WWE NXT Recap (on WWE.com)
March 22, 2011
Columbus, Ohio
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

Tonight NXT is in Columbus, Ohio.

Maryse and Matt Striker are the hosts.

Todd Grisham and William Regal are on commentary.

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“I said we are wild and young…”

Maryse introduces the rookies ot the ring. Lucky Cannon is still porting the Flair robes. There is no immunity this season. Striker says they’re competing for “Redeption points”. Maryse tries to run down the point standings. She botches it. Yea. She completely botches it.

CHALLENGE: Rookie Trash Talk
Worth 3 Redemption Points

Novak vs Saxon: Novak makes a reporter joke cause Saxon was on the desk for FCW. The Croud boos. Saxon says cause of his out fit, that Novak is the spokesperson for Huggies Diapers. The crowd laughts and Saxon wins the round. Titus vs Connor. Connor makes fun of his “a win” translating is “fie, fi fo fum, I’m titus o’niell and I’m dumb dumb dumb dumb”. Titus returns with lame nose jokes. Titus wins. Regal steps in and notes says “You cannot take away the leprechaun vote.”

Swaggle is Titus’s Pro. Darren Young vs Lucky Cannon. Young says “The 80’s want their robes back”. Cannon goes for the cheap Ohio pop saying the Buckeyes have no chance to win a championship. The crowd goes berserk and Young wins the round. Regal says, Lucky should consider that a win, cause the people reacted to him. The winners have 30 seconds to cut it on each other. Saxon and Titus end up making lame jokes. Darren Young makes some silly jokes. The crowd gives it to Young for sucking the least. Regal Roasts them for their performance.

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NXT REVIEW: The Keg Carry from last week.

MATCH: Titus O’Neil vs. Darren Young

Titus starts off the match dominating. This is a match between the two undefeated on NXT. The match is back and forth with a lot of matt work. Titus dominates again till Young get an opening to go on offense. Chavo manages to pull his rookie out of the way. Swaggle goes over to run interfearance. This confuses Young enough for Titus to push him into Chavo and then pull him over into a pin for the win.

Winner: Titus O’Neil def. Darren Young

Swaggle and Chavo are pointing at each other again after the match. Chavo knows that it’s swagle’s fault that Young lost.
In the meanwhile Swaggle gets in the ring.

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Yoshi tells Lucky to show respect. “Maryse is my friend.” Maryse walks over and tries to apologize to Lucky for slapping him last week. Lucky turns up the sleazes buries Teddy and goes to touch her arm. Marse slaps Lucky(2). Yoshi makes a comment and Maryse slaps Yoshi (1). Lucky turns around and says that’s funny. Yoshi slaps Lucky (3).

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ROOKIE PACKAGE: “Mr. Delish” Lucky Cannon

TAG MATCH: Connor O’Brian & Vladimir Kozlov vs. Jacob Novak & JTG

Oh wait… Striker is out… it’s not a tag match… it’s a …. DANCE OFF! The crowd will judge this. JTG and Novak are first. JTG has groves and Novak is a white boy and he knows it and can’t dance. Koslov and Connor are next. Connor is following Koslov as well as he can. The routine ends as Koslov and Connor break out that Russian dance. The Fans love it and Koslov and Connor take the dance off.

Connor O’Brian & Vladimir Kozlov win the Dance off

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MATCH: Lucky Cannon vs. Byron Saxton

The match is quite physical early on in the match. It’s back and forth till Lucky gets a big boot on Saxon and enters a control segment with him. This leads to Lucky doing moves which look damaging on Saxon. Saxon builds up to rebound from it. Lucky stops the momentum till Saxon gets faster than Lucky to take control and go on offense. This includes an arm drop from the ropes. Lucky manages to get and elbow on Saxon and throw him in the ring post. This damages Saxon enough to get his finisher on and to get the pin.

Winner: Lucky Cannon def. Byron Saxton via pinfall

After the match, Yoshi comes right in to check on Saxon. Lucky goes right in and hits him from behind. He hits his finisher on him as well and lays Yoshi out with Saxon on the matt. The crowd is booing Lucky for this.

And that’s the stream. The show is over.

Quick Results:
* Darren Young wins the Rookie Trash Talk Challenge and 3 Immunity Points
* Titus O’Neil def. Darren Young via pinfall
* Connor O’Brian & Vladimir Kozlov win the Dance off
* Lucky Cannon def. Byron Saxton via pinfall

Grash Says…

The only one who’s had anything going for him on the mic tonight is Lucky Cannon. He’s not winning the fans over. He’s definitely pissing them off. So much so, that even Regal had to talk about it as if it was a “win”. We saw Lucky’s Rookie package tonight which enforces the “Screw you all” attitude his character has. He’s walking around with Flair robe. We got another go around with him with Maryse and Yoshi tonight. This triangle is easily the best thing of this season already. And if this wasn’t enough I caught Lucky laid out on his side in sexy sexy pose in the show introductions. Then we got his match with Saxon tonight where his character translates to his in ring manner and move set. Tonight was the Lucky Cannon show.

My gut is saying to me that Titus vs. Young was probably too soon. This was a match that could have been built more up before the “Undefeated” collide. And having said that, The only thing of real note in the match was the ending with Chavo and Swaggle at each other again. If you remember, these two goofballs were going at each other on Raw over a year ago. They are Wilde E. Coyote and the Road Runner of the WWE. So this was a real disappointment from the top faces. The match, however has one important implication. Titus’s win puts solidifies him as being ahead of Young in the pecking order.

Maryse was horrid tonight. I still can’t believe that she botched the Immunity Point Standings. On the other end of the spectrum, Regal was dead on with commentary tonight. He was at his best as he broke apart the promos the during the trash talk challenge. His comments on Titus having swaggle as his pro and how Lucky got a reaction are extremely important to note and remember as we go forward.

So after 3 weeks, here’s the pecking order. At the top we have Titus and Lucky. Young is third with the most Immunity points. Connor gets the nod over Saxon tonight, and Novak is the low man on the totem pole again.

The Slap Count
With 2 slaps tonight, Lucky Cannon’s Season slap total is now 3.
Yoshi Tatsu has 1 Slap, and his first of the season.
And then we got a dance off. Hail Kozlov.


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