Superstars Results – 10/6/11

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WWE Superstars Results
October 7, 2011
Report by: Jason Namako of

Hello everyone, this is Ring of Honor on Sinclair recapper Jason Namako, bringing you all a recap of yesterday’s edition of WWE Superstars, which made its way back to the United States on WWE. com and the YouTube WWE Fan Nation page after a 2 week hiatus where the show only aired in overseas markets. Now, with that out of the way, the intro has hit, Adelitas Way is playing the theme song, so let’s get on with the show!

We kick things off with the RAW portion of the show, as our announcers are Josh Matthews and Scott Stanford.

Alex Riley vs. JTG

Riley tries to begin this match with a lock-up, but JTG kicks him right in the knee. JTG with a big right hand knocks down Riley and sends him reeling to the corner. JTG then unloads with an array of stomps and right hands in the corner, all the while talking trash and taunting Riley before the referee has to get in between JTG and Riley. JTG breaks but then Riley sends him back into the corner and unloads with right hands of his own. Irish whip by Riley is reversed but JTG misses the charge into the corner. This allows Riley to go off the ropes and nail JTG with a flying forearm. Riley throws up the A-Bomb and catches it before nailing JTG with an elbow, almost in a People’s Elbow like kind of fashion to it. JTG staggers to the corner, where Riley greets him and goes up for the 10 punches in the corner. Before Riley gets to 6, JTG gets out of the corner and sweeps Riley’s legs out from under him, crotching him in the turnbuckles.

With Riley still in that precarious position, JTG then drives Riley to the mat, back of the head first. JTG goes for the cover, but only gets a nearfall. JTG then with a flurry of right hands and a hard shot to the kidneys of Riley. JTG with an Irish Whip, but Riley holds on to the ropes. JTG charges in, and Riley catches him with a back elbow. Riley then charges in, but JTG catches with a unique maneuver, a hip toss into a neckbreaker of sorts, as Riley lands right on his head, but JTG only gets a nearfall. JTG is somewhat frustrated, but then delivers an elbow to the top of Riley’s head, and locks in a rear chinlock. JTG talks more trash to Riley, as the fans start to get behind Riley. Riley gets back to his feet, and throws some gut shots to JTG, breaking the hold. JTG comes back with a blow to the back as Riley goes back to the corner. JTG with a kick and tries to Irish Whip Riley out of the corner, however Riley reverses and sends JTG to the buckles. JTG tries to charge out with a clothesline, but Riley catches him with the Game Changer(STO takedown).

Both men get back to their feet as JTG tries to charge in again, Riley moves out of the way and comes off the ropes. JTG misses a sledge and Riley knocks him down. Riley with a clothesline. JTG then misses a clothesline attempt, and as JTG comes off the ropes, Riley catches him with a spinebuster. Riley is fired up and measures JTG for something. Kick to the gut and Riley connects with the Implant DDT, but only gets a nearfall as JTG kicks out at the last second. Riley seems a little surprised as he goes to pick JTG back up, however when he does, JTG drives him back first into the turnbuckles. Riley misses a clothesline and JTG scores with a back suplex into a neckbreaker, a move ROH star Jay Lethal uses to win matches, but only gets a nearfall. JTG can’t believe it and brings Riley back to his feet. Club to the back as JTG sets up for a swinging neckbreaker, however Riley counters out. JTG misses a clothesline and Riley lifts him up and connects with the Early Dismissal(TKO) for the victory.

Winner: Alex Riley by pinfall(Early Dismissal)

Video is then shown, the same video from this past Monday’s RAW, of the ending to the Hell In A Cell PPV, of the near riot with the attack by The Miz & R-Truth.

Michael McGillicutty vs. “Showtime” Percy Watson

McGillicutty has a new TitanTron and new music as he makes his way out to the ring. Percy goes for a lock-up but McGillicutty waistlocks him down to the mat and talks trash to Watson. Watson tries to go after McGillicutty, but McGillicutty gets over to the corner, and the referee gets in between them. Percy goes for a lock-up again, but McGillicutty with a kick to the gut. Side headlock applied by McGillicutty, but Percy Irish whips him out. Leapfrog by Percy and he catches McGillicuity with an overhead throw. McGillicutty goes to the corner, and as Percy tries to go after, the referee gets in between both men again. This allows McGillicutty to hit Percy with a right hand while the referee was distracted.

McGillicutty then drives Percy face first into the middle turnbuckles with a Flatliner-like maneuver. McGillicutty then unloads with stomps in the corner on Watson and chokes him with his boot. McGillicutty measures Watson and nails him with a dropkick that only gets a 1 count. McGillicutty then plants Watson with a hangmans-style neckbreaker for a nearfall. McGillicutty locks in a rear chinlock on Watson, as the crowd tries to get behind Percy. Percy tries to roll out of it, but McGillicutty keeps the hold applied. Percy back up to his feet and delivers gut shots to McGillicutty, but McGillicutty fires right back with a knee to the gut. Irish whip by McGillicutty sends Percy to the corner. However, as McGillicutty charges in, Percy catches him with a boot to the face that reels McGillicutty, and then Percy connects with a step-up enziguri.

Both men are down as the referee begins his 10 count. Both men are back up by 3 as Percy connects with a couple of forearm uppercuts. McGillicutty misses a clothesline and Percy comes off the ropes with a flying clothesline. Percy then hits a dropkick of his own as he gets the crowd fired up. McGillicutty now staggered in the corner, as Percy unloads with stomps and right hands of his own in the corner. Percy then brings out McGillicutty out of the corner and nails him with a short-arm clothesline. Percy goes for the Showtime Splash(180* Splash), but McGillicutty gets the knees up. McGillicutty then hits the McGillicutter(Running 1 Handed Snap Neckbreaker) and gets the win.

Winner: Michael McGillicutty by pinfall(McGillicutter)

As we head into the Smackdown portion of this week’s show, our announcers are Jack Korpela and Matt Striker.

A.J. vs. Tamina

Lock-up to start things off, but Tamina drives A.J. face first to the mat, showing off her power. Tamina with a knee to the side of the head but misses with the elbow, as A.J. rolls out of the way. A.J. of the ropes and slides under the legs of Tamina, evading her. A.J then goes into a wheelbarrow position, setting up possibly a bulldog out, but Tamina with her power hot shots A.J. throat first across the top rope.

Tamina with a forearm uppercut that sends A.J. hard to the mat. Tamina then connects with a neckbreaker and goes to setup for some sort of submission maneuver on A.J. Tamina locks in a Camel Clutch as the referee asks A.J. if she wants to give up. A.J. says no as the crowd starts to get behind her. A.J. back to her feet tries to fight out of the hold, but Tamina again drives her face first to the mat. Tamina then with a stiff kick to the ribs as she locks back in the Camel Clutch. A.J. tries to fight out, but Tamina nails her hard with a Crossface shot, and locks back in what is now a chinlock. A.J. again back to her feet and tries to break out of the hold with a kick to the knee of Tamina, but Tamina drills her with a headbutt to the side of the head, sending A.J. back down to the mat. Tamina then with 2 kneedrops right to the head of A.J., but only gets a nearfall. Tamina, a little frustrated, argues with the official about the count, but then goes right back to the chinlock. Crowd once again tries to get A.J. back into this match as for a 3rd time, A.J. gets back to her feet. A.J. kicks the shin of Tamina, finally breaking the hold. But again, Tamina then drives A.J. back down to the mat, this time back of the head first. Tamina lifts A.J. for a slam, but A.J rolls off the shoulders and delivers a kick to the back of Tamina’s legs. A.J. starts to head off the ropes, but Tamina grabs her by the hair and drives her once again back down to the mat. Tamina with a leg drop and places A.J. in position, as Tamina goes to the middle turnbuckles. Tamina goes for a headbutt off the ropes, but A.J. rolls out of the way.

A.J. connects with a standing Sliced Bread #2, or Asai DDT, and gets the win out of nowhere.

Winner: A.J. by pinfall(Asai DDT)

Video is shown of the WWE Be a Star Campaign, featuring Sheamus.

Ted DiBiase vs. Tyson Kidd

Lock-up and DiBiase with a side headlock. Irish whip by Kidd and DiBiase with a shoulder knockdown. Kidd goes reeling back to the corner to try and collect himself. Lock-up again and Kidd with a waistlock. DiBiase reverses with an arm wringer, but Kidd with a kick to the gut, breaks that hold. Kidd with a club to the back and Irish whips DiBiase. DiBiase, however, reverses but as Kidd comes off the ropes, he puts on the brakes and goes out to the floor to catch a breather. DiBiase goes out after him, as Kidd was trying to goad him out there. Kidd misses a clothesline and DiBiase nails him with a couple right hands. Kidd fires back and kicks DiBiase right in the leg and then nails with a spinning kick right to the head, sending DiBiase crashing to the floor.

Kidd back in the ring to break the referee’s 10 count, goes right back to the outside and brings DiBiase back into the ring. Kidd goes for a cover, and gets a close nearfall, as DiBiase just manages to kick out. Kidd with a leg drop as replay is shown of that big kick that Kidd delivered earlier. Back to action, as Kidd with an elbow right to the face of DiBiase, then Kidd begins to stomp away at him. Kidd unloads with an array of forearms and elbows on DIbiase as DiBiase goes to the ropes. Kidd with his knee, chokes DiBiase on the middle rope, then as DiBiase goes to the corner, Kidd with a stomp and chokes DiBiase again, this time with his boot. Irish whip by Kidd and he connects with a back elbow, but only gets a nearfall out of it. Kidd locks in a reverse chinlock as the crowd starts to get behind DiBiase. DiBiase back to his feet, but Kidd knocks him back down with a club to the back. Kidd begins to talk trash as he slaps DiBiase across the back of the head, and kicking at him in a disrespectful manner. DiBiase had enough of it, and fires back with right hands on Kidd, but Kidd comes right back with a spin kick to the gut. Kidd off the ropes, but in usual DiBiase fashion, DiBiase goes off the ropes with him, and drills Kidd with a clothesline.

DiBiase, fired up, connects with an inverted atomic drop and a right hand that knocks Kidd down. Kidd misses a clothesline and DiBiase off the ropes, drills him with a running knee to the face, but only gets a nearfall. DiBiase charges Kidd, but Kidd nails with a unique mule kick, as with the momentum, Kidd backflips himself using the ropes and lands on his feet on the apron. DiBiase charges in again, but Kidd catches him with a shoulder to the gut. Kidd with a slingshot O’Connor Roll only gets a nearfall, then DiBiase counters him with a rollup for a nearfall of his own. Kidd misses a clothesline and DiBiase locks in and connects with the Dream Street for the win.

Winner: Ted DiBiase by pinfall(Dream Street)

Video is shown of the company-wide walkout that closed Monday’s RAW as we go to credits.

My Thoughts

Some quick thoughts of some individual performances before I get into overall thoughts:

• Alex Riley slowed down somewhat, which is a good sign, but he really needs to stop acting like he is the new age Rock, it doesn’t work Alex, quit it.

• JTG did a good job as a heel, and did a good job of slowing Riley down, keeping the match at a solid pace. Nice work.

• Gotta say, McGillicutty impressed me as a heel. Great intensity, nice cowardly heel stuff when he needed, and bumped nice for Percy on the comeback.

• Percy has good babyface fire, and has that likability that is going to get him a long way in this company going forward. Has flashy stuff, but not too flashy where it will hurt him in the long run.

• Tamina did a fantastic job as a big woman heel in her match with A.J. Nice cut-offs, good viciousness in her offense. Another one who really impressed me this week.

• A.J. was outstanding as a FIP. She, to me, as so much likability to her that if pushed and marketed the right way, could be the next big female babyface star for this company going forward.

• Tyson Kidd was a lot better as a heel this week than I have seen from him in a LONG time. He did what a cocky heel is supposed to do, trash talk, hit a couple moves, be sneaky, and bump like crazy when he is thwarted. Another one who impressed me.

• Finally, the babyface stuff from Ted Dibiase is really starting to come together for him, and for that, I am happy to see. Great fire, nice timing on the comebacks, and the crowd is starting to get behind him, which is a good sign.

Overall though, I thought this was a solid edition of Superstars this week. None of the matches had anything necessarily wrong with them, although there wasn’t that blow-away good to great match that we are accustomed to usually hearing about or seeing from this show, however it was still a solid show overall.

If you have a free hour to kill, and you want to see some solid performances from some of the low to mid-card talent that you may not normally get to see on RAW or Smackdown, then I would recommend checking this week’s show out.
That will do for this week’s edition of WWE Superstars, I will be back on Monday for the usual Ring of Honor on Sinclair recap, so have a good weekend everyone, see ya Monday!