WWE Superstars
September 1, 2011
Report by: Andrew Hayman of Wrestleview.com

The Superstars video rolls and the 9/1 edition of WWE Superstars is underway! We open up with Jack Korpela plugging the main event which will be R-Truth vs. John Morrison. Ezekiel Jacksons music hits and he hits the ring. Jack Korpela welcomes us to the show and Heath Slater’s music hits. Slater gets in the ring and starts to talk some trash. The referee calls for the bell.

Ezekiel Jackson vs. Heath Slater

The two lock up but Jackson shoves Slater down to the mat. Slater with a rear waist lock and a shot to the back of the head. Slater talks some trash saying he is the man, not Jackson. Slater goes for a punch but Jackson blocks it and whips Slater to the ropes and looks for a Military press but Slater jumps off and kicks Jackson in the gut. Slater comes off the ropes and runs right into a viscous clothesline from Jackson. Cover by Jackson but Slater kicks out. Jackson slams Slaters head into the turnbuckle. Jackson whips him into the other corner and looks for a clothesline but Slater dodges and Jackson runs into the turnbuckle. Armbar legsweeps by Slater and Slater works the arm with some kicks and he slams it into the mat. Triangle arm bar by Slater but Jackson gets to his feet and throws Slater across the ring. Jackson with a military press but he doesn’t hold Slater up for long and drops him to the mat selling the arm in the process. Some clotheslines by Jackson. He sends Slater to the corner and hits him with a clothesline. Jackson goes to lift Slater up again but Slater shimmys off and pushes Jackson chest first into the turnbuckle. Slater with some punches, he goes to his Jackson with a diving clothesline but Jackson dodges it and applies the torture rack! Slater taps.

Winner: Ezekiel Jackson
Rating: D+

We see some highlights of the match and then see a replay of R-Truth taking out Morrison back in May. After that we cut too a commercial.


Brodus Clays music hits and he comes out looking as menacing as ever. His opponent who is already in the ring is Brandon James. The referee calls for the bell.

Brodus Clay vs. Brandon James

The two lock up but Brodus slams him to the mat. Brodus whips James to the ropes and hits him with a headbut. Standing elbow drop followed by a powerslam. Brodus covers him but breaks it up. Brodus whips James to the ropes, hits him at full steam and does his cross body for the win.

Winner: Brodus Clay via pinfall
Rating: N/A

We see some highlights and then we see another video of the R-Truth John Morrison Feud which is of Morrisons return.


Zack Ryders music hits and he walks out with a mic and camera. Ryder says welcome everyone to Z! True Long Island Story. He is your host and he asks the audience who wants to be broski of the week? The winner will get a signed Broski T-shirt. He plays with crowd asking different people. Ryder gives the shirt to a kid and congratulates him. Tyson Kidds music hits and wanders down to the ring. The referee calls for the bell.

Zack Ryder vs. Tyson Kidd

A ‘lets go Ryder chant is going’ as Ryder takes Kidd down with an arm drag. The two circle and Ryder show boats. The two lock up and Kidd pushes him to the corner and slaps him. Ryder grabs Kidd puts him in the corner and hits a flurry of punches, gives us a Woo Woo Woo and hits Kidd with a Broski boot. Kidd falls to the outside and Ryder goes for a slingshot cross body but Kidd ducks out of the way and Ryder crashes and burns. Kidd with a baseball slide to Ryder. Kidd gets out of the ring and slams Ryder’s head onto the apron and hits Ryder with some shots. He rolls Ryder into the ring and hits him with a running forearm to the face. Cover but Ryder kicks out. Ryder manages to bounce back and hit some punches but Kidd hits his own and kicks Ryder in the head. Cover but Ryder kicks out. Rear chin lock by Kidd. Ryder gets to his feet and hits Kidd a few times in the chest. He whips Kidd to the ropes and looks for a drop kick but Kidd holds onto the ropes. Kidd goes for the sharpshooter but Ryder gets out of it. Both men hit each other with a clothesline and both men stay down. Ryder with a punch and a few forearms. Kidd to the corner and Ryder charges but Kidd jumps over Ryder and kicks him in the gut. Kidd bounces off the ropes and runs into a spine buster. Ryer goes for Rough Ryder but Kidd ducks and Ryder falls to the mat and Kidd dropkicks him in the head. Cover but Ryder kicks out. Ryder goes to the corner and Kidd charges at Ryder and Ryder lifts the knees and hits the Rough Ryder out of no where!

Winner: Zack Ryder via pinfall.
Rating: C+

Ryder goes and celebrates with the kid from earlier as we see some highlights. We see a quick package from the falls count anywhere match between Morrison and R-truth from a few weeks ago.


We see a video package about the CM Punk/HHH/Kevin Nash. We cut back with John Morrisons music hitting. He does his usual entrance and gives his glasses to a kid at ringside.


We are back and R-Truth’s music hits and makes his way down to the ring. The referee calls for the bell.

John Morrison vs. R-Truth

The two lock up and Truth pushes Morrison to the ropes and goes for a cheap shot but Morrison dodges and locks in a rear chin lock. Truth pushes Morrison to the ropes but Morrison with a shoulder tackle. Rear chin lock by Morrison. Truth slowly to his feet. Truth with a punch and Morrison transitions into a rear wrist lock but Truth with an elbow to the head. Shoulder block by Truth and the two duck and jump over each other Truth then goes for a hip toss, Morrison reverses it looks for his own but Truth locks the leg but Morrison clotheslines Truth down to the mat goes for the cover but Truth kicks out. Morrison slams Truths head into the turnbuckle and goes to whip Truth to the corner but Truth reverses and Morrison hits hard. Truth with a punch and a cover but Morrison kicks out. Truth with a flurry of punches to a grounded Morrison and then plays with the crowd for a bit. Truth with a kick to the gut then an elbow to the back of the head. Cover by Truth but Morrison kicks out. Morrison clotheslines Truth out of the ring and Morrison gets out onto the floor. As Truth gets to his feet Morrison rus at Truth jumping off the ring steps doing some sort of corkscrew but Truth dodges it and Morrison lands on his feet. Morrison with a Flying Chuck Kick. Morrison rolls Truth into the ring and goes for the ut Truth kicks out. Morrison with a European uppercut and hits his spinning leg drop thing and goes for the cover but again Truth kicks out. Morrison with some punches to Truth. Morrison whips Truth to the ropes but Truth holds on and rolls out. Morrison takes chase and he goes to send Truth into the barricade but Truth stops himself. Morrison runs at Truth and Truth sends Morrison into the barricade.


We come back with R-Truth applying the rear chin lock in the ring. Morrison slowly to a vertical base and he hits Truth with a chin breaker. Truth to the corner and Morrison rushes over and hits a flurry of punches to Truth. Morrison charges at Truth but he runs right into the boots of Truth. Cover b Truth but Morrison kicks out. Truth with a Facebuster Suplex. Chin lock by Truth. Truth ands some punches into the hold. Morrison starts to get to his feet but Truth hits him in the back sending him back down to the mat. Truth picks Morrison with a Pele kick out of no where. Both men get to there feet at the count of 7. Morrison with some clotheslines and a kick and he follows it up with a cover but Truth kicks out. Morrison slowly gets too his feet and looks to kick Truth in the face but Truth ducks and rolls Morrison up. Morrison with a swinging neck breaker and another cover but Truth kicks out. Morrison drags Truth to the corner in hopes of hitting the starship pain but Truth rolls back into the middle of the ring. Morrison reverses an Irish whip and hits a suplex stunner. Cover but Morrison kicks out. Truth argues with the referee. Truth grabs Morrison and places him on the top turnbuckle. Morrison fights back and punches him off the turnbuckle. Morrison goes for the Starship Pain but Truth lifts the knees and hits the Truth Hurts! Cover and this is all over!

Winner: R-Truth via pinfall
Rating: B-

We see some highlights of the match and we see a shot of Truth being Truth in the ring. Scott Stanford wishes us a good night and he closes the show.


This was a very nice and solid edition of Superstars. Like in the past few weeks nothing spectacular but still a very solid show. The only downside was the opening match. Not a lot too say about it I just got bored and could of cared less about these two. Not a fan of big Zeke or Slater but the match was ok. Not bad but not good by any means.

We saw another Brodu Clay squash. If they are going to keep doing squash matches with this guy I just wish they would change it up a bit. We’ve seen the same thing for the past month. It would be nice to have a little bit of variety.

Nice little match between Kidd and Ryder. I liked the little segment at the start. I’m glad they let him do that. Him and Kidd put on a good match. Very enjoyable.

Now before I get into the main event I want to say something first. I don’t really like this Parkour character that they have labeled Morrison with. Too me it just seems a bit silly and lame. Also some of the spots he does just seem so mechanical and routine. However, this match is really took me by surprise as to how good it was. I wasn’t bored as I usual am when Morrison is on the screen and I actually enjoyed the match. It was a very good back and forth match and by the looks of it there feud is going to continue.

So that about wraps this up for this week, overall I’d give this edition a B-. If you want to email me with either feedback, questions or whatever, my email address is amdy985@hotmail.com or you can follow me on twitter by finding @amdy985. Thanks for reading guys and catch you all next week!