WWE NXT Recap (on WWE.com) – 2/15/11
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek

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Previously on NXT:
Byron Saxon Was Eliminated from NXT

Tonight’s NXT was slightly delayed. This was an issue with the NXT Feed. This was confirmed in the NXT Live Chat by Corey Clayton of WWE.com. While I waited, Corey stated that last nights’ Live Chat with the Rock broke chat attendance records. The delay is short, but I miss the opening minute or so of NXT.

NXT is in San Diego tonight. (Thank you Joey Styles for this information via Chat)

Matt Striker is the NXT Host.

Josh Mathews and Todd Grisham are on commentary.

Rookie Challenge: Smash and Grab
Worth 2 Immunity points

We are stating NXT with a piñata wacking competition on NXT. Rookies are blind folded and have to wack a piñata with NXT written on it. NXT bucks fly out from it. Rrookies collect the money and shuffle it off to his pro whom is on the Tron stage. I get my NXT stream after Curtis fails to get the money back to his pro. So he throws the NXT bucks into the crowd. Clay is next. As Clay does his challenge, Ricardo Rodriguez is doing soccer style commentary. Maryse yells out “Speak English” as Clay moves his way up the ramp. He’s showboating the whole way up as he has plenty of time left on the clock. Bateman is up next. Striker asks Bateman if he has a strategy. He’s completely obvious about it in his character’s form. Bateman is getting vocal guidance from Bryan on when to swing the stick. This goes all good till Bateman pulls his mask off and humps the piñata to pull it down. That’s a DQ.

2 immunity points is awarded to Clay in the “Smash and Grab” challenge.

Clay will face R-Truth in a match next.

AD: Elimination Chamber PPV.
AD: HHH’s Chaperone Movie.

Match: Brodus Clay vs R-Truth

R- Truth gets Clay out of the ring quickly and flying over the ropes to him. RR is at ring side for Clay, and Curtis. RR gives Clay support and gets thrown in return! The get back in the ring, and Clay manages to take over on offense after throwing Truth from the ring side. Commentary is doing a lot better tonight then they have in the past. Truth is working on Clay’s leg. Clay is stumbling about a bit. Truth goes to the corner and misses a big time on Clay. Clay takes the opportunity to slam himself down on Truth. It’s a big fat guy slam. This sets up clay for the pin and a win over the pro. Ricardo Rodriguez again announces Clay as the winner in the same style he does for Alberto Del Rio.

Brodus Clay def R-Truth via pinfall after doing a fat guy splash

Later: Bryan vs Bateman
Rookie vs His Pro Match

AD: Wrestlemania, Now 47 Days Away.
AD: The Best OF Raw 2010.

Rookie Challenge: Save Yourself Trivia

We’re dong a mix of Jeopardy with a dash of Double Dare slime for the losers. Striker is pulling Alex Trebeck duties tonight. Our categories are The 80’s, The 90’s, Tile History, Wrestlemania, and Divas. The questions are not notable except for the fact in the 80’s category, the rookies are asked when Smackdown debuted. The answer is 1998. Clay asks why an answer which is from the 1990’s is in the 80’s category. There’s some yelling about before Striker regains control and the game moves on. Brodus Clay wins the challenge and picks up 3 immunity points. Thus Johnny and Bateman are slimed. After getting slimed Bateman is freaking out looking like he’s the Hulk. We are kind enough to get a slow motion replay of them getting slimmed. They are quite accepting of the slime. It’s hilarious.

Voting Starts on 2/16 at Noon (EST) on WWE.com for the next elimination.

AD: Hall of Fame Ceremony with HBK.

Did you Know? Over 25K autographs will be given out at Wrestlemania events.

RAW REBOUND: The Rock will be the host of WM27.
This is a replay of the Promo that the Rock cut last night. There are a few edits. Most of them are to cut stalling by the Rock to let the crowd just react. This is the package they will most likely also air on Smackdown. There is a need to cut on time, but in doing so the one misses the full gloriousness of the Rock’s Promo. Also “Candy Asses” is apparently okay for PG-TV. Who would have thunk it.
WWE is promoting the Rocks’ Facebook and Twitter account heavily.

MATCH: Bryan vs Bateman

Bryan comes out and we cut to…

AD: EC Package featuring King vs The Miz.
AD: SD! #600 Episode this Friday. 12-man Cluster-what tag match.

We’re back, Bateman is in the ring. He’s getting no entrance. The match starts and… We get a Handshake!?!? Cue Douglas yelling Honor! Wait, tonight in the role of Douglas tonight is Dolph Ziggler: “This isn’t ROH. We Don’t Shake Hands!” The match gets going with Bryan dominating Bateman. The crowd is not into the match. Ziggler speaks up again “Who are we supposed to Root for?” Ricardo Rodriguez – IN ENGLISH – says “The Chargers”, the local NFL team. Back in the ring, Bateman is running in a circle with Bryan attached to him. This builds to the point where he tosses toss Bryan out to follows up with a suicide dive. As Bateman throws Bryan into the ring, we cut to…

AD: Elimination Chamber – Focus on the Raw EC Match.
Package: 2-21-11 with Jonny Cash.

We’re back from promoting other WWE stuff. Bryan has taken control of the match and is dominating once again. Bateman cries out “I learned my lesion”. Bateman had issued the challenge to Bryan. Bryan takes too much time on the top rope and misses Bateman. This allows Bateman to get big his and take control with several pins. This includes picking Bryan up and smashing him on the mat. Bryan manages to kick out. Then Bateman goes very ambitious. He goes for a label lock. He almost locks it in. However Bryan manages to break free and transition into his own lock in pure MMA-style fashion. Bryan locks his in and Bateman has no choice but to tap.

Bryan def. Bateman by honorable submission

After the match Bryan gets the crowd going for Bateman. The shake again and Bryan raises Bateman’s hand into the air.
And that’s the show. That’s it. The feed is over.


Quick Results
Brodus Clay wins “Smash and Grab” Challenge and 2 immunity points.
Brodus Clay def R-Truth via pinfall after doing a fat guy splash.
Brodus Clay wins “Save Yourself Trivia” Challenge and 3 immunity points
Bryan def Bateman by honorable submission.

Grash Says…

We’re down to our final three. Brodus Clay is your Big man Heel. By big, I mean round. Bateman is your silly face, or think Santino. Curtis is your standard face, think Cena here. Given some decent booking, I believe that all three of these are guys are ready to get moved up to the main roster if need be.

Tonight was the Brodus Clay Show. He beat R-Truth tonight in a good match. I’m glad Truth didn’t kick out of getting a fat guy splash and flatten him. During the match, Brodus sold Truth’s work on his leg. It was a good match. On top of that, Brodus won both Challenges taking a whopping 5 immunity points. This is how Brodus makes it to the finals. I don’t see someone next week dominating the challenges like Clay does this week.

Ricardo Rodriguez had been filling as the Pro for Alberto Del Rio since Del Rio won the Royal Rumble. And I’m loving it. So much so, I think I enjoy Ricardo Rodriguez more than Del Rio right now. It’s mad and insane, but Rodriguez is that much fun on NXT right now. He’s really getting into the grove of doing a Mexican Sport-styled commentary. Or at least a style which this gringo understands from what little he’s seen on Univision. And then out of nowhere, He’ll speak clear English! So much fun.

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