WWE NXT Recap (on WWE.com)
May 10, 2011
Nashville, Tennessee
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

Tonight NXT is in Nashville, Tennessee.

Maryse and Matt Striker are hosting NXT.

The commentary team is a switched up through the night among Todd Grisham, William Regal, Matt Striker, and Chavo

“I said we are wild and young!”

Today is William Regal’s Birthday!

Matt Striker introduces Maryse to the ring. This is her first time back since being eaten by Kharma. We are given a video package from Raw showing the Kong-sized snack fest. She is appreciates the concern for her, and she is doing fine. She brings out the rookies. The Pros are already on the stage sitting. Hornswoggle is not here tonight. Regal doesn’t know or care.

Voting will begin at noon tomorrow. There will be an Elimination next week.

CHALLENGE : King of the Hill Challenge

Worth 6 Redemption Points.

This is a mad dash from the Announce desk to the entrance ramp. Titus is the fastest, and takes a bit to get the horn.

Titus O’Neil wins the King of the Hill Challenge

Titus takes the mike and says he doesn’t know where he is. He starts asking people. He asks Grisham first, he doesn’t know. Then He asks Darren Young. He doesn’t know. Titus blows up at him, saying that he’s had a problem with swaggle all season long. Darren insists that he didn’t do it. Titus continues and calls out Darren for a match. *DING*

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MATCH: Titus vs. Darren Young

Chavo is on the announce desk for this match. Titus is Starting the match in control and angry. He is yelling at Darren saying “Where is he”. Titus flips Darren out of the ring. Titus does a wolf howl for the crowd. In the mean while Darren starts walking away up the entrance ramp. Titus goes after him and tosses him back into the ring. Titus continues the offense till Darren is able to counter and take over. Commentary is focused on the fact Swaggle is not here and that Darren Young isn’t listening to anyone. And Darren is being noticed for losing to Swaggle and whining about it. Darren is still in control in the ring. Then Titus picks up Darren on his shoulders and drops him. There is no pin attempt. Commentary puts over the fact Titus is wrestling for “why Swaggle is gone” than for the win. Titus goes around the ring pumping up the crowd. This gives Darren the opening to get a roll up pin and the win. This is the first loss for Titus O’Neil on this season of NXT.

Darren Young def Titus via pinfall with a roll up pin

Earlier Today:
Kozlov and Connor are in Sambo robes. They look like Ken and Ryu from Street Fighter. Kozlov tells Connor three things: Respect, Discipline, and Morals. Kozlov throws Connor, he says its like dancing. They go eyes to eyes, face to face, and he throws him. He then tells Connor to toss him. He struggles to attempt to. Kozlov then throws him and pats him on the chest telling him he as much to learn.

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MATCH: Byron Saxton vs Connor O’Brien

Connor comes out with Kozlov and his music. Byron Saxton comes out with Lucky Cannon. They show the package from last week where Saxton tells Yoshi that he’s doing it alone. The Bell Rings and they size them up. Connor starts on offense with a throw. Regal puts over Lucky Cannon for getting people to hate him. Regal says the WWE Announce team got him a “two week-time share in Iraq”. Connor is still dominating the match as commentary blabs about things but the match, Connor gets in to some leg locks. Bryon manages to kick him off and takes over on offense. He’s weakly selling the leg damage. He gets some kicks in and then goes for a drop from the top rope. He gets the pin and the win.

Byron Saxton def Connor O’Brien via pinfall after a splash from the top rope

After the match, Yoshi comes in and tries to raise his hand. Saxton brushes him off. He tries again. Saxton takes the mike and repeats what he told him last week. Saxton is dumb founded at Yoshi. He’s not sure if it’s a language barrier or if Yoshi is just stupid. This lights a fire under Yoshi as Saxton leaves for the back.

Lucky Cannon encounters Maryse. She wants’ nothing to do with him. She accuses him of destroying her purse. He says he had nothing to do with it and that he’s trying to get a “professional relationship” with her. He tells her that he’s got a peace offering. Maryse is bullshit and is talking French. He’s bought a new purse for her and she’s wow’ed by it. Maryse is willing to put everything in the past. She gives him good luck at next week’s elimination.

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Smackdown Rebound – Christian loses the WHC to Randy Orton. What will be the Fallout?

Striker is on the Announce table, Regal is preparing for the match. We are given a package which runs downs the feud between Novak and Regal.

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MATCH: William Regal vs Jacob Novak

As Novak comes out with JTG, Todd asks Striker is he tooks Swaggle. He doesn’t know but jokes there’s an amber alert for Swaggle. JTG says novak has Street, Skill, Style. Nashville he says has no style and “whines to a beat”. Regal comes out to applause. The bell rings and they lock up to box. JTG is trying to get the crowd for Novak, but there’s a large Regal chant. Regal starts quickly and tosses Novak out of the ring. JTG goes over to check him and Regal kicks him in the behind. Regal pulls him back in to the ring and goes to work on him. Novak finally gets an elbow on Regal. While the ref check s Novak, JTG gets a boot on Regal

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Back to the action, and Novak has been in control. JTG is trying (but failing) to get a “Lets’ go Novak Chant”. There’s a bump, but Novak gets back on offense. There’s another ref check and a punch to the face to Regal form JTG behind his back. Failed pin attempt and then the momentum of the match with Regal on offense. Regal gets back in control and gets the crowd back into the match. When he locks back up, Novak manages to get on offense. Novak goes for the boot and Regal turns it around into the Regal Stretch. Novak is in the middle of the ring and has to tap.

William Regal def. Jacob Novak by submission

After the match, Regal celebrates in the ring as JTG pulls Novak out of the ring and towards the back.

“Gig-gig-giga, That’s all folks”.

And that’s it. The Show is over. The steam is done.

Quick Results:
Titus O’Neil wins the King of the Hill Challenge
Darren Young def Titus via pinfall with a roll up pin
Byron Saxton def Connor O’Brien via pinfall after a splash from the top rope.
William Regal def. Jacob Novak by submission

Grash Says…

Tonight the question was, “Who took Hornswoggle?”. This produced a decent match between Darren Young and Titus O’Neil. This match is interesting because the roles these two have had were turned. Where Darren has been distracted in the past weeks, the lack of Hornswoggle was a distraction for Titus and was the factor that cost him the match.

Lucky is making his move on Maryse. And I’m going to tell you that it’s going to work. Here’s why: Maryse is a heel. Yoshi is a face and his focus is now on Saxton. With Saxton calling Yoshi stupid to his face, he definitely got his attention. No Language Barrier there.

Hail Kozlov! This week we got Sambo training. For those who don’t know, Sambo is the National Martial Art Style of Russia. It is as Russian as Baseball is American.
I’m mixed on tonight’s Regal-Novak match. I’m not sure it was as good a match for the build that it got. It even got a PPV-styled package before it. Because of my mixed feelings on the math, I’m going to put this match up for a rewatch without the having to recap it. If my mind changes, you’ll read about it next week.

Well, the unspoken elephant in the room has arrived. After several weeks of learning about these rookies, the Honeymoon is over folks. We’re getting our first Elimination next week. Right now Here’s whom is safe. Darren And Titus. Both have the most Immunity points are deep into a storyline with Chavo and Hornswoggle. The next two whom are safe are Lucky Cannon and Byron Saxton. Lucky is a huge player in the Maryse love triangle and Saxton has a role to play with Yoshi’s Character on NXT. Not a major role, but one that I suspect will keep him around longer. The two whom I suspect are on the block are Jacob Novak and Connor O’Brien. O’Brien has the amusing Kozlov training sequences (which need to made into a montage at the end of the season!) which will keep him around longer. Tonight we may have seen the blow off between Regal and Novak. If this is the case, Novak is possibly on the chopping block. Again this is all speculation on my part. We’ll have to wait and see how next week turns out. As for myself I am going to sleep tonight debating if I’ll vote for Novak or Lucky. There goes my credibility!

Question for the Comments:

Who do you think will be eliminated next week?