WWE NXT Recap (on WWE.com) – 2/22/11
Sacramento, California
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek, Wrestleview VIP member

NXT is in Sacramento, CA tonight.

Matt Striker is the NXT Host.

Josh Mathews and Todd Grisham are on commentary.

Previously on NXT:
* Last week Immunity points were Reset after the elimination.
Brodus Clay won both challenges last week and has 5 immunity points.
* Bateman and Curtis both have no points.

Show opens with each Pro talking to their rookie. Tonight the Rookies will be on their own. R-Truth says it’s time” to leave the nest” to which Curtis says “you mean I’ve got to be the one man wolf pack”. He howls. Ricardo Rodriguez talks to Clay and say to do it for Mr. Del Rio. He tells Rodriguez “He’ll take care of business”. Bryan tells Bateman if he gets eliminated he’s going to “punch him in the face.” Next week will be the Finals for Season 4.

Challenge: Grace under Pressure
3 Immunity Challenge

This is an obstical course consisting of four stations. A Beer Pong table, a Tower Build, a Cup Flip Challenge, and a Chopstick Dice Re-Order Challenge. Rookies will be timed. Fastest Time wins. Curtis goes first and nails drops a ball into a beer pong cup in one shot. He moves on and takes a while to build the tower. With 3 tries on the cup and quick go on the chopsticks, Curtis finishes at 1:19 setting the bar. Bateman is up next, he’s gone nine tosses at pong, including one at a fan randomly. He blows the tower top. He uses a round piece and not a pointed piece. This kills his time and won’t beat Curtis. He gets pull back as he reaches 2 minutes. Before Clay goes he calls for one of the challenges to be reset. After a few single shots, Clay pulls several balls out and tosses several towards the cups. He sinks 5 of the 15 balls. While Clay is the quickest on the tower, he blows the cup flip part and finishes at 1:46.

Johnny Curtis wins Grace Under Pressure Challenge and 3 Immunity Points

Up Next: Rookie Triple Threat Match

AD: WrestleMania 27 is only 40 Days. “It’s written in the stars a million miles away”
AD: HHH in the “Chaperone”

MATCH: Rookie Triple Threat Match
Johnny Curtis vs. Brodus Clay vs. Derrick Bateman

Bateman goes over the ropes quickly by Clay. Clay goes on offense on Curtis and slams him. Turning to Bateman and knocking him back out of the ring. Clay goes back to beating on Curtis. Bateman finally returns and gets on offense. Josh turns to Todd on commentary and tells him he’s been wrong all night. Tonight’s last challenge will be worth 3 immunity points. Thus Curtis can win immunity tonight. Back in the ring, Bateman and Curtis are ganging up on Clay. The match continues back and forth between Clay vs. Bateman and Curtis. This continues till Clay gets tossed out and then Curtis tosses Bateman through the ropes on to Clay. Curtis poses for the crowd waiting for Bateman and Clay to recover. This is the set up for Curtis to flip over the top rope, over his spotters and onto his feet. I guess someone been watching Morrison this weekend! We cut to…

AD: Big Show – A Giant’s World DVD

Back to the action, Curtis is in control. He got locks on Bateman. Curtis gives a quick boot to Clay’s face to keep him outside of the ring and then slams Bateman for a quick cover. He kicks on two pin attempts. Bateman recovers and gets a quick pin on Curtis. Clay is back in the ring, and Bateman is using his feet to pound him down. Both Curtis and Clay are selling the damage well. Clay eventually gets back to his feet and gets back on offense. Curtis is first. Clay beats him down and then crushes his head with his hands to then plant Curtis’s face into his behind. Given that RR and Del Rio are the Pros. I’m calling it a flaming Mexican. Bateman gets a stomp off from a bounce off the first rope. Remember Clay is a huge fat guy. Fat guys Dominate. Clay is alternating on the beating now. Commentary is playing up Clay’s domination. Clay takes his time to pin Bateman. This gives Curtis time to climb the corner ropes and launch himself on to clay in the center of the ring. Curtis with huge momentum tries to pin Clay. No dice. Then Bateman Still no pin fall. Curtis and Bateman come together to working on Clay. Together they slam him. In the aftermath of the big guy go boom, Curtis grabs Bateman and slams him onto Clay. Pulls him off to side and Curtis gets the pin fall on Bateman.

Winner: Johnny Curtis def Brodus Clay and Bateman by pin fall after slamming Bateman onto Brodus Clay

On the Replay of the slam on Clay, Curtis is visibly winching after dropping the big guy.

AD: HHH is back. He’s featured in WWE Kids Magazine. And There’s a WM 27 action ring Play set!

RAW Rebound: Cena uses his degree in Thuganomics on The Rock. “I’d stick with Rock, cause Dwane don’t have a Johnson!”

Next Challenge is Talk the Talk.

AD: Hall of Fame Ceremony with HBK and

Challenge: Talk the Talk
Worth 3 Immunity Points

Rookies will 30 seconds to make a pitch to the crowd. Curtis is first. He thanks the Fans. “Vote for me, For a Vote for me is a Vote for Freedom”. Bateman is next. “The first thing I do in the morning is I take “IT”. Clay is last, and he throwing out to crowd. He’s the Hometown favorite. It’s time to go to the judges. It’s a mixed reaction for Curtis. Bateman gets booed. Clay gets huge pop.

Brodus Clay wins the Talk the Talk Challenge and Immunity

AD: RAW – HHH is back . Undertaker is featured in next to him
AD: Wrestlemania featuring the Rock.

Season Finale is Next Week.


(And a punch to the face from Daniel Bryan)
Bateman is quite upset. Calls himself most entertaining NXT Rookie ever and walks off. As he does, Clay gets a massive clothes line on Curtis and tells him “See you in Cleveland, Fool”. (Cleveland is where the NXT Finals will be held. )
And That’s It. The stream of the show has ended.
Well, almost. There’s a few seconds of another video where Cena goes “Get ready to be excited”. And with that, the stream is dead.

After the show Ricardo Rodriguez (@RRWWE) tweeted “Tough luck kid…”You cant beat a hood crowd”

Quick Results
* Johnny Curtis wins “Grace Under Pressure” Challenge and 3 Immunity Points.
* Johnny Curtis def Brodus Clay and Bateman by pin fall after slamming Bateman onto Brodus Clay.
* Brodus Clay wins the “Talk the Talk” Challenge and Immunity.
* DERRICK BATEMAN IS ELIMINATED FROM NXT. (And a punch to the face from Daniel Bryan)

Grash Says…

Next week, it’s Curtis vs Brodus. There’s two ways to look at this. You give it to Curtis because he’s with R-truth and needs the NXT win more. OR you just slap the win on Brodus Clay and extend the happy Del Rio family in a HUGE way. Not that he needs it… I just think he should. I already outted myself as one of Ricardo Rodriguez’s Fans. Poo Butt Army Represent! GO CLAY GO!

Commentary was surprising good tonight. It’s been a long time since this has happened on NXT. Mathews is clearly coming into his own on commentary now. And to boot we’ve got a great three way match. A little of something for everyone. I’m going to blatantly use my soap box here to nominate it in the Match of the Year (MOTY) Thread in the Forums. Go Vote for it. The Bateman compels you to … or the massive nature that is Brodus Clay… what ever floats your boat. Remember to Vote cause… oh wait they used that joke tonight already.

Well, The Season is wrapping up next week. With the finals comes the introduction of the rookies and Pros for the next season. A lot of fun to look forward to on NXT next week.

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