WWE NXT on WWE.com Recap
Long Island, NY
February 1, 2011
Commentators: Todd Grisham and Josh Mathews
Host: Matt Striker
Reported by: Anthony J. Valvo of Wrestleview.com

Just like a surprise entrant at the Royal Rumble, I Mr. V will present the recap for this week’s WWE NXT. Why? Because I have way too much free time I guess.

I want to thank Adam Martin for letting me do the recap.


We are Wild and Young…yeah, I hate that song as well. But the show does get better, I promise.

The show begins with Todd Grisham welcoming us to NXT from Long Island and Matt Striker is in the ring to do his hosting duties.

Matt Striker said that NXT Season Four is down to four rookies. Next week, the rookie list will go down to three as there will be an elimination. Matt Striker welcomes Byron Saxton and Dolph Ziggler first (Saxton wearing a “Beware of Saxton” T-Shirt), followed by the pairings of Daniel Bryan and Derrick Bateman, Johnny Curtis and R-Truth, and Ricardo Rodriguez and Brodus Clay.

Striker asked where Clay’s WWE Pro, 2011 Royal Rumble winner Alberto Del Rio, was at. Rodriguez said that Del Rio was overwhelmed since his Royal Rumble victory and that tonight he will take Del Rio’s place.

Striker then goes over the rules for the first immunity challenge. All WWE Rookies have zero immunity points. Why? No one beat Howard Finkel in a trivia contest last week and Derrick Bateman had to forfeit his points because he was caught on camera cheating.

Immunity Challenge #1: Arm Wrestling (worth 3 points)

Round 1: Bryon Saxton vs. Johnny Curtis

The contest began and Curtis defeated Saxton in less amount of time that you read this sentence.

Curtis went to the Final.

Round 1: Brodus Clay vs. Derrick Bateman

Before they began the round, Bateman asked Daniel Bryan to slap him a few times. Bryan gave him three slaps across the face and Bateman was ready. Too bad Clay was much stronger as Clay easily pushed his arm long enough to defeat Bateman.

Bateman went to the Final.

Arm Wrestling Final: Johnny Curtis vs. Brodus Clay

Both Curtis and Clay were at a deadlock. However, with Curtis gaining the slight advantage Clay cost himself the match by headbutting Curtis. The referee awarded the match and points to Curtis.

Winner of the Arm Wrestling Challenge and Three points: Johnny Curtis

Next will be a Pro vs. Rookie match. Byron Saxton faced Chris Masters.

Match #1: Chris Masters vs. Byron Saxton (w/Dolph Ziggler)

Masters began the match by tying up Saxton to the corner. As Masters broke the hold Saxton did some quick attacks at the corner. Masters regained the advantage with a couple big-time chops across Saxton’s chest. Saxton went off the ropes to attempt the crossbody, but Master caught him and delivered the Fallaway Slam. Masters then continued the momentum with a Butterfly Suplex.

Moments later, Saxton gained a quick advantage by attacking one of Masters’ arms. Saxton worked a hold on the arm, but Masters responded with a Samoan Drop. Masters then destroyed Saxton and a Spinebuster and put Saxton out of his misery…

Finish: Chris Masters applied the Masterlock on Byron Saxton. Dolph Ziggler almost (literally) “threw in the towel”, but Saxton passed out.

Winner via Submission: Chris Masters
Grade: C-

After a commercial break, the viewers on the computer screens watch a segment “earlier today” in which Daniel Bryan tried to teach Derrick Bateman to execute the Guillotine Choke Hold. But just like a student who “just does not get it” (being a teacher I know the feeling), Bateman did not think with his cranium. Gail Kim enters the scene and Bryan talks to her about the Guillotine Choke hold. Kim said she could do the hold and Bateman requested that Kim executed the hold. Kim asked Bateman if he was sure and Bateman, being all “manly” approved. Gail Kim then executed the choke hold and Bateman submitted. After Bateman passed out, Daniel Bryan though what Gail Kim did was “hot” and they start to kiss.

Next match on the card was another Pro vs. Rookie match. It was Ted DiBiase, Jr. vs. Brodus Clay.

Match #2: Ted DiBiase, Jr. vs. Brodus Clay (w/Ricardo Rodriquez)

Before the match, the viewers watched highlights of last week’s main event in which Clay won a Fatal 4-Way elimination match. The stipulation was that Clay was allowed (if he wanted) to switch WWE Pros. Clay switched DiBiase Jr. with Alberto Del Rio (in my opinion, smart move).

Also, maybe a few seconds after DiBiase Jr. walked down to the ring, Maryse entered the scene. I smell shenanigans.

The match began with Clay tying up DiBiase to the corner. After a break, Clay tied up DiBiase to another corner. After that break, DiBiase went to the attack with elbow strikes and a chinlock. DiBiase used a couple more elbow strikes after the hold was broken. After some pretty intense action outside the ring (I had the notes, just did not write who administered the pain, but let’s just say Clay had most the offense in that segment), Clay used a suplex to take down his former pro. Clay then dropped the elbow and clamped his hand to DiBiase’s trap muscle. Clay then got up, moved DiBiase to the corner and rammed his shoulder to the abdominal area. Then Clay positioned DiBiase across and administered more pain.

Clay then slammed DiBiase to the mat, but moments later DiBiase chop blocked Clay right at the knee (Clay sold it nicely for a moment). Maryse, who was very distracting (in a good way) during the match, finally got DiBiase’s attention when she locked lips with Todd Grisham! DiBiase asked what Maryse was doing and that was enough time for Brodus Clay to finish off the pro.

Finish: Brodus Clay lifted up Ted DiBiase, Jr. and finished him off with the Powerslam. Clay then got the three count and got the victory.

Winner via Pinfall: Brodus Clay
Grade: C+

After a commercial break, the cameras cut to a locker room scene with Johnny Curtis (who felt “smart” from the Brodus Clay headbutt) and Byron Saxton (who broke some blood vessels across the chest, see Match#1 for the reason why). Saxton and Curtis talked about their injuries in that way that Saxton wanted something from Curtis. Saxton said that he was worried about Curtis and that R-Truth really does not like his rookie. Curtis called Saxton “creepy” and said that Truth and him were tight, as well as truthful.

Somewhere either here or there, there was a Preview for Triple H’s new movie called “The Chaperone”. I think I know what may get a Rotten Apple (or Tomato) in the near future.

Later we will have a tag team match. It will be Daniel Bryan and Derrick Bateman vs. R-Truth and Johnny Curtis.

After a commercial, the computer viewers saw Matt Striker in the ring with the four NXT Rookies. Striker and the WWE production team showed us the updated immunity point standings and Curtis is in the lead. The next challenge is a staple of NXT (ugh), it is the…

Immunity Challenge #2: The Talk the Talk Challenge. (Worth 2 points)

Striker told the rookies that the subject was a WWE Pro and they had 30 seconds to talk about a pro that Striker will pick at random. Here is the rundown.

Bryon Saxton’s topic was “R-Truth”. All Saxton did was spoof R-Truth rap song to hype himself up. The crowd booed him and R-Truth screamed “What’s Up?” To the Long Island crowd.

Derrick Bateman’s topic was “Dolph Ziggler”. Bateman called Ziggler one of the fastest-rising superstars in the WWE (Ziggler corrected him in mid-talk by saying “six years”) and said that Ziggler is fast, got a good body, and his face looked like a catcher’s mitt. Bateman then said that Dolph Ziggler was not his “real name” that in fact his legal name was “Turd Ferguson”.

(Mr. V Note: This by far, other than Sean Connery, was the best character in those SNL Celebrity Jeopardy Skits. Bravo, Bateman, Bravo)

Dolph goes crazy and there is a “Turd” chant until Bateman’s time was up.

Johnny Curtis’ topic was “Chris Masters”. Curtis completely ignores the subject and went face to face with Brodus Clay and slapped him across the face. Clay went at Curtis until Curtis left the ring area. Masters was disappointed that Curtis did not talk about him.

Brodus Clay’s topic was “Daniel Bryan”. Clay talked about how Bryan was too “white” and something about Bryan being duller than paint drying, but he does have a hot girlfriend. Clay then tried to “woo” Gail Kim (who really was not near the entrance area) by saying that “he was a real man”. Bryan retaliated and said that “Real Men do NOT equal Fat Men.” That got a lot of “OOOOOOOOHHHHHS” from the crowd.

The WWE fans in Long Island was the voters of this competition. It was obvious who was going to win.

Winner of the Talk the Talk Challenge and Two points: Derrick Bateman

The Tag Match is up next, but first the WWE did the mandatory “Raw Rebound”. The highlight of the Raw Rebound was the 7-Man Raw Rumble to determine The Miz’s opponent at Elimination Chamber. In a blast from the past, Jerry “The King” Lawler won the Rumble and will face The Miz at the next Pay-Per-View. Cole almost lost his lid, and I am sure many wished he did.

And Now…Time for the Main Event!

Match #3: Johnny Curtis and R-Truth vs. Daniel Bryan and Derrick Bateman

Derrick Bateman and R-Truth started the match. Bateman applied a headlock and then connected with the shoulder tackle. R-Truth came back with a pair of hip toss takedowns. Johnny Curtis was tagged in and Bateman took Curtis down a couple times until they tied-up. The tie-up by Curtis and Bateman led to them going thru the ropes and brawling just outside the ring.

*Commercial Break*

The match resumed with Curtis applying the headlock/shoulder hold to Daniel Bryan. Bryan reversed the hold by landing a crisp Back Suplex. Bryan tagged Bateman in and Bateman started his offense with a splash. Bateman then executed a Snap Suplex.

Bryan then was tagged in and both Bryan and Curtis had an impressive European Uppercut exchange. Bryan ended the exchanges with a knee drop. Bryan slammed Curtis, and then drilled his knees to the knee of Curtis. Bryan then tagged Bateman in and Bateman worked on Curtis’ knee. Curtis finally ended Bateman’s small run with a spin kick to the back. Both guys then tagged in their team partner and Truth got fired up with a clothesline and followed it up with a bad heel kick.

Curtis was tagged in and they hit a Double Vertical Suplex. Bateman then ran in the ring and took out R-Truth. Curtis went up top to finish Bryan off with the Springboard Leg Drop, but Bryan escaped the finisher and after a series of counters between Curtis and Bryan it was near an end.

Finish: Daniel Bryan applied the LeBell Lock and Johnny Curtis tapped out very quickly. The team of Bryan and Derrick Bateman win this contest.

Winners via Submission: Daniel Bryan and Derrick Bateman
Grade: C (leaned toward a C+)

After the replay of the finish, Bryan and Bateman celebrate a little bit as the show came to an end.

Quick Results
* Chris Masters def. Byron Saxton (3-5) via Submission
* Brodus Clay (4-2) def. Ted DiBiase, Jr. via Pinfall
* Daniel Bryan and Derrick Bateman (2-4) def. R-Truth and Johnny Curtis (2-5) via submission

Eliminated from previous Season Four Episodes: Jacob Novak (1-2) and Conor O’Brain (3-1)

Immunity Points (current): Curtis 3; Bateman 2; Clay 0; Saxton 0.

Thoughts on the segments (non-wrestling)

Arm Wrestling Challenge – Eh, it was what it was. In a way, I was personally surprised that Brodus Clay did not win this challenge. However, I won’t complain. I really can’t type much about this because it went so quick.

Bryan/Bateman/Kim Backstage Segment – I actually found some humor to this. Bateman is still the student trying to learn the art of submission from his sensei. I actually enjoyed seeing Gail Kim in this segment as she is a talented women’s wrestler in my opinion. Daniel Bryan’s “that was hot” liner seemed so forced (either that or he was trying to hold back from laughing). I enjoyed that segment.

Saxton/Curtis Backstage Segment – It is the usual “bad guy trying to stir the pot” part, but unlike this being executed in main storylines this one is to make the viewers believe that Saxton is in desperation mode. In my opinion, I feel that Saxton is going to be the next one eliminated. With Curtis possibly earning immunity, Bateman forming a bond with Bryan, and Clay getting over I think it is just time for Saxton to go back to what he does best, commentate in FCW. This is not a joke, he is an impressive commentator.

Talk the Talk Challenge – TURD FERGUSON. Those two words honestly was the reason why I wanted to work on this recap. When I am Mr. V, the video game player, when they ask for a character name it is always “Turd Ferguston”. Sorry for my “marky mark” moment, but Bateman went WAY over with those two words. Saxton and Curtis were just “bleh” on the mic. Saxton just filling in words for “What’s Up” would make anyone cringe (and good job doing that, Mr. Saxton) and Curtis just wasted 30 seconds of my time. Brodus Clay was pretty good in trying to steal Gail Kim from Bryan, but Bryan’s comeback was solid.

Thoughts on the Wrestling Matches

Masters vs. Saxton – If this was to help Saxton advance to the next round, this failed miserably. Saxton bumped very well and sold nicely, but Masters was just too powerful. And if Masters’ ceiling now is Superstars, that does not say much for Saxton, the wrestler.

Clay vs. DiBiase, Jr. – I am now sold on Maryse’s character. Kudos to the WWE team for having Maryse play this shrew that is getting into DiBiase’s head. Even though DiBiase did get his spots in, this was Clay’s match and when I grade the NXT matches, I go with what the rookie did. At the start of NXT, I thought Clay was in the upper half and now after what I saw in this match tonight it is tough to go against Brodus Clay as the NXT Season Four winner. This week, Clay executed everything well.

Bryan/Bateman vs. R-Truth/Curtis – I liked the chemistry in the Bryan/Bateman tag team. It just seems like they are working so well and I think their personalities clash so much that it makes for good television (or computer time). I was impressed with Curtis a little bit, but again he did not do much. As a matter of fact, I think Curtis did a lot of the selling while Truth was only in for the hot tag. What made this bad was I thought Curtis performed better than Truth. It is just my opinion in this match. I thought that Curtis was much better than in week’s past (where it seems like he is very limited), Bateman has some staying power and showed a couple new maneuvers and Bryan can never go wrong. R-Truth may have been the worst guy in this tag match, and I wonder if there is something wrong health wise with Truth outside of the scare he had a few weeks ago.

Overall Thoughts

Not a bad show. Obviously the WWE does not emphasize this product like they do with Raw, Smackdown, or even Superstars. Before the show I expected average wrestling and from a wrestling standpoint it met my expectations.

The segments were actually better than I thought they would be. The Arm Wrestling bit was a dud and the Saxton/Curtis story had minimal impact. However, Bateman’s personality was the highlight of the show. With a little more help either on the road or back in FCW, I really believe that Bateman can be a goofy, mid-card singles wrestler that, if paired with Daniel Bryan, can make a nice run in the tag team division.

However, if someone asked me “what did I miss”? I would simply say…TURD FERGUSON (which honestly got a bigger reaction than John Morrison calling Dolph Ziggler “Mr. Ziggles”)

Overall Grade: C+

That does it for my NXT Recap. Now this was just my “test run”, but not my first go-around with recapping as I did the ROH on HDNet recap prior to this assignment. If you like this recap perhaps I can do another one in the near future. Thank you very much for reading.

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