WWE NXT Recap (on WWE.com)
April 5, 2011
Charlotte, North Carolina
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

Tonight NXT is in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Self-Proclaimed Capital of Professional Wrestling.

Maryse and Matt Striker are the hosts.

Todd Grisham and William Regal are on commentary.

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“I said we wild and young!”

Maryse is back this week. She’s in the Ring with Striker with the rookies.

O’Neil has 9 points, Young has 7 points. The rest of the Rookies have none.

CHALLENGE: Hotseat Triva

The rules for the challenge are simple. A category is given. Striker will go round robin to the rookies whom must give an answer that fits the category. They are out if they give a wrong answer or repeat an answer. They start with Wrestlemania 27 Winners. Darren Young off the back says Bret Hart and is gone. Lucky as if Striker knows where his girlfriend is. That is taken as answer, and he’s gone. The go around till Connor cannot answer. Next Category is HOF inductees. After going around Novak cannot answer and he’s out. The last Category is NXT Rookies. Saxton and Titus name each other. They keep going back and forth till Titus names Saxton again, and is out.

Bryon Saxton wins the Hotseat Trivia Challenge and 4 Immunity points

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MATCH: Connor O’Brien vs. Joseph Novak

Koslov is at ring side in a sling. Regals puts over the Corre attack at Fan Axxcess this previous weekend. Todd Grisham notes that Novak is in gold tights after two week ago Saxton called his white tights looking like Huggies. The match starts off with some trading of offense between the two. The match leads into a control segment by Novak. Koslov is yelling out for Connor to break out of the control. He does finally when he flips Novak over his back and starts on the offensive. Novak reverses quickly and throws Connor into the corner. He sets up a big move but misses big as Connor moves out of the corner. Connor takes the moment of opportunity and gets the pin for the win.

Winner: Connor O’Brien def. Joseph Novak

Lucky encounter Yoshi, and apologies to him and Tell him that Maryse might like him. He walks up to Her with Teddy by her side. Yoshi ask her out, and Ted flips crushing him into backstage cases. Maryse is speaking French as Teddy Destroys Yoshi. Ted turns to Maryse and berates her. He says will deal with lucky Cannon later for he has a match with Yoshi later tonight. Maryse is dumbfounded at this. She eventually runs after Ted, stepping over Yoshi.

PACKAGE: WWE Hall of Fame Recap

JTG and Koslov are jaw jacking. JTG says you need style. Koslov that he’s a man’s man. So they make a bet who will take their rookie further.

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TAG MATCH: Hornswoggle and Titus O’Neil vs. Chavo and Darren Young

The show a package from the main event from two weeks ago with the Swaggle interference on Chavo leading to Young’s lost to Titus. The Rookies start off. They trade offense at first till Young tags out after a large elbow to the face. Chavo goes on offense first, knocking Titus down. He manages to get out it and tags Swaggle into the match. After some showboating, Chavo tags in Darren young. “I’ve had enough trouble with Swaggle” he says to Young. Darren starts of my getting on his knees and putting his arms over his head to do a test of strength with Swaggle. This back fires as swaggle kicks Young. Then he takes out Chavo. With a slide through Young’s legs, Swaggle hot tags Titus in to dominate. Young tags Chavo in. He goes to the top rope. Swaggle interferes and bites Chavo as he’s on the top ropes. Chavo jumps down and tags Young in so he can go chase after Swaggle. It leads to him look under the ring for Swaggle. This distracts Young again and sets up Titus for a slam, the pin, and the win.

Winners: Hornswoggle and Titus O’Neil def. Chavo and Darren Young

Back in the ring, Swaggle is on Titus’s shoulders. Titus is Wolfing it up.

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MATCH: Yoshi Tatsu vs Ted Dibaise Jr.

Teddy comes out without Maryse. She’s already at ringside. Todd puts over the theme of the match is all about her. And we cut to…

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Back to the Ring, And Yoshi Enters and he’s pissed. Todd and Regal put over the fact he normally is jumping and smiling. The match starts with Ted taking advantage of the fact Yoshi is over charaged. The match gets several reverses on offensive control. It leads into a long control segment by Ted. Ted is focused on destroying Yoshi. He ignores the ref and is DQ’ed.

Winner: Yoshi Tatsu def. Ted Dibaise Jr. via DQ (Ignored Ref’s break Count)

Pissed at the match result Ted goes back in and beats on Yoshi more. Maryse seeing what is happening and starts yelling in French at Ted. Ted gets out of the ring and says Marsye has had enough fun on NXT. Ted puts a decision on Maryse. IT’s NXT or Me. We find out next week.

And that’s the stream. The show is over.

Quick Results
* Bryon Saxton wins the Hotseat Trivia Challenge and 4 Immunity points
* Connor O’Brien def. Joseph Novak
* Hornswoggle and Titus O’Neil vs. Chavo and Darren Young
Yoshi Tatsu def. Ted DibaiseJr. via DQ (Ignored Ref’s break Count)

Grash Says…

Well, the show is back on track after last’s week WM Debacle that crippled Superstars and SD! As well. The key point this week is the advancement in storylines.

One story line that we have is Chavo, Young, Titus, and Swaggle. Again this harkens back to the Chavo – Swaggle fued on Raw over a year or two ago. We’re getting it again, but with Young and Titus in the mix. Last week we saw Young wrestle with the heels. This week, he played the heel roll in mocking Swaggle. This, by the way, was absolutely hilarious to watch and laugh at. If you didn’t laugh, time to relax and chill. The most important piece I walk away from is now Darren Young is being used as a heel on NXT. This is definitely a change from how he started, but ultimately makes sense with his pro. As for the match tonight we have a repeated element this week that we saw two weeks ago. Simply Chavo is becoming a distraction for Young in the ring, and is costing him matches.

The next Major storyline on NXT is the Love “Box with Maryse, Teddy, Yoshi, and Lucky cannon in play. The angle has been building from week two. Two weeks ago we had Lucky making fun of Teddy after getting crushed by HHH. With Teddy back in the mix on NXT, this story line is moving forward to a major junction which we will have next week. It’s been a good build for the decision Maryse has to make next week. IT’s something to look forward to on the show. I’m right now leaning towards a Maryse and Teddy Break up. There are two main reasons for this. First, it’s been teased for a while. Second, Regal was putting this over tonight on commentary. Is this going to happen? I’m not sure. But that’s what it looks right now.

Lucky Cannon didn’t wrestle tonight, but was still awesome. Great joke on Striker tonight. Great setup for Yoshi getting the crap beat out him backstage. Lucky is definitely the stand out this season already for his heel Roll. Notable on the Face side, it’s Titus O’Neil.

Finally we got a Match between Novak and Connor. The one thing that I take away from this match up is that it confirms the pecking order that I have for these two. Nice little match that short and sweet.

During the Raw Rebound, I picked up on a Zack Ryder Reference that missed the night before. Cena has become a huge Ryder fan. He keeps telling his fans when Ryder keeps making a video. Add his “Friday” remix at Wrestlemania. Things are looking up for getting Zacked! Woo Woo Woo, You Know It.

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