WWE NXT on WWE.com
December 14, 2010
Lafayette, Louisiana
Report by: Enzo Mendicino of Wrestleview.com

WWE Open.

NXT Open.

Todd Grisham opened the show voicing-over the camera panning the crowd, saying he and Josh Mathews were ringside for the show. They sent it up to Matt Striker, who introduced the NXT Season 4 Rookies. The obstacle course was set-up outside the ring as the Rookies gathered inside. Striker mentioned how Jacob Novak won the first Rookie challenge last week, but this week, for the first-time ever, there will be a karaoke challenge, since they need to be entertaining as well as athletic.

Karaoke Challenge

Conor O’Brian was first up – he had to choose an envelope that featured wrestlers’ themes, and they had to sing them. O’Brian got King Sheamus. They put the lyrics up on the Titan-Tron. O’Brian was way behind the music in singing, but at the beginning, it worked. Derrick Bateman was next, and the card he chose contained The Miz. Bateman was awful as well, but he was into it. He tried to suck-up to the crowd at the last minute, saying Cajun football rules.

Novak was next, and he picked Ziggler. Novak said Ziggler, his pro, was “perfection.” His voice was pretty bad, but he seemed to get closer to where they lyrics needed to be the most. Brodus Clay had to sing the theme of “Dashing” Cody Rhodes. Clay’s voice wasn’t bad, as he had that “spoken lyric” vibe going. I can’t believe I’m analyzing this so deeply. Johnny Curtis chose Randy Orton. He even got down in the Viper position when he sang, which amused Maryse. I thought this would’ve been the easiest, but Curtis seemed to be playing this for laughs. Or it seemed like it, at least. He got down on his knees and Striker pretended to punt him. Lastly, Byron Saxton got Shawn Michaels. I knew that had to be in there somewhere. He was dancing along with it, doing a bit of a remix. The only one the fans reacted to at all. The WWE Universe was polled, and Saxton was a run-away winner. He earned an immunity point for the victory.

Winner: Byron Saxton

The announcers plugged Saxton and Chris Masters vs. Ted DiBiase and Brodus Clay, which is next.

A video aired previewing The Miz vs. Randy Orton at TLC.

They aired a plug for Tribute to the Troops, this Saturday on NBC.

A profile of Jacob Novak aired. He’s DTD, destined to dominate.


Saxton and Clay began the match and Clay used his sizeable girth to take Saxton down. Another take-down off a collar-and-elbow tie-up. Saxton got frustrated and tagged Masters in. Sunset flip by Masters, but Clay brought him back to his feet. Masters worked in a few chops. Clay took Masters down with a suplex, then tagged DiBiase in. They went to break at this point.

Next week’s WWE Week on USA was previewed.

Back to action with DiBiase firmly in control of Masters. Man, Mathews is zinging Grisham left and right too. And Grisham has nothing in response, most of the time. Clay back in, and he worked Masters over. Masters made a comeback, but DiBiase put him down with a dropkick after Masters got too greedy and went after Clay as well. Samoan drop by Masters and both men were down. Grisham mentioned that the Mouth of the South (Jimmy Hart) wrote HBK’s theme song. Clay and Saxton both tagged in, but Clay ran into a corner elbow. Saxton leaped off the second rope, right into the arms of Clay, who gave the former ECW announcer a spinebuster. DiBiase demanded the tag, and Clay obliged. He missed a knee-drop and Masters came in. He gave DiBiase a spinebuster of his own, and Clay tried to break up the pin, but
accidentally hit DiBiase. Masters readied for the Masterlock, but Saxton tagged himself in. He tried to whip DiBiase off the ropes, but DiBiase stopped short and gave the rookie Dream Street. The pin was academic.

Winners: DiBiase and Clay, at 7:10

Daniel Bryan visited with his rookie, Derrick Bateman, backstage. He wanted to teach Bateman a heel hook in preparation for his match with Alberto Del Rio tonight. They went over the move on the mat in the locker room, and Bateman joked that he didn’t want to hurt Bryan. Bateman got so excited and didn’t do it right, so Bryan kicked him in the face in frustration. Bateman asked why he did that, and Bryan said he may have been trying to get Bateman to do too much, too soon.

Next, the NXT obstacle course, for an immunity point.

Two WWE films are on sale for the holidays.

An ad for deals on WWE.com aired.

Mathews sent it up to Striker, who updated the immunity scores: Both Novak and Saxton each have one. This obstacle course is worth two immunity points. It looks like the same obstacle course as last season’s.

Obstacle Course

Jacob Novak was first, to a few boos. Novak screwed up on the push-ups and ended at 37.9 seconds. Byron Saxton was next, holding his neck and selling the effects of his match. He took a spill on his shoulder jumping over the last barrier. He was doing push-ups as Novak’s time passed. He casually finished at 1:02:00. O’Brian had a Ratitude t-shirt on. O’Brian also fell over the other side of the big wall. He took way too long on the balance beam, but did get 42.7 seconds. Derrick Bateman followed O’Brian. He bested Novak’s time, with 35.7. Johnny Curtis said he’s feeling very gazelle-like. 34.8 for Curtis, as there was some confusion over whether or not he tripped and fell off the beam. The refs conferred…he did fall off the beam, landing on the support, so he didn’t fall all the way off, but he did fall. That was enough to get his time disallowed. Brodus Clay was last. Clay needed to get the lead out, but it was clear he wasn’t interested in winning when he knocked the walls aside. He told referee Justin King to, “count it, fool” when he did push-ups. King did, then reminded Clay he was disqualified. Clay threw one of the tires at the ring when he walked up the ramp. Senior official Charles Robinson told Striker that Curtis will get another shot at the obstacle course. This is unprecedented! He mastered the balance beam this time and pulled in at 31.4, to earn two immunity points. He raised a tire in each arm to celebrate.

Winner: Johnny Curtis

They showed a video profile of Curtis. He discussed all the fun things he has dabbled in, and talked about losing a close friend in 2005, which is why he features two dog tags on his tights.

Tonight, Derrick Bateman faces Alberto Del Rio, one-on-one.

Another ad for WWE Week on USA next week.

The Raw Rebound aired.

The announcers discussed the TLC PPV card.

Backstage, Jacob Novak introduced himself to Vickie Guerrero. He said he had no idea she was so beautiful in person. He said her rookie last season was very rude to her and didn’t see a good opportunity when she saw one. He asked her for any advice she could give him. Dolph Ziggler walked up and put his arm around Vickie, looking a little possessive. He sent Vickie away and asked Novak what that was about. Ziggler told him to find a quiet place somewhere else and watch the main event…by himself. So now we’re getting Ziggler being jealous to complete the circle.

Ricardo Rodriguez was introduced by Tony Chimel. He intro’d Alberto Del Rio, who was accompanied by his rookie, Conor O’Brian. His match against Derrick Bateman is next.

The WWE Top 50 Superstars of All-Time DVD was advertised.


Del Rio got the advantage to start, and pulled Bateman off the second rope by his leg. He grabbed a tight rear chinlock on the rookie. Hard right hands to the brillo pad-like head of Bateman. Side suplex and a cover got two for Del Rio. Another chinlock. Bateman fought out, but that’s as much as he could get. He dodged a corner charge and came back with rights of his own. Flip neck-breaker by Bateman for a two-count. He went for a corner dropkick, but missed. Del Rio threw Bateman shoulder-first into the ring post, then applied the cross arm-breaker for the submission win.

Winner: Del Rio, at 3:20

Grisham implored the fans to vote for their favorite rookie at WWE.com.

My feed cut out before he could finish, but I think that was about it anyway.

Enzo’s Thoughts

Saxton does have the kind of charisma that will get him over in WWE. Clay has some ability to go with his size.

As basic as you can get, and Bateman barely got any offense.

That’s all for now, see you all next week.

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