The Shoot #46
January 5, 2010
By: Joshua Piedra of

-The First Shot-

Hello everyone and welcome to your 46th edition of The Shoot. This week we will review the voting results for the WWE 2009 Year End Award and take a look at the final brackets for the overall awards which will cover TNA, WWE, and ROH. I was originally going to include Japan into the mix, but after the ROH turnout, I realized that not many people would watch Japan, just like not many people would watch ROH. Therefore, I?m just going to limit it to the top three in the USA.

Just like I did for my 2009 King of the Ring tournament, I am going to write up a Wrestler Spotlight column for the winner, but here’s the thing? I?m not going to write one? I am going to write TWO wrestler spotlight columns!

One is obviously going to be for 2009 Wrestler of the Year, but I came to the realization that I?ve only done singles wrestlers. So a second Wrestler Spotlight column will be written for the 2009 Tag Team of the Year as well! So Shoot 47 next week will have the complete awards results for each company as well as the overall awards, Shoot 48 will be the tag team spotlight column, and Shoot 49 will be the singles spotlight column.

In addition to all that, this week’s Culture Shock will stray away from the normal Japanese anime/music/game reviews and focus on something wrestling related! (GASP). I got a three pack of JR’s BBQ/JR’s Hot BBQ/JR’s Chipotle Ketchup for Christmas and I finally finished my bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s that I still had in the fridge and was finally able to sample the sauces. I?ll have my thoughts on that for you all.

But before we get to all that buttery goodness, let’s take a look at some headlines from around the net. Here are your Quick Shots for this week.

-Quick Shots-

Next time someone sees Dana White, tell him that De-caffeinated coffee exists in this world because we were already (censored) aware that (censored) Vince is a (censored) animal because Vince is a (censored) animal and they?re not trying to (censored) compete with Monday Night Raw! (censored) Spike just wanted the (censored) fight on Monday Night! They would never compete with (censored) Vince because he is a (censored) animal! They simply had the (censored) fight on Monday Night because Spike wanted them too. They know that (censored) Vince is a (censored) animal and that he pulls the best ratings for like forever, but seriously, they are just doing the (censored) fight because (censored) Spike want it on (censored) Monday! No disrespect toward (censored) Vince was shown because (censored) Vince is a (censored) animal!

Speaking of (censored) Vince? he must be laughing his (censored) ass off when news broke of Bubba the Love Sponge is going to be the new backstage announcer for TNA. I know I had to inhale deeply a couple of times and hold my sides from falling out when I read the news story myself. I mean, I knew that Hulk Hogan would be bringing some of his friends along for the ride to help sink TNA’s ship, but I never thought that some half-assed radio jockey from my (shamefully admitted) home state of Florida would actually be one of those people. Scott Hall? Fine. Sean Waltman? That’s cool. Brian Knobbs? Eh? you?re pushing it, but okay? Bubba the Love Sponge? (censored) that!

Ok? the (censored) joke is old now.. I know.

MVP claimed that TNA star Raven tried to bully him when he had a tryout match with them at one point in his career. MVP reportedly confronted Raven about it and Raven replied as just joking around. I?m surprised that no one told MVP aka Antonio Banks about being the new guy in the wrestling world around the veteran talent. They will pick on you, they will haze you, they will rib you. It’s just how it goes. The fact that he stood up to Raven is brave in and of itself. Typically if a young guy tells off a veteran in the wrestling company, they tend to get buried, but then again, it is TNA.

Also, as I am sure many of you have heard, the world of professional wrestling has lost another legend. Dr. Death Steve Williams passed way last week due to a losing battle against throat cancer. Williams was one of the best in the business. I urge you, if you haven?t seen his work, to check out matches with him and Kenta Kobashi and Mitsuharu Misawa. His Homicide Back Drop is the stuff nightmares are made of and of course, he popularized the Gutwrench Powerbomb, better known as the Doctor Bomb. In fact, it is still called a Doctor Bomb by most pro wrestling commentators these days. YouTube him? or get in contact with Hunter Golden? he has some information if you are interested in Japanese tape trading. Of course, you can also research his career in the United States as well from Mid-South, WCW, WWF, UWF, etc. There’s tons of great Dr. Death goodness out there just waiting to be watched.

-The Big Shot: 2009 Year End Awards: Part IV-

All right boys and girls. Part 4 of the 2009 Year End Awards are here and upon us. This time we are looking at the WWE winners along with the Overall categories. There were a couple of surprises here with these results, but unlike the TNA ones, these are actually serious surprises.

With that being said, here are your participants for the WWE voting and your results.

Participants: Anthony Valvo, Rick Jackson, Josh Piedra, Brandon Jordan, Chris Kelly, Josh Boutwell, Sean Hurley, Jose Marrero, Doug Lackey, Matt O?Brien, Rocky Jr, Phil Chroniger,

WWE Wrestler of the Year: Randy Orton

The Viper, The Legend Killer himself, master of the RKO, Randy Orton was named WWE wrestler of the year by you, the readers, by securing four of the twelve votes. Coming in a close second was Chris Jericho with three votes, CM Punk with two votes. Tied for last place are the remaining three of Christian, Jeff Hardy, and John Cena. I?m surprised that The Undertaker didn?t make the list with his great match against Shawn Michaels, his world title run, and interesting feud with CM Punk. Oh well.

WWE Tag Team of the Year: Jerishow

Almost a landslide victory here for the dominant tag team of Chris Jericho and the Big Show. The largest athlete in the world and the man that is the best in the world at what he does received eleven of the twelve votes in this category with the final vote going to Ted Dibiase Jr and Cody Rhodes.

WWE Diva of the Year: Maryse

The French femme fatale of the WWE, Maryse, took this category’s award by securing six of the twelve votes. Mickie James came in second place with three votes while Michelle McCool was able to grab two of the twelve votes for third place. Last place was given to Melina with a measly one vote.

WWE Storyline of the Year: C.M. Punk and Jeff Hardy

Punk’s heel turn and his ?Straight Edge Means I?m Better Than You? gimmick was launched with his storyline with Jeff Hardy and really helped mold and develop the CM Punk character in the WWE Universe. Five of the twelve votes were given to this storyline for it to capture the award. I would have thought our second place finisher would have gotten the rub here, but coming in second with three votes is the Belt vs Mask feud between Rey Misterio Jr and Chris Jericho. Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker came in third with two votes while the John Cena/Randy Orton feud with the Randy Orton/Kofi Kingston feud came in last, tied with one vote each.

WWE Match of the Year: Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker (Wrestlemania 25)

Like the best tag team category, this one almost was a clean sweep and I believe the reason that it wasn?t was because someone who voted hadn?t seen Wrestlemania 25 yet. With that being said Taker/HBK secured eleven of the twelve votes while the triple threat match between Triple H, John Cena, and Randy Orton at the Survivor Series PPV secured the final of the twelve votes.

WWE Show of the Year: WWE Bragging Rights

It was a gimmick pay-per-view, but it did give off a good essence of brand warfare within the WWE. While it did secure the top spot for this category, it just nudged out WWE Backlash. Bragging Rights received five of the twelve votes while Backlash only received four. The other three were in a three-way tie for third place as Extreme Rules, Wrestlemania 25, and ECW on SyFy all received one vote.

Best WWE Singles Champion of the Year: Christian

The ECW Champion, Christian, was voted as the best champion of 2009. A lot of people feel that Christian deserves more than what he has, but even so he has done the best with what has been given to him. By claiming five of the twelve votes, it clearly shows that Christian is deserving of this award. Randy Orton came in a close second with four votes while The Undertaker, Kofi Kingston, and The Miz all came in third place with one vote a piece.

Best WWE Tag Team Champions of the Year: Jerishow

They almost did a clean sweep of the best tag team of the year, but they definitely achieved the clean sweep as best tag team CHAMPIONS of the year. Chris Jericho and The Big Show secured all twelve votes for this award proving that they are the one of the best things that the WWE has going for them at the moment.

Best WWE Finisher of 2009: Air Bourne (Evan Bourne)

The move formerly known as the Sydal Press takes the win with five of the twelve votes. Matt Sydal/Evan Bourne’s shooting star press is a thing of beauty and arguably the best that there is right now in the wrestling world. I think even Jushin Liger sheds a tear whenever he sees the move he invented performed with such grace. We actually have a three way tie for second place. John Morrison’s Starship Pain, Randy Orton’s RKO, and Chris Jericho’s Code Breaker all received two votes each while Randy Orton’s ?BOOT TO THE HEAD? (and one more for Jenny and the Wimp) received the final vote.

Best WWE Moment of 2009: Randy Orton Beats Down/Kisses Stephanie McMahon

With all the moments out there in the WWE Universe, this one came as a surprise to me, but now that I reflect upon it, this was one of the greatest moments of 2009. Stephanie sold that RKO better than some of the regular talent on the roster, and the kiss in front of a handcuffed Triple H sealed the deal on this becoming one of WWE’s greatest, and shocking, moments. This moment received four of the votes while CM Punk Cashing in MitB and beating Jeff Hardy tied Vince/HBK’s promo for Bret Hart’s return with two votes. Tribute to the Troops 2009, Kofi’s Boom Drop Heard Round the World, HBK kicking out of The Undertaker’s tombstones, and Sheamus winning the WWE Title all tied for last place with one vote each.

Most Shocking WWE Moment of 2009: Bret Hart Signs with WWE

Even though his appearance wasn?t until January 4, 2010, the news of his announcement occurred in 2009. The news shocked the wrestling world as Vince McMahon dodged the punch delivered by TNA and Hulk Hogan and countered with a massive blow by announcing the signing of Bret Hart. This moment received seven of the twelve votes. Coming in at a distant second was CM Punk Retiring Jeff Hardy with two votes and ties for last place was Sheamus winning the WWE Title, WWE Announcing Guest Hosts for Raw, and Randy Orton going through the entire McMahon family.

There you have it, your WWE Awards for 2009. The Overall awards will be slightly different as I am changing the rules just slightly. If you desire to do so, you may include Japan, Mexico, and the Independent Circuit in your votes. After all, this is the Overall awards. Some of the categories will be a little different as well, but with that being said, here they are:

Best Male Wrestler of 2009:

Best Female Wrestler of 2009:

Best Tag Team of 2009:

Best Announcer of 2009:

Best Gimmick/Character of 2009:

Best Singles Champion of 2009:

Best Tag Team Champions of 2009:

Best Match of 2009:

Biggest Surprise of 2009:

Best Wrestling Company of 2009:

Best Finisher of 2009:

Best Heel of 2009:

Best Face of 2009:

Rising Star of 2009:

Best _________ of 2009.

As you can tell from above, there are several new categories: Announcer, Gimmick/Character, Heel, Face, Company, and Rising Star. Some are obvious as to why they would be overall topics only, but others I felt that there weren?t enough of in each company to be on an individual level, but with everything and everyone up for grabs in the wrestling world, I figured there would be room for more variety by adding these categories now.

The last one is a fill in the blank answer. I figured that I would have a bit of fun with this one. I?ll let you, the reader, select a category that’s not listed above and create your own award. I will post any and all that submit this in next week’s edition of The Shoot.

Also, while writing this column, I came to the realization that wrestler of the year MIGHT end up being someone that I already did a wrestler spotlight column on. If this ends up being the case I will still do the Tag Team spotlight column, but I will do the female wrestler of the year as the singles if the male ends up being someone I already spotlighted.

-Culture Shock-

First off, I am not angry over my Patriots losing to the Houston Texans by the least bit. It was a throwaway game after all since New England already clinched the AFC East Championship. The good news about our loss is that it knocked the Miami Dolphins out of playoff contention all together. Even though I am from Florida, I absolutely hate the Dolphins and am glad to see them gone. Even though I do hate the Dolphins, I do have to send out my best wishes to Pat White who took an absolutely brutal hit during the game against the Steelers on Sunday. Get well soon.

Next up, I promised that I would have a review of JR’s Original BBQ Sauce.

Now, anyone who knows me, knows that I am a Sweet Baby Ray’s fan. I?ve tried many many sauces over the years and Sweet Baby Ray’s was the one that I found had the best taste to suit my taste buds. Everyone has their own opinion of BBQ sauces and the aforementioned is my opinion only. If you?re a Sonny’s guy or a KC Masterpiece guy, or a Brand X guy, that’s your choice? to each their own.

I cracked open the bottle and took a sniff. Right away I could detect a hint of smoke to the BBQ sauce which is fine by my book. I then dipped my finger in and gave it a taste. What I found was a sauce that had a slight kick to it, but wasn?t really overpowering like some sauces can be. It was a mild and smooth BBQ flavor that left a slight zing on your tongue. It wasn?t too sweet and it wasn?t too rich either. It was just a smooth blend of flavor that seemed to be balanced in each area. While after trying it, I still stand by my grounds that Sweet Baby Ray’s is my favorite, I did not hate JR’s BBQ by any means. It is an excellent BBQ sauce and I think that anyone who tries it will be pleasantly surprised by its taste and flavor.

The only one complaint I had about the sauce was that it was a little on the ‘soupy? side. Most BBQ sauces I have had were thick and had some consistency. JR’s was a little runny and seemed a bit loose. That is perfectly fine if you?re basting meat with it on the grill, but if you use it as a condiment, things might get a little on the messy side. It’s not a horrible flaw.. it’s not really a flaw, more just a preference. Don?t let that deter you from trying it though as, like I said, the flavor of this sauce is excellent. I have yet to try the Hot BBQ Sauce and the Chipotle Ketchup. I?ll be sure to let you all know how that goes when I get around to them.

-The Final Shot-

That’s going to do it for me this week. If you would like to submit anything as far as column feedback, wrestling discussion, culture shock topics, anything? you can do so by using any of the methods below.


Until next week?

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