WWE NXT Recap (on WWE.com)
May 17, 2011
Corpus Christi, TX
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

Tonight NXT is in Corpus Christi, TX.

Maryse and Matt Striker are hosting NXT.

The commentary team is Todd Grisham and William Regal.

Tonight On NXT:
One of Our Rookies is going home…

“I said we are wild and young!”

Regal and Josh put over that all of the rookies are on edge as the first elimination takes place tonight. Darren Young come out to the ring. He is wearing a key. He takes the mic and puts over his win on Titus O’Neil. He says how Titus has dominated and how he hates his bark. He imitates it. He then notes that He has the “Key” to O’Neil’s Weakness. And he is never going to see Hornswoggle again. O’Neil comes out. Both rookies are alone.

MATCH: Titus vs Darren Young

Titus starts off charged, enraged at Darren. This allows him to take over on offense till Titus gets a big slam to get back on offense. Eventually we go to a shot of the tron. Chavo is shown backstage with a road package with a chain and lock around it. It is a shaking with someone yelling from inside it. The worlds in Hornswoggle’s style are mumbled. Seeing this, Titus looks over to the ring post and sees the key that Darren had. He puts two and two together and grabs the key from the ring side and runs out with the key to the back.

Winner: Darren Young via count out

Titus gets to the case, and opens it revealing that Hornswoggle was indeed inside the case. Quickly as he pulls him out, Chavo appears and attacks Titus. This drops him to the ground. Chavo then turns and looks to Hornswoggle and starts to pull him by his beard and heads towards the ring area. As this takes place, Regal is aghast and surprised at Chavo’s actions. Regal puts over the fact that for the previous weeks Chavo had been showing “respect” for the little man. As Chavo enters the arena and heads into the ring, he is getting heat with each step. Once in the ring, Chavo throws him down for Darren young to hold down. This sets up Chavo to do a five star splash on him. With the damage done, Titus arrives back to the ring only for Chavo and Darren Young to ditch out the sides. As Titus checks Hornswoggle, Chavo and Darren head up to the back with Chavo calling Darren “Mr. NXT”.

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We are shown a recap of Chavo attacking Titus and Hitting Hornswoggle with a five start splash. We are then shown Titus Carrying Hornswoggle out of the arena as Josh tells us that he’s been taken to the hospital.

Package – Miz/Cena I Quit at Extreme Rules

Commentary puts over the King\Cole “Kiss My Foot” Match. We are then given a shot of Yoshi Tatsu walking in the backstage area with in a nasty look on his face.

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MATCH: Yoshi Tatsu vs. Byron Saxton

Yoshi Tatsu hits the ring first, then Bryon is next. The bell rings and they locks up. Bryon manages to get Yoshi into the corner. Bryon gets a few slaps in and then Yoshi turns it around. The move to another corner and they slap each other. The match progresses as Bryon gets a little bit of offense in and then Yoshi returns the offense in greater. Regal and Josh are putting over the fact that Yoshi is not in his jovial mood, has been affected by the devastation in his home land in Japan, and is focused on beating his Rookie after the disrespect he gave him last week. Yoshi manages to get a heavy kick across Saxton’s and then rolls him for a two count. Yoshi gets more offense in to set up a top rope kick on Saxton. It’s too much for the rookie and he rolls him up for the win and the pin.

Winner: Yoshi Tatsu def. Bryon Saxton via Pinfall

Yoshi looks redeemed with the win and rolls out of the ring to the back.

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Striker is in the ring and introduces Maryse to the ring. As she walks down, Regal is no-selling Maryse. Before the first elimination, she says there is some “serious” unfinished business. She introduces Connor and Kozlov to the ring. Striker puts over the bet between JTG and Kozlov. We are reminded (or explained for the first time in easy to understand English) that the bet was whom could make their rookie in their image. Striker asks how Kozlov has done. “He is Best of the Best, Man of the Man.” We are told. Stiker proceeds to introduce JTG and Novak to the ring. Regal says they are a waste as they walk down. Maryse and Striker determine that the live crowd will be judging the performance. JTG starts, and introduces his Rookie as “Glacier Thug”. Novak takes the mic and calls the crowd and Regal all “Haters”. Novak says he lost last week cause he hurt his back. He then tells Connor that Kozlov should have taught him to wrestle. The Response from Kozlov and Connor is a Kozlov’s dance routine. Connor is synchronized with Kozlov. It turns into Sambro throws. It turns into board breaking. Kozlov goes first, breaking it with his fist. Connor goes next, Kozlov sets up for Connor till Connor goes over and grabs the board from Kozlov. Connor breaks it on the spot with his head. Kozlov heads over raises, Connor’s hand as the crowd pops. JTG and Novak are Boo’ed. The Sambo Stylings, as Striker calls it, of Kozlov and Connor win.

Kozlov wins the gentlemen’s bet with JTG

JTG steps up to Kozlov. He is promptly kicked over. They roll out of the ring. JTG says they want to fight.

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MATCH – JTG vs. Kozlov

Back from the ads, a match has broken out. Kozlov is in charge and is dominating the first part. He manages to throw JTG out and has to go out of the ring to go get him. As he gets back into the JTG gets an opportunity to get a boot on him and gets some damage on him on the outside of the ring. The roll back in the ring and JTG gets on top of Kozlov. This moves to the ropes where JTG wraps of Kozlov. JTG gets Kozlov into the corner and is able to set up a his Mug Shot move. He goes for a pin, but gets a 2. This leads into a face build for Kozlov and he breaks free and starts to dominate. HeadButts from Kozlov! JTG manages to turn things around with a head breaker. He gets a pin attempt, but only a 2 count. JTG sets up from a move form the top rope, but shows off to the crowd. It allows Kozlov to grab JTG’s Jump and slams him for a pin and the win.

Winner: Kozlov def. JTG via pinfall

Yoshi meets Maryse. She raves about the items that Lucky has bought for her. Yoshi tells her “You like things more than people. We should break up.” And with that Yoshi walks off. Maryse is flustered about how they weren’t even in a relationship. Lucky walks in and charms her telling her she needs a Shopping Spree. She looks back to Yoshi and then to Lucky. She’s done with Yoshi and getting some expensive perfume with Lucky.

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Jacob Novak is Eliminated From NXT.

Regal is quite happy that Novak is gone. “That’s Twice.” He puts his elimination on the crowd. He tells them that he will be back, for everyone to watch their back. Regal says it’s the most Charismatic and Expressive that Novak has been. Too little too late he puts over. JTG is telling the crowd that they’re holding back on him for taking his rookie out.

And that’s it. “Gig-gig-giga, That’s all folks”. The Show is over. The steam is done.

Grash Says…

Novak is the first to go. If you look back at some of my earlier columns, you would have seen that I though that Connor or Bryon might go first. Yep, I’m going to hear how I lack credibility in the comments this week. Oh well. Novak’s Elimination doesn’t totally surprise me. Last week we had the blow off match between Regal and Novak. Tonight we had the blow off for the bet between JTG and Kozlov. He had a great run with Regal that showed off his mic skills. Yes, his exiting promo is all sorts of shades of Brodus Clay’s. But that’s the magic of a heel leaving, he can… and should blame it all on the crowd not supporting them. Bravo Novak, I look forward to seeing you when you are not so green in the ring.

The rest of tonight’s show is an interesting mess which will be sorted out in the weeks ahead. Yoshi beat Bryon and then Dumped Maryse. Lucky is Maryse’s new boy toy. That would make three of them this season alone! Chavo just swerved us and turned on Hornswoggle. Titus’s Key to NXT and Lucky Charm, Hornswoggle is hurt. And Connor is the man with Kozlov. The deck has been shuffled going forward.

Question for the Comments
What is your pecking order, now that Novak is gone?