WWE NXT Recap (on WWE.com)
March 15, 2011
Kansas City, Missouri
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com


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This week NXT is in Kansas City, Mo.

Maryse and Matt Striker are our NXT Hosts

Todd Grisham and William Regal is on commentary.

Rookies and pros are introduced to the ring. The Pros take seats on stage while the rookies head to the ring. Luck Cannon is out again with a Flair-styled robe. Maryse tells us that the winner of this season of NXT will not only get an opportunity to be on the next season of NXT, but they will also choose their pro.

CHALLENGE: Talk the Talk
Worth 2 Redemption Points

The rookies will be talking about themselves. Novak is first and he rapping badly with JTG rooting him on. The crowd hates this. Darren Young starts his and leaves the ring and tells his crowd that his stage with the WWE Universe. He’s not cocky, he’s confident. Regals says that Young is getting better. Connor is next. He wants to be real and he’s a simple person. He is a lucky man with a big dream. Saxon is next and starts with a boring personal ad type of statement. He goes and makes fun of Lucky Cannon’s wardrobe aka “the Lady Gaga wardrobe of excellence”. Lucky is next. Lucky says he has Adonis DNA and it’s all about him. The crowd hates it. Titus is next, and Swaggle is woofing for him. Titus can be heard saying “Make it a Win” before he starts. Somehow Titus had a conversation with Swaggle. It was gibberish and wolf howling. As time runs out Titus says, Because he says so. He’s still talking as Maryse has to take the mic from him. The crowd is loving Titus. Good for him because the crowd is our judge for this challenge and gives it to Titus.

Titus O’Neil Wins the Talk the Talk Challenge and 2 Redemption points

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Rookie Package: Titus O’Neil

Match: Darren Young vs. Conor O’Brian

Koslov and Guerrero are at ring side for their rookies. The mix it up till Conor manages to send Darren to the floor. Conor goes out and tosses him into the ring and continues on offense. It returns to back and forth. Young Darren manages to take control and lift up Conor into the air for a heat wave. He rolls him up for the pin and a win.

Winner: Darren Young def. Conor O’Brian via pinfall after a Heatwave

After the match, Guererro celebrates in the ring with Young. Then out of nowhere Young points to the Wrestlemania sign… Commentary is quick to suggest that Young should calm his jets.

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Yoshi is trying to butter up Maryse. Lucky comes in and apologizing to Maryse. She Accepts it. Maryse walks off and Lucky turns to Yoshi and tells him he know exactly what he’s doing. And he’s going to make sure he never get Maryse.

Raw Rebound: Cena vs Del Rio …. Brodus Clay was at Ring Side.

AD: Hall of Fame

Rookie Package: Jacob Novak – I was distracted last season.

MATCH: Rookie & Pro Tag Match
Byron Saxon & Yoshi Tatsu vs. Tyson Kidd and Lucky Cannon

The match begins with the pros starting off the action. Yoshi Tatsu is wearing a black armband to represent the disaster that is happening in his homeland of Japan. Yoshi takes control, but with some Shenagians, Kidd and Tyson take over. Kidd tags lucky into the ring. A Yoshi chant breaks out as Lucky controls Yoshi with offense. This leads to an MMA style hold n the middle of the ring. Yoshi tries to escape, but Lucky gives him a hammer to the back of his neck. This leads to a face build to a break out. This leads to into a double clotheslines to set up a double tag. Saxon is getting the face hot tag and the offensive on Kidd. Leads to a quick pin attempt on Tyson Kidd. The match then turns on his head when Kid plays the experience card and pulls the rope down to get leverage on a kick on Saxon. Lucky Cannon is quick to capitalize on the situation. He tags himself in quickly and like a shark that smells blood in the water hones in on Saxon for the pin and the win.

Winners: Tyson Kidd and Lucky Cannon defeats Byron Saxon & Yoshi Tatsu via pinfall

After the match, the Kidd is not happy about Lucky taggin himself in quickly. There’s a few tense exchanges off mic between pissed pro and Rookie. Lucky has a “what me worry? ” look across his face.

AD: The Story of Wrestlemania

RAW Rebound: Vicky vs Trish debacle of a match… or why the Snooki Monster was on Raw

We have some rocking Irish music to put over the keg carry

AD: Wrestlemania 27 Collector’s Magazine

Challenge: St. Patrick’s Day Keg Carry
Worth 2 Redemption Points

Striker is talking about redemption. He then turns to Titus to address him and his previous attempt. It sets up a quick package of Titus completely botching his Season 2 attempt. It starts with serious music. This changes once the video is shown of Titus doing a barrel rolls after the dropping the keg. The music changes to something on part to Benny-Hill. Back to the arena, Maryse goes over to Titus and tells him not to blow it. Now that out of the way, Novak is first with 9.9. Young is next he beats the time at 9.8 seconds! Conor is quick and tosses the keg at the end. He beats the time of with that at 9.4! Saxon is next but comes in at 9.5 seconds. Lucky is next. Striker starts asking him questions about the challenge. Lucky tells striker, He has no worries. He won it last time. He gets into position and… He pulls the mic and turns to Maryse. He’s now reciting a poem in French. Maryse asks if she can throws up. Lucky continues. WWE ref is between Lucky and Maryse as Lucky moves his hand up to touch her hair. Maryse pulls back telling Lucky not to do that. Lucky ignores Maryse and goes to brush her hair again. Maryse smacks him in the face and Lucky is pulled back by the ref immediately. Lucky is saying he’s in love, Maryse says she broke a nail. Titus is now finally up. Hornswoggle pulls him aside for one second to show him his “Make it a win” sign. Indeed it was a win… 9.1 Seconds!

Winner: Titus O’Neil Wins Keg Carry Competition and 2 Redemption Points

Hornswoggle runs down and Titus picks him up! Regal says it’s a good thing that he’s winning. Grisham comments that Hornswoggle and Titus speak the same language!

That’s it. That’s the Stream! The show is over, Go home … wait you’re in your briefs in front of the computer.

Quick Results
* Titus O’Neil Wins “Talk the Talk” Challenge and 2 Redemption Points.
* Darren Young def. Conor O’Brian via pinfall after a Heatwave.
* Tyson Kidd and Lucky Cannon defeats Byron Saxon & Yoshi Tatsu via pinfall.
* Titus O’Neil Wins “St. Patty’s Keg Carry” Challenge and 2 Redemption Points.

Grash Says…

Before we start: Darren Young… Why, I do not know for the love of god … pointed at the Wrestlemania Sign. Yes. It happened on NXT. Someone pointed to the Wrestlemania Sign. Everyone go get a shot. We’ve got 19 days of sign pointing ahead of us. Really, on NXT?

Okay, here is what our break down looks like for this season. Novak, Connor, and Saxon are the bottom of the pack. Novak and Conor are in the Jobber roles. They’re here to be eliminated again and be fodder along the way to make the other look good. Now, having said that, Conor has looked good in this roll in the two matches he has had. Saxon is the next piece of meat. The one real thing which is going for Saxon right now, is the storyline laid out for his Pro Yoshi Tatsu involving Maryse. Lucky Cannon is the stand out heel this season. Titus and Darren Young are our stand out faces. I will account for them separately.

Tonight was the Titus Show. He was the winner on both Challenges. Regal is speaking highly of him. He has the fan favorite Hornswaggle for his Pro and is interacting well with him. The fans are buy into him and loving him even when he speaks gibberish. This season of NXT is Redemption. Tonight, that aspect was played up to the hilt. This was evident in his rookie package. If you didn’t get this by this point, it was hammered into your head with a video package of Titus’s epic fail in his season 2 Keg Carry attempt. For him to win that same challenge tonight is huge going forward. He wasn’t in action this week, so I’ll be expecting a match with him to build the foundation started this week.

Last week it was about Darren when he picked up a win and immunity points. This week we saw this foundation built up with Darren with in a decent match with Conor resulting in picking up a good win. The one thing that detracts from this, unfortunately, is that Chavo Guerrero is his pro. Now, Chavo is great as his pro. He is doing everything a good Pro should do for his rookie. The problem is that the crowd is reacting Chavo as a heel, and not as a face. It will be interesting how this issue plays out through this season.

I’m very much enjoying seeing Lucky Cannon being established as the complete and total jerk heel. It is in everything. The Flair-esque robe he wears. In the fact he won’t do the physical challenges. It’s in his promos. How he wrestles. How he disrespects his pro. How he’s playing with Maryse. Even better, it’s in how Lucky is Cockblocking Yoshi Tatsu. Yep, Lucky is the NXT villain this season. This is what they got right with Brodus Clay last season. But it’s only at the speed of a F-15. With Tiger’s Blood. Duh, Winning.

Rather than making something funny up for Darren Young’s Finisher, I googled it. It’s called a Heatwave. I’m still calling that move the Brodus Clay does a Flaming Mexican. You’re not stopping me.

I would feel amiss, if I didn’t comment on NXT news reported this week. Apparently Derrick Bateman had knee surgery earlier this month. Now at first though, I thought this would be the reason why Curtis got the nod over him for the Season 4 win. However, this story is sourced by the Observer. I’ve been, lets be nice tonight, critical of the Observer. The date which this surgery took place was March 2nd. This would be the day right after he was eliminated. Bateman was in the ring 6 days later on the Season Finale’s Rookie Reunion Tag Match. So this story doesn’t completely make sense. I’m not calling it a false story. Calling shenanigans? Hell Ya, I am!


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