WWE NXT on WWE.com
October 5, 2011
Biloxi, MS
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

Note: NXT is now airing on WWE.com at 4pm on Wed.

“We Are Wild and Young…”

WE enter with Tyler Rex and Curt Hawkins entering the arena. We cut to a package showing Rex and Hawkings beating on the Uso’s at the end of last week’s show. They’re invading NXT because WWE is in chaos. They say it’s their show tonight. Rex is patting on the back for walking out on HHH. He say he hates HHH for given opportunities to 2nd Gen people. They say have haven’t squanadered an opportunity because they haven’t got one. They’re working it like early DX and getting heat. The Uso come out to dispute what they are saying and getting cheered. They hate the two taking advantage of the situation with HHH. They refer back earlier when Tyler and Rex said the system won break them…. but they will.

We will see video of the walkout on HHH from Raw.


Match: Titus O’Neil vs. Derrick Bateman

Titus O’Neil is out first. He is alone. Regal says he doesn’t have any problem with HHH as COO of the WWE. Derrick Bateman is out next with Maxine at his side. The bell rings and Bateman starts on offense right away. Titus turns the table quickly and gets on some high power offense on Bateman. Batman manages to get his feet up as Titus heads in after him. It hits Titus face level. Bateman goes on offense. The two are switching quickly on getting some offense to being on offense. This ends when Bateman goes for the first pin and continues on offense. Jack tells us that Hornswoggle is not here because he has moved on to Smackdown. Titus been taking a beating, and commentary ask if Titus has lost his spark because Hornswoggle has left. Titus gets some explosive power, but Regal mentions about looking into Titus’s eye seeing his fighting spirit coming back. Titus begins going on a dominate offensive run. He gets a pin, and then does his wolf call. Maxine distracts Titus; it allows Bateman to cut his feet off and then go for the pin and the win. Maxine walks into the ring to celebrate the win with a kiss on Bateman’s lips. Regal say Titus needs to go back and refocus on what made him good earlier in this season of NXT.

Winner: Derrick Bateman


Raw Rebound: Package of events leading to the walkout on HHH. This includes the stars, diva, refs, cameramen, and even commentary.

Yoshi encounters JTG and Darren Young. Yoshi is without makeup, JTG and Darren Young make fun of him of wearing makeup. HE looks down at a mirror with H8 in a circle with a line through it. The word “Yeah” is below it. Yoshi looks down and says they took it (his makeup) and he’s pissed.

Match: Yoshi Tatus vs. JTG

Yoshi is out first. He has his mask, but not his face paint. JTG is out next with Darren young. The bell rings and JTG jaw jacks Yoshi. JTG rolls out of the ring and taunts him on the outside of the ring. JTG hides behind Darren young as he continues to taunt him. Yoshi cold clocks Darren Young. JTG rolls back in. Yoshi follows him, but JTG uses the advantage to go on offense on Yoshi. He works him over for a while. The crowsis booing as this continues. Yoshi finally turns the table to the cheer of the crowd. Regal says Yoshi has the hardest kicks he’s felt in almost 28 years. Yoshi goes to the tops topes and does a flying rolling leg drop on JTG. It’s the move that gets the pin for the win.

Winner: Yoshi Tatsu


Match: Daniel Bryan vs. Heath Slater

Daniel Bryan is out first, He is looking at his Money in the Bank Briefcase. Slater is out next to his country rock sound. The bell rings. Slater jaw jacks Bryan before they lock up. Bryan gets the initial start. Bryan looks intense tonight. Slater gets the second go around and some offense till Bryan gets a missile drop kick. Bryan wraps up Slater’s legs and jumps. He then goes for a pin attempt. Slater kicks out and turns the tables on Bryan. The cheeto muchers in the crows are chanting for Daniel Bryan. Slater continues on offense. Bryan rolls out of the ring. Slater goes out to continue the offense. Bryan turns it around. He runs over the edge of the apron and drops on Slater. He pumps his fist and yells. The crowd gets into it as Bryan rolls Slater in and goes on offense. Slater turns it for short period before Bryan hulks up and goes all out on Slater. Pin attempt, Slater kicks out. Slater turns around, and is visibly holding Bryan’s tights. The exchange strikes and Bryan gets a throw and sets up a Regal stretch submission for the win.

Winner: Daniel Bryan by Submission


Tag Match: Curt Hawkins and Tyler Rex vs. The Usos

We get a package from earlier to night that sets up tonight’s match. Curt Hawkins and Tyler Rex are out first. The Usos are out next and they perform a traditional Samoa War Dance to pump themselves up before the match. Regal loves it. Curt starts the match. The Uso take over on offense first. A Tag is made and Rex takes over on offense. The heels work one of the Usos in the heel corner. Rex and Hawkings are working as a unit right now and dominating the match. This is till we get Rex flipped and we get a double hot tag. The Usos are on fire now and Hawkinks is getting pwoned. Curt turns the table and gest a pin. The match devolves into a tag smosh with all four in the ring. The illegal Uso gets thrown out only to pull Rex (who is also not the legal man for his team) out with him. Super kick by the legal Uso on Curt. He climbs up to the top, But is stopped by Tyler before the other Uso gets him again. Give Hawkins the chance to throw him from the ropes. Rubbing his face from the Superkick before he goes to the top and drops on to the Uso and gets the pin for the win. After the match, Curt and Tyler mock the Usos.

Winner: Curt Hawkins and Tyler Rex

And that’s the show…

Grash Says…

Going forward with NXT, the old Trappings of the competition and the reality show have finally died. There’s likely one last hurrah left in the tank, but that’ll happen when the word “redemption” finally gets dropped from the NXT and a new opening gets made.

What we have now is Smackdown-style storylines paired with Superstar quality matches. And this is a potent mix as today’s shows. It was just fun to watch. Everything was established and had a reason for happening. Even Daniel Bryan vs Heath Slater was random, but was fun to watch as well. Commentary explained why Bryan looked like he was Grizzly Redwood and the look of constipation on his face the entire match. With a context for why a match is taking place, the story that needs to be told in the ring is clear and easier to understand. Great work from commentary in their role in this department here.

Ultimately, this episode is one that you could give to someone new, and they could sit down and enjoy it. Hopfuly get hooked, or rehooked for someone whom has seen NXT before. To test this, I challenged the long time haters at the Wrestleview International Desk to watch this week’s show. Time will tell if they sober up enough do it. I’ll tell you next week if they did.