I had gotten an idea for a themed column that I would like to try out. I tried looking for the individual who gave me the idea, and I can’t find it. So, whomever gave me that idea, please get in touch with me, so I can provide the proper credit.

Now, then, on to another themed column for the end of the year Palace celebration.

The Palace’s New Year’s Resolutions for the World of Professional Wrestling

World Wrestling Entertainment
It would be nice for WWE to admit that TNA is legitimate competition, because their consistent denials of that is getting really old. If TNA wasn’t competition, why would Bret Hart be debuting on January 4th? I know it’s petty to say this, but it’s still something I would like to see the monopoly master admit.

I’d like to see someone else new challenge for the world championships. It appears Batista and Cena are the forthcoming challengers for the title heading in to the Royal Rumble. I personally would like to see some new blood get in to or get back in to the title picture for world championships. Perhaps Christian can vie for one title on one brand, and perhaps MVP on another. MVP I know is a pipe dream now, after what’s transpired with his career since winning and losing two United States Championships, but still, he should’ve been rewarded for having the longest US title reign in history, and I’d like to see his story end with at least a brief title reign at the top of the mountain.

I’m interested to see someone new win the Royal Rumble. Let’s look at the past winners of the Rumble from the previous 5.

Randy Orton, John Cena, The Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, Batista.

With maybe Mysterio and Hacksaw Jim Duggan as the only exceptions to the rule, there has been no upset winners of the Rumble at all. Having someone like Morrison, MVP, even Sheamus or McIntyre, if they’re champ or not, winning the Rumble would be something majorly new to the road to Wrestlemania. If there was ever a chance where the beginning of the road to Wrestlemania can be drastically different than the normal road.

With the WWE Championship on Sheamus, and the amount of talk that has been running rampant throughout the world of wrestling pundints, its definitely the time for some new blood to come in to the Road to Wrestlemania as main event level stars. This is the best chance for new blood to come in.

Total Non Stop Action Wrestling
With the onset of the biggest day in TNA Wrestling history, its sink or swim for the Orlando, Florida company. Putting all their eggs in one basket with Hulk Hogan is either a major league sink or sim proposition. I think it’s a dangerous precedent for TNA right now in their state. WWE threw a major curve ball at TNA, whether Stamford says it or not, with signing Bret Hart, and I personally believe that the general wrestling fan is going to watch Raw on monday, January 4th, regardless of the situation, because of Bret Hart signing with WWE. Yes, I think 12 years after the fact is really pushing it, and all that other stuff that I’ve said for days on end, but the facts are the facts.

AJ Styles as World Heavyweigjht Champion is definitely so long overdue, but the deal that I am beginning to see is whom is going to take the title from AJ when the time comes. Joe has the World title shot from feast or fired, but whether or not TNA is ready to give Joe another shot at the brass ring is anyone’s guess. I would love to see it, but the facts are the facts…. there is no major league competitor for the TNA title at this time.

Kurt Angle needs no more title runs. Kurt Angle needs to make sure that the roster of young talent have the chance of doing the right thing, especially with this high onset of older talent coming in to the fold. I know that the chances of that are slim, but this is a pipe dream wish of mine.

The rest of TNA is such a cluster . right now that trying to wish anything specific is really difficult . The last thing I want to see is what is likely to see, and that’s an nWo 2.0 reunion. I’m listening to WNL’s Craptacular as I write this, and they have a good point if the rumours are true of Waltman and Scott Hall are coming back for 1/4.

Ring of Honor Wrestling
Kind of interested to see how things happen when ROH returns to New York seven weeks after Final Battle for the 8th Anniversary Show. I was at the 7th and 6th Anniversary Shows and both shows were amazing, especially with their main events, (Danielson/Nigel at 6YA, KENTA/Nigel at 7YA). They need a major league main event for a show at this event, and they do not have the star power available to challenge Austin Aries to pull it off.

Jay and Mark Briscoe are the World tag team champions. I would like to see them continue their feud with American Wolves as the Wolves and the Briscoes are the two most hard hitting teams in ROH. I think the Briscoes need to get as much exposure as the champs at this time, because it’s most likely that ROH will lose the Briscoes and the Young Bucks to WWE and TNA in the near future. With that happening, ROH is continuing to be the minor leagues to TNA and WWE, and their own survival is becoming a definite troubling situation.

Independent Wrestling
I want Evolve and Dragon Gate USA to run New York. Yes, I am a selfish sumbitch, I want the two most talked about independent wrestling companies to run New York, so I can see the whole show as to why they are the talk of the town. After that, I want to see Davey Richards sign with the major leagues in some form, and get a major run with the majors. Outside of that, I’d like to see ROH continue, but we’ll see how things progress as time goes on.

January 4th, 2010 is a major league day in pro wrestling. As the guys from WNL depicted rather eloquently during the craptacular, the whole future of wrestling will be dictated for the bulk of 2010 will be illustrated through 2010 on 1/4. One way or another, January 4th is going to be something to behold, and I am anxiously waiting for the material that this day will provide.

Take care, and thanks for reading.

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