Superstars Results – 6/23/11

WWE Superstars
June 23, 2011
Report by: Andrew Hayman of

The Superstars video rolls and we are underway for the 6/23 edition of WWE Superstars! Jack Korpela welcomes us to the show and informs us of the main event which will be the tag team champions David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty taking on Vladimir Kozlov and Santino Marella.

Natalya’s music hits and Natalya, Kaitlyn and AJ are out for the opening match of the night. Alicia Fox’s music hits and she makes her way out with Tamina and Rosa Mendes. Matt and Jack plug MITB for some reason and the ref calls for the bell.

Natalya, Kaitlyn & AJ vs. Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes and Tamina

Alicia Fox and Natalya will start us off. The two lock up and some back and forth before Nattie goes for the Sharpshooter but Alicia makes the tag to Tamina. Nattie and Tamina have a stare down before Tamina pushes Natalya but Natalya on the rebound puts her in chin lock. Tamina pushes her out and hits her with a shoulder block. Cover, Natalya kicks out. Natalya with her own cover but Tamina kicks out. Tamina with a kick to the gut of Nattie and then she sends her to the corner. Tamina makes the tag to Rosa who looks for a suplex but Nattie reverses into a delayed suplex! Man she is strong. Cover, Rosa kicks out at two. Nattie sends Rosa to the faces corner and hits some shoulders to the gut. Tag and Kaitlyn makes her way in. Kaitlyn with a sidewalk slam and a cover but Rosa kicks out. Kaitlyn goes to the ropes but Tamina hits her in the back. Kaitlyn goes to get in her face but Rosa comes up from behind with the cheap shot. Rosa hits Kaitlyn with some head slams to the mat. Rosa makes the tag to Tamina and Tamina hits a vicious clothesline. Some shenanigans happen in the corner with Kaitlyn while the referee is distracted with Tamina. Tag to Alicia and she sends her back to the corner. Alicia with a snapmare and a tag to Rosa who comes in and hits a mean kick to the back of Kaitlyn! Cover, Kaitlyn kicks out at two. Rosa then locks in a chin lock. Kaitlyn powers out and hits a diving shoulder block. Kaitlyn makes the hot tag to AJ and she comes in and delivers some clotheslines on Alicia who got tagged in. AJ then hits a cool looking cross body, cover but Tamina and Rosa come in to break it up. Natalya comes in and delivers a double clothesline to the two and they spill out of the ring. Kaitlyn hits some kicks to AJ. AJ with a spinning heel to the gut. Alicia looks for a scissors kick but AJ moves out of the way and goes for a roll up and gets the 3 count!

Winners: AJ, Kaitlyn and Natalya via roll up

The 6 man tag elimination is advertised as next.

Matt talks about the voting mishap and how we are going to see Evan Bourne take on Sin Cara next week on Raw. I’m looking forward to this.

We are seeing the triple elimination tag team from Raw this week. Dave Stephens already recapped this I won’t. So go check out his recap, it’s always fantastic.

OK, we are now back with regular Superstars. Melina’s music hits and she makes her way down to the ring. Scott welcomes us to the Raw segment of the show. Gail Kim’s music hits and she dances her way down to the ring. She gets in and the two start getting in each others face. The referee calls for the bell.

Gail Kim vs. Melina

The two are still talking and they shake hands. They lock up and Kim takes her down with a snapmare chin lock. Melina gets out and locks in a head scissors. Kim gets out and looks for a clothesline but Melina ducks Matrix style and goes for a sneaky cover but Kim kicks out. Kim goes to the corner and Melina charges but Kim jumps out to the apron. Melina looks like she botched that a bit because she barely hit the turnbuckle at all and just sat there. Kim jumps in and hits a sunset flip pin but Melina kicks out. The two trade blows and Kim sends Melina to the corner, Kim charges but Melina vaults over her and on landing she apparently blows out her knee. She gets up and the referee asks if she is ok to continue. They lock up and Kim stops saying Melina isn’t ok to the referee but Melina was playing possum and slams Kim’s head straight to the mat! Melina with some kicks tot he gut and she puts her in the corner. She charges hits a jumping kick to the head. Melina grabs Kim by the head and screams at her that she was her best friend. Melina picks her up but Kim turns it into a cross body. Cover, Melina kicks out. Another cover by Kim but Melina kicks out again. Out of no where Melina hits a spinning face buster. Cover, Kim kicks out at two! Melina with a rear chin lock. Kim powers to her feet. She hits a few shots but Melina hits her with a shot to the face. Some more offense from Melina. Kim to the corner and hits her with a kick to the gut and follows it with an awesome drop kick. Melina to the corner and Kim hits a running cross body. Kim goes up and hits a flying drop kick. Kim goes to grab Melina but she kicks her away. Melina then hits her boot where she does the splits. She goes for the cover but Kim reverses into a roll up and gets the victory!

Winner: Gail Kim via roll up

We see a replay of the ending and cut to a commercial.

Commercial, Raw Roulette.

R-Truth’s heel turn video package airs.

We are back with Josh and Scott talking about R-Truth and how Little Jimmy finally got his revenge. Santino’s music hits and Santino/Kozlov are on the way to the ring. We cut to a commercial.

Commercial, Be a Star.

We are back and the Nexus music hits and David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty are out and head to the ring. The get in and the ref calls for the bell.

WWE Tag Team Championships
David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty vs. Santino and Vladimir Kozlov

All four men are in the ring but it looks like Otunga and Santino will start us off. The two circle and lock up. Santino with a head lock but Otunga with a shoulder block. Santino runs to the ropes but eats another. Santino gets up again looking frustrated and runs at the ropes again but hits his own shoulder block! Santino stands there, flexes and yells feel the power. I love Santino. Anyway, Otunga with a kick tot he gut and a wrist lock. Santino rolls though but Otunga with a shot to the face. Otunga whips Santino to the corner but he vaults over a charging Otunga and has the Cobra ready! Otunga sees it and jumps out of the ring. Santino makes his way to his corner and Kozlov helps Santino de-activate the Cobra. Gold. McGillicutty gets in the ring and hits some shots to Santino. Irish whip and he trips Santino and looks for a Chin lock. Santino reverses into his own chin lock. The two reverse each other a few times before McGillicutty gets to the ropes and the ref breaks it up. McGillicutty goes for a boot but Santino grabs the foot and hits him with an atomic drop and follows it up with a tag. The two circle around and Kozlov hits an arm drag. Kozlov with a over the shoulder snapmare takedown. McGillicutty goes to the ropes. He gets in and sends Kozlov to the mat with a shot to the face. McGillicutty charges at Kozlov but Kozlov hits him with a viscous head but. Kozlov with some shoulders to McGillicutty in the corner. Kozlov with the tag and he throws Santino into McGillicutty shoulder first like a battering ram. McGillicutty recovers and sends Santino to there corner and makes the tag. Otunga with a power slam. He looks for elbows but Santino rolls out of the way and he rolls him up but Otunga kicks out. Another cover and another kick out. Santino makes the tag and Kozlov hits some head buts. Otunga with some shots to Kozlov and looks for a cross body but Kozlov catches him and throws him over his head sending him to the floor and we cut to a commercial.

Commercial, Christian heel package.

We are back with Santino hitting some arm drags on Otunga followed by a hip toss. Santino looks for his head butt but Otunga lifts the knees. Otunga with some stomps to Santino and he drags him to the corner and makes the tag. Drop kick by McGillicutty and a cover but Santino kicks out. Another tag and Otunga with a clothesline. Otunga with some knees to the gut and the a chin lock. Santino to his feet and he hits an arm drag. Santino looks for the tag but Otunga stops it. Another tag and McGillicutty hits some elbow drops. Cover, Santino kicks out at 2. Santino with a kick to the gut of McGillicutty sending him to the outside. Santino with a kick to Otunga sending him to the floor. Santino makes the hot tag and Kozlov cleans house with some head butts. He then grabs McGillicutty puts him on his shoulders drops him across the ropes and hits him with an insane kick to the gut. Kozlov with a power slam and a cover but Otunga breaks it up. Santino comes in and looks for a Cobra but Otunga ducks and Santino goes crashing out. The three men in the ring take each other down with a simultaneous clothesline. Kozlov with the tag. Santino comes in bounces of the ropes but Otunga with a kick to the back of Santino and McGillicutty hits his running swinging neck breaker. McGillicutty covers and gets the three!

Winners and still WWE Tag Team Champions: David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty

We see a replay of the ending and a shot of Otunga and McGillicutty. Scott thanks us for watching and the stream fades to black.


This was a pretty lackluster Superstars. Two Divas match, a tag match and a replay of a Raw match. I mean seriously? I’m still baffled as to why they showed that match. It didn’t even have any real significance to any of there storylines. All it really did was keep them going. Sure they may have needed a time killer but I thought that was what diva matches were for or even have somebody cut a promo. Anyway back to the matches.

The opening match saw the babyfaces Natalya, Kaitlyn & AJ take on the heels Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes and Tamina. The babyfaces came out victors in what was a surprisingly alright match with the baby faces getting the win via roll up. The match didn’t bore but it didn’t make me froth at the mouth. Man Natalya is impressive, that’s all I really need to say about her. I noticed Alicia didn’t get much ring time and when she did he offense was mainly strike base. Oh and what is up with the Rhianna hair, get your own style Yo!

Second match saw Gail Kim and Melina combat with Kim coming out on top with pin reversal roll up. Again the match was ok. There was a little botch at the start where Melina was proabably meant to go into the ring post but she kind of stood there looking awkward. With the roll up victory I see this little feud continuing.

Finally we saw the tag team champs David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty come out on top of Santino and Vladimir Kozlov with a regular heelish victory with Otunga hitting Santino with a kick and McGillicutty hitting a swinging neckbreaker for the pin. It again am average tag match. Good, not great. But man do I love Santino. Everything about his character I think is just awesome. From his moves to what he says in ring everything about him I enjoy thoroughly. I really hope he gets a push at mid card again. I know people will probably hate me for it but I think he would be a good benefit money wise to the WWE if they did.

I’m going to start rating shows and matches as of this week after an email from a reader. I’ll do the matches next week but this weeks show gets a C-. Just.

So that about wraps it up for this week. If you have any questions, feedback, hate or whatever you can email me at I will read and respond to everyone or you can follow me on twitter @amdy985. Thanks for reading and I will see you all next week!

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