WWE NXT Recap (on WWE.com)
March 26, 2011
Greensboro, North Carolina
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

Tonight NXT is in Greensboro, NC – North Carolina, The so-called capital of professional wrestling.

Maryse and Matt Striker are our hosts.

Todd Grisham and William Regal are on commentary tonight.

“I said we are wild and young!”

Maryse introduces the rookies and Pros. They enter in pairs. The Rookies head to the ring while the Pros
head to where they normally sit. Hornswaggle gets a huge pop on his entrance.

CHALLENGE: Know Your Pro
The Pros get a question and write an answer. The Rookies guess what they wrote.

Question 1: What does your rookie do the best?

Saxton says, “he speaks”… Yoshi wrote “Just Wrestle”. Connor says “Punish them”. But Koslov wrote “Fire up”. Darren Young doesn’t care what Chavo wrote. He thinks he better than Chavo. Novak says “He makes it looks good” and JTG writes the same In Ebonics. Luck Cannon says it’s about him. Kidd says he has the best “attire”. Titus says “Connect with WWE Universe” but Hornswaggle writes ‘Bark”.

Question 2: If my Rookie doesn’t make it as a WWE Superstar I recommend that he does….

Saxton says News Reporter, Yoshi wrote “Fired Up”. Connor Says ‘Fighter”, Koslov wrote “Firefighter”. No match is rules. Darren Young repeats he doesn’t care what Chavo says. He thinks he’s better. Chavo laughs as he shows “Trash Man”. Novak says he will be the next break out start. JTG says “Hip Hop MC”. Lucky Cannon is next and ask How many times she threw up after kissing Yoshi. Kidd had written Fashion
Designer. Finally, Titus says Dog catcher, Swaggle wrote “Bodyguard”. No matches at all.

Jacob Novak Wins the Know your Pro Challenge and 4 points.

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MATCH: Titus vs. Darren Young (again)

Before the match, we get a recap of the Blindfolded-One Hand Behind your back Match between Darth young and Swaggle. The match starts off with Darth Young point at Swaggle. Swaggle pinches his ass. And Titus starts the match for good. Swaggle is laughing at Darren. Titus continues to dominate with a pin attempt. He finally knocks Darren out of the ring. He goes out after him and Darren pulls the ring apron out and catches Titus on it. He takes over on offense and gets back in the ring. Darren poses for the crowd’s displeasure. He continues the offense as Titus rolls back in and starts a control segement.

Titus builds up to break out and gets a slam. He goes for the pin, but Darren mangages to kick out. Darren young manages to get a figure four leg lock on Titus! Then he breaks the lock and turns his back on him. Chavo is yelling at him about this. Darren manages to walk over to the ropes to yell back. So Chavo says ‘Do It on your own’. By this time Titus is up and manages to slam Darren Young on to the mat and gets the pin for the win.

Titus def. Darren Young (again) via pin fall

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We Return to the action, JTG and Novak are coming to the ring. We get a recap from last week between Novak and Regal. JTG Introduces him, and the fans cheer for him. Novak starts to talk and he goes in on Regal once more. “My Career is starting, and yours is over.” Regal gets up and takes a mic. He cuts a promo and tells him the only way to settle this is with a match. Novak pulls the heel response, and tells him that’s not going to happen. But on his terms… Next week! Regal gets behind the desk, “I knew that was going to happen, I’ve done it a thousand times”. Koslov and Connor come out. We have a tag match.

TAG MATCH : Novak and JTG vs. Connor and Koslov

The match starts with Koslov and Novak in the ring. Koslov dominates. He tags in Connor and they closeline him out of the ring. We go to a package.

Package: Kharma pops a dolly head off. For the first time we see her face as she laughts. For those who don’t know Kharma is WWE’s new name for Awesome Kong.

Back to the action. IT’s back and forth. Connor gets a big shot on Novak, but JTG is there to drop him from the second ropes. Novak and JTG continue the offense in the corner tagging in and out as a team. Novak gets a few pin attempts and arm drops. Koslov is building the crowd for a hot pin later. Through the match Regal is trashing Novak as he talks about his match with him for next week. Connor is pulled
back into the corner. Then a whip into the ropes turns into a DDT from Connor. The both go down and build to the hot tag to Koslov. The Russian dominates and goes into a pin. JTG makes the save. Koslov disposes of him. Koslov tags Connor in and he goes for clothes line but gets a big boot from Novak. This sets up the pin for the win.

Novak and JTG def Connor and Koslov via pinfall

After the match Josh mentions maybe Novak has a chance against Regal. Meanwhile JTG and Novak are on the ring mocking Regal with huge smiles on their faces.

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Josh and Regal Run down the Extreme Rules PPV card for this weekend

Maryse runs to Yoshi and tells that Lucky has destroyed the purse he gave her. He sees Saxton and asks where is Lucky. Saxton tells him to calm down because he’ll be in the ring with him. Saxton then tells he wishes he would send half of the time with him as he does chasing Maryse.

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MATCH: Lucky Cannon vs. Byron Saxton

Yoshi comes out to the ring with Bryon Saxton. Maryse is at ring side. Josh compares Mayse to Yoko Ono. Kidd comes out with Lucky Cannon. Lucky goes over to Maryse and says he didn’t do it (destroy her purse). The match starts and Lucky cannon pushes Bryon away. He wants Yoshi. Saxton has none of
it and goes right for him and dominates till he gets pushes out of the ring. The match turns in Lucky’s favor as he takes over on offense. This leads to a Leg lock around Saxton’s head. The crowd cheers for a face comeback here. Saxton is able to get to the ropes to break it. Lucky Cannon continues on offense using the ropes and whipping in to the post. Getting several legs drops on Saxton as Lucky gets an arm around Saxton’s head to choke off him off. Saxton is selling this well. The crowd is again cheering for a face comeback and it happens. Saxton gets his second wind and goes on offense. This leads to a couple of pin attempst. On the third one, Tyson Kidd saves his rookie by putting his foot on the ropes. This Bryon’s focus on Kidd. Lucky takes out Saxton with this distraction. Yoshi goes over and takes out Kidd. Lucky slides through the ropes and takes out Yoshi. With the moment of opportunity, Lucky runs over
to Maryse and gets on one knee to tell her that he didn’t do it. Yoshi comes running towards him. Lucky sees this and rolls into the ring. Yoshi goes in after him and attacks him. The ref calls for the DQ.

Lucky Cannon def. Byron Saxton via DQ by a love struck Yoshi Tatsu

After the bells rings, Saxton takes out Yoshi. He’s had enough of it. Now Lucky takes out Saxton. He looks down to Maryse. Maryse is impressed and disgussed at the same time. In the mean while Kid is parading with Lucky.

And that’s it. The Show is over. The steam is done.

Quick Results
* Jacob Novak Wins the Know your Pro Challenge and 4 Redemption points.
* Titus def. Darren Young (again) via pin fall
* Novak and JTG def Connor and Koslov via pinfall
* Lucky Cannon def. Byron Saxton via DQ by a love struck Yoshi Tatsu

Grash Says…

I’ve written about the pecking order, who has what redemption points, ect. ect. At this point I’m not going to bother with it as we’re not dealing with an elimination situation at all. Again tonight, we got only one challenge. After that we had all of the rookies in action tonight. On top of that, we have storylines going on at the same time as well. This is a big change for NXT from other seasons, as the show now looks more like a traditional wrestling show now.

Our Challenge tonight was laughably bad. Most NXT Challenges are, what a surprise. If you’ve been following NXT then you’ll find some gold. Chavo writing “Trash Man” being one of them.

If you notice the recap this week, I’ve started to calling Darren Young, Darth Young. His storyline is all about his fall. It started with Titus beating him. Swaggle being a distraction. Now the next step is Darren turning on the one man who is trying to help him, Chavo. Some of you are why? Well, Up till this point Darren Young has been presented as a babyface. Even in the original Nexus, he was hesitant as a heel. This storyline is to build in to Darren why is he is a Heel. And In short, it is the fall of the Hero.

Our next storyline is how Novak is getting repackaged into Wigger Novak. I am going to repeat something I said a few weeks ago. This worked for John Cena. Cena started off heel, but as time went on he got turned face cause everyone was cheering for him. It’s cause as a heel he had swagger. When
Cena turned face, he kept that swagger. For a few moments the crowd cheered for him. That’s cause he’d getting swagger. Plus character wise, he’s got a huge pair of balls to go after Regal. This has set up the match for next week between Novak and Regal. Expect a good match next week! Tell your friends Regal is getting in the ring!

Our last story line has been the “Maryse” angle. There are three new things that took place tonight. First, we’ve seen Saxton step up in his role in this story. This is best seen at first when he tells Yoshi that he wished he spend half of the time on him as he did getting Maryse. Second, we saw Yoshi lose all common sense in anything regarding Maryse. This ends up DQ’ing Saxton and this becomes the tipping point between the two. We will see the aftershocks of this for the next few weeks. The third development is in Maryse herself. Uptill the end of the match, Maryse has had the look of complete disgust for lucky Cannon. After Lucky took out Saxton to stand victorious in the ring, Maryse had a look of a mix attraction and disgust. In short, she is now a confused character. This is where I’m curious to what you think. Whom does Maryse fit better with – Yoshi Tatsu or Lucky Cannon?

My biggest fan wrote that now that Tough Enough is on, it’s time to put NXT to the pasture. What he doesn’t understand that the NXT guys are all FCW Developmental guys who are a step or two away from the main rosters. The Tough Enough kids are trying to break and get that first step to get at least a developmental deal. When you put an NXT Guy next to one of the Tough Enough Kids, all of kids look as bad as Miss America. They may look the same, but they are two different beasts.

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Question of the Week

Whom is the better fit for Maryse? Yoshi Tatsu or Lucky Cannon

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