WWE NXT on WWE.com
October 26, 2011
Houston, TX
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

“We Are Wild And Young”

Jack sends it Striker. He’s in the ring with Titus and Bateman. Striker says there are only two rookies left. JTG and Maxine are with Bateman. Percy is with Titus. Bateman introduces JTG as his new best friend and Maxine as the love of his life. Bateman kisses Maxine. Titus cracks a dolphin phin jokes and puts himself over with a wolf call and a cheap pop to the crows.

Striker butts in and say they’ll be doing the “Talk the Talk Challenge” tonight.

Talk The Talk Challenge

Topic: Why should the rookie be the next breakout star.
Bateman goes first. He mocks the crowd. Makes a Dallas Cowboy joke. The Huston Crowd isn’t pleased with that either. Bateman says he’s the only rookie that could “Run with the ball” doing a captain Morgan. Bateman only caters to an audience of one. Maxine. Another kiss. Titus is up next and he gets a pop before he starts. Titus is wearing Pink trunks because he’s lost family to breast cancer. He’s the next break out star cause he’s dominated start to now. He gets the rest of the crowd to do the dog bark. Striker goes to the crowd. It’s no contest.

Winner: Titus O’Neil

Titus makes fun of Maxine. Percy makes fun of JTG. JTG slaps Percy. Smosz happens, but Striker stops it. Main event will be Titus vs. Bateman. Percy vs. JTG is now. Striker calls for a Ref to get in the ring.

JTG vs. Percy Watson

Ring side is cleared of everyone. Regal is bullshit at the Talk the Talk Challenge. Jack thinks Titus he did a good job. Percy starts off the match. JTG has roll out. He rolls back in and starts to beat on Percy. And then we get some Pie… Pie eating Jabroni Ads.


Back to the action, JTG is getting beat on. Regal says that Percy needs a Pro to take him under his wing and he’ll become a legit star. Percy is still dominating still JTG knocks him off ropes. JTG then stalks him and knocks him down on the outside. They roll back in and JTG takes over on a slow and deliberate offensive. Regal is still angry about Talk the Talk. JTG slams Watson on his back and goes to the ropes. He hotdogs and Percy catches JTG in the air. He goes on offense. Percy hits off a finisher called the “Percy-cution” and pins JTG for the win.

Winner: Percy Watson

Hawkins is complaining about getting suspended for causing Chaos from the walk out. Tyson Kid is there with him. Striker walks by and tells him he’s lucky it’s just a week. He then turns to Tyson says he respects him, but not Hawkins in a round about way. Also He’ll be in the ring with Jay Uso next.


Jay Uso vs. Tyson Kidd

The Usos come out to do their war dance… with Pyro. Tyson kid comes out next. He has Curt Hawkins as his valet tonight. Hawkins is walking down to the ring with a limp and a cane. Regal likes Tyson as he starts on offense. Jay turns the table and on Tyson and gets some offense in. Jay makes a mistake and Tyson capitalizes on it to get back on offense. Hawkin calls out to him, and he’s boo’ed down by the crowd. This offensive goes for a while till Jay is able to turn the table on Tyson. Tyson takes super kick, Jay sets up for a Superfly kick. Hawkins provides a distraction. At the last moment, Kidd gets his legs up. He gets a spinning fisherman and gets the pin for the win.

Winner: Tyson Kidd

After the bell Kid goes for a sharp shooter. Jimmy comes for save. Hawkins comes in and limps his way to knock down Jimmy. The Usos take a beating till Yoshi has to come down to make a save.


Raw Rebound
Cena vs. Miz and R-Truth… A handicap match after Zack Ryder gets jumped. Miz and Truth then jump Cena. Jonny Ace sets up a tag match at Survivor Series. Cena Chooses the Rock.

AJ and Kaitlyn are talking about the drama. Kaitlyn says shit about Tamina, as she walks up behind her. Kaitlyn turns around and continues to her face. She will face Tamina next


Kaitlyn vs. Tamina

Tamina is over powering Kaitlyn from the get go. Kaitlyn recovers by using her speed. Tamina gets a superkick on Kaitlyn and then she taunts her to get up. The pin attempt turns into a lock. Tamina is dominating still, but not putting Kaitlyn out of it. Kaitlyn manages to eventually work her way into a double leg nelson for the pin an the win!

Winner: Kaitlyn


Titus O’Neil vs. Derrick Bateman

AJ has already joined commentary for the Main event. Titus is out first. Aj is asked why she supports Titus. She mentions that Titus is without a pro and Maxine is wicked (as in wicked witch of the west wicked). Bateman is out next with Maxine. Maxine joins commentary. Ding goes the bell. The two guys lock up. Jack asks why Maxine is mean to AJ. Maxine thinks AJ is a little girl and doesn’t act like a woman. Titus is dominating in the ring. Regal is smiling as he sits back telling the girls to fight. I think we’ve all seen enough porn to know that’s going through his mind.
AJ says Maxine feeds off the souls of babes. Maxine returns fire on her relationship with both Titus and Hornswoggle. Maxine focus on the idea of BOTH. Regal has interrupt as Bateman rolls of the ring. He stumbles to the commentary desk. Maxine stands up to yell at him to get back into the fight. The crowd behind them are clearly chanting “Kiss the Fish.” Hilarious. Titus rolls out of the ring and gets Bateman to get him back in the ring. Bateman gets up quickly an does a flying baseball slide on Titus. He’s standing on the Apron and falls to the floor. Maxine makes fun of Titus calling him a Horse. Bateman jumps over the ropes on to Titus. Bateman is doing his Ultimate Warrior impression that is wicked, as in wicked awesome. We get a replay of him jumping over the ropes. Maxine is clapping “Yea Baby” cheering. Derrick rolls Titus back in for a quick pin attempt. Bateman goes on offense. Jack asks Maxine about her relationship with Bateman. She doesn’t deny anything and says they’re now called “BetaMax”. Jack asks Maxine is she really loves Bateman or is there for personal gain. Regal quips, Is there anything wrong with this? Maxine responds that she does love. AJ says she’s here to get back on NXT. Maxine says her boyfriend left her with Titus. Regal pulls attention to the match as Titus is slamming Bateman to the matt. Titus ramps Bateman down stands him up to knock him down again. He does his wolf call. Titus goes to the ropes and jumps towards Bateman. He dodges out of the way and Bateman rolls him up for the win.

Winner: Derrick Bateman

After the bells, Maxine jumps up right away happy for her man. She gets in the ring. He says it’s the greatest day of his life. He’s happy that he’s just beat Titus. “Ever since you walked on to my TV screen on Season 3 of NXT I knew I loved you. Everything I do, I do for you.” He has a question for her. He gets on one knee and asks her to marry him. The crows is ape shit. Maxine hits him for a pop, and then she kisses. Crazy kiss. Titus puts his hand up to shield AJ’s face. After they finally break, Bateman says “She Said YES!” Maxine’s music hits the arena as We get a recap of the Slap and the Kiss.

Grash Says…

Condolences to Dave Stephens & The International Desk, ROH Fans, and TNA Fans. The #2 wrestling show is now NXT. Smackdown is still #1, but Raw has taken a back seat to NXT now. There are a few reasons why this is happening. First, NXT does not have the pressure of Raw to build to any PPV. Second, there is no NXT Title. With that being a distraction, each week the storylines have to carry the day. The much hated challenges of NXT are now back, but these segments are now serving a purpose to drive the NXT storylines. NXT is also not afraid to carve out it own place in the WWE Universe. We’ve seen Yoshi, Tyson Kid, JTG, Tyler Rex, and Curt Hawkins’ all getting character development. Case in example, Before It was cool to like Zack Ryder, before it was cool to watch his Youtube show, He was ECW. I just named off five to keep an eye on going forward.

Of the five I just mentioned, Curt Hawkins, by far has his character pinned down to a T already. Tyson may have had more time on NXT already, but he’s not yet at the irritation level that Hawkins brings that is entertaining. Tyson on the other hand has become a great worker. So this paring will be highly productive. Finally, there’s JTG. Of everyone who’s been on NXT this season, JTG has had the most improvement. He’s fined tuned his Hoodness on the mic, but in the ring as well. Before, the perception if JTG was he was trying to sell me a watch. Now it’s the feeling I should get the heck out his man’s way before he shanks me in the eye socket and makes a gray matter slushy.

I like how they have introduced Kaitlyn to NXT and have started to build her character on the show. She also had a great match with Tamina, getting a plucky roll up win.

And there were two. Its official, Darren Young is out of the running for NXT. What we have left is our top Heel and top Face on NXT.

There seems to be a build toward the push to crown Bateman or Titus the winner for this season of NXT. I’m still not sure which one will win. The reason for this is the curve ball in that the Winner will be staying on NXT. Thus the loser gets the “Brodus Clay consolation prize” of getting pulled up to the main roster.

If the Ultimate Warrior had a love child with the Internet, it would be Derrick Bateman. Maxine is incredible with him, plus now I the awesome sound “BetaMax” to call this now “engaged” power couple. For which I must pull out old blue eyes… Yes The great one, Frank Senatra himself. Singing what most of you think is just that theme to “Married with Children.”