WWE NXT on WWE.com
October 19, 2011
Mexico City, Mexico
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

“We Are Wild And Young”

The show starts with Matt Striker in the ring. Percy Watson is with Titus O’Neil and Maxine is with Bateman. Maxine is looking hot, as usual. Percy and Maxine go at it on the mic. Titus reminds us that has 30 redemption pints. They are going to have a Capture the Flag Challenge.

Capture the Flag Challenge
Worth 15 Points

Titus and Bateman are hooked to each other by belts they are wearing. Winner gets the most flags. There are about 4 to 5 flags on each side of the ring. Before they start, Bateman gets a good luck kiss from Maxine. They start and Bateman gets pulled around the ring by Titus. Bateman gets a flag eventually, and realizes quickly he’s going to lose. He turns around and beats on Titus. Percy goes to help, but is held up by Maxine. It’s enough time for Bateman to undo the belt and ditch the ring. Striker comes into the ring and says Bateman has been disqualified.

Winner: Titus O’Neil

Striker says that the Stunt that Bateman Just pulled got him a main event match. Titus and Watson vs. Bateman and a Partner of his choosing. Striker says he’s got 1/2 hour to find someone.


Yoshi Tatsu vs. Tyler Rex

Tyler is out first, Hawkins has a cane. He’s hurt from last week. Hawkins gets on the mic and puts over the video from last week of Hawkins getting hurt. Tyler gets on the mic. Calls the Uso unprofessional. He’s going to take out his anger and dedicate his matches to Hawkins. Yoshi comes out next. He’s got his mask, but no face paint again. Match Starts. Rex starts the match by overpowering Yoshi. He disrespects him and Yoshi goes on the offensive. Yoshi gets a big kick on Rex and continues his offense. Rex breaks free by pushing Yoshi over. He takes over on offense. Hawkins works the crowd, they go against Rex. Yoshi gets a slam on Rex and goes on offense before Rex overpowers him again. Yoshi breaks free and gets a big kick on that looks to rock Tyler. Rex Manages to right himself and reverse Yoshi. He continues on offense till he charges Yoshi in the corner and misses. It sets up a rolling leg drop from the top rope. It’s the pin for the win.

Winner: Yoshi Tatsu

After the match, Hawkins gets the ire of Yoshi. He goes for Hawkins, but is stopped by Rex. The two beat on Yoshi. The Usos run out and make the save for Yoshi.

AJ has a letter. Kaitlyn walks up to her. AJ is heartbroken still that Hornswoggle left for Smackdown. Kaitlyn tells her that is smells of Maxine and then she’s going to beat her like AJ has twice.


Kaitlyn vs. Maxine

Maxine is in the ring already. Kaitlyn is out next. She going to stop her mind games and show why She won NXT (season 3). They lock up right away.

AJ gets a quick pin attempt. Maxine turns the tables and goes on offense. Regal makes a bizarre point about a “one legged Elvis Impersonator singing blue Swede shoes.” Maxine is in control of the match at this point. The second time Maxine jumps on Kaitlyn, she manages to dump her and takes over on offense. Maxine gets a moment of struggle. Kaitlyn turns the table on Maxine and does a full nelson applied with her legs. Regal is shocked as he doesn’t remember the name of the move. Maxine taps to end the match.

Winner: Kaitlyn


Bateman talks to Tyson Kidd. He won’t be Bateman’s Partner, and calls Maxine crazy. Maxine walks up and Kidd walks off. Maxine is pissed that Bateman wasn’t at ring side. He tells Maxine there he still needs a tag team partner, and there are no Lucidors that speak English. JTG is walking in on scene. Maxine walks off camera and then rushes back with a big sloppy kiss on Bateman. She tells him to shave his stash. Bateman says “Biting now, I like that.” JTG spooks Bateman when he puts his hand on Bateman’s shoulder. JTG says he got a beef with the two guys he’s facing, so they can help each other out. “Like the last girl dancing at the club”. JTG will be Bateman’s Partner.


Main Event
Percy Watson and Titus O’Neil vs. Derrick Bateman and JTG

Jack says if it wasn’t for JTG we would be heading for a handicap map. Regal says we still are. Bateman and Watson start the match. The lock up and Watson gets throw. The break and Bateman riles the crowd. The lock up and Watson gets some offense. The break and Watson gets the crowd behind him. The lock again and Bateman gets a headlock on Watson. Watson gets to his feet and they run the ropes and he takes over on offense. Titus is tagged in. Titus goes on offense and dominates him. Percy any Titus are getting offense in and tagging back and forth in. They are controlling JTG in the corner. Bateman tries to make the save, but is tossed out. Then JTG is tossed out.


Bateman is in control when we return. He’s working with Percy. On the apron, Bateman gets some damage. Percy drop out of the ring. Batman screams loudly as he runs the apron and gets a drop on Percy. He rolls over and sits on his knees. Wow, He looks like the Ultimate Warrior right now. Regal says we need to see more of this from Bateman as we get a replay of it. Bateman has tolled Percy back in and continues his offensive. JTG tags in and continues on offense. Regal is surprised that he just said something nice about JTG. Regal likes his new aggressive attitude. The ref back is turned as Bateman gets a boot on Percy. The ref has to hold back Titus. In the meanwhile JTG gets a pin on Percy, but it doesn’t get counted. By the time the ref gets there, Percy kicks out. Percy gets put in the heel corner. At JTG gets some offense in, Bateman taunts Percy. Percy elbows Bateman, he falls to the pads. JTG gets on the second ropes and continues his offense. Bateman gets back up and tags in. get a pin attempt. They are fighting back to the face corner. Bateman pulls him to the center and gets some offense. Percy manages to lift Bateman on his back and turns it into slam. It sets up the double tag. And Titus comes in hot, dominates JTG and grabs ‘n shakes the ropes. He slams JTG for the pin. Bateman saves. Percy and Bateman struggle. Bateman tosses Percy out and gets to his corner. JTG goes on offense till he tags Bateman in. Bateman goes to the top rope, but misses Titus completely.
Titus turns it into a slam for the pin and the win.

Winner: Titus O’Neil and Percy Watson

The logo runs in the corner, and that’s it.

Grash Says…

WWE had voting open for little while asking who should win Season 5. It is no longer open. Not sure what to make of that.

For the Mexican Crowd, XNT submits them the awesomeness that is an NXT Challenge. This one was worth 15 points. This was the hope for Bateman to get some points to get back into the mix. He never had an opportunity to get any points to date. However Bateman is DQ’ed and Titus now has 45 points. This sets up the Main Event.

NXT is definitely working on Hawkins and Tyler Rex. And this week we got a hurt Hawkins supporting Rex in a match against Yoshi. Yoshi this week is without his face paint. It’s likely that it’s gone for good. On the other hand, the Mask is still around and that’s a feature I do like. The Uso show up at the end, to keep the feud between Hawkins and Rex going.

Maxine is on a losing streak right now. And seeing her lose and be angry with Bateman is hilarious fun. It will be interesting were they go with this next week. Does Bateman show up? I hope so. This power couple is a great pairing. I would love to see this on the main roster.

JTG was a great addition for Bateman for the main event. Granted this choice is a result of Darren Young getting suspended. JTG bumped great for Titus. Percy bumped great for JTG and Bateman. Titus looked powerful. And then Bateman. Oh my! Bateman found a new plane and channeled his inner Ultimate Warrior. Great ending to boot as well. This is a match which I will be nominating for WV’s MOTY.