WWE NXT Recap (on WWE.com)
September 6, 2011
Toledo, Ohio
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

We get a recap from two weeks ago. Featured is Matt Striker getting beaten up by Darren Young. Regal enters the ring to save him.

“I said we are wild and young!”

Jack Korpela has replaced Todd Grisham, whom has left WWE. He has boarded the mother ship, ESPN. Jack is a big fan of Regal.

Darren Young comes to the ring and introduces us to the show, Matt Striker-Style. He says NXT is over. He’s the best in the ring. Darren Young thanks Regal thanks for saving Striker. Regal gets up and enters the ring with a Mic in hand. Regal thinks he’s got a great future, but he’s not going about it right. He wont’ have it. Darren says who does he think he is. He’s hogging the spotlight. Regal says everyone knows who he is. And as it’s concerned with the ring, Regal tells Darren, “Sunshine you don’t have a clue.” Darren challenges Regal. Regals says if that’s what it takes. He’s doing it for Darren Young. Jack talks about popping corn. There’s a corny joke there, but I’ll leave it to you figure it out.

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Mixed Tag Match: Titus and AJ vs. Bateman and Maxine

Hornswoggle’s music hit. Titus enters the arena with AJ and Hornswoggle. Titus and AJ will be in a mix tag match. We get a video from two weeks ago showing Bateman beating on Swoggle, leading to AJ being distracted giving Maxine the win. Bateman and Maxine, NXT’s Power Couple, enters the arena. Mmm Maxine is oh so yummie tonight. Regal says the two have the fact both were eliminated in their respective seasons of NXT. Jack says the two have bounded out of “spite and resentment.”

Titus and Bateman start the match. Jack “quotes” Titus in that he has become a brother to him. You don’t touch him. Regal puts over Titus’s strength and he’s getting better. In the ring, Titus is over powering Bateman. He slams him. Bateman gets back to Maxine and tags her in. AJ comes in Hot and beats on Maxine. AJ gets a missile drop on Maxine and goes for the pin, Maxine Kicks out. Maxine manages to turn the tables and the match goes into a neck hold in the center of the ring. They fight to their feet. The crowd is behind AJ. Maxine gets a pin attempt. AJ kicks out. After it, Maxine is holding up her hand to Titus. The ref pulls Maxine back. She’s saying she didn’t do anything. This allows AJ to drop Maxine. The two slink their way to their corners, it’s a double tag. Titus comes in fired up. The crowd is cheering for him. He does a wolf call. Maxine comes in to make the save. AJ comes in to clean Maxine from the ring. Bateman tries to turn the tables, but it doesn’t work. Titus destroys Bateman for the pin and the win.

WINNERS: Titus and AJ

After the match, Jack puts over the Regal vs. Darren Match. Regal says he’s going to make Darren young “a Bloody Vegetable.”

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Maxine and Bateman are fighting over who lost the match. Maxine says they can’t fight over this. She comes up with the plan that they need to get rid of Hornswoggle. The two then have a wild sloppy makeup kiss.

Jack talks to Regal about his match. Regal says the moment he thinks he’s gone, he gets pulled back. Jack gives him the best of luck as Regal leaves commentary to prepare for his match with Darren young.

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Match: Tyson Kid vs. Yoshi Tatsu

Tyson Kid is out first. Matt Striker had replaced Regal on Commentary. He talks about “that kiss”. Tyson takes mic and says someone has been messing with him. “Yoshi, Yoshi, Come out where ever you are!” Tyson is getting “what”ed by the crowd. Tyson puts over the Dungeon again. He says he’s better than a “Limping action figure loving loser”. The characters from the week before display on the screen before switching to Yoshi’s sugar pop music. IT’s a new Yoshi! He’s got a mask that’s done up in Noh theater style. He now in black with a leather jacket with the kanji on one side and the flag of Japan on the other. Striker tells us the Kanji stands for pride. Jack isn’t sure about the new Yoshi and tells us he won’t be till he takes off the mask. And that’s the next thing we get. Yoshi takes off the mask. It’s him, but he’s very different. His hair has been pulled back in a pony tail in the traditional samurai style. A Lock of hair in the front has been colored red. Half of Yoshi’s face has been pained in the same style as his mask. The two lock up. Tyson starts on offense, but Yoshi turns the table. The action is back and forth between the two getting offense in. Yoshi knocks Tyson out of the ring and we cut to an ad.

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We’re back to the match. Yoshi throws Tyson out of the ring. Tyson tries to save himself, but Yoshi kicks him out. He goes for the dive, but Tyson turns it around. He beats on Yoshi on the outside and rolls him into the ring. He continues on offense and goes for a pin. He beats on Yoshi leaving to Neck breaker and goes for another pin. He uses the ropes and poses for the crowd. He goes back to beating on Yoshi. The crowd is chanting for Yoshi. Another pin by Tyson. Yoshi Kicks out. Yoshi manages to back drop Tyson and both are on the mat. The ref counts. Tyson rolls out of the ring. Yoshi gets up. Tyson pulls him out and rams him into the ring. Tyson gets a boot and Yoshi roll him in. Yoshi goes to the top rope and drops a chop on Tyson. He’s now fired up on offense. He goes for a pin, but Tyson kicks out. Yoshi builds to a big move, but Tyson cuts him off with a kick. He goes for pin. Tyson can’t believe that Yoshi kicked out. Kidd goes to the ropes and flies. Yoshi gets the knees. Yoshi goes to the top rope again. Tyson kicks him down. Tyson is holding his elbow. Yoshi is sitting on the topes. Tyson goes up. He tries to slam Yoshi. Yoshi holds the ropes and Tyson falls. Yoshi flies and gets a leg drop on Tyson. He rolls him up for the win.

WINNER: Yoshi Tatsu

Next: Regal vs. Darren Young

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Match: Darren Young vs. William Regal

Darren is out first. Regal is out next. They lock up, and Regal goes on offense. He tosses him out of the ring and heads out after him. He picks him up and slams his head on the matt. He then pulls him over to the commentary table. Striker gives Regal his head set, he says into it, “will you please apologize to Matt.” Regal rolls him into the ring. Darren is going “please, no more”. Regal stomps on his foot and goes back on offense. Darren is able to whip regal into the post and take over on offense. He stops to turn to Striker to tell him that this should be him. The crowd is chanting for Regal. Darren continues on offense. Darren gets his leg around Regal. He says “This is my house.” Regal breaks the lock, but Darren manages to regain the situation and continue the offense. Regal slaps over Darren. He gets him in the corner. The ref pulls him off, Regal says “I know the rules.” He goes back to work on Darren. The ref pulls him off and scolds Regal. Regal in the mean while is kicking Daren as the ref is looking right at him. The Ref looks down, and Regal looks up and shrugs like a little school boy. The lock up and Regal slams Darren Young onto the matt. Regal wraps Darren’s feet up into a hold. And then we hear Striker say “Screw this”. JTG has appeared, but striker is there to stop him. Striker takes out JTG on the ring side, “what are you doing? Mind your own Business.” he scolds him. Regal gets up from what would have been a hold and puts a kneed to Darren young. Regal gets the pin for the win.

WINNER: William Regal

After the match, Regal pushes Darren young of the ring. Striker on the other hand has gone ballistic at JTG. He takes off his coat jacket and starts unbuttoning his shirt as he gets into the ring with Regal. Can you say tag match anyone?

The NXT logo runs in the corner and the show is over for this week.

Grash Says…

For those who are new to NXT. Here’s a primer to what you are watching. NXT is a show based around the concept of pairing FCW rookies with WWE Superstars to help prepare them for the main roster. The show previously was part reality-show with challenges, immunity points. Competitors would be eliminated as seasons came to the close. The current season of NXT shifted dramatically with the additions of Derrick Bateman, AJ, and Maxine to the show. NXT’s reality show trappings of earlier seasons have dropped away in favor of Smackdown\WWE ECW like show. The Rookies are still vying to win the season, but the means to winning it is much more vague.

Three storylines dominate the show right now. The first is a battle between Titus and Bateman. Titus has Hornswoggle whom is now “dating” AJ. This is contrasted with the “power couple” of Bateman and Maxine. The previous two weeks we saw Bateman get help from Maxine. Maxine get help from Bateman to win. This week we saw two things happen. First, Maxine came in to the ring to make a save for Bateman from Titus. A diva came into the ring to save a male wrestler. Second, we saw how the Power Couple handled their first setback. In short, they had an angry wild make up kiss.

The next storyline deals with the conflict between Yoshi Tatsu and Tyson Kidd. After winning the Necklace on a Pole Match, Yoshi took a beating from Tyson Kid. This lead to an absence of a few weeks on TV for Yoshi, leading up to his return with a new costume tonight. Yoshi’s costume is a modern and edgy incorporating elements of traditional Japanese culture. The mask design and face paint are from Japanese Noh theater. The conflict here revolves around Tyson Kidd having disrespected Yoshi in many different ways. Yoshi, in return, is out to avenge the disrespect to his pride.

The last story line deals with a rebellious Darren Young against the established WWE stars. One of the issues in play here is that Darren Young through the first Nexus group got hot shoted up the card only to crash back down. He main evented Summerslam last year. Has faces John Cena one on one. And he’s now back to NXT. He’s resentful for this, and tells everyone. A second factor is Darren is now on his own after his pro was released from the WWE. Now with out a guide, Darren turns his attention to those whom he feels are not holding him back. Matt Striker over the past few weeks has taken the brunt of this on the losing end of two good matches. Regal, no longer able to sit and watch has now entered the fray. Regal has multiple objectives in doing so. First, he’s looking to reestablish the proper respect a youngin’ like Darren should have. Second, there’s a sense that Regal is looking to mold Darren into what he should be. What Regal is doing is effectively becoming Darren’s Pro in the vacuum that now exists. JTG has been on and off in conflict with Regal. His appearance and subsequent beat down by Striker sets up a tag match and the start of a Striker-JTG feud to go with it.

I would like to wish Todd Grisham best of luck at ESPN. I enjoyed your work on this season of NXT. You will be missed. Jack Korpela is our replacement on NXT. To be honest, I’ve seen little of Jack before tonight, and haven’t been very impressed of what I have seen from FCW and Superstars. This doesn’t mean I’m not going to give him a chance here on NXT. It’s possible he might grow on to me. I just don’t know.