WWE NXT Recap (on WWE.com)
March 12, 2011
Albany, New York
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

Tonight NXT is in Albany, New York

Maryse and Matt Striker are the hosts. (For now)

Todd Grisham and William Regal are on commentary.

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Last Week On NXT
Last week, Ted DiBiase told Maryse that “her fun is over.” She must pick staying with him or staying as a Host of NXT.

“I said we are wild and young!”

The show starts with a package being us all up to the speed how we got to the point where Maryse’s must make a decision . Striker brings out Maryse, and he asks her if she staying on NXT. “No one tells me what to do. I’ve had Millionares before…”

Maryse decided to Split with Teddy and Stay with NXT

The rookies are brought out. Lucky has his robes again. Connor has a shirt that says “Victory at Any Cost”. Saxton has a shirt that says “Saxout” in the Tapout Logo Style.

CHALLENGE: Power of the Punch

Saxon is first at 649. He’s boo’d by the crowd. Maryse says to Novak to be a man. He comes in a laughable 450. Darren Young does not better and is booed at 469. Maryse say she could do better. Connor takes the lead at 770 and the crowd cheers for him. Titus slams the machine and gets 801! Lucky Cannon is next, but he says he’s not a clown and above this. He is disqualified.

Titus O’Neil Wins Power of the Punch Challenge
Striker goes to Titus, and Lucky pulls the mic. The Show is about him and goes to Maryse to say he’s taking her. Yoshi comes out. Lucky yells why he’s doing and challenges him to a match. Yoshi accepts. Lucky.

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MATCH: Titus O’Neil vs Darren Young

The Crowd cheers for Titus as he comes out with Hornswaggle. We are getting introductions this week. We then get a package reviewing last’s week match with Titus and Darren. Darren comes out next with Chavo. Darren has a mic, “I’m an NXT Superstar”… “this Ring is made for Full sized Athletes, not pint sized jokes.” The match begins. The crowd cheers for a quick throw from Titus on Darren. Darren recovers quickly and starts controlling Titus. On Commentary, They are killing Darren for his small people jokes. Swaggle raises his hands for the crowd and they get in for rooting for Titus. Darren is still in control but Titus builds up and takes over on offense. Darren Young manages to get back on offense. Then Swaggle waves to Darren Young to come over. He does and that distracts him long enough for Titus to come in and roll him for a pin fall.

Titus O’Neil defeats Darren Young via Pinfall after Hornswaggle distracts him.

After the match, Darren Young starts beating on Titus getting to him with a Heatwave, his finisher. He then looks to Hornswaggle and grabs him. Chavo comes over and tries to stop him. Chavo is telling Darren Hornsawggle isn’t worth is. After a few moments of Chavo pleading with him, Darren Young finally lets him go. Commentary recaps the end of the match and the beating from Darren on Titus. As Chavo and Darren Young walk to the back.

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Extreme Rules Official Theme

JTG comes out. We get a recap from last week over the bet between JTG and Koslov. JTG re-introduces Novak. “Head-Crack” Novak come out. He’s out in full wigger outfit. Regal is appalled at this. The crowd is quiet. He’s wearing a Yankee’s Cap with the stickers and tags still on it. He comes out and says “This hasn’t work. I don’t even like the Yankees.” He turns to Regal and says to him “Why don’t I show you that I can be a star.” He’s callin’ him out for a match. *DING* (Remember to send Adam Martin your BBW Pictures). Novak is action next.

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MATCH: Novak vs Saxton

Saxton starts the match dominating Novak. He pulls off his dew rag and continues and launches him out of the ring. Novak takes the opportunity to knock Saxton off the apron. He rolls him back in the ring and tries to pin. He kicks and punishes him more leading to another pin attempt. He kicks again. He continues to dominate him. Regal is putting over he’s done teaching and he’s transitioning to the table. Another pin attempt and kick out and Novak warps him up and goes some hammer fists on Saxton. Saxon gets an elbow back and breaks out and takes over on offense. Regal puts over Yoshi as a Japanese Taskmaster. The get into the corner and manages

Jacob Novak defeats Byron Saxton via pin fall.

AD: DX – One Last Stand Video

When we return, Regal thanks Edge for being Wonderful Champion and Competitor. This leads into Raw from last night where Edge came out and announced his retirement.

AD: Smackdown – Edge Surrenders the World Heavy Weight Championship.

MATCH: Yoshi Tatsu vs. Lucky Cannon

Maryse joins the commentary team and gives Todd a kiss. Lucky Cannon is already in the ring. Yoshi gets an introduction to the ring. And the Crowd is in Yoshi’s favor. The match Starts with Lucky telling Yoshi he doesn’t deserve Maryse. Yoshi slap him back. Lucky makes a quick come back and goes into a control segment. Josh uses the Delish nick name and Maryse talks about what Delish means for her. It’s a dish of Potatoes, Gravy and Cheese in French style. Luck Manages to throw Yoshi by the commentary table and he goes over to Maryse before beating on Yoshi. Lucky manages to take over outside of the ring. He throws him into the post and rolls him back into the ring and Yoshi Hulks up and dominates. Getting a drop from the top rope and gets the pinfall.

Yoshi Tatsu def. Lucky Cannon via pinfall and Gets a Kiss from Maryse!

Maryse puts some lip stick and mocks Lucky Cannon and goes over to Yoshi and kisses him across the lips. Yoshi stands stone statue in the ring as he can’t believe he just got kissed. Josh yells “Cowabunga”, which Regal is appalled at again. Josh puts over that Josh wins the match and the girl. Maryse has already left the ring and walking up the entrance ramp.

And that’s the stream. The show is over.

Quick Results:
* Maryse decided to Split with Teddy and Stay with NXT
* Titus O’Neil Wins Power of the Punch Challenge
* Titus O’Neil defeats Darren Young via Pinfall after Hornswaggle distracts him.
* Jacob Novak defeats Byron Saxton via pin fall.
* Yoshi Tatsu defeats Lucky Cannon via pinfall and Gets a Kiss from Maryse!

Grash Says…

Titus O’Neil tonight continued his dominance on the Show. He got a win over Darren Young Tonight and took more redemption points with the Power of the Punch Challenge win. So right now, we’re seeing him built up as the early favorite to win this season of NXT.

There were questions earlier in the season what was going on with Darren Young. I questioned what would happen given that they established Young as face, but have Chavo – a heal – has his pro. He’s been beset by Hornswaggle for almost a month now. The cracks in Darren are showing and he’s now going full heel on us. The kicker in all of this that he only thing holding him back is … of all people … is Chavo. Yes. Chavo. He’s Old Ben Kenobi. Darren Young is Anakin Skywaker and becoming Darth Darren. For the drama it provides, I am enjoying this. For the average fan, this is most likely antagonizing them. And it should. This is getting very interesting and I’m looking forward to how this proceeds.

Joseph Novak got a gimmick change. He’s a wigger now. Hey, it worked for John Cena, why not for him? At first I was going to kill him for walking out with the Yankee Cap on. But He tossed that crap cap right away and won his match. He then called out Regal. So things are looking interesting for Novak for the moment. It’s the start of a character, so I’m interested where this could lead. But most importantly, he tossed that Yankee’s Cap. He’s a hero in my book for that. And with luck, WV’s webmaster won’t edit this paragraph on me to trash Novak instead. (TVS is a Yank Fan, I’m a Red Sox Fan.)

Yoshi beats Lucky Cannon and gets Maryse. We’ve been building to this moment all season. We’ve gotten a great build. We’ve built a great villain in Lucky Cannon. In fact, we got a great showing, even though it’s a loss, in Lucky Cannon in the match tonight. Tonight was the night where with out a doubt that I can say, I am looking forward to seeing Lucky Cannon when he gets to the main roster.


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