WWE NXT Recap (on WWE.com)
March 19, 2011
London, England
Report by: Wrestleview’s Mr. Determined – Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

Tonight NXT is across the pond in London.

Maryse and Matt Striker are our hosts.

Todd Grisham is on vacation this week.

Josh Mathews and William Regal are on commentary tonight.

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Last Week On NXT

Maryse dumps Teddy to stay on NXT. Yoshi defeats Lucky Cannon and gets a kiss from Maryse. What is next for this new couple

“I said we are wild and young!”

And that’s the stream. The show is over.

CHALLENGE: Platform Tug of War
Worth 2 Immunity points

Maryse introduces the Rookies and the rookies to the. Maryse will pick the best for the bye. Connor vs. Saxon starts off. Conner pulls Saxton hard enough to roll him off the cushioned area. Darren vs. Novak is next and it’s close one. The refs call it for Darren first. But after the replay, Maryse calls it for Novak. Lucky Cannon vs. Titus completes the first round. Lucky gets Titus to pull the rope too far, and gets him DQ, Lucky Moves on and Maryse gives him the bye. Novak moves on after Connor also pulls the rope too far. The final is Lucky vs. Novak. Lucky is taking his time to rile the crowd. The Crowd is giving Lucky a “You Suck” Chant. Novak plays Lucky’s delay game and they get into a shouting match. Lucky throws the rope and shoves Novak. Lucky starts to take off and Novak chases him for a bit. Lucky runs to the ring as Novak is declared the winner of the challenge.

Novak wins The Platform Tug of War Challenge and 2 Redemption points

The segment ends with Novak taking Lucky’s Rope and walking off with it. Lucky chases after him .

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In the Ring: JTG and Novak

JTG introduces the new wigger Novak. Novak tells the brits that he’s privlage to be an American and what “Real English” sounds like. He calls out Regal again for a fight “For his country”. Connor comes out with Koslov and tells him “actions speak louder than words… and my actions are going to shut you up.”

MATCH: Connor vs Novak

Connor starts off strong on offense. The Pros are corner men on the ring Apron. After a minute, Novak takes over on offense with a strong clothesline and gets a quick pin attempt. This turns into a head lock, which Koslov gets the crowd up for Connor, but the quick quirt of offense is stopped by Novak. He flattens Connor. Novak turns to Regal and tells him to pay attention. Connor takes advantage of Novak focused on Regal and turns the table. There’s a pin attempt (and it was long) but he ref calls it a 2.5! Novak gets back on offense and begins to control Connor. Then out of nowhere, Connor Rolls Novak for a quick pin and the win.

Connor defeats Novak via pinfall with a quick roll up

After the match. Josh asks regal what is up with him and Regal. Novak goes over to the announce table and shoves Regal. JTG separates them. The camera is on Regal and he’s fuming mad.

RAW: The Whole Truth (How Jo-Mo took R-Truth’s Spot

Saxton gives Yoshi advice about Handlign Maryse. He says he’s good and she makes him happy. Maryse walks by and ask what Yoshi is doing. He’s Free, so Marsye invites him to go shopping with him. She gives him a kiss and she walks off. Saxton tries to talk about their match, but Yoshi is in la-la land.

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Hornswoggle and Titus come down to the ring. Chavo and Darren Young are already there. Chavo takes the mic and tells Darren that Hornswoggle is tough. Darren tells Chavo what is up, he couldn’t beat him. So Chavo says Darren in the back Said he could beat him with one hand tied behind his back. So He ties one hand. Then Chavo says Darren said he could beat him blindfolded. Chavo happens to have blind fold. The Crowd is cheering for it. So Darren is now One handed and blindfolded.

MATCH: Hornswoggle vs Darren Young (One hand behind his back and blindfolded)

Hornswoggle starts the match. Darren young Cheats and pulls the mask up to find where swaggle is and boots hims and takes control. While swaggle is on the ground he says “Do you think this is a game?”. He picks up Swaggle and gets him into the corner. This back fires as swaggle takes control and tosses Darren to the mat after a few head butts. Then from the top rope, TADPOLE SPLASH! Swaggle gets the pin and the 1-2-3 for the win.

Hornswoggle def Darren Young via pinfall via a tagpole splash

After the match, Darren young is fuming, and chavo has to hold him back before they walk off to the back.

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MATCH: Yoshi and Saxton vs Tyson Kidd and Lucky Cannon

Yoshi and Saxton come out first. Maryse is at the desk, Josh asks her right away what is going on with Yoshi. She blushes happily with a smile and a cute twist of her body. Tyson kid and Lucky Cannon come out next. Lucky Cannon does a twirl in the ring letting his robes flying about. The match starts with the rookies. Lucky says he wants Yoshi. Saxton isn’t buying it. Lucky continues to say he want Yoshi. Saxton gives in and tags Yoshi in. Yoshi quickly dominates Lucky. Lucky quickly makes the tag to Tyson Kidd. Yoshi continues to dominate the match. It’s back and forth with a Japanesse Arm drag. After abit, Yoshi tags in Saxton to face Kidd and controls him. In the mean while Lucky Cannon is yelling at kids to shut up. Byron gets into position where he can get a pin attempt, Kidd kicks out and Bryon pulls him into the conner. Quick tags back and forth with Yoshi and Saxton build up Saxton. He is fired up and clothes lines Kidd out of the ring. And we go to …

Package: Karma (Awesome Kong) ripping the head of a doll.
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Back to the action, and Lucky has his legs around Saxton’s head and is on control of the match. We are shown how we got here during the break. Lucky goes in a control segment . The crowd chants “Lucky Sucks.” Lucky retorts “It’s all about me” back to the crowd. After hurting Saxton and putting him into his tag corner, Lucky tags in Kidd and tells Maryse “It’s for you baby.” Lucky gets some cheap heal heat as he chokes Saxton behind the ref’s back. “All I do I win.” says Lucky. Quick offense from Saxton, but a quick kick out from Kidd. Kidd tags in Lucky who continues to control the match. Shortly, behind the back of the ref, Kidd gets a hit on Saxton. Yoshi is on the ring apron helping to build a hot tag as he jumps up and down. In the meanwhile, Lucky is stomping on Saxton yelling multiple times to “Stay Down”. Lucky continues to dominate as he slaps Saxton in the face saying “that it’s all about him”. They have collision and the rookies tag in their pros. Yoshi comes into to a very hot tag and dominates. Josh says Yoshi may be trying to impress Maryse now. Yoshi is getting pin attempts but Kidd is kicking out. The match ends when Lucky Cannon goes over to Marse. Yoshi sees that and goes over and yells at Lucky Cannon to stay away. It’s the distraction that gives Kidd an opening for the pin and the win.

Tyson Kidd and Lucky Cannon def Yoshi and Saxton

And that’s it. The steam is done.

Quick Results
* Novak wins The Platform Tug of War Challenge and 2 Redemption points
* Connor def. Novak via pinfall with a quick roll up
* Hornswoggle def. Darren Yong via pin fall after a TADPOLE SPLASH!
* Tyson Kidd and Lucky Cannon def Yoshi and Saxton via pinfall.

Grash Says…

This season of NXT is now hitting it’s grove, and it’s completely enjoyable to watch. One big difference these past few weeks is we’re seeing less challenges and more matches and better segments to hold the show together. In short, someone is actually writing the show, and it really shows. Right now, there are three major arcs going on that is getting all of the rookies doing something. This is extremely important as there is no elimination in sight.
The first is the new Wigger Novak and Regal. Regal is a gentleman, and Novak is becoming more thuggish. It’s a great contrast between the two as we continue the building to a confrontation that will get regal back into the ring with the rookie. JTG is a hoot bouncing around and playing peacemaker between his rookie and regal. Now, you may not like Novak at all. This is of course intentional as WWE is building a new heel here. As this is taking place, we have Connor O’Brien playing spoiler on Novak to the crowd’s delight. This is how we are building him as a face.

The Second Arc is Darth Young vs Hornswoggle. There are two parts of this feud that makes this interesting. The first part is we are referring back to the Chavo vs Hornswoggle feud on raw from a while ago. The second part is Chavo is leveraging this history to teach Darren Young. So tonight we got a hand behind your back and blindfold match. Yes, we did see this with Chavo in the role, but with chavo in the teacher’s role, it has a fresh and unique take to it.

The final arc is Lucky Cannon, Yoshi, and Maryse. After the big moment last week, this week is the aftermath. What we learned tonight is three things. Yoshi really likes Maryse to the point that he will turn to stone after a kiss. Lucky Cannon has learned he can leverage this against Yoshi to get the upper hand. If we look at NXT as a show to build new starts, the most important piece we can take away is that Lucky has learned to react to the crowd and get a specific reaction from the crowd. The more I watch Lucky, the more I want to see him move up to the main roster.

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