The Shoot #47

The Shoot #47
January 12, 2010
By: Joshua Piedra of

-The First Shot-

Hello everyone and welcome to your 47th edition of The Shoot. This is the moment you may or may not have been waiting for? the final results of the 2009 Year End Awards. Thank you to everyone who participated and those who just read the column and didn?t submit anything, I forsake terrible shame upon all of you!

Got a whole new batch of animes to talk about in Culture Shock as well and along with that, I have your weekly dose of Quick Shots.

-Quick Shots-

So after their 1.5 rating, SpikeTV executives are considering on moving TNA iMPACT to Monday nights. While I think that the move might be better for SpikeTV IF, and this is a big IF, TNA can pull those higher numbers consistently. While they will get crushed by the WWE each and every week, TNA pulling higher numbers overall, and pulling higher numbers than Spike’s previous program in that slot is a win/win for the network and the network only. On a personal note.. if I had HDNet, I would actually watch ROH over TNA and then switch to WWE Raw? just saying.

WWE’s The Big Show made some comments about the younger talent in the WWE that I couldn?t agree more with. The younger guys have been commenting over the past year or so that they are happy where they are and that they are just happy to be working for the WWE and collecting their paycheck. That may be fine and dandy, but there really has been a decline recently of young talent that refuses to step up their work ethic. No, I?m not talking about the dreaded ?MOVEZ? that people seem to shit on, but that’s another column for another time, or the dreaded phrase ?WORKRATE? which some people also shit on, but again, that’s for another column. I?m talking about the ability to go on the road, promote the WWE, and bust their ass to help the company out. Very few are willing to do that and that is pretty sad because that means the WWE has fewer options to build new stars out of. From a business perspective, I wouldn?t build my company around a star, even if they had talent, if they had little interest in returning the favor and help promote the WWE.

Only two news stories this week as nothing else really interested me in the news? so let’s move on to those awards you readers all LOVE so much.

-The Big Shot: 2009 Year End Awards: Part IV-

Participants: Josh Boutwell, Jose Marrero, Rocky Jr, Josh Piedra, Anthony Valvo, Chris Kelly, Phil Chroniger, Doug Lackey, Mike Tedesco

Best Male Wrestler of 2009: C.M. Punk

The straight edge superstar wins the Best Wrestler of 2009 by securing three of the nine votes. There were a lot of nominees and we almost had a three-way tie on this one, but Punk squeezed out the victory and will have the honor of being the next wrestler spotlight two weeks from now! Randy Orton and Chris Jericho tied for second place with two votes a piece while AJ Styles and John Morrison tied for third with one vote a piece.

Best Female Wrestler of 2009: Michelle McCool

Like the Best Male category, this one had a lot of nominees as well and Michelle McCool snatched the win with three of the nine votes. Awesome Kong came in second with two votes while Tara, Maryse, Angelina Love, Sarita, and Mickie James all came in third place with one vote a piece!

Best Tag Team of 2009: Jerishow

Next week will be the wrestler spotlight column on the tag team winner of this category, but the issue here is Chris Jericho is one half of the winning tag team that I already did a spotlight column? so next week what I am going to do is do a singles spotlight on The Big Show along with a link to my Chris Jericho column, and then do a short recap of their time together as a tag team. Jerishow took this category with five of the nine votes while Beer Money, Inc and The American Wolves came in second with two votes a piece.

Best Announcer of 2009: Matt Striker

Everyone’s favorite teacher and Mr. V’s idol, Matt Striker beat out every other announcer voted on by securing four of the nine votes! Could this mean that he is the new voice of the WWE? It just may be so since good ol JR, Jim Ross came in second with two votes while Todd Grisham, Lillian Garcia, and Dave Prazak all tied for third with one vote.

Best Gimmick/Character of 2009: C.M. Punk’s Straight Edge Superstar

Straight Edge doesn?t only mean that CM Punk is better than you, but it also means he’s better than everyone else voted on! Punk staying clean has earned him three of the nine votes while Chris Jericho’s Conspiracy Theory gimmick came in second with two votes, while D?Angelo Dinero’s The Black Pope gimmick, Chris Masters? Dancing Pecks gimmick, Sheamus? Celtic Warrior Gimmick, and The Undertaker just being The Undertaker again all tied for third with one vote each.

Best Singles Champion of 2009: Christian

No.. not the World Champion? not the WWE Champion? not the TNA Champion? not even the ROH Champion? but Christian.. YOUR ECW Champion was the greatest champion of 2009? and there is no one that deserves more credit than him. He made the ECW title mean something through his hard work and dedication and while the title could be featured more on Pay-Per-View, he did a hell of a job making it credible. Christian won with four votes while Kurt Angle, CM Punk, Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, and Austin Aries all came in second with 1 vote a piece.

Best Tag Team Champions of 2009: Jerishow

Big surprise here, eh? This was almost a mirror of the best tag team category, but this time, Jerishow received six votes, Beer Money still got two votes, and the American Wolves got one vote.

Best Match of 2009: Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels (Wrestlemania 25)

Out of every match in TNA, ROH, WWE, Japan, and Mexico, this match was better than each and every one of them. This swept the entire category and secured all nine votes.

Biggest Surprise of 2009: Hulk Hogan Signs with TNA

That’s right, brother! Hulk Hogan needs a paycheck, dude because his wife left him, his son’s a screw up, and his daughter is a media whore. So all the people in the iMPACT zone because Hulkamaniacs, brother! So you know something Mean Gene? The Hulkster said his prayers, ate his Ginko Biloba, and got four votes, jack. Sheamus winning the WWE title got three votes, brother, and Bret Hart coming back to WWE got two votes, dude. Whatcha Gonna Do when Hulk Hogan wins the votes from you?

Ok.. I promise I?ll NEVER do that again?

Best Wrestling Company of 2009: WWE

The Big ?E (no.. not the family friendly fair held in Springfield, Massachusetts each and every year) secured seven of the votes here. Sports Entertainment reigns supreme while the American Strong Style Wrestling of Ring of Honor tied the ?What the hell am I watching? style of TNA with one vote a piece.

Best Finisher of 2009: Air Bourne (Evan Bourne)

As I said last week, Jushin Liger himself would shed tears if he knew that they wouldn?t collect in his mask and cause him to drown when he sees Evan Bourne pull off the Shooting Star Press. Bourne won this award with three of the nine votes while Homicide’s Gringo Killer and Randy Orton’s RKO tied for second place with two votes a piece. The Young Bucks? More Bang for Your Buck and Randy Orton’s Punt to the Head tied for third with one vote each.

Best Heel of 2009: Chris Jericho

The best in the world at what he does did something right. His conspiracy theory persona may not have won gimmick of the year, but it made for one hell of a heel character. So well that it garnered him the win with five of the nine votes. Randy Orton came in second with three votes and CM Punk came in last with just one vote.

Best Face of 2009: Jeff Hardy

From leaving body paint on his opponents to drizzling it along the floor of the prison shower room… wherever he may end up, there is no doubt that Jeff Hardy touched our hearts, and in TNA, little girls. The Charismatic Poster Child for the return of the 1980’s Glow Worm toy secured five votes while John Cena received two votes and Bryan Danielson tied AJ Styles with the final vote.

Rising Star of 2009: Sheamus

YOUR NEW WWE Champion? Sheamus was voted the Rising Star of 2009. There were quite a few good candidates for this one, but Sheamus ended up being the winner with three votes. Desmond Wolfe (aka Nigel McGuinness) received two votes while The Miz, Kofi Kingston, Kenny Omega and Drew McIntyre tied for third with one vote a piece.

Best _________ of 2009.

I had some fun with this one? I let you, the readers, choose your own award. Below are what you (as well as myself) chose:

Best International Star of 2009: Ultimo Guerrero (Josh Boutwell)
Best Pay-Per-View of 2009: TNA Turning Point (Jose Marrero)
Best Use of a Midget 2009: HHH Pedigrees Hornswoggle (Anthony Valvo)
Best Theme Song of 2009: ?Oh Radio? Zack Ryder (Chris Kelly)
Best Rumor of 2009: Jeff Hardy would re-sign with WWE (Phil Chroniger)
Best Use of Publicity in 2009: WWE vs Denver Nuggets (Doug Lackey)
Best Storyline of 2009: Straight Edge vs Live For the Moment (Mike Tedesco)
Best Comedy Character of 2009: Santino Marella (Rocky Jr.)
Best Rising International Superstar of 2009: Naomichi Marufuji (Josh Piedra)

-Culture Shock-

Like I aforementioned at the start of the column, I have quite a few animes to discuss for this week’s culture shock segment.. but first and foremost?

If you?re going to E-Mail me about the Patriots and the Playoffs.. let me save you to trouble and tell go do something that may seem physically impossible, but I assure you? it is?. It really is?

Anyway? I said I had some new shows for you guys to check out? with that being said.. here is a small rundown of everything I started watching and found compelling enough to actually keep watching:

Baka to Test to Shokanjuu (The Idiot, The Test, and The Summoned Creature)
-This is just great. It’s so great.. I highly recommend it as my first choice for the first new anime you should check out. This is basically a magic school chocked full of humor, but it’s all about summoning chibis and having them duke it out in animated final fantasy turn based battle. It is just amazing and it needs to be seen!

-This one seems like a girl’s anime about panties, developing bodies, and insecurity. I’m checking out for the sheer comedy and all the big boob anime chicks and really nothing more so if that’s your thing, feel free to check it out.

– This one has a Teito/Mikage from 07-Ghost bromance going, but it’s mainly about a boy who was some suburban sheltered teen moving and adapting to the big city, street gangs, and a headless demonic biker who kills them. It’s more interesting than the description makes it out to be and seems to be pretty well done.

Omamori Himari
– This one I think you’ll love. It’s about a boy who was given a charm by his grandmother. One day this female samurai with feline powers shows up and warns him that the charm was a barrier to protect him from demons. He finds out he’s now the target by said demons and she’s there to protect him… one problem.. he’s allergic to cats. While you think this might be a comedy.. it turns out to be a sweet action anime so far.

Ookami Kakushi
– Welcome to the 3rd installment of the “When They Cry” series. While Ookami Kakushi is the official title, the alternative title is Ookami no Naku Koro ni (When the Wolves Cry). So you can expect more murder, more blood, and more twisted stuff that doesn’t make any sense! No, you do not need to see Higurashi or Uminkeo to see this? just feel free to dive right in.

Seikon no Qwaser
– This is D.Gray-man meets 07-Ghost with a touch of your typical high school anime. Powers, demon eyes, blood, and a guy that looks and talks like Allen Walker, except 100% less of a retard and 100% more of an asshole. Oh.. by the way, he gets his power by sucking on boobs and consuming breast milk. That in and of itself makes this a winner.

-The Final Shot-

That’s going to do it for me this week. If you would like to submit anything as far as column feedback, wrestling discussion, culture shock topics, anything? you can do so by using any of the methods below.


Until next week?

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