Superstars Results – 5/12/11

WWE Superstars
May 13, 2011
Report by: Andrew Hayman of

The Superstars video rolls, your usual pyro goes off and we are underway for the 5/12 Edition of Superstars! Jack Korpela opens us up and Trent Barreta Makes his way out. Matt and Jack welcome us to the show.

Tyson Kidd makes his way out with Michael Hayes?! Matt Striker asks the same question we are all thinking, why is Michael Hayes with Tyson Kidd? Hayes grabs the mic. He says his name is Michael PS Hayes and he is back in this business (presumably managing) needs him back and trust him, business is good. Business is real good, you know what’s ironic? The greatest planes in the world can’t fly without pilots, the greatest teams in the world cannot win without the a coach and a team can’t win without players. He says he has a real good player in Tyson Kidd. He says people like Trent Barreta lack the killer instinct, they are too friendly, too kind and unlike people like Tyson Kidd who don’t mind stepping on toes to get too the top. Because trust him on this, in life you either step on somebody or you be stepped on. Get ready because Tyson Kidd is about to get stepping. Hayes gets out of the ring and the ref signals for the bell.

Trent Barreta vs. Tyson Kidd

The two lock up, Kidd with an arm bar, Trent jumps around and manages to lock in his own arm bar. Kidd then leaps around and trips Trent, looks for a sharpshooter but Trent escapes. Roll up by Trent, but Kidd quickly kicks out and rolls out of the ring. Hayes has a few words too kid and he gets back in. The two lock up again Kidd with the advantage locking Trent up from behind, Kidd the throws Trent to the mat and locks in a chin lock. Trent manages to get to his feet with the chin lock still applied. He then throws Trent to the ropes, ducks him, jumps over him, then gets on the ground again to sling shot him but Trent grabs the ropes and then hits a drop kick. Trent with an uppercut. Looks for a whip to the corner but Kidd reverse into his own. Trent manages to not hit the turn buckles, he turns and they both run at each other looking for clotheslines. It looks like the both connect but Trent comes out on top and looks for the pin. Kidd kicks out at two. Kidd gets up and goes to the corner. Trent runs over and hits some shots to the head. He backs away and goes for some more but Kidd ducks out of the way and kicks Trent in the legs sending him down to the mat. Kidd with some kicks and then chokes him with his foot. Kidd whips Trent to the corner and Trent slams into the turnbuckle. Kidd with a cover Trent kicks out at 1. Kidd with a chin lock on the mat. Kidd with some smack talk. Barreta manages too get to his feet again, looks for some shots to Kidd’s gut but Kidd is having none of it and hits Trent in the back. Kidd with a high angle belly to back suplex but Trent lands on his feet, Kidd runs to the ropes when he turns around he eats a vicious elbow from Trent. Kidd gets up and Trent clotheslines him out of the ring. Trent looks for a suicide dive, but grabs the ropes and decides not to and grabs the ropes. Kidd runs over grabs his legs and Trent falls and hits his face on the mat. Apparently there was a commercial but we fade in and out and e are back with both men in the ring. Kidd with a flap jack on Trent and Trent’s neck hits the ropes. Kidd with a cover but only a two count. Kidd with a shot to Trent’s head. Kidd with a kick to Trent’s back. Cover, but only a two. Kidd with a chin lock. Trent again gets to his feet. Trent with an elbow to Kidd’s gut but Trent rams Trent into the turnbuckle. Kidd then places Trent’s legs on the Turnbuckle and hangs him upside down. Kidd then with some kicks. He then looks for a running knee but Trent reverse with a knee to the face of Kidd. Trent then with a corkscrew moonsault! Cover, but Kidd kicks out at two. Trent gets to his feet and hits some chops. Trent then hits a step up enzuiguri. Kidd makes his way to the corner, Trent nails Kidd with a diving elbow. Trent looking to fly and hits Kidd with a springboard drop kick. Trent with the cover, but a close 2. Trent looks to pick Kidd up but Kidd reverses and slams Trent into the ropes, Trent sitting in the 619 position. Hopefully Kidd connects with a 619 but a man can dream. Kidd picks up Trent from the ropes and hits a German suplex but lets go of Trent and Trent lands belly first. Kidd with the cover but Trent kicks out. Kidd with a flurry of punches to Trent on the ground. Kidd looks for the sharpshooter, Trent sees this coming and kicks Kidd to the ropes and tries a rollup but Kidd kicks out. Kidd with a spinning heel kick. Kidd then looks for a springboard elbow drop but Trent lifts the knees. Trent with a drop kick. Cover, Kidd kicks out. Trent looks for the dudebuster DDT but Kidd reverses throws Trent to the mat and Kidd locks in the sharpshooter! This match is over.

Winner via submission: Tyson Kidd

After the match Hayes gets in the ring and celebrates with Kidd. Replays of the match are shown. Jack plugs the main event which will be Masters vs. McIntyre.

Video package of the Wrestlemania DVD is shown.

We are back and Zack Ryder’s music hits. WWWYKI Bro! Scott and Josh welcome us tot he Raw part if the show. Vladimir Kozlov makes his way out. The ref calls for the bell and we are underway.

Zack Ryder vs. Vladimir Kozlov

Ryder with a Woo Woo Woo like always to start us off. Kozlov locks to lock up but Ryder backs to the ropes and doesn’t want any part of it. The ref pulls Kozlov away. Ryder gets back into the ring. Ryder with an are you serious bro. Kozlov flips Ryder to the mat but Ryder scurries to the ropes as Kozlov looks to do more damage. ryder gets in the ring and kozlov with power slam. Kozlov with some shots to Ryder and clotheslines him out of the ring. Kozlov goes out after him. Kozlov with some shots to the gut. Kozlov then picks ryder up and holds him up looking to throw him into the steel post but ryder counters and pushes kozlov face first into the post. Sorry but my stream was acting up and I miss a few minutes. I tried to get it too play the part I missed but it just wouldn’t. My stream finally works again and Curt Hawkins comes out to distract Kozlov who is making his way back into the ring Kozlov gets in the ring and Ryder hits Rough Ryder! 1…2…3!

Winner via pinfall: Zack Ryder

A replay of the distraction is shown and we cut to a commercial.

Promo for the I Quit match. Here’s an interesting fact: John Cena has been in 4 and never lost.

Smackdown Rewind airs.

We are back and they are plugging tomorrow night’s Smackdown. Drew’s music/video.

WWE’s anti-bullying campaign.

We are back and Masters makes his way out. He plays up for the crowd in the ring. The ref calls for the bell. And our main event is underway!

Chris Masters vs. Drew McIntyre

They lock up, Masters pushes drew to the corner. Ref breaks it up they lock up again and my stream is acting up again! Really sorry about this guys, I tried to get it too play the apart i miss but it keeps freezing. I’m back and Chris hits an elevated Suplex. Cover only a two count. Drew rolls out of the ring. Masters grabs him by his hair but Drew counters with a kick to the legs. Drew grabs Masters leg and slams into the steel post. Drew back in the ring and hits a drop kick to that leg. Drew with multiple elbows to the leg. Drew then applies his knee to the leg. He stops the hold and walks around a bit. He goes to grab Masters but Masters hit some shots to Drew’s gut. Masters to his feet, whips Drew but McIntyre hits a shoulder block tot he leg of Masters. Drew then applies a figure four to the ring post! And we cut to a commercial break.

“That’s What I Am” video package plays.

We are back and McIntyre is working that knee with some kicks. McIntyre drags Masters to the corner and props his leg up on the ropes. McIntyre with some kicks to that leg. McIntyre with a knee drag. Cover, Masters kicks out. Drew with a knee hold. Masters with some shots to the head. Masters gets up and hits an elbow. He goes for a power slam but his leg gives out. McIntyre with a missile drop kick. Cover but only a two. McIntyre again with some kicks to the leg. Picks him up and slaps him to the ground. McIntyre goes for a sharpshooter. Master counters and kicks Drew out of the ring. Drew comes back in but Masters with a Samoan drop. Masters tries to get to his feet with some help from the ropes. McIntyre runs at Chris but Chris with a kick to the head. Masters then his a clothesline from the second rope! Chris then hobbles around the ring for a bit chops Drew and looks for an Irish whip but Drew counters by holding the arm. Masters then with an incredible sit down power slam! Man he lifter Drew high. Cover but only two. Masters with more chops. He goes for another whip but Drew reverses and whips Chris, his leg gives out and he hits his neck on the ropes. McIntyre looking for the future shock DDT but Masters flips him over his shoulder. They lock shoulders back to back, both going for pins, but Chris powers McIntyre and flips him over his shoulder, McIntyre goes for the Future Shock again Masters gets out again. McIntyre with some shots to Chris and Chris to the corner. McIntyre looking for a should on Masters but Masters dodges and McIntyre hits the steel post should first. Masters out of no where locks in the masterlock! This is all over!

Winner via submission: Chris Masters

Replays of the match are shown. Scott says goodnight and the video goes black.


Sorry about missing out on some of it guys, my stream paused at them sections and wouldn’t let me watch any further until a certain point, I tried several times but it just wouldn’t play. Thankfully I only missed a few minutes. Anyway I thought this Superstars was a little worse then the last few weeks.

The Kidd/Barreta match again was fantastic, both men are showing they have the in ring skills to be elevated to the mid card permanently Well maybe not Barreta, his corkscrew was a little botched and didn’t fully impact with Kidd. I really like the addition of Micheal Hayes with Kidd. Hopefully they re-introduce managers so people who haven’t got the best mic skills like your Kidd’s and Barreta’s and maybe even Daniel Bryan get more of a push.

WWWYKI bro! Ryder manages to get over Vladimir! What has happened to this man, he goes from being a human wrecking ball to toying around with Santino and being beaten on Superstars. Even though there may have been a distraction but personally I think this man has fallen a bit. Now don’t get me wrong, I like how they are using him now, it just shows how WWE can push someone so far and then let them fall all the way down. With this distraction by Curt Hawkins I can see them reforming there tag team which I really liked. Hopefully they challenge and win the gold!

The same goes for McIntyre, what has happened with this man, he has gone from the chosen one too being beaten by Chris Masters. I hope they are just repackaging him, or really trying too push Masters. Either Way I wouldn’t mind.

So that about wraps it up for this week. I’d give the show about a C. Maybe C+. Match of the night was definitely Barreta-Kidd.

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Thanks for reading and I’ll see you all next week!