WWE NXT Recap (on WWE.com)
May 3, 2011
Orlando, Florida.
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

Tonight NXT is in Orlando, Florida, The “Alternative “so-called capital of professional wrestling.

Maryse is not on NXT tonight due to Kharma wanting frog legs last night.

The commentary team is a switched up through the night among Todd Grisham, William Regal, Matt Striker, and Titus O’Neil.

This Week on NXT:
William Regal Returns to the Ring!

“I said we are wild and young!”

WE start the show with Chavo entering the Ring. He’s set up to wrestle. Titus is on commentary with Regal and Josh to start the show. Darren Young comes out next. We are shown a package reviewing the match from last week between Titus and Darth Darren. The Guest Ref is introduced, and it’s Hornswaggle!

MATCH: Darren Young vs. Chavo

Hornswaggle is checking the competitors. He starts with Chavo first. Then Swaggle checks Darren. He takes a lot of time doing it. Swaggle point to his boot and has him take it off. Swaggle takes the boot and throws it out of the ring. Swaggle stomps on Darren’s foot and he calls for the bell. Darren is wrestling with one boot on tonight. Chavo starts on offense quickly. Chavo is in control as Titus is asked on the desk what he thinks about having Swaggle as his pro. Darren manages to take over and get on offense. Swaggle is wondering around as Darren goes for a pin attempt. Darren continues with control until Chavo breaks free and tosses Darren out of the ring. This leads to Chavo leaping over the ring and landing on top of Darren.

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Back to the action, Chavo is in control with an arm lock in the ring. The head to the ropes and Darren manages to break free, go on offense and throw Chavo out of the ring. He heads out of the ring for some punishment and then throws him back in. There’s a quick pin attempt, and Swaggle blows the count. Darren throws Chavo into the ropes and uses it against Chavo. Darren walks out of the ring and looks at Titus. He heads back in into the ring and goes for a pin attempt. Swaggle is not counting. Darren does more moves then goes into a head lock. They go from the mat to standing this gives Chavo a chance to get a drop kick on Darren and take over on offense. Chavo gets a pin attempt. It’s a quick count. Chavo tries to go for an amigo, Bur Darren turns it around but bumps Swaggle down. Darren goes for the pin, and holds for a bit. But Swaggle doesn’t see it having been knocked over. Darren is fuming at Swaggle.

When he turns to Chavo, Swaggle bites Darren Young in the ass. It sets up Chavo for the three Amigos! Chavo calls for his finisher. The crowd is now roaring for the finish. With a big splash, Chavo gets the pin and the win.

Chavo def. Darren Young

Chavo gets to his knees so he can get his arm raised by Swaggle. Swaggle and Chavo laugh at Darren Young after the match.

Earlier Today
Kozlov tells Connor he must up his game. Kozlov holds a board and asks if he can see the target. There a bulls eye painted on it. Kozlov takes the board and breaths heavily and breaks the board. Kozlov then gives a board to Connor. Connor says not sure. Kozlov yells to him that he can. They go back and forth getting louder as Connor is unsure, and Kozlov is pressing him to break the board. It gets Connor pumped up and then goes to break the board. It breaks and he is amazed by it! Kozlov tells Connor that soon he will be like him.

Rock Happy Birthday
AD: Movie – That’s What I Am

Match: Connor O’Brien vs. Lucky Cannon

Titus O’Neil has left the commentary desk. For this match, The Pros are coming out with their rookies. Kozlov and Connor are first. Lucky Cannon and Kidd are second out. Todd says Maryse is not here tonight due to Kharma’s action on her from Raw. The lock up and Connor gets the edge and starts off on offense. Connor is working on Lucky’s arms to start the match. The arm gets turned into hand and wrist work. Lucky can be heard “No more”. Lucky manages to get into the corner. Todd provides a distraction that lets Lucky get a boot on Connor and take over on offense. This leads to a leg lock around Connor’s head. Kozlov is getting the crowd primed for a face comeback. The managed to get back to their feet and the two head into grapple work. This leads to Connor getting a back slam on Lucky. The get back to their feet. Lucky tries to strike, But Connor blocks it and Connor strikes back. Luck rolls out of the ring and Connor goes after him. He rolls him into the ring. And Kidd pulls at Connor’s boot. Kozlov runs after Kidd and chases him around the ring. This distracts Connor to give Lucky Cannon the edge to get in quick offense to get the pin and the win.

Lucky Cannon def. Connor O’Brien

Raw Recap: Kharma eats Maryse. Regal – “I am glad that I am not a diva in the WWE.”

Yoshi is sitting dejected. Saxton comes in and Yoshi comes right at him and Saxton tries to calm him down. He tries to apologize to him. Yoshi talks about Maryse and that’s where Saxton tells that Yoshi hasn’t paid attention to him and this is his last shot. Saxton then tells Yoshi that until gets “his personal life together” he going to do it alone. Saxton walks off while Yoshi takes his phone and dials a call.

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When we return, Striker has taken Regal’s place on commentary for this match. Jacob comes out with JTG to the ring. JTG takes the mic and introduces “his boy”. He hands the mic to Jacob and he talks. Jacob says he’s going to make Regal relevant again. And he’s going to make people cheer for him. Regal comes out and says Novak has more thing to worry about. He calls JTG a muppet. It blows him up and he says he’s giving Novak the night off and fighting Regal. Regal responds that he expected this, and While he doesn’t like Novak, he Loathes JTG and a waste of space.

The match is now JTG vs Regal.

AD: Tough Enough

MATCH: JTG vs William Regal

Regal starts the match off strong. JTG manages to bounce out of the ring and taunts him from outside the ring. The count gets to 7 before he gets back in the ring. Regal continues on offense. JTG again has to roll out fo the ring. He’s frustrated. The count gets to 8 before he gets back in. Regal offers his hand to JTG. JTG accepts it and regal Pulls it down and stomps on it. Into the corner they go and Regal uses his kneed on him. Regal whips JTG into the corner and JTG gets a boot on Regal. This gives him a chance to go on offense for the first time. While the ref talks to JTG, Novak works on Regal behind the ref’s back. Regal’s ire has been risen. JTG manages to bounce out the ring. As Regal outs out after him, JTG goes in. Walking for a bit, Regal hits Novak and heads back into the ring and goes on offense. Regal gets a hard knee on JTG and goes for a pin attempt. This is where Novak goes in for the save. JTG is DQ’ed. Novak starts with arm drops and stomps on Regal doing some damage to him. Novak pulls out JTG and walks to the back with him, point to Regal. Regal is back up and has the look of hate for Novak.

William Regal def. JTG via DQ

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AD: Smackdown featuring Christian as the New Champion

The show ends with a Raw Recap of the Rocks’ Birthday Celebration. “Thank You for Coming Home” And that’s it. “Gig-gig-giga, That’s all folks”. The Show is over. The steam is done.

Quick Results
* Chavo def. Darren Young
* Lucky Cannon def. Connor O’Brien
* William Regal def. JTG via DQ

Grash Says…

The Trapping of Reality TV Camp which is normally associated with NXT are falling to the side. This is something which I’ve been written about in previous weeks. Tonight for the first time outside of a Season Finale, we had no challenges on an episode. What we got tonight was on par with an hour long Smackdown show. Here’s what’s different: Unlike other seasons where rookies are cut from the show, this season of NXT is taking time to build every rookie. I’m not saying the other seasons of NXT are worse because of this. My point here is that we had to go through those seasons of NXT to get to where we are now.

After building up Darren Young as a face in the first part of the season, Darren is now on losing streak. It’s a hole he is digging deeper each week. Now, I’ve taken to calling Darren Young, Darth Darren. The assumption of those previous weeks has been this is the fall of his character from being face starting the season to being heel. After tonight’s loss, again where Hornswaggle has had a role to play in it, there is an element of sympathy for the guy. It’s taken on the adage “When it Rains, it Pours.” Darren is just losing in strange way after strange way. Along the way he’s managed to alienate everyone around him. From us the fans, to other rookies and their pros. Even Chavo seemingly has turned against him in his world view. So the question I pose here is, is there anything left to let Darren Young bounce back or does he fall completely? Only time will tell.

Tonight, we got a segment that finally starts Connor O’Brien’s character development. Connor is the last rookie to have time devoted to him specifically. The best way to describe Connor’s story is he’s becoming the “Russian” Karate Kid. And By Russian I mean Hail Kozlov in all its full glory. Connor not winning his match tonight is not the important factor here. Lucky Cannon won because he had Kidd
help him cheat. What is important is how Connor fought the match. Expect him to be featured more going forward.

Tonight we went into tonight thinking that we would get Regal and Novak. Instead we got the Muppet, JTG face Regal. Regal calling JTG a waste of space and how he loathes him is brilliant promo work. I enjoyed how Regal told the ref how he knows the rules. I like how he’s wrestling heel and the fans cheer for him. The Handshake is the finest example of this. I liked how Regal dominated the match, and wins only because Novak comes in to make the save on his pro. I love the beat down after the match, because it ultimately set up a stair down between Regal and Novak. Where Regal before the match did not like him, now after this match there is seeting hated which you can see drool from Regal’s mouth for the man. While we didn’t the match we expected tonight, my anticipation for when Novak locks up with Regal is greater now. This is how to build a match!

Moving down the line, we saw the Break down of the pro\rookie relationship of Bryon and Yoshi. The storyline for tonight starts on Raw the previous night where Kharma came out on Raw to Nom-Nom-Nom Maryse. This was shown on NXT tonight, and its affects were seen on devastated Yoshi. This forces Bryon to split with Yoshi as his Pro… For now. This is what I find very interesting about this situation. Yoshi is on a 3-act play here on XNT. Act 1 – Get Maryse. Act 2 – The Aftermath where everything now falls apart. Have we hit rock bottom with Yoshi? We may have. But then again it’s the WWE, so it could get even worse before we it Act 3. An Act 3 in this case is redemption for Yoshi for how things have fallen apart. Will we get there? Again, only time will tell.

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