Superstars Results – 5/5/11

WWE Superstars
May 5, 2011
Report by: Andrew Hayman of

The Superstars video rolls. Your usual pyro goes off. Trent Barreta comes out and Matt Striker and Jack Korpela welcome us to the show. Jey Uso comes out to the ring next. The bell rings and we are underway for the first match of the night.

Jey Uso vs. Trent Barreta

The two lock up; Jey shows some power and pushed Trent to the corner. Trent reverses the positions put Jey pushes Trent away. They go to lock up again but Jey with a knee to the gut of Trent. Jey with a chin lock. Trent sends Jey to the ropes but eats a shoulder block. Jey looking for a clothesline but walks into an elbow. Trent with a cover, Jey kicks out. Trent applies a chin lock on the ground. But Jey manages to get up. Jey with some shots to the gut, he sends Trent to the ropes looking for a flip over the shoulder but Trent sees it coming and stops it with a kick to the chest. But straight after he nails Trent with a shot. Jey picks up Trent and hits him one more time. Trent goes to the corner and Jey hits some kicks. Jey picks up Trent and hits a power slam. Cover, only 2. Jey with a vice like grip on the shoulder muscle (trapezius) to Trent. Crowd gets behind Trent, he makes it to his feet but Jey still has him locked in that hold. Jey Sends Trent to the ropes goes for a clothesline but Trent hits him with an elbow. Trent goes to the top but Jey sees this coming and pushes him off the top rope onto the floor and Trent lands on the floor hitting the barricade! We cut to a commercial.

Commercial. They don’t actually show anything and we cut straight back to the match.

Jey has a chin lock applied to a grounded Barreta. Barreta to his feet, tries to power out, does, he goes to the ropes but Jey with a cross body. Trent sitting in the corner. Jey goes for the running butt to the head like Umaga use to and connects! Cover, but Trent kicks out. Trent pulls himself to his feet in the corner. Jey lifts him up and places him on the turnbuckle but Trent stops him with some shots the head. Try looking to fly and hits a corkscrew moonsault! Cover Jey kicks out. Jey is first up, Trent with some chops to Jey. Jey gets to a corner, Trent hits a flying forearm, goes to the corner goes up and hits Jey with a spring board drop kick. Cover, but a close 2. Trent goes for a kick to the head, but Jey dodges grabs Trent, literally throws him in the air and hits a Samoan drop! Cover but only a two count. Jey climbs the turnbuckle, goes for a splash but Trent lifts the knees. They both get to their feet. Jey goes to grab Trent, but Trent pushes him away and hits a gobstopper knee. Let it be noted while Trent was running at Jey he screamed like a girl. I am not kidding. If you have any reason to watch superstars it’s that, I had too pause the stream because I was laughing too hard. Anyway Trent with a cover but Jey kicks out. Trent goes to the top rope but Jey hits the rope and Trent falls and nails his crouch on the turnbuckle. Jey puts Trent on his shoulders, but Trent reverses and hits a dude buster DDT! This one is all over.

Winner: Trent Barreta defeats Jey Uso via pinfall

Replays of the match are shown. Jack plugs Randy Orton’s movie That’s What I Am. They show footage of the Santa Barbara Film Festival.

Commercial- They plug next week’s Tough Enough. John Morrison guest stars. I actually really like this show.

We are back and Melina’s music hits. Scott Stanford and Josh Matthews welcome us to the show. Beth Phoenix’s music hits she makes her way down to the ring.

Beth Phoenix vs. Melina

The ref calls for the bell and we are underway. The two lock up; Beth shows her power by dragging Melina around the ring. Melina with a shot to the Beth’s head. But Beth grabs Melina by the arms while Beth is behind her looking for some weird hold, but Beth makes it too the ropes. Melina runs at Beth, but Beth grabs her and places her on the turnbuckle upside down. She then grabs her head pulls it up and slams her head into the bottom turnbuckle. Melina falls to the mat. Beth picks her up and Irish whips her to the corner. Beth charges at her but eats a boot. Melina grabs Beth and throws her shoulder first into the post. “YOU BROKE MY NAIL!” Screams Melina. She sounded like a cat being tortured. If there is one reason not to watch Superstars it’s because of that scream. Melina goes to the Beth and chokes her on the ropes. Cover, only a two. Melina places in the ropes and applies a stretch similar to Tajiri’s Tarantula except Melina is facing the same way Beth is. She has to break it though. Beth with some shots too Melina but Melina with some of her own. Melina applies a choke hold. Beth looks for the ropes but she gets to her feet. Melina still has the choke hold locked on while she is on Beth’s back. Beth looks to slam her to the ground but Melina with a shot to Beth’s head. Melina pulls Beth to the corner. Melina gets to the top turnbuckle and applies another weird head submission. It looks like she is trying to pull her up by her head. But Beth with counters with a shot to Melina after Melina had to break the hold. Beth lifts Melina above her head and throws her across the ring. Melina looks to get some shots in on Beth but Beth reverses all of them and hits Melina with a few shots. Beth pushes Melina to the ropes and nails her with a clothesline! Beth hits a few shots to the head then hits Melina with an Atomic Knee Drop. Melina goes to escape the ring but Beth grabs her and pulls her back in. Beth then grabs Melina and starts hitting her, with her own foot. I am not kidding this happened. “Good thing Melina is flexible.” I love Scott Stanford’s commentary. Beth with a cover but Melina kicks out. Beth pulls Melina up. She Irish whips her but Melina grabs the ropes. Beth goes for the clothesline but Melina hits her with a boot to the head. Melina goes to run at Beth but before she does she lets out another hellish scream. I really wish she didn’t. She goes to kick Beth but misses and lands in a split position. We get it; you’re flexible, congrats to JoMo. Beth Phoenix grabs her arms lifts her up and hits a Glam Slam. This match is over.

Winner: Beth Phoenix defeats Melina via pinfall

Commercial, it’s for the Wrestlemania DVD which is on Sale this Tuesday.

We are back and Scott is plugging And we are having a RAW rewind. Which consists of The Rock’s Tribute Video, which is actually pretty good.

Evan Bourne’s music hits and he will taking on Zack Ryder next!

Commercial. WWE Merch plug.

We are back and Zack makes his way out.

Evan Bourne vs. Zack Ryder

The bell rings and we are underway in our Main Event! Before the lock up, Zack gets on the turnbuckle and gives us a WOO WOO WOO. He gets down and they lock up. Zack with an arm drag on Evan. Crowd with a let’s go Ryder chant. They lock up again and Evan with his own arm drag. Ryder get’s up “Are you serious bro!?” They lock up Zack flips Evan to the ground, Ryder goes for a chin lock, Evan ducks and locks in a wrist lock on the mat. They get to their feet and the exact same thing happens. Evan turns the wrist lock into a chicken wing. They get to their feet again, this time Evan gets flipped over Zacks head but Evan reverses it into a pin. Zack kicks out, obviously. They get to their feet and Evan with another beautiful arm drag. Evan with an arm bar. Zack gets to his feet with Evan still applying the hold. He pushes Evan to the ropes. Zack gets out of the hold and looks for a clothesline, Evan ducks and looks for another arm drag but Ryder counters into a chin lock. Evan manages to get too his feet. The exact same thing happens from before but the roles are reversed. Evan with a chin lock on the mat. They get to their feet again. Ryder with an arm bar in a standing position, Evan flips his way out of it and hits a hurricanrana. Followed by a drop kick. Evan then hits a baseball slide to Ryder and Ryder hits the floor. Slightly botched mind you, Ryder had to fall off the mat because Evan didn’t get enough power. Evan then looks for another hurricanrana, he leaps off the mat but Ryder catches him by the legs and slams Evan into the barricade.

Commercial. They plug Christian winning the title.

We are back and Ryder has a chin lock applied. Evan gets to his feet and gets out of the hold with some shots to Ryder’s head. Evan with some kicks to the body and legs. Evan then with a back slide pin but Ryder kicks out. They both get to their feet, Evan goes for another kick but Ryder grabs his legs and slams Evan to the mat. Cover, but Ryder kicks out. Ryder lifts Evan up and sends him head first into the top turnbuckle. Ryder with a Broski boot to Evan in the corner. Scott is appalled the Josh doesn’t know what a broski boot is. Ryder with a slingshot to Evan right into the turnbuckle! Cover but Bourne kicks out. Ryder with a chin lock. Josh retaliates saying no one can understand him sometimes because he mumbles. I love the back and forth between these guys. Evan gets to his feet, some shots to Ryder, he goes to the ropes but Ryder hits him with a forearm to the head. Cover, but Evan kicks out. Ryder picks Evan up. Evan slams Ryder into the corner but Ryder comes back at Evan and throws Evan into the ground. Ryder looks to fly but Evan hits him with a kick to the head! Cover, but Ryder kicks out. Both men to their feet. They go back and forth with punches and kicks. Ryder with and Irish whip, Evan reverse it and his a drop kick, he then hits a knee to the chest. Evan then with a knee to the face. Goes for an Air Bourne, CONNECTS! This is all over.

Winner: Evan Bourne defeats Zack Ryder via pinfall

We see a replay of the Shooting Star Press, Scott wishes us goodnight and the show ends.


This was a pretty good Superstars.

The opening bout between Jey Uso and Trent Barreta was a good match. Not great, but still good. Trent needs a bit of work on his high flying though, some of them didn’t look like he connected with them properly. Maybe some time in FCW would improve this. Jey played his part well I believe and personally I think he has a lot of talent. That Samoan drop was amazing.

The Divas match was your run of the mill Divas match. I really wish Melina would stop screaming. It’s annoying.

The main event was really good and if these two guys keep up these kinds of matches then expect to see them on Raw more often. I’m actually surprised Ryder isn’t there yet. I mean he is incredibly popular and has the in ring ability so I can’t see any reason as to why he doesn’t appear on RAW more often.

For an overall rating of the show, I’d probably give it a solid B-.

That about wraps it up, if you guys have any feedback or comments you want to give me my email is I also have a twitter which is @amdy985. Thanks for reading and I look forward to next week.

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