WWE NXT Recap (on WWE.com)
September 13, 2011
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

“I said we are wild and young!”

Jack throws the show to Striker in the ring who has something to say. He talks about the hockey term of “Goons” and refers to JTG and Darren Young as Goons. JTG’s music hits. JTG comes out with Darren Young. JTG calls Hockey as not a real sport. He then calls Regal as a “Hater”. JTG isn’t going to get played like some Xbox. He says he’s better than Regal. Striker says Regal is better. There’s a Regal Chant. Regal asks to explain what he just said. JTG uses this as proof that he’s getting played. Points to his forehead and asks if this say Xbox or Sony PS3. (( no, he’s a Wii, and he went wii wii wii all the way home.)) Darren takes the mike. He says that the old pros don’t respect the future. JTG says don’t be hating. Regal says they’re doing what they are doing this to teach them a lesion. Regal says what does it feel like when a washed up old man beats you. Regal tells them that he’s “straight up gangsta tripping”. Striker and Regal chase JTG and Young out of the ring. Regal puts a wigga cap on his head.

Bateman will be teaming with Tyson Kidd.

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MATCH: Bateman & Tyson Kidd vs. Titus and Percy Watson

Percy does not have the glasses he wore. Percy and Bateman start in the ring. They lock up and Percy gets the better of Bateman. Percy tags in Titus and they double team Bateman. Derrick rolls of the ring and tags in Tyson. Tyson does some high flying stuff and Percy tags in. He gets a tag. Bateman distracts Percy and it gives the chance for Tyson to take over on offense. Bateman and Kidd go to work on Percy. Bateman gets a long drop from the ring to the floor on Percy. It’s given a replay. Back in the ring Percy is in the heel corner. Titus tries to jump out to save his partner but the ref stops him. Heels do more shenanigans in as the ref is turned. Regal talks how the heels are doing good tag team strategy to keep Showtime in the corner. Jack asks “Where is Hornswoggle”. Regal does not know. Bateman goes to a pin attempt. It leads to a head lock. They fight to there feet for a drop from Bateman. Bateman tags Tyson in. He holds Percy to set up a missile drop kick from Kidd. Kidd goes to the top rope. He does for another drop kick, but Percy manages to get up and reverse it with one of his own. The both drop the matt. It sets up a double tag. Titus is fired up as it happens. The crowd is with him. Bateman is a rag doll as Titus goes to work. Pin attempt after a scoop slam. Kidd breaks it up and then goes out and takes out Showtime on the outside of the ring. Bateman goes for a pin attempt. He then goes on offense, but Titus pulls a power move out of thin air and slams Bateman for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Titus and Percy Watson

Later will be AJ vs. Maxine

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AJ is talking on the phone leaving a message for Hornswoggle. Maxine walks up. AJ asks where Hornsowggle. Maxine says Hornswoggle took off with the Bella Twins for Palm Springs. Maxine then pulls out her cell phone and shows AJ a picture on it. We don’t see it. AJ doesn’t believe it. AJ walks off and then Maxine Says, “Photoshop is great”. (Yes it is)

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Match: AJ vs. Maxine

AJ is out first to her sugar pop music. Maxine is out next. She has DX-Green color on her tron. They lock up and start screaming. Maxine is mocking AJ about hornsowggle right away. Jack goes if Hornswoggle went off to Palm Springs with the Bella Twins, “He’s the man”.. but he has doubts that this happened. In the ring, Maxine is beating on AJ. The crowd is chanting for AJ. There is more screaming. Maxine asks “where you boyfriend at?” Maxine is dominating the match. Regal talks how all the divas are beautiful. I don’t care about what else he says. Jack says “It’s hard to be pretty with a black eye. Or A broken nose”. Ouch. Taken out context that’s wrong. AJ manages to turn the table on Maxine to take over on offense for the first time. Maxine uses the ropes to get advantage on Maxine. And Maxine slams AJ for the pin for the win.

WINNER: Maxine

Titus comes out after the bell to check on AJ.

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MATCH: Regal & Striker vs. JTG & Darren Young

Regal’s Music hits and he comes out. The Classroom bell rings and Striker is out next. He is your teacher. JTG is next and Darren Young is with him. Michael Cole walks out. No Music. He getting boos. The bell rings before he reaches the desk. Cole says hello to everyone. Says this is where he got his start. And then turns to Jack. He has no clue who he is. And then asks where did the other guy go? ((To the Mothership. But don’t expect to get beamed up Cole. You lack intelligent life now)) Cole is taking over on commentary. Jack is getting called “Jim”. Jack has to explain to Cole how we got this match. In the ring, Striker and Regal pick up JTG and ram

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We come back to the action and Cole is back to dominating the conversation. Cole is destroying Striker. There is action in the ring, but it’s taking a back seat to the Cole’s antics. Striker is taking a beating in the ring. Jack is now taking the brunt of Cole. Cole brings up Zack Ryder’s show and how it gets more hits than NXT. Cole points out that Regal has no place to take offense to JTG running his mouth on him when Regal has done it his entire career. Cole likes JTG and his attitude. Cole kills Striker using hockey terms to get a cheap pop. Regal is tagged in to the match. He does a few moves. Striker is tagged back in. And Striker goes on offense. JTG comes to the ring, Regal catches him and tosses him out. He goes to work on him on the outside. Back in the ring, Darren has turned the tables and hits the heat wave on Striker and gets the pin for the win.

WINNERS: Darren Young and JTG

After the bell, Cole says Striker should stay as a host. NXT is about what is new, not about the old vets. Then the Uso’s run out and toss out JTG and Darren Young. They pose in the ring with the looking over them. Jack closes the show. Cole hears his name and is astonished to hear it for the first time.

And that’s it folks. The show’s over.

Grash Says…

This week’s thoughts will be kept short this week.

1) Percy Watson showed up tonight as Titus’s Tag team partner and looked good. Not excellent great, but had a good showing in the ring. Here’s looking to see more of him soon. The signature glasses which we had known him by are, however, gone.

2) Hornswoggle is missing, again. AJ now suffers from the lack of Irish Charm. Apparently the Bella twins who’s getting some Irish Charm instad, if you know what I mean. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

3) It was nice to see Cole on NXT till he opened his mouth and destroyed everything on this show. We talk about CM Punk being a pipe bomb. Cole tonight was a predator drone loaded to bear. No one, nothing got spared the wrath of Cole. Every single argument except for elimination that you hear about NXT on the internet from the Haters, a Canadian, two Irishmen, and a Smackdown recapper, came up tonight. *Ding!*

4) The Usos appeared tonight. We have no clue why. Did tonight’s match mean the end of Striker and Regal vs. JTG and Darren Young? It could be. Darren got a clean pin on Striker again this week. We’ll find out next week.

5) Yoshi Tatsu’s face has changed on the NXT website to the Noh Theater version “Dark Yoshi” (as he calls it) that debuted last week.

6) Yes. I am planning to Photoshop a Bella Twin\Hornswoggle Palm Beach image. With the snappy comments I made in this week’s recap, How could I not! It will lead off next’s week recap if it gets done.

In tribute to Cole’s work on NXT this week, I’m leaving off with some more Extreme this week. WARHEADS.