From the Desk of Mr. V #114
March 24, 2011
By: Anthony J. Valvo of

This week will be a pretty short week of the column, since my last column was sent over the weekend. You can check out Mr. V #113 by clicking here. If it is a short column, consider this a break. The column may be very long next week, as I work on a preview to WrestleMania XXVII.


Welcome to the latest edition of “From the Desk of Mr. V”. I am Anthony “Mr. V” Valvo, your WrestleView resident teacher with the same material as last time, but different names, matches, and articles.

So sit back and grab some coffee, cider, or bottle water. Relax as you read the 114th Installment of “From the Desk of Mr. V”.

Quote of the Week

This week, I decided to find a quote from this week’s wrestling tapings or live shows. After writing a few of them that I thought were worthy of appearing in my column, it took until Friday Night Smackdown to realize that there was a quote most deserving of this column.

So, this quote comes from Michelle McCool, a fellow teacher in this educational fraternity on her thoughts of Jersey Shore cast member Snooki.

“She (Snooki) is famous for doing absolutely nothing”. – Michelle McCool on Friday Night Smackdown, March 18th.

Now, we all know there is no such thing as doing “nothing”. However, some aspiring actors and actresses go through years and years of acting classes and for most it takes YEARS to do something in their department. Not every actor that attends Yale, NYU, or UCLA leave their learning institutions with offers lined up by the miles. To those actors, I say never give up.

Then there are these goofballs on MTV’s Jersey Shore, a show that I watched one episode of and wished I got my hour of life back. Both TNA and WWE got bit by the “Shore-Bug” and brought in someone from the show to appear on their flagship stations. I just don’t get it.

I can’t stand how these teenagers at my local mall dress up like this trash. Yeah, I said it, trash. All of those members of that show have done “absolutely nothing” to make me think “they are really good people”. So to all my “students”, I say if you want to be a positive member of society, don’t act all “Jersey Shore”. You are only embarrassing yourself. Just like the punk in a “Tapout” shirt that “attempted” to punk me out.

Teacher’s Lecture

1) World _______ Entertainment…get the “W” out.

My Thoughts: This past weekend, I guess there was a little bit of a problem between’s Chuck Ross and WWE publicist Kellie Baldyga. Baldyga apparently took issue of a headline that read “Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame” and replied that World Wrestling Entertainment is not “wrestling”.

You can check out the bit of dialogue here. I don’t want to paste the whole thing on here, just too many more words to type.

Well, the first bit of this article I thought to myself “wow, they are taking this way out of proportion”. This publicist felt offended when she read that Drew Carey was in a pro wrestling hall of fame and demanded Mr. Ross to remove the piece.

My thought was that the WWE hold events with wrestling, yet the publicist only wanted them to be “entertainments” or events. Usually, I would think it is a slap in the face to wrestling and the fans that support it. However, after thinking about it a bit more I took a lighter stance.

I looked at the second half of it in which the publicist issued a statement that said “I know the perception is that we are a wrestling company but we are actually much more than that…we are a global media company which Vince McMahon positions us.”

Well, if that was the case let us realize that the WWE is global from all hemispheres, poles, and any other geographic term I could type. And if that is how Vince McMahon, the boss, wants to be labeled at, then the publicist had no choice but to correct the term in the article. The WWE really is MORE than headlocks, takedowns, and armbars. The WWE is a corporate business. If they are entertainment, then allow them to have that without frustration and interruption. Pro wrestling is a form of entertainment. So even though many pro wrestling fans are up at arms about this publicist saying that the WWE is not “wrestling”, well they do have a case.

However, to conclude this lecture professional wrestling is an art form of entertainment. There are good guys and bad guys. It is really a big theatric show in which most of us (I hope) sit back and enjoy the product. Also, World Wrestling Entertainment can be called whatever they really want to at the moment. There is no real threat to their empire, regardless who gets on television or not.

2) Chris Jericho…the dancer!

My thoughts: I still admit that I am a fan of Dancing with the Stars. I always try and catch an episode or two every season since Stacy Keibler appeared on the show (I think she finished an impressive 3rd in that season). So since I DVR Monday Night Raw and like to fast forward past the commercial breaks, I decided to watch Jericho’s debut on Dancing with the Stars instead.

Now, looking at the cast it will be very difficult to win. Jericho is a professional wrestler (or entertainer) who has toured around the world and has done many things in his life that the normal man dreams of accomplishing. He is paired up with Cheryl Burke (who has won two times on the show), and both really did an impressive Cha Cha Cha.

After you all watched the YouTube clip, you could see that he will need a lot of help in advancing to the next round of the show. While the judges placed him in a tie for 5th Place (tied with Romeo the musician), he is possibly the least-known performer on the show. Yeah, you read that right. Despite the fact that Jericho is a household name to the wrestling fans all over the world, he is not well-known to people to watch shows outside sports entertainment.

However, after watching his performance I thought it would be hilarious if I graded his performance on the show last Monday. His attire for the show was just downright hilarious. I know some dancers wear flamboyant things, but Jericho took it to a whole new level that even my wife was laughing at how silly the outfit looked on him.

Now, for the dancing his technique was fine. But in order to prove to the world that “pro wrestlers can dance”, he will need to pick it up. However after watching his first performance I will give his efforts a C+. Jericho is in the middle of the pack right now, but obviously he will need to improve each week on his technique or he will be out of the competition.

So, I ask my readers from around the world to vote for Jericho. Go to and I think you can vote up to eleven times. Also, I made a bet that he would last longer than Pittsburgh Steeler Wide Receiver Hines Ward, and I want to win the bet.

Any Questions?

This is the portion of the column where I get some questions from my e-mail box. If I can’t answer them through e-mail, I will place them here and will answer them for the WrestleView Student Body to see. Now, let’s see if I got any questions?

Anyone? Anyone?

Looks like I don’t have any questions, I guess I got to put some lazy students in detention (or not).

Well, it was a short week. If you have a question for my WrestleMania preview column next week just send me an e-mail to


Detentions are few and far this week. However, I think we can all agree on some of these detentions.

Jersey Shore – Keep the trash on MTV, not on wrestling programming.

Michael Cole – For yelling at divas through “The Cole Mine”. Again, if this guy acts like this after WrestleMania that is just a disservice to those who watch Monday Night Raw.

NXT Redemption Rookies – Work the microphone. Don’t be afraid to be good on the mic.

TNA Wrestling – Outside of the finish and some of the opening act, it was very subpar. Please TNA, let’s see some wrestling on the show and not these three minute matches.

The Great Khali – He did NOT have to appear on “Outsourced”, that tank of a show on NBC, right? NBC is in financial trouble because they are putting on this terrible show (well that is one of the reasons, the other is probably Leno).

Texas and Pittsburgh – My pick to appear in the 2011 College Basketball National Championship did not even make it past the Round of 32.

WWE – In a goofy way and because I don’t have many detentions to type. WWE should get one for not putting Percy Watson on NXT Redemption. I miss Percy.

Ok, I am happy again.

Time Out Chair – Jeff Hardy

Again, with TNA I don’t know if this is all a sick storyline or not, but how he looked at Victory Road is unforgivable to those that actually paid to watch the PPV. I give TNA a lot of credit for taking him off the card for Lockdown and off the TNA tapings.

Eh, let’s rundown the Eternal Detentions so next week all I have to do is copy and paste it.

Praxis and the ETS Series
Teachers that get arrested
Ryan Clark
2010 French Soccer Team
Jeff Hardy
“Undefined” Alicia Fox
Mike Tenay
Mark Cuban and/or HDNet
Hulk Hogan

Mr. V’s Weekly Honor Roll For the Week of March 14 – March 20, 2011

3/14 – ROH on HDNet and WWE Monday Night Raw
3/15 – WWE NXT
3/16 – OFF DAY.
3/17 – WWE Superstars and TNA Impact
3/18 – WWE Friday Night Smackdown
3/19 – This is the day you listened to “The Teacher’s Lounge” (The 80s Happened).
3/20 – OFF DAY.

NOTE: There will NOT be any grades for ROH on March 21 and March 28, as HDNet will be airing college basketball in ROH’s timeslot.

I must say, after weeks of slightly above to just average wrestling it was nice to see some pretty good action in the ring this week. Kudos to all three companies that I follow weekly (ROH, TNA, and WWE) or putting on at least one match that was worthy of at least a B- in my grade book. But which three made it to the Honor Roll? Here are the matched I suggested by in this week’s Honor Roll.

Distinguished Honors – Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio, Friday Night Smackdown, March 18th.

How it ended – In the Smackdown main event contested inside a Steel Cage, Christian managed to hold up Del Rio and fall from the cage first, giving him a minor upset victory over the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania.

Grade: B+.

High Honors – Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan, Monday Night Raw, March 14th.

How it ended – In a match in which Sheamus had to win (Sheamus vowed to leave if he lost), he was a man of his word when he ended the match with a Brouge Kick while Bryan was in mid-air. The victory started Sheamus’ first run as United States Champion.

Grade: B.

Honors – Rob Van Dam vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray vs. A.J. Styles, TNA Impact, March 17th.

How it ended: In a match that determined the #1 Contender for the TNA World Championship, all four men went back and forth and told a very impressive story on what was a very lackluster Impact before the match. It ended when Mr. Anderson and Van Dam pinned each other, causing a no contest/double pinfall match.

Grade: B-.

Mr. V’s Grade Book for the past week

A+, A, or A-: None to Report.

B+: Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio (Smackdown)

B: Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan (RAW)

B-: Mike Bennett vs. Kyle O’Reilly (ROH); Rob Van Dam vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray vs. A.J. Styles (TNA); Edge vs. Brodus Clay (Smackdown); Sheamus vs. Kofi Kingston (Smackdown)

C+: None to Report.

C: Davey Richards vs. Tony Kozina (ROH); Randy Orton vs. Mason Ryan (RAW); Darren Young vs. Conor O’Brian (NXT); Lucky Cannon/Tyson Kidd vs. Byron Saxton/Yoshi Tatsu (NXT); Tyler Reks vs. JTG (Superstars); Santino Marella/Vladimir Kozlov vs. Jimmy Uso/Jey Uso (Superstars); Natalya/Tamina/Gail Kim/Eve vs. Nikki Bella/Brie Bella/Melina/Alicia Fox (Superstars); Layla vs. Kelly Kelly (Smackdown); Rey Mysterio vs. Ted DiBiase, Jr. (Smackdown)

C-: Lance Bravado/Harlem Bravado vs. Grizzly Redwood/Bobby Dempsey (ROH); Tommaso Ciampa vs. Mike Sydal (ROH); John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio (RAW); Gunner vs. Murphy vs. Rob Terry (TNA); Big Show/Kane vs. Heath Slater/Justin Gabriel (Smackdown)

D+, D, or D-: The Great Khali vs. The Miz (RAW); Vickie Guerrero vs. Trish Stratus (RAW); Matt Morgan/Angelina Love/Winter vs. Hernandez/Sarita/Rosita (TNA); Cody Rhodes vs. Trent Barreta (Smackdown); Jack Swagger vs. Chris Masters (Smackdown)

F or INC: Madison Rayne vs. Alissa Flash (TNA)

Current Predictions from the Faculty Standings (As of TNA’s Victory Road 2011)

1) Mike Tedesco (WWE Smackdown and WWE Superstar Recaps)……….15-4 (5-2)
2) Josh Boutwell (TNA Impact Recaps/Viva La Raza)……………………………15-4 (6-1)
3) Dave Stephens (Raw Recaps/That’s a Wrap/Teachers Lounge)……….14-5 (6-1)
4) Ryan Rivera (ROH on HDNet Recaps)…………………………………………………14-5 (6-1)
5) Anthony Valvo (From the Desk of Mr. V/Teacher’s Lounge)……………….13-6 (6-1)
6) WrestleView Students (The Readers of the article)……………………………..13-6 (5-2)
7) Greg McNeish (The Velvet Room)……………………………………………………..12-7 (3-4)
8) Matt O’Brien (Notes from the Nosebleeds)…………………………………………12-7 (3-4)
9) Nicholas Gray (The Velvet Room)……………………………………………………….12-7 (4-3)
10) Jose Marrero (Wrestling Rumblings/The Eye Gouge)………………………….12-7 (5-2)
11) Evan O’Brien (WV International Desk)………………………………………………..11-8 (3-4)
12) Gregory “Grash” Walek (WWE NXT Recapper)…………………………………….11-8 (5-2)
13) Clinton Bowman (The Velvet Room)……………………………………………………10-9 (4-3)
14) Darraugh O’Connor (WV International Desk)……………………………………..7-7 (4-3)

The next PPV will be WrestleMania XXVII. Due to a perfect 7-0 record on Victory Road, the Student of the Week for WrestleMania will be Randy McWilliams.

As for the Students of the Week that were defeated? Well, Paul Meade, Wade Bradford, Brandon Ewing, Michael Fox, Robert Downing, Nick Latham, and Pat Lorang went 6-1. Kyle Patin, VKingoftheWorldV, Joe Devine, Paul Smith, Bryan Czygan, and Antonio DeGaetano went 5-2. Frank McMahen went 3-4.

The Students of WrestleView averaged about 5.06 wins from 31 readers overall. So since I estimate the standing for the Students, they went 5-2 for Victory Road.

Who’s in line for the Predictions Prize?

In case you read the Predictions column, we are now doing a contest with the readers of WrestleView. All you have to do to be a part of the work is to be consistent and predict each match for each PPV during the 2011-2012 WrestleView Faculty Season. The top three (and to prevent ties, I did add a tiebreaker) after the 2012 Royal Rumble will win a prize that will be determined at a future date, however after discussing this with Editor-in-Chief (and 2010 Golden Yardstick Winner) Adam Martin here is an idea what the prizes will be:

First Place will win a wrestling DVD.
Second Place will win a T-Shirt.
Third Place will win a Coffee Mug.
Last Place will win TNA’s Victory Road 2009, as it was as bad a PPV as what potentially someone’s picks will be.

I will just type out the Top Five Readers at this time. The first set of parentheses are the W/L record for Victory Road. The second parentheses are the Tie-Breaker points.

1) Paul Meade……………………………………………………16-3 (6-1) (7) – Tie for #1
2) Brandon Ewing………………………………………………16-3 (6-1) (7) – Tie for #1
3) Michael Fox……………………………………………………16-3 (6-1) (7) – Tie for #1
4) Randy McWilliams…………………………………………..15-4 (7-0) (7) – Tie for #2
5) Travis Thomas………………………………………………….15-4 (6-1) (7) –Tie for #2
6) VKingoftheWorldV………………………………………….14-5 (5-2) (7) – Tie for #3
7) Wade Bradford………………………………………………..14-5 (6-1) (7) – Tie for #3
8) Robert Downing………………………………………………14-5 (6-1) (7) – Tie for #3
9) Nick Latham…………………………………………………….14-5 (6-1) (7) – Tie for #3

Currently the worst record is 10-9, and only one WrestleView reader earned that record. Best of luck as always to those near the top.

Mr. V’s Gold Star Segment

Gold Stars brought to you by:! Take a look at Colt Cabana’s merchandise and you won’t be disappointed.

Also, while you are at it check out Jim Ross has some specials on all the Beef Jerky you can consume. Look at his blog and maybe buy a product or two.

Let’s get the Gold Stars out, shall we?

The Miz – He continues to grab my attention with his promos on Monday Night Raw and the actions on Cena. The Miz is money and I personally think the WWE made the right call keeping the title on him for WrestleMania.

Jim Ross – Because JR makes some good beef jerky. I wonder if I can get some for free because this stuff is very good.

The City of Pittsburgh – They get one for selling out Monday Night Raw, even though the show was not that great.

Layla – Repeat after me…”Most Improved Women’s Wrestler of 2011″.

Sheamus – Every match he has been in the past couple weeks have been very good. He shall make a very good United States Champion.

Cody Rhodes – The guy is playing his gimmick so well, to a point where he may be at his best right now.

Bully Ray – I remember joking about how bad the gimmick is, but finally I must eat those words. His gimmick may be the best thing going for TNA. Plus, that Powerbomb on Impact last Thursday was very impressive.

Christian and Alberto Del Rio – They earn one each for doing a great job in the Steel Cage match.

To WrestleView Radio – For talking about children’s books in the show last Monday.

Hunter Golden – He is now 25% of the way there. Keep going strong, boss.

Dave Stephens – Let’s go and celebrate one year of The Teacher’s Lounge!

Sean Martin – He earns two this week. The first is earning Dean’s List. It is very difficult to achieve this high award at a university, so I congratulate you. Second, for acknowledging that Cleveland is a poor sports town.

Prince Nana and The Embassy – I really missed watching Nana rip on some “fat pigs” in the audience. Easily one of the best managers in a while.

Mike Bennett – He won the 2011 ROH Top Prospect Tournament, and is improving every match he has been in.

Zack Harper – For being a “WWE Employee” for a night. Congrats, my friend.

Butler University – They earn one for defeating my Pitt Panthers in the NCAA Tournament. After watching the game, Butler definitely deserved it.

Claudio Castagnoli – He gets one for staying “Very European”.

Dunkin’ Donuts – For keeping me runnin’ while I am working on this column.

Homework Assignment (Due moments after reading the column)

As you may or may not know, Dave Stephens (Raw Recapper and columnist) and I do a weekend radio show on the WrestleView Radio Network titled “The Teacher’s Lounge”. We do a pretty fast paced style that has loads of topics, questions, and an occasional interview.

Well, this week Mr. Stephens and I will be celebrating the first anniversary of “The Teacher’s Lounge” and we need your help. Either this week or next week, I ask my students (VIP members or not) to ask us any pro wrestling question to

Why I ask non-VIPs? Well, on April 2, 2011 we will be doing a pre-WrestleMania show (taped of course days prior) for WrestleView and you all can listen to it for FREE. So if you want to ask us any question, give us a Title/Job/Fire (VIPers know what that is), or even a gossip question please send them away. We want to make kick off our second year with a bang, and we need your help. So please, don’t be lazy with this assignment. So send us your appreciation by dropping us a line. We will answer it, no joke.


Well, that does it for me this week. I thank you all for reading this column and I hope you enjoyed this column as much as I typed it out. If you want to get a hold of me during the week, please e-mail me at or at, or by leaving me a message on Facebook. I do get a lot of e-mails and may not reply in a timely fashion, but I will do my best to give you a quicker reply.

Now, students you are allowed to leave the classroom. Please push in your chairs, line up straight, and exit to the closest door around you. Until next week, you are all……DISMISSED!!!!

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