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Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

First, a shout out to the obsessive troll who’s sent me e-mails from at least 50 fake webmail accounts whining about the promotion I’m about to mention later on.

News bulletin, Skippy McDipsh*t, if you don’t like their product…don’t watch it. You seem to have a lot of courage making comments about family members and friends of mine from behind a keyboard. Since you apparently know our names, you’ve seen us and are or have been somewhere we are regularly…come have those sorts of conversations that you attempt to have from your latest fake webmail address …in person. Some of the workers and promoters at that promotion would probably love to meet you in person as well.
In more fun and games with TNA…in the “See how little we can pay our workers and get away with it” contest, the latest winner is Jesse Neal.

Seems that Jesse Neal, United States Navy hero, injured when his ship was suicide bombed in 2000, suffering to the point the he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder…. actually has been compensated so little by TNA that he qualified for food stamps. He recently suffered an in-ring neck injury, so hasn’t been used…and clearly isn’t being helped by TNA, as seen in the tweet screen capture below (thanks to

The promotion has had no hesitancy in exploiting his military service…to the point that before the May 2 TNA Impact! taping, following the killing of Osama bin Laden, the promotion has him come out wearing his U.S. Navy uniform and holding an American flag.
Yet the promotion can’t take of him…to the point he qualifies for Food Stamps.

As all that is happening, TNA had enough money to fly Angelina Love, Mickie James, Sexy Star, Velvet Sky, Abyss, Mr. Anderson, Jeff Jarrett, Karen Jarrett, and Rob Van Dam down to AAA’s Triplemania supershow, held this past Saturday in Mexico City, DF.

Speaking of the promotion I led the column off with… CZW presents: Tournament of Death 10 on Saturday, June 25, 2010 at The Ultraviolent Underground, located at 139 Ebenezer Church Road, Townsend, Delaware with a 3:00 pm belltime.

Matches scheduled for Tournament of Death 10 are:

  • ‘Get Hit’ – Water Jugs, Bats and anything else you can swing
    Necro Butcher makes his return to CZW and the Tournament of Death after a 4 year absence to take on CZW Newcomer ‘The Bulldozer’ Matt Tremont
  • ‘Light Tube Celebration’ – Bundles of light tubes and pits of Christmas bulbs
    TOD 7 winner and Current UVU Champion Danny Havoc against 1 time BJW Deathmatch Heavyweight Champion and making his CZW debut ‘Kokutenshi’ Jaki Numazawa (non-title)
  • ‘Thumbtach Kickpads and Tapaei Deathmatch’
    Former CZW Jr Champion and TOD 9 winner Scotty Vortekz battles another of BJW’s finest, Masashi Takeda
  • ‘Fans Bring the Weapons’
    Returning to CZW and TOD, Dysfunction goes up against ‘The Ultraviolent Beast’ Masada
    Also announced for TOD X and in non-tourney action…
    ‘The Ego’ Robert Anthony and Philly’s Most Wanted (Sabian and Joker) vs Devon Moore and two partners to be named later.
    For fans from the New York area, Wrestling Bus Trips will be going to Townsend, Delaware for CZW’s Tenth annual Tournament of Death! This will be an outdoor event, rain or shine, so prepare accordingly for the elements!

    The cost of the trip is $105, which will cover the round trip bus transportation from your stop to the event and back, first admission before anyone else to the event, a general admission ticket and whatever surprises we can come up with along the way. The bus will be air conditioned, with a bathroom and TV monitors playing CZW action all the way there and back. Payments are being accepted right now via

    Due to the 3 PM Belltime of the event and potential traffic, pick ups will be made at the following times and locations: 9:00 AM Queens, NY White Castle parking lot (89-03 57th Avenue) in Elmhurst, NY/9:30 Manhattan, NYC – The Hammerstein Ballroom – 311 West 34th and 8th Avenue/10:30 Rahway, New Jersey – The Rahway Rec Center 275 East Milton Avenue/12:00 PM Philadelphia, PA – The ECW (Asylum) Arena, 7 West Ritner Street

    More information is available now at Show your support and join at the ‘Tournament of Death’ Facebook Event Site

    Tickets are priced at $35 – Front row, $30 – 2nd and 3rd row, and $25. For tickets, go to this link.

    For directions, go to this link

    It’ll be a year since Michael “Trent Acid” Verdi was found dead by his mother at age 29. He was best known as half of The Backseat Boyz with friend and partner Johnny Kashmere, as well as working in many notable singles programs in Combat Zone Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and Jersey All Pro Wrestling.

    Verdi was three times Combat Zone Wrestling Junior Heavyweight Champion, four times co-CZW Tag Team Champion (with Johnny Kashmere), once CZW Best of The Best tournament winner; once co-ROH Tag Team Champion (with Kashmere), twice Jersey All-Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champion (with Kashmere), once co-East Coast Wrestling Association Tag Team Champion (with Kashmere), three times once co-Hardway Wrestling Tag Team Championship (with Kashmere) once co-National Championship Wrestling Tag Team Champion (with Kashmere), once Phoenix Championship Wrestling Tag Team Champion (with Johnny Kashmere), once United States Xtreme Wrestling Heavyweight Championship, once UXW Xtreme Championship, once UXW United States Championship, once UXW Tag Team Championship (with Mike Tobin), twice Urban Wrestling Alliance Light Heavyweight Championship and once UWA Tag Team Champion (with Billy Reil). Singles titles included once Pro Wrestling Unplugged Heavyweight Champion, once Big Japan Pro Wrestling Junior Heavyweight Championship; and once Juggalo Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.

    But with all his achivements, Verdi had his demons, with multiple arrests for drug possession, including heroin and pills, and recently did jail time and rehab, including doing time after a 2008 incident with friend Billy Reil, which resulted in seven months in jail.. During Verdi’s periods of being clean and sober, he talked about not wanting to walk down the path of family members with similar problems and to get back fulltime into the wrestling business. Verdi was awaiting trial for a charge of possessing five Xanax pills without a prescription dating from a October 2009 arrest. His most recent arrest was the result of a probation violation for attempting to take dates with Big Japan Wrestling (out of the United States).

    I remember a very young Trent Acid doing moonsaults off the old bleachers at the ECW Arena. I remember an incredibly talented wrestler who could make magic in the ring….and a guy with a great sense of humor.

    Realizing it’ll soon be a year ago that this happened still makes me feel older and sadder.

    Until next time…

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