WWE Superstars
April 29, 2011
Report by: Andrew Hayman of Wrestleview.com

The Superstars video plays and we are welcome to the show by a tons of pyro. Tyson Kidd is out first and Jack Korpela and Matt striker welcome us to the show. They recap the draft briefly. Out comes Trent Baretta and we are ready for our first match.

Trent Baretta vs. Tyson Kidd

They lock up in the middle with Kidd locking in a hammerlock. They roll around the mat a bit reversing each other. They keep reversing each other and Kidd comes out on top with a chin lock. Crowd gets behind and Baretta pushes Kidd to the ropes but eats a shoulder block. Some acrobatics goes on, that’s really the only way to explain it and after some back and forth Tyson Kidd eats a shoulder block. Baretta with a rolling thunder and goes for the count but Kidd gets the shoulder up at one. Baretta with a chin lock. According to Jack Korpela Sin Cara to Smackdown is one of the best moves for Smackdown in history. Really Jack? Kidd manages to get to the corner and breaks the hold. Kidd with some punches and kicks in the corner. Kid flips Baretta to the mat and hits him with a swift kick to the back. Cover, but Baretta kicks out at one. Kidd with a chin lock. Crowd getting behind Baretta, Kidd lifts Baretta and hits a snap suplex. Close 2 count. Chin lock again by Kidd, Baretta powers out and hits an arm drag followed by a drop kick. Kidd reverses an Irish whip attempt and Baretta eats it hard in the corner! Kidd with a knee to Barettas head. Kidd with some kicks to the head and throws in a punch. Kidd with an Irish whip and goes for a flip but Baretta counters with a kick to the head. Baretta goes for a cross body but Kidd ducks and Baretta hits the ropes! Man that was nasty. Kidd throws Baretta out of the ring and we go to a commercial.

They are advertising Raw next week where the Rock celebrates his birthday.

We are back and Kidd with a chin lock in the middle of the ring. Baretta powering out with some punches to the gut but that’s halted. Kidd with a torso stretch then hits a gut breaker. Goes for the cover but Baretta kicks out at 2. Kidd with some stomps to the head and chest. Kidd with another stretch. Baretta manages to get to his feet but again Kidd with some shots to halt that effort. Kidd goes for a suplex but Baretta flips over kid and hits a step up enziguri. Trent with a flying elbow to Kidd in the corner then hits a running knee to the head. Goes for the count but Kidd kicks out at two. Baretta to the outside of the ropes, Kidd goes to shoulder him and the stomach, Baretta counters and hits a springboard drop kick. Close 3 count. Baretta went for the dude buster DDT but Kidd reverses and throws him to the mat. Kidd to the ropes but eats a clothesline and gets sent to the floor. Baretta with a suicide swan dive to the floor! Trent rolls him in and goes for the cover but again a close 3. Tyson with a spinning kick to the head and hits a drop kick to Baretta’s head. Kidd with the cover close 3. Covers again same result. Tyson slams Trent’s head into the turnbuckle. Kidd with a foot to Baretta’s throat. Kid goes for a head scissors take down but Trent reverse into a cradle and gets a close 3! Kidd goes for the sharpshooter and locks it in! This match is over.

Winner: Tyson Kidd defeats Trent Baretta via submission

Kidd celebrates and we say some replays. Jack plugs the main event which is Melina and Alicia Fox vs. Gail Kim and Natalya.

Commercial. It’s about Extreme Rules. They also air the commercial for Randy Orton’s new movie That’s what I am.

And we are back. Zack Ryder comes out and just does his thing. Scott Stanford welcomes us to the raw part of superstars. David Hart Smith is out wearing a cowboy hat. Wait what? The bell rings and we are underway.

Zack Ryder vs. David Hart Smith

They lock up and DHS pushes Zack to the corner. Zack with a woo woo woo. David with a chicken wing arm bar. Ryder reverses into a chin lock. DHS reveres into his own chin lock. They get to their feet and Ryder pushes DHS to the ropes and trips him and applies another chin lock. Arm drag by David, connects with another and locks in an arm bar. He locks in a rear naked choke. Ryder stands and tries to reverse but David locks in a strange leg submission but Ryder gets to the ropes. Zack gets out of the ring. He goes to get in but fakes. David is having none of it and flips Zack into the ring. Belly to belly by DHS. Cover, Ryder kicks out at two. DHS with a delayed vertical suplex. Nice power shown from DHS. He then connects with a clothesline and Ryder gets taken to the floor. DHS rolls Zack into the ring. He goes to get in but Zack grabs him and slams Smiths back into the post. We cut to a commercial.

Again, they are plugging next week’s raw.

We are back with Zack applying a chin lock. Ryder powers out and hits a back to belly suplex. Ryder stands in the corner; DHS goes for a clothesline but hits a boot to the face. According to Scott he hit a broski boot to the face. Ryder with a cover but DHS kicks out. Ryder with a neck breaker, cover and DHS kicks out at 2. Ryder with a cross face. DHS gets to his feet. Some shots by DHS to Ryder, he hits the ropes but eats an elbow from Ryder. Another cover and again a 2 count. Ryder is getting frustrated and argues with the ref. DHS with some shots to the stomach. He charges at Zack but Zack hits him with a boot. Zack with a leg drop and another cover. DHS kicks out again. Ryder boasts and goes for a neck breaker but DHS reverses into a pin attempt. Ryder kicks out. Ryder with a running elbow to the head goes for the cover but DHS kicks out. Ryder with a chin lock and some shots. Zack goes to the ropes and climbs up the turn buckle; DHS sprints over and hits some shots to Zack. DHS with a superplex! Both men are down. They both get up and DHS with some shoulder blocks and clotheslines. DHS then hits a big boot. He show boats and hits a running leg drop. Goes for the cover but Ryder kicks out at 2. Zack to the corner. DHS goes to clothesline him but eats an elbow. Ryder with the roll up but again another 2 count. DHS with his own roll up. DHS goes for the sharpshooter. Ryder kicks DHS to the ropes but Zack eats a scoop slam. Cover but again a close 2 count. DHS goes for the sharpshooter again but Ryder literally grabs the ring apron on the outside to save himself. Ryder kicks DHS in the head. DHS recovers but walks right into a rough Ryder and this match is all over.

Winner: Zack Ryder defeats David Hart Smith via pinfall

Ryder Celebrates and replays are shown.

Scott plugs the main event again.

Commercial. Promo for the CM Punk/Randy Orton feud. I can’t wait for this match at Extreme Rules.

We are back with the Raw Rebound.

We are back and Scott plugs the entire card for Extreme Rules.

Out comes Melina and Alicia fox for the main event! Melina does her entrance and we go to a break.


Natalya and Gail Kim come out and make their way to the ring. The bell rings and we are underway for our main event of WWE Superstars!

Melina and Alicia Fox vs. Natalya and Gail Kim

Melina and Natalya are in the ring. Natalya with a quick roll up for a 1 count. Chin lock by Natalya. Melina reverses into a head scissors. Another chin lock by Natalya. Melina pushes Natalya to the mat but Natalya springs back up, a la HBK. Natalya with a delayed suplex but Alicia comes in and breaks it up. Natalya goes after Alicia. Natalya turns and eats a boot from Melina. Melina covers, 2 count. Melina slams Natalya to the mat by her hair. Melina applies her foot to Natalya’s neck in the corner. Melina distracts the ref and a dirty shot by Alicia. Tag and a cover by Alicia. Alicia with a northern lights suplex. Cover, 2 count. Some double teaming by Melina and Alicia and Melina gets the tag. Melina with a dragon sleeper hold. Natalya stands and Melina is on her back. Natalya flips Melina over her shoulder. Both Divas get the tag Gail takes down Alicia with a drop kick to the knee. Gail with a flying elbow followed by a huricanrana. Gail with a splash to the corner and follows it up with a missile drop kick. Cover, but it’s broken up by Melina. They go to double team Gail with a double clothesline but Natalya grabs Melina, Gail with a kick to Alicia’s stomach and hits an eat defeat. This match is over.

Winners: Gail Kim and Natalya defeat Alicia Fox and Melina via pinfall

Replays of the match are shown and Scott closes the show.


Thanks for reading this guys, this is my first ever recap I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. I thought this was a pretty good show for Superstars. The matches were fairly solid, a little bit predictable but this is Superstars after all.

I thought they probably shouldn’t have made the Divas match the main event. It wasn’t very long at all.

The Tyson Kidd/Trent Baretta match was probably match of the night with Trent taking the bump of the night when he smashed into the ropes. I think it may have been a botch though because I think he may of been trying to go through the ropes to go straight to the floor.

If you guys have any questions or even better some feedback I would really appreciate it! My email is amdy985@hotmail.com.