee for a two count. Eve then snapped off a series of dropkicks, but Fox caught her off-guard with a Northern Lights suplex with a bridge for a two count. Eve came back with a neckbreaker after countering a suplex, then went up top to execute a moonsault. It was good for the pin and the win. After a replay of the high points of the match, Eve celebrated in the ring to close out the show.

Winner: Eve in 5:00

Enzo’s Thoughts

Match #1: TYLER REKS vs. JTG
About as basic as it gets from the in-ring moves to the commentary to the formula match to getting over a heel’s dominating finishing move. (*)

WWE obviously sees something in Barreta since they kept him and cut his partner, Caylen Croft. It’s a good call to invest in Barreta, who could develop into a marketable babyface. Hawkins is still finding himself in the ring, but he definitely showed something on commentary last week. Both wrestlers have something tangible to offer WWE; they just need an opportunity on Smackdown. (**)

Ryder was allowed to showcase some offense and he received a full ring intro, so that’s a victory for Ryder this week. Meanwhile, Jackson continues to dominate as WWE tries to find a slot for him on Raw.

Match #4: EVE vs. ALICIA FOX
Fine showcase for the Raw Divas in the TV main event. They were off on a few moves, but overall worked hard to deliver a good match with a nice exchange of offense. (*1/4)

Enzo’s Superstars Rankings:

1) Christian (-)
2) Jack Swagger (-)
3) Vladimir Kozlov (-)
4) Dolph Ziggler (-)
5) Gail Kim (+1)
6) Shad Gaspard (+1)
7) Zack Ryder (-2)
8) Evan Bourne (-)
9) Kane (-)
10) Kofi Kingston (-)

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