Notes from the Nosebleeds #46
December 26, 2009
By: Matt O’Brien of

Greetings to all. It was last year on Christmas Eve when I checked my email to see a message from Hunter Golden letting me know I was being brought on as a columnist for Wrestleview. Simply put, it made my night. I know that several people put their name in the mix to join the staff, so to stand here alongside the great staff of Wrestleview means a lot to me. From the readers I have had the dirtiest of criticisms and the most heartfelt of compliments. All criticisms sent my way go under serious consideration and all praise has been very humbling. I don?t mean to blow smoke, but my praise goes out to all at Wrestleview. From the columnists to the radio show host and everyone in between and outside, they do a phenomenal job and don?t hear it enough. My thanks go to those who have read what I have put out there. Your words, be they positive or negative, mean something to me. Thank you.

The Wrestleview staff, particularly Joshua Piedra and Mr. V. (I apologize if I am leaving anyone out) has done a great job putting together the year-end awards for 2009. With 2010 about to kick off, I have decided to look into the year 2010 and what may be coming our way. Here are the Bloody Kleenexes for what I have dubbed The Year Beginning Awards.

Year Beginning Awards

Best Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Wrestlemania Opponent

Say what you will about HBK, but every year he has participated at Wrestlemania he has been the bright spot on the show with the exception of a few (his match with Vince at WM22 and perhaps his earlier work before WMX). So far possible candidates for him are Undertaker, Triple H or some sort of match involving Bret hart and Vince McMahon. A reader by the name of Suzanne has mentioned to me a couple of times she would like to see DX vs. The Brothers of Destruction. That would be a leftover dream match from the Attitude Era, but still be very intriguing and make for a great match should they choose to make it a title match for the Tag Team Championship and make DX heel or maybe even put Bret Hart in the corner of Kane and Undertaker. Regardless, look for Mr. Wrestlemania to steal the show once again.

Best Storyline:
Something not involving TNA/Bret Hart’s return

Being that the incident in Montreal happened twelve years ago WWE will have to reeducate the crowd on this whole fiasco. A couple of video packages that company does so well at ought to do the trick. Aside from that, the story writes itself. With how much Montreal affected the business WWE cannot afford to ruin this story by making it anything less than the best thing they do all year. Bret Hart’s return also makes us believe in making amends. Regardless of where you stand on what happened back in 1997, to see Brat Hart take this step is significant, depending on what you think of him.

Best PPV Event:

This may seem like a cheap way out of this award, but Wrestlemania has unlimited potential this year. There are so many directions they can go.

Breakout Star for the Year:
The Miz

After The Bash back in June I predicted that Miz was only beginning to breakout and I still stand by that. I even predicted Miz to win the 2010 Royal Rumble, which is still a slight possibility. WWE needs to new stars and Miz is the perfect addition if he can continue to improve. Should they revisit his storyline with Maryse and have them unite, WWE could have a great heel alliance between the two with Maryse holding the Divas title and Miz as WWE champion.

Comeback of the Year:
Hulk Hogan

Many fans are upset by Hogan making his return whether he steps in the ring or not, but its significance is unavoidable. Whatever Hogan does in TNA it will draw the attention of the fans, be it praise and/or criticism.

Most Popular Wrestler of the Year:
John Cena

Best Heel of the Year:

Now that she is back, Maryse can continue to be the shining light of the Divas division. She has more potential and charisma in one hand than most of the roster.

Future Champions in 2010

Chris Jericho
The World Championship will come home to the greatest heel in the golden age of heels.

It’s time. Plain and simple.

John Morrison
Personally, I feel Morrison is all flash but I understand why others like him. WWE needs new stars and he is in the prime position to step up and grab the gold.

The Miz
He’s coming for you Cena.

Hulk Hogan
It’s going to happen. If they made Mick Foley a champion in 2009, why would they not make Hogan champion in 2010?

Desmond Wolfe
With Wolfe being a part of TNA and coming off a feud with Angle it would be silly not to build him back up again for Styles. I simply cannot think of better person, other than perhaps Hernandez, to become a newly crowned champ in the coming year.

Dream Matches of 2010

These two have fought countless times before but a match between them now would feel fresh should DX breakup for good or if tension arises between the two during Bret Hart’s return. Triple H could either try to get involved and HBK tell him off or HBK may fall back and ask fro Triple H’s help with Hunter saying he doesn?t want to get involved. An even greater twist to this would be if WWE could convince HBK to be the heel for this match, similar to what he did for his match with Hulk Hogan back in 2005. HBK could grow tired of Triple H always trying to protect him and seeing him the weak link of DX, turning on Triple H with a kick to the face.

John Cena vs. The Miz
Their matches in 2009 are only the beginning. Miz is on the rise. Once he is in the top echelon of WWE, there will be unlimited potential for what these two can do together.

Hulk Hogan vs. Mick Foley
Quality wise it would be unspectacular considering the age and shape of both men, but still it is one of those matches that on paper can either make you scratch your head or rub your chin.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle
Now that the real life ?animosity? between these two is being played out, another match between them is pending. This could be their best match yet.

Desmond Wolfe vs. Samoa Joe
Bad ass vs. bad ass.

Desmond Wolfe vs. AJ Styles
The most fresh and exciting main event that TNA can do this year.

Sheamus vs. Triple H
Triple H has been criticized for not building new guys. But keep in mind that when he does build someone, it means something. Just look at Batsita and John Cena. Sheamus would be the perfect guy to fight Triple H at Mania, especially if Triple H puts Sheamus over.

DX vs. Bret Hart and?Vince McMahon
Perhaps Vince could play up being on Bret’s saying that the whole thing was DX’s idea. They could do the match on Raw only for Vince to turn on Bret before the match even starts (since he cannot physically wrestle) but have Bret see it coming this time. Perhaps a DX and Hitman beat down on Vince could then ensue.

Awesome Kong vs. Hamada
Kong has fought just about everybody. As she teams with Hamada the tension could slowly build culminating in a show stealer at Lockdown.

Hopes for 2010

In 2010, I hope?

Hulk Hogan’s TNA run does something positive for the company. WWE needs competition.

WWE builds several new main event stars.

DX gets serious and starts taking names or breaks up for good. There run in 2009 was much better than 2006, but these are two legends of the business screwing around on TV when Triple H doesn?t have many years of his prime left and HBK doesn?t have much left period.

No more of our beloved entertainers pass away before their time. Many thanks and much love to those we lost in 2009.

I get another gold star from Mr. V. I am as giddy as a?well, schoolboy when I see my name in Mr. V’s Gold Star Segment.

You all have a great 2010.

Should you have some awards of your own, send them my way. Thanks for reading and have a happy and safe holiday season.

Matt O?Brien

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