WWE Superstars Results
October 13, 2011
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Hello everyone, this is ROH and FCW recapper Jason Namako back for a 2nd week to fill in and give to you all a recap of this week’s edition of WWE Superstars. The intro has hit, Adelitas Way is singing the opening, and the pyrotechnics has lit up the arena, let’s get on with the show!

We start things off with the RAW portion of the show, with Josh Matthews & Scott Stanford as the announcers.

Santino Marella vs. JTG

Santino goes for a little karate action to start things off, but JTG gets the referee to back Santino off. JTG then goes to talk a little trash, but Santino throws up the Cobra, and this sends JTG scurrying to the corner. They finally lock up, and Santino with a side headlock. JTG breaks out with a right hand to the kidneys, and then locks in a side headlock of his own. Irish whip by Santino, and as JTG tries to come off the ropes with a shoulder knockdown, Santino sidesteps him and JTG goes into the ropes, with a look of sheer bewilderment. JTG charges in, but Santino brings him down with a drop toe hold. Santino then goes round and round in a helicopter like motion with the amateur riding to JTG, as another way to get inside his head. JTG, back to his feet and obviously not amused with the actions of Santino, kicks him in the gut and then mockingly laughs at the fans.

JTG sends Santino headfirst into the turnbuckles and then Irish whips him into the corner. Santino however, goes up and over JTG and scores with an armdrag as JTG charged in. Santino with a scoop slam and then sets up for the Cobra. JTG sees it coming and again scurries into the corner to get away. Referee tries to move Santino away, and this allows JTG to deliver a dropkick to the gut of Santino, doubling him over in pain. JTG then charges in and delivers a hard forearm to the lower back of Santino, sending him to the mat. JTG then with stomps and clubs to the back of Santino. JTG rolls Santino over for a cover, but only gets a 1 count. JTG then unloads with knees into the lower back of Santino. JTG rolls Santino back over, and this time only gets a nearfall. Santino now in the corner, as JTG with a hard Irish whip, and Santino crashes into the buckles, then whiplashing down from its velocity. JTG pushes Santino into the ropes, and then connects with a side backbreaker, but that only gains JTG a nearfall. JTG with another club to the back of Santino, then locks in the Longbow Backbreaker submission hold(a version of the Bow & Arrow pulling back on the head & legs, with the knee driven into the back). Crowd tries to will Santino back into the match, as Santino gets back to his feet. Santino delivers back elbows to break JTG’s grip, but JTG then fires right back with another club to the back, sending Santino back down. JTG then taunts the fans as he lifts Santino back up, and throws him into the ropes again. JTG with another forearm to the lower back of Santino, sending Santino right back down to the mat. JTG does the same thing once again, as the crowd chants “Santino” to get Santino back into the match. JTG goes to throw Santino into the ropes for a 3rd time, however when Santino goes into the ropes, he comes back with a running forearm that reels JTG.

JTG misses a clothesline, and Santino with 3 left hands and a forearm that knock JTG down. JTG charges in, but Santino with the split and then hip tosses JTG down. Santino off the ropes, but as he goes for the headbutt, JTG rolls out of the way. JTG goes to lift up Santino, but Santino with a forearm to the gut, and then hits the Santino Stunner(Stunner with a split). Santino once again set ups for the Cobra, and this time he connects for the victory.

Winner: Santino Marella by pinfall (Cobra)

“The Great American Nightmare” Drew McIntyre vs. Alex Riley

Lock-up as McIntyre brings Riley over to the corner. Referee has to get in between both guys to get a clean break. McIntyre taunts to the crowd as he & Riley lock up again. Riley with a side headlock, but McIntyre is able to maneuver himself to the ropes to force a break. Riley breaks, but McIntyre cheapshots him with a right hand. Riley now in the corner, as McIntyre wails away at him with right hands and stomps, before having words with the official. Riley comes back and unloads with right hands of his own in the corner. Irish whip by Riley reversed, however McIntyre misses the charge in the corner, which allows Riley to come off the ropes and nail McIntyre with a flying forearm. McIntyre is sent headfirst to the turnbuckles by Riley, who then goes up for the 10 punches in the corner. Riley connects with all 10, then comes off and nails McIntyre with fall-forward DDT out of the corner that only gets a nearfall. McIntyre rolls to the outside to gain his bearings. Riley slingshots to go out after McIntyre with a dive, but McIntyre sidesteps him and Riley goes facefirst off the steel steps.

McIntyre has Riley back in the ring and locks in a head and arm submission hold, pulling at both body parts. Riley gets back to his feet and breaks McIntyre’s grip with a gut shot and a forearm. Headbutt by Riley as he Irish whips McIntyre to the buckles. Riley charges in, but McIntyre gets the boot up, however McIntyre only gets a nearfall. Riley now in the ropes as McIntyre brings down all his weight across Riley, choking him. McIntyre kicks at the arm of Riley and then drives his boot across the side of Riley’s head. McIntyre connects with a vertical suplex for another nearfall, and then goes back to the head and arm submission hold. Crowd tries to get Riley back into the match as Riley gets to his feet. Riley with a forearm to break the grip and then delivers another headbutt. Right hand by Riley and then Irish whips McIntyre. However, McIntyre reverses the whip and nails Riley with a back elbow. McIntyre to the outside and sets up Riley across the apron. McIntyre then delivers a club right to the throat of Riley as McIntyre heads onto the ring apron. McIntyre with a stomp right to the forehead of Riley as he heads back into the ring. Riley tries to come back with a gut shot, but McIntyre clubs him across the back, knocking Riley down. McIntyre on the mount, delivers a flurry of right hands to Riley, before the referee has to pull him away. “Let’s Go Riley” chants by the crowd as McIntyre throws Riley against the ropes. However, Riley comes back and nails McIntyre with a back elbow. McIntyre charges in, but Riley sidesteps him and throws him over the ropes, but McIntyre hangs on to the ropes and lands on the apron. Riley blocks the right hand attempt and nails McIntyre with one of his own. Riley whips McIntyre, sending him ribs first against the ringpost. McIntyre flops back into the ring, clutching his ribs.

Riley with a running forearm and a clothesline. McIntyre misses the clothesline and Riley scores with a spinebuster. Riley is fired up and as McIntyre gets back to his feet, Riley connects with an Implant DDT, but only gets a nearfall. Riley with a kick and a right hand as he Irish whips McIntyre again. McIntyre however, reverses and breaks hold of the whip. Riley charges in, but McIntyre catches him and scores with a sitout spinebuster for a close nearfall. McIntyre is angry as he begins to punch himself in the face out of sheer frustration. Riley in the corner now as McIntyre nails him with a clothesline. McIntyre tries to bring Riley out for a short-arm clothesline, but Riley counters and backslides McIntyre, but McIntyre counters out of that and underhooks Riley, setting him up for the Future Shock DDT. However, Riley counters the Future Shock and lifts up McIntyre. Riley hits the Early Dismissal for the victory.

Winner: Alex Riley by pinfall (Early Dismissal)

We head over to the blue brand, with the lone Smackdown match on this week’s show, with announcers Jack Korpela & Matt Striker.

Main Event: “The 1 Man Southern Rock Band” Heath Slater vs. “The Personification of Domination” Ezekiel Jackson

Lock-up and Jackson brings Slater over to the corner. Jackson breaks, but not before messing with Slater’s hair. Slater is not too happy with it, but Jackson tells him to be quiet. Slater continues to vent, and Jackson tells him to be quiet again with the “Shhh” finger. Slater thanks him with a kick to the gut and begins to unload on Jackson with right hands. Jackson fires back with a gut shot and big club to the back of Slater, knocking him to the mat. Jackson with another gut shot as he goes to Irish whip Slater. Slater then gets nailed with a big shoulder knockdown by Jackson. Jackson lays in stomps to Slater, then brings him back up to his feet. Slater goes headfirst off the turnbuckles as Jackson then lays in another gut shot. Slater tries to retreat to another corner, but Jackson follows him in and delivers a big shoulder to the gut. Jackson with another shoulder to the gut and then Irish whips Slater hard into the corner. Jackson lifts up Slater for the Torture Rack, but Slater gets out and lands on his feet. However, Jackson charges in and clotheslines Slater over the ropes to the outside.

Jackson tries to bring Slater back in, but Slater catches Jackson and hotshots him across the top rope, rocking the Guyanese Goliath. Slater comes back into the ring, and begins to unload with kicks and right hands in the corner on Jackson. Jackson shoves Slater back and then as Slater charges back in, Jackson drills him with a big boot. Jackson with an elbow drop, but only gets a nearfall. Jackson lifts up Slater and sets him up for what appeared to be an Oklahoma Stampede, but Slater rolls off his back and sends Jackson facefirst into the turnbuckles.

Slater comes off the ropes while Jackson was staggered and scores with a running neckbreaker for a nearfall. Slater with an elbow to the back of the head, and starts raining in right hands and clubs to the back of Jackson. Slater continues the attack in the ropes, and has to break before being disqualified. Jackson now in the corner, as Slater charges in and connects with a running forearm. Slater unloads once again with right hands and kicks to Jackson. Jackson spins Slater around and fires back with some more gut shots. Jackson charges in, but Slater gets the boot up. Slater goes up to the middle turnbuckle and grabs ahold of Jackson. Slater scores with a Tornado DDT for a nearfall. Slater with another cover, but only gets a 1 count. Slater locks in a rear chinlock as crowd tries to get behind Jackson. Jackson breaks Slater’s grip with more gut shots, but as Jackson tries to get back up to his feet, Slater comes off the ropes and nails him with a front dropkick, however that only gets another nearfall. Slater locks back in the rear chinlock and delivers a flurry of elbows across the chest of Jackson, then reapplies the hold. Jackson tries to get back to his feet, but Slater with more elbows to knock Jackson back down. Slater goes off the ropes and delivers a hard kick to the ribs of Jackson. Slater goes back to the corner and charges in, connecting with another front dropkick, this time to the side of Jackson’s head, but only gets a 1 count. Slater locks back in the rear chinlock, but Jackson uses his power to lift Slater up, and send him crashing into the turnbuckles, breaking the hold. Slater jumps onto Jackson’s back, locking back in the chinlock, but Jackson drives him right back into the turnbuckles. Slater charges in, but Jackson catches him and connects with a side slam.

Slater now in the corner, as Jackson measures him and drills Slater with a big clothesline. Jackson is fired up, as he lifts up Slater for the Torture Rack, and Slater gives up to give Jackson the victory.

Winner: “The Personification of Domination” Ezekiel Jackson by submission (Torture Rack)

We close out this week with highlights from this past week’s show and the main event of RAW in his entirety, with the announcement of Triple H & CM Punk vs. The Miz & R-Truth by RAW Interim GM John Laurinaitis as we go to credits.

My Thoughts

Overall, I thought last week’s episode was much better than this week’s was. While the matches this week were decent, there wasn’t that good to great match that you would normally see. Just a bunch of showcase matches with not a whole lot of back and forth competitive action.

This week was mainly matches to get over Santino, A-Ry and Zeke. And while I felt it did its job on all 3 accounts, it wasn’t something that I finished watching and said, “This was a good show”. It was more of “This was OK, but nothing special”.

Hate to say it, but I would not recommend watching this week’s Superstars. Again, while nothing was downright awful, it was just kind of there, and I hope that it rebounds next week to be the Superstars we all know and love. But this week, it was basically throwaway material.

My Grade: C

Well, that will do for it for this week’s Superstars, I will be back on Monday for the Ring of Honor and FCW TV show recaps, have a good weekend everyone and I will see you Monday!