WWE NXT Recap (on WWE.com)
September 20, 2011
Dayton, Ohio
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

“I said we are wild and young!”

Percy Watson enters the arena. He’s just interrupted Jack and Regal. He’s in a suit. The Ring has red carpet and two couches. Percy welcomes us to the show, and introduces himself. He’s bringing out Titus. Titus Enters the Arena, he’s in a suit as well. It’s the Percy Watson Show. Titus has his own music. It’s some random rap (and rap is crap). Titus gets welcome and does a wolf call. Titus puts Percy over. Titus says he needs to win. JTG with Darren comes out. They’re making fun of Percy and Titus. JTG is a “tag specialist”. Titus reminds that Uso were out at the end of NXT last week. JTG says everyone are haters. Watson is says JTG and Darren’t time is nearly up. Darren puts him self over. Titus and Percy tell them to take off. JTG and Darren face walking up, but start a brawl instead. JTG and Darren get tossed from the ring. As Darren Walks to the back, he says this isn’t over.


It’s AJ. And this is a Divas match. We get a package of Maxine showing the “Photoshoped” image of Hornswoggle with the Bellas in Palm Springs. This leads to Maxine beating AJ in their match. Maxine comes out next. This week, Maxine is in Gold. Jack likes the outfit.

MATCH: AJ vs. Maxine

They lock up. It’s back and forth, with Maxine getting the advantage. IT leads to a neck lock hold spot in the middle of the ring. Maxine is in control as they fight to their feet. AJ tries to get some strikes, but Maxine keeps control. The ref breaks the two for a second. She yells at the ref. Maxine goes back to AJ. AJ tries to do a roll up pin. Maxine kicks out and beat on AJ for her own pin attempt. She’s frustrated at the kick out. It leads back in to another control segment in the middle of the ring. The ref calls to watch the hair. Maxine goes to the ropes with AJ. Maxine pulls AJ to the center of the ring and holds her again. They fight to their feet. Maxine throws AJ into post. She goes after her and hit the metal post when AJ moves out of the way. AJ starts on offense for the first time in the match. Pin attempt, Maxine kicks out. Maxine tries to turn the tables, but AJ gets a Shinning Wizard on Maxine. It’s the pin for the win.


Raw Rebound: Huge Jackman (Wolverine) puts over Zack Ryder.
Woo Woo Woo, You Know it, Bro!

Maxine walks up to Hornswoggle. She tells him that last week Titus got up cause he wanted to know what AJ’s eggs were like. Hornswoggle looks pissed and walks off. Maxine continues walking. She meets up with Bateman and Tyson Kidd. Maxine asks where the heck Bateman for in her match. Bateman says he was working with Kidd. She gets mad at him and tells him to look at the big picture that there close to separating AJ, Titus with Hornswoggle. Bateman says he understands. Maxine says no one can strategize like she can.
She then…

You can watch what happens next for yourself

MATCH: Yoshi Tatsu vs. Derrick Bateman

Dark Yoshi comes out to the arena. The character on Yoshi’s face is the character for pride. Derrick Bateman is out next with Tyson Kidd. Bateman does the HHH rope hold entrance piece, minus spitting water into the air.
They lock up. Yoshi get the advantage at the start and goes on offense. Jack stays that Bateman is happy to be with “a real submission expert”, a jab at Mr. Smackdown Money in the Bank Winner, Daniel Bryan. Yoshi is back on offense, and goes for a pin attempt. Bateman Kicks out, rolls out the ring and kits the announce table. Yoshi goes out of the ring for Bateman. Bateman turns the table around and put’s Yoshi’s nuts into the ring post. Bateman rolls in Yoshi and goes to work on him. Bateman is getting booed as he poses for the crowd. Bateman is beating on Yoshi again. It’s slow, but deliberate action. Bateman goes for another pin attempt. Yoshi kicks out. Bateman goes for a stretch turned into a backbreaker. Yoshi takes a bit more match, before he turns the tables on Bateman, and dropping him out f the ring. Bateman rolls back in and Yoshi goes to work on Bateman. He takes kick to the head. Kick out, Then a drop from the ropes. Bateman kicks out. A second drop from the ropes, Bateman rolls for pin attempt. Yoshi kicks out. Yoshi gets another kick, and goes for a pin attempt. Tyson Kidd enters the ring for the save. It turns into a beat down of Yoshi after the bell.

WINNER: Yoshi Tatsu via DQ

AJ meets up with Trent Barretta. He’s eating grapes. She meets up with Titus. Titus tells here that Maxine is full of it. Titus is going to get ready, tells to go find Hornswoggle. He hugs her as Hornswoggle walks up. AJ tries to approach him, but he shrugs her off looking at her “What was that” and he walks off.

MATCH: Percy and Titus vs. Darren and JTG
We are shown earlier in the show, the confrontation that lead to this match. The belling rings. Percy and Darren start the match. Early back and forth match, advantage going to Percy. Early Pin attempt. Percy tags Titus in. Titus goes on offense and dominates. Percy is tagged back in and goes back to work on Darren young. A pin attempt leads into a hold in the middle in the ring. They fight to their feet. They head to the face corner and Titus tags in. Darren pushes Titus back to the heel corner and tags in JTG. For a few seconds, Titus is fighting both heels. They finally break and Tells JTG to get in. He does and gets dominated right away. Darren gets tagged in and tossed over the ropes by Titus.

AD: HHH fires Miz and R-Truth

Back from ads, Titus is in the ring with JTG and he’s dominating him, Percy tags in. Regal says he might have cut open his ear. It add character he says. Percy is now dominating. Percy gets drop kick that Regal loves. JTG gets whipped and slides under the ropes. He points to Regal. As he turns around he gets a baseball slide from Percy. While the ref isn’t looking Darren young takes the advantage to Percy. JTG goes to work on Percy. Darren is tagged in and JTG and Darren work together on Darren before Darren takes over on offence. Jack is talking about how Mis and R-Truth got escorted out last night. Regal was one of the men who helped. Regal says he’s been tossed out a few times as it is nothing. JTG is tagged back in. He goes back to work on Percy. Darren is tagged back in. Percy is taking a beating from Darren and JTG. Percy tries to go for a bridge, but Darren kicks out and Darren goes back on the beating. Pulling Percy into the corner as JTG is tagged in. JTG goes back to work on Percy. Darren young is tagged back in. He does to work on Percy. Percy manages to drop Young. It sets up a got tag to Titus.

He comes in hot and explodes on Darren. The first pin is broken by JTG. Percy gets thrown out. JTG is tossed out by Titus, but turns his back on Darren. Darren manages to take advantage of the situation and hits his Heatwave on Titus. It’s the pin for the win.

WINNERS: JTG and Darren Young

After the match, the Uso’s are back and beat on Darren and JTG. The both go to the top ropes and do Superfly Splashes on both of them at the same time. The Uso stand tall in the ring and then roll to the back. The NXT logo runs in the corner of the screen. The show is over.

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