WWE Superstars Results
October 27, 2011
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s edition of the WWE Superstars recap. 4 match set for the show this week, so the intro has hit, Adelitas Way is playing the opening theme, and if you all are ready, let’s get on with the show!
We kick things off with the blue brand of the WWE as our announcers for the Smackdown portion of this week’s show are Jack Korpela and Matt Striker.

WWE Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase

Lock-up and DiBiase locks in a side headlock and takes Rhodes down to the mat. Rhodes counters with a head scissors, but DiBiase escapes it. DiBiase with another side headlock and as Rhodes Irish whips him out of the hold, DiBiase nails him with a shoulder knockdown. Rhodes goes to the corner to get away as DiBiase wants to fight. Rhodes wants a test of strength, but as DiBiase obliges, Rhodes kicks him square in the leg. DiBiase now in the corner as Rhodes pushes him to taunt him. DiBiase with an Irish whip and scores with a back body drop for a nearfall. DiBiase locks in an armbar, but Rhodes tries to go for armdrag out of it. However, DiBiase holds on and rolls through it. Rhodes comes back with a right hand and a forearm to DiBiase. Rhodes tries to go for a hiptoss, but DiBiase counters out of it and connects with a running boot for another nearfall. DiBiase goes right back to the armbar, but Rhodes counters out with a forearm. Rhodes misses a clothesline attempt and a back elbow attempt, but is able to finally nail DiBiase with a dropkick for a nearfall. DiBiase back to the corner as Rhodes begins to kick away at him. Rhodes has words with the official before charging in at DiBiase. However, DiBiase sidesteps him and sends Rhodes through the ropes to the outside. DiBiase goes out after Rhodes, but Rhodes nails him with a knee to the gut and a forearm. Rhodes tries for his Beautiful Disaster kick, using the ropes as a springboard, but DiBiase has it scouted and creams Rhodes with a dropkick as we go to commercial.


Back to live action, as Rhodes kicks away at DiBiase again in the corner, but DiBiase comes right back with kicks of his own, along with some right hands. DiBiase goes up on the ropes for the 10 punches, and scores with them all, and sets up for a charge. DiBiase charges, but Rhodes sidesteps him and DiBiase charges into the ringpost, shoulder first.

Rhodes places DiBIase in the Tree of Woe, and kicks away at him. Rhodes taunts DiBiase, then lifts him up and connects with a gourdbuster for a nearfall. Rhodes locks in a keylock, as the crowd tries to get behind DiBiase. DiBiase gets back to his feet and breaks the grip with right hands, but Rhodes comes right back with a knee to the gut. Rhodes with a couple kicks to the gut and a club to the back that knocks DiBiase down. Rhodes then locks in a hammerlock. Rhodes grabs a hold of DiBiase’s other arm and puts him in a pinning predicament for another nearfall. DiBiase gets back up to his feet and breaks the hold with elbows to the gut. DiBiase then unloads on Rhodes with kicks and right hands. However, Rhodes comes right back and uses his mask as a weapon to headbutt DiBiase and gain another nearfall. Rhodes stomps on DiBiase’s hand, but DiBiase fires back using his non-stomped hand to punch Rhodes. DiBiase comes off the ropes, but Rhodes nails him with a knee to the gut. DiBiase comes back with a belly-to-back duplex, but Rhodes lands on his feet. However, DiBiase nails with a clothesline and an inverted atomic drop.

DiBiase goes off the ropes and connects with a flying Yakuza Kick for a nearfall. DiBiase with a kick to the gut of Rhodes and then connects with a sit-out spinebuster for another nearfall. DiBiase starts to go after Rhodes’ mask but Rhodes stops that with a back elbow and a forearm, while in the process also nails DiBiase with his mask again. Rhodes goes up top and hits a moonsault for a close nearfall. DiBiase gets up and charges, but Rhodes schoolboys him for another nearfall. DiBiase tries to go back after Rhodes in the corner, but Rhodes nails him again with his mask.

Rhodes sets DiBiase up and hits the Cross Rhodes for the victory.

Winner: WWE Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes by pinfall (Cross Rhodes)


“The Personification of Domination” Ezekiel Jackson vs. Jinder Mahal

Lock-up and Jackson locks in a side headlock. Mahal with forearms to the gut and Irish whips Jackson, but Jackson nails him with a shoulder knockdown for a nearfall. Jackson applies a wristlock, but Mahal fights back with right hands and a knee to the gut. Mahal set ups for a duplex, but Jackson blocks it and hits a duplex of his own for another nearfall. Mahal comes back and kicks Jackson in the leg, then hits a running boot for a nearfall.

Mahal stomps away at Jackson and then hits a neckbreaker for another nearfall. Mahal with another kick to Jackson and then chokes him on the ropes. Mahal breaks, then goes right back to choking Jackson. Mahal delivers a succession of knees to Jackson and gains another nearfall. Mahal locks in a rear chinlock and also nails Jackson with a forearm to the back of Jackson’s head. Mahal locks in a cravate, then delivers knees to Jackson’s head.

Jackson gets back to his feet, and comes back with a clothesline. Mahal goes to the corner to get away, but Jackson charges in after him and connects with a running clothesline. Jackson hits a succession of scoop slams to setup Mahal for the Torture Rack. Mahal tries to fight back with another kick, but Jackson Irish whips him and drills him with an avalanche. Jackson lifts up Mahal for the Torture Rack and Mahal has no choice but to tap out.

Winner: “The Personification of Domination” Ezekiel Jackson by submission (Torture Rack)


Back from commercial, we are now at the RAW portion of this week’s show, with announcers Josh Mathews & Scott Stanford.

WWE Tag Team Champions Air Boom (Evan “Air” Bourne & Kofi Kingston) vs. JTG & Primo

JTG & Kingston start things off and JTG begins to talk trash to Kingston, who responds with kicks to JTG. JTG with a right hand that knocks Kingston down, but as JTG Irish whips Kingston, Kingston evades him with a few leapfrogs, then hits a back elbow. Kingston tags in Bourne and they both hit kicks to JTG and connect with a double bulldog for a nearfall. Primo is tagged in and Bourne takes him down for a nearfall. Primo delivers right hands to Bourne, but Bourne Irish whips him. Primo goes for the up and over, but Bourne stops himself to fool Primo. Bourne nails him with a knee to the head, but doesn’t hit the 2nd one and this allows Primo to tag back in JTG.

JTG kicks away at Bourne and hits a swinging neckbreaker for a nearfall. Primo tags back in and Primo sweeps out Bourne’s leg and hits a leg drop, followed by an elbow drop for another nearfall. Primo locks in a rear chinlock as the crowd tries to get Bourne back into the match. Bourne gets back to his feet, but Primo pushes him into the ropes and hits a forearm to Bourne’s back. Primo does in a couple more times, and then sets Bourne up for the Back Cracker. Bourne holds on to the ropes to counter out and tags in Kingston.

Kingston connects with a clothesline and a dropkick. Primo goes to the corner to get away as Kingston gets ready to charge. Kingston charges, but misses a splash in the corner. Primo goes after Kingston, but Kingston comes back and hits him with a pendulum kick. Kingston nails JTG off the apron and then Kingston springs off the ropes and hits Primo with a cross body for a nearfall. Kingston is all fired up and hits the Boom Drop. Kingston sets up for Trouble in Paradise, but is distracted by JTG. The distraction allows Primo to roll up Kingston, but only for a nearfall. Primo goes for a springboard, but Kingston gets out of the way. Kingston setups and hits the SOS for another nearfall.

JTG tries to go after Kingston, but Bourne comes in and nails him with a flying knee. Primo tries to send Bourne over the ropes to the outside, but Bourne holds on and drills Primo with a kick. Kingston connects with Trouble in Paradise on Primo, then tags in Bourne, who hits Air Bourne for the win.

Winners: WWE Tag Team Champions Air Boom by pinfall(Air Bourne)


Back from commercial, we see highlights from this past week’s RAW before our main event.

Main Event: Eve Torres & Kelly Kelly vs. The Bella Twins

Eve and Nikki Bella start things off and Nikki retreats to the corner before Eve has a chance to do anything. Eve slides under the legs of Nikki and rolls her up for a quick nearfall. Eve hits a clothesline and then connects with the shake-a, shake-a standing moonsault for another nearfall. Nikki comes back and chokes Eve in the ropes. Then while Brie has the referee distracted, Nikki with a chopblock takes out Eve’s leg.

Nikki grabs a hold of Eve’s arm now and uses the ropes to attack the arm. Brie tags in as Nikki continues to work on Eve’s arm. Eve tries to fight back and get to her side of the ring to make the tag, but Brie prevents that and brings Eve back to the Bella side of the ring. Nikki tags back in and both Bellas drive Eve back of the head first to the mat below for a nearfall. Nikki hits a scoop slam and locks in an armbar. Eve gets back to her feet and breaks the grip with multiple kicks. Eve goes for a Sunset flip, but Nikki counters by dropping her knee across the chest of Eve. Brie tags back in and hits a double axehandle from the middle rope across Eve’s arm. Brie locks in a keylock as the crowd starts getting behind Eve to will her back into the match. Eve gets back to her feet and connects with a Samoan Drop to break the hold and makes the tag to Kelly.

Kelly goes up top and hits a Lou Thesz Press onto Brie. Kelly with spanks to the posterior of Brie, followed by a rana. Kelly nails Brie with a forearm, then connects with a running bulldog. Brie now in the corner, as Kelly gives her the Stinkface. Nikki stops that though, and hotshots Kelly across the top rope. Eve comes in and dropkicks Nikki off the apron to the outside. Brie tries to go after Kelly, but Kelly kicks her and hits the K2 for the win.

Winners: Eve Torres & Kelly Kelly by pinfall (K2)

Eve & Kelly celebrate their win as we go to credits.

My Thoughts

I thought this week’s episode of Superstars was a little bit better than last week, but as I said last week, it just didn’t have that “Oomph” amazing match that Superstars has been known to provide a lot this year.

Not going to go in too much detail of the matches, but I did think everyone this week put on a real good effort and worked hard to put on solid, entertaining matches.

Divas were solid, Zeke/Mahal was OK, Rhodes/DiBiase was pretty good, and the tag match was really good.

All in all, a solid, but somewhat unspectacular week for Superstars. Hopefully, they can pick up the pace and get back to where they were earlier in the year with the quality of matches this show can produce.

My Grade: B-

Well, that will do it for this week’s recap of WWE Superstars. I want to thank you all for reading, enjoy your weekend, and I will be back on the Day of Fright, Halloween, with the Ring of Honor & FCW recaps. Until then, have a good weekend everyone, see you Monday!