The Rise and Fall of an Underdog #40
December 31, 2009
By: AJ Pearce of

Hello and welcome once again to The Rise and Fall of an Underdog and the story of Jake’s journey into the world of professional wrestling. As always you can reach me with any comments or questions at Thanks for reading and enjoy!


Chapter 32

Jake was beyond glad to be home. His tiny basement hideaway seemed like a mansion in comparison to the closet he had been living in for the past six months. He just walked around the room swinging his arms and jumping up and down. If he?d had a cat he would have swung it too, there was that much room. Living quarters aside, he was also ecstatic to see his mother. He knew he was a momma’s boy; he embraced this fact and was proud of it. And his Mom certainly embraced him when she saw him for the first time. All Jake could think was that she had really missed her calling and could have given those Japanese shooters a run for their money any day. When she finally released her death grip Jake showed her Alana’s ring and all hell broke loose again, but in a good way. He really thought his mother was trying to make him tap out! She had a hard time with Alana at first but they had spent so much time together while Jake was away and had grown to love and respect each other and their relationships with Jake. He was so glad that they could all be together and be calm. Not for long though, as they had a wedding to plan.

Jake never knew when the next tour would come up and he would be flung all over the country. This was his way of life now and there was no stopping it. So Alana didn?t want to waste any time on a long drawn out engagement or risk having a wedding put off time and time again for a tour of the Midwest or middle of nowhere Texas, so she got right to work planning. Jake had made enough money off of the junior heavyweight tournament to pay for a modest wedding. And when he said modest he meant it. Alana booked the church and saved money by not hiring an organist. Jake thought she would forgo the priest if it meant saving a couple of bucks. She got the bingo hall she worked at for the venue (and for next to nothing) and Jake’s Mom pulled in a few of her friends to do the catering. It was all coming together and it would be happening in three weeks. Jake was amazed that they could get something sorted in that short a period of time but more important that that, he was now scared to death!

Jake knew he loved Alana and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. There was no one else in the world he felt as comfortable with and he knew that he would one day be proud to have her as the mother of his children. Deep down though there was always a bit of fear. Growing up a child of divorced parents he held onto this notion that marriage could never work. That two people could never agree to be together forever and live in harmony; it was all that he knew. And he hated it. He hated to think that one day he would look at Alana with the distain that he had seen in his parents eyes and then end up walking away from it all like his father did. It was a vicious circle that Jake feared he was a apart of. Would he end up a drinker and a womanizer like his father, unable to maintain his duties as the head of the household and a role model to his son? Jake knew that he was quite a different man from his Dad and that he could make a marriage work because of what he seen growing up; in spite of it. He felt he owed it to himself to be the best husband and father he could and it wasn?t to stick it any one or rub it in, it was just right. He shook all these thoughts out of his head as he finished tying his bowtie because it was now wedding day.

The service itself was perfect; understated and certainly not preachy. Alana looked gorgeous. As they were trying to save money, she wore Jake’s Mom’s wedding dress. He was surprised that after all she went through she kept the thing, but he was glad she had. Alana looked amazing and Jake beamed inside like never before. None of Alana’s family had made it down from Canada. Jake wasn?t sure if this was a monetary thing or if they weren?t happy with her choices. Either way he didn?t care, nothing was going to ruin this day for him.

Dinner was a simple affair but never the less delicious. His mother’s friends might have been annoying old gossip hounds but man could they cook! After all the usual speeches and dances, Jake started his obligatory mingling. He shook hands with people he barely knew, and some he didn?t even want to know. One handshake in particular stopped him in his tracks, as did the back slap that accompanied it. The Crusher looked surprisingly good in his ill fitting rented tuxedo. The veins bulged in his neck and he was sweating like he had just finished two iron man matches, but he looked happy. He hugged Jake, nearly crushing several ribs in the process.

?I?m so happy for you buddy. Never took the plunge myself but you?re a stronger man than me.?

?Thanks Crusher, I guess??

?All jokin? aside kid, you done good. I?m proud of ya. Not just for the wedding, for everything. The guys in Japan are ravin? about you and I told ?em. All along I told ?em. You?re gonna be big kid.?

Jake tried not to blush. ?It means a lot coming from you. You?re the whole reason I?m where I am today. There?d be no Japan, no career if you hadn?t given me the chance?.?

?Okay? the Crusher said, waving a beefy hand in the air. ?That’s enough of the emotional stuff. Let’s get back to business.?

?Business?? Jake shook the hands of an elderly couple who were leaving and pawned them off on his Mom so he could hear the rest of what the Crusher had to say.

?I hate to do this to you, seeing it’s your weddin? day and all, but I?ve got a proposition for you. A buddy of mine was supposed to go on a tour of Europe but he ended up getting that Swine Flu. Crappin? and pukin? everywhere! Nasty stuff. Everything’s set; flights, hotels, car rentals. I mentioned your name and they want you in his place.?

?Europe?? Jake thought out loud. Japan had been a dream but Europe had always been the place he had wanted to travel to when he finished school. He couldn?t believe though that he was entertaining the thought on today of all days.

?Yep, Europe. You?d start in the UK, England, Scotland and then Ireland, and then you would do Spain and finish up in a tournament in Germany.?

Jake couldn?t believe he was saying it but he said it anyways ?I?m in!?

?There’s one problem though?


?Flight leaves tomorrow at 8am.? The Crusher rubbed his neck and shrugged. He waved his hands at Jake. ?I understand. Don?t worry. I?ll find another guy.?

Again Jake couldn?t believe he was saying it until it was out there. He just looked at the Crusher, smiled and said ?I?m in!?

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