Wrestling Rumblings #116
April 1, 2011
By: Jose Marrero of Wrestleview.com

As I am writing this I am getting my last minute things together for the journey to Atlanta for Wrestlemania weekend. During the course of the next 3 days I’ll be taking in shows from ROH, DGUSA and of course WWE. This is my 4th straight trip to “The Superbowl of Wrestling” and my 3rd while working here for Wrestleview. I can truly say each experience is different from the last and even though this is my 4th straight trip it still feels surreal every year that I go where I almost don’t believe it’s actually happening until it happens. Every year at Wrestlemania weekend I travel with certain expectations from the shows that I am about to see. Some are met, most are often not but this is what I expect out of Wrestlemania weekend this year…you’re reading “Wrestling Rumblings”.

Austin Aries finishing up with Dragon Gate USA and beginning the end of his indy and perhaps wrestling career.
For anyone who follows independent wrestling Austin Aries has been one of the biggest names out there ever since he ended the historic Ring of Honor title reign of Samoa Joe at Final Battle 2004. Ever since that time he has had a stint in TNA in which he wound up being released from TNA due to having a “bad attitude”, having a memorable second title reign as Ring of Honor champion and being the only person in the 9 plus year history of that company to repeat as heavyweight champion, and being deemed not “Tough Enough” for WWE. In both public and private I’ve chided wrestlers over the years on the independent level who have put their body through insanity in front of barely anyone while making no money and while Austin Aries is not a hardcore style wrestler, fact of the matter is the smart mark strong style that he has wrestled with for the past 7 years has taken its toll on him and hasn’t offered him much reward as you can make the argument that he is the greatest non WWE/TNA wrestler out there right now and has pretty much a snowballs chance of landing with either company and I don’t expect Ring of Honor to come calling anytime soon. So what does a guy do? Does he keep plugging away and trying to live the dream in a business that offers no benefits for after your active days are behind you? Nope Aries at the young age of 32 is probably going to hang up the boots soon and it could start with Dragon Gate USA this weekend. While to some that don’t follow the genre he may be nothing more than just an “indy wrestler” I have always respected, appreciated and admired the work of Austin Aries and if this is indeed the beginning of the end I wish him nothing but luck in the future. The wrestling business needs more like him.

Some great tag team wrestling.
With both Ring of Honor and Dragon Gate USA putting on shows this weekend I expect to see tag team wrestling in a way that it doesn’t get presented to me on TV. Think about it I have probably 6 or 7 tag teams that I am going to see this weekend at those shows that can just go. I hope that the tag team matches stand out above anything else I see this weekend in Atlanta as maybe it will cause some of the other companies to take notice that tag team wrestling is not a dying art but a lost one that can be found again if given the chance. With tag teams like the Kings of Wrestling, Wrestlings Greatest Tag Team, Masato Yoshino and Pac, The American Wolves and Cima and Ricochet I think fans are in for a real treat this weekend and it’s one of the things I am looking forward to the most.

The crowning of a new ROH TV Champion.
With Kevin Kelly having come out and saying how the ROH shows in Atlanta is ROH’s Wrestlemania I couldn’t help but think what would any promotions Wrestlemania type event be without a new champion being crowned and I don’t expect to see either the ROH Heavyweight or ROH Tag Team championships change hands this weekend but I could see a scenario where the man with one foot in TNA already Christopher Daniels drops the TV title on the 2nd night of shows. To this day I maintain that pound for pound Christopher Daniels is my favorite wrestler in the world and I hope that he gives a fantastic performance against Eddie Edwards and someone on night two who can dethrone him for that TV title. If anyone out there is taking suggestions I wouldn’t mind seeing Delerious get a chance as a champion and get rewarded for a fantastic angle last year with Kevin Steen.

The final teaming of the American Wolves.
Come on, anyone who follows Ring of Honor has got to figure it’s just a matter of time before we get the Eddie Edwards vs. Davey Richards feud and I feel it’s going to start this weekend after their tag team match against Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team. I’ve been calling for the feud for months and I think the time is now. Don’t get me wrong I am going to miss the wolves as a tag team but with so many tag teams in Ring of Honor the tag team division will be fine and they have had their run and both of them have promising singles careers.

The Raw GM finally revealed.
There is a part of me that doesn’t really care if it never gets revealed and goes on forever but another part of me that feels the joke has gone on long enough and if WWE is going to be insistent on having this last so long (it’s been going on for over 9 months now) then what better stage to reveal the GM than on Wrestlemania? Think of the possibilities for reveal the GM could reveal himself and ultimately give a chance to a performer to truly break through to the next level or maybe he can even involve himself in whatever is going to happen with John Cena and the Rock. I think the time for revealing is now and I am going down there hoping for a big reveal and not something that leaves us all lacking.

One of the more fantastic Hall of Fame ceremonies ever.
This will be my 4th straight Hall of Fame in addition to Wrestlemania also and ever since the first one where Ric Flair talked all night the Hall of Fame has been lacking punch due to wrestlers being given time cues and rushed because of the fact that WWE shows the edited TV version almost as soon as the actual ceremony is finished. With the TV version taking place on Monday I hope WWE just gives these guys cart blanche to enjoy their moment. I have said it before and I will say it again the WWE Hall of Fame is a work to everyone but the wrestlers and well for guys who have busted there assess for years to entertain us I for one enjoy watching them have their moment. I like seeing the emotion and hearing the stories and I hope the Hall of Fame this year comes back in a very big way for WWE.

The very last time I will ever get a chance to see Rock, Steve Austin and Shawn Micheals in the same building on one night.
I’ve been a fan of all of them throughout their careers and would like nothing more than to say “I was there” the last time they all were performing in some way shape or form together in one night. I think that alone would be something memorable for me.

The beginning of some new stars.
I really think Wrestlemania is going to be a great moment for Alberto Del Rio as I am predicting he will win the World Heavyweight Championship from Edge but I hope he is not the only fresh guy who leaves an impression on me that night. I called a long time ago for this Wrestlemania to be a passing of the torch moment where the young guys get their chance and I hope that is the case as WWE and for that matter the wrestling industry could really use that shot in the arm right now.

I could go on and on but to pretty much lay it all out on the line for you I’m excited for this weekend as I think wrestling is as hot as it’s been in awhile and has the potential for the first time in a long time to really make a comeback. I would love to see this weekend be the start of that comeback but no matter what happens I am sure that I will enjoy my Wrestlemania experience as I always do. It’s the biggest weekend of the year and the one time of the year that I travel and really get to enjoy being a wrestling fan like never before (even though I guess I’m technically working through it) and meet wrestling fans from all over the world who follow Wrestleview and all of my writings for the site. It’s really an enjoyable experience and well I hope everyone whether they are live in attendance at Atlanta or watching at home have just as good an experience as the one I know I will have this weekend.

Of course I have to give the people something to do before I wrap up for this weekend. Everyone I am sure is going to order Wrestlemania but I encourage everyone who can maybe see an accompanying independent show in their area to check it out as there are a ton of them. One of which I know is taking place in New Jersey for WSU and NWS which will have a joint King and Queens Tournament that will take place this Saturday at The prebysterian boys and girls club in New Jersey for more information go to doiwrestling.com and wsuwrestling.com to find out more. There will also be an Indymania show held by Ace Pro Wrestling at ACE arena which will include an action packed card and also show the live crowd Wrestlemania 27 on the giant screens in the Ace Arena for more information on that go to aceprowrestling.com. Of course for those who don’t want to travel both Ring of Honor Atlanta shows will be streamed live on the internet via iPPV on gofightlive.com and Saturday’s Dragon Gate USA show will be streamed live on wwnlive.com. So there is a lot of wrestling content out there this weekend for all of you to explore and of course don’t forget Wrestleview.com will be having online shows for free all weekend with tons of Wrestlemania news which of course includes the return of FYB Radio with myself and my good buddy David Miranda who will be on hand for everything. So of course you guys know the email and I will do my best to check it this weekend. Maybe you have something to suggest for FYB Radio or just want a chance to meet and hang out with the FYB Radio crew (I’ve actually had a few emails already) of course the email address is wrestlingrumblings@hotmail.com and that’s it for this week, next week I will try to do better and until then, I am out.