WWE NXT on WWE.com Results
November 2, 2011
Greenville, SC
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek


* During the recent WWE Investor Quarity Conference call, it was announced that Superstars and NXT would move to the WWE Network when it starts up.

* A few weeks ago, Darren Young was suspended for violation of the Wellness Policies. We found out that WWE has recently stepped up enforcement of “synthetic” drugs.

* Until further notice, I am happily using the term “BetaMax” to refer to the power couple of Maxine and Derrick Bateman.

It’s what Maxine wants, and I don’t want to make her angry. Though, she’s cute when pissed off!

The show starts with a “lovely” package of the hot and steamy romance of BetaMax. If you weren’t here last week, Bateman proposed to Maxine, and she said yes. With a focus on their luscious kiss, we get a heart transition to our theme.

“We Are Wild And Young!”

JTG’s music hits, he’s already in the middle of the ring. He asks “Hatersville”, what’s up? They cheer him. He’s getting a pop, while trying to get heat. He’s amused by it. JTG refers to Kim Kardasian divorcing after 72 days, and then introduces BetaMax. Derrick Bateman comes out carrying Maxine. They head into the ring, JTG high fives Bateman. Maxine takes JTG over the coals for NOT using the term BetaMax when introducing them. Bateman thanks him for the introduction and says he might be the best man. JTG whispers into his ear… ‘Best Fly Man”. Maxine looks over pissed and asks if he forgot anything.. Bateman says, “winning NXT”… Wrong. “How much I love you” is the next answer. Bizz… wrong again Bateman. Bateman looks over to JTG and he pulls out a case for him. It’s the ring. Bateman was in heat of the moment, wants to show the so-called southern gentlemen that chivalry is not dead, and most importantly “What 38 weeks of rookie salary can buy”. He opens the case. Takes the ring and kisses before putting it on her finger. They then kiss… Titus and crew come out. He makes fun of them kissing. Percy has a bag with him. Titus say they should have a show called the “Young and the Fish Lips”. The six go back at each other. Titus tells us that we’ve found Maxine’s Dad. Titus pulls from the bag, a fish. Percy does the voice of Fish dad. He says he doesn’t approve. Titus says he didn’t get take the bait. As in Bateman. Horrible, Horrible Joke. JTG has to hold Maxine back. Bateman rushes them and get tossed from the ring. Bateman and Maxine are livid. Titus starts singing “Under the Sea”. Striker comes out to clear this up. It will be a Six man tag with Titus, Percy, AJ vs BetaMax and JTG.

The Usos vs. Tyson Kidd and Johnny Curtis

The Usos come out and do their war dance. We get a package from last week of Tyson beating Jay. Stuff happens and Yoshi Tatsu has to come out to make the save. Tyson Kid comes out next. Tyson says Hawkins and Rex have been suspended. His tag partner is Johnny Curtis. Regal talks about how he loves Tyson Kid through out the entire season. Kidd starts the match with one of the Usos. They exchange offense till the Usos begin to dominate. This ends when one of the Uso pushes Kidd in to the corner and Curtis tags himself in. He goes on offense. This gives Kidd a chance recover. He gets tagged in but blows a move. It allows Jimmy to get tagged in. Jimmy Uso then goes on offense. He goes to the top rope by is distracted by Curtis. Curtis gets popped and falls to the floor. This allows Kidd to get Jimmy and knocks him down. We cut to a commercial…

… and with out an ad getting played, we’re back. Curtis is in control of the match and has Jimmy in a lock. Regal and Jack are playing up a knee injury. Kidd is tagged in and he goes to work on the leg. Curtis comes in and continues the offense targeting the leg. Jack and Regal are putting over targeting of body parts. Curtis is all smiles as he has Jimmy Uso in a hold in the middle of the ring. Jimmy manages to break the hold, but kicks Curtis to Tyson. He tags in. continues with a hold, till he’s kicked out of the ring. He tries to stop the tag, but is kicked away. Jay Uso comes in hot. Takes out Curtis and then knocks over Tyson. Back to work on Curtis and then takes out Tyson again. He goes for the pin, but Tyson saves it. . He does a jump from the apron, but gets caught and slammed on to the barrier. Back in the Ring Curtis gets slammed by Jay to get a super splash from Jimmy. That’s the pin for the win.

Winner: The Uso’s

After the match, Regal says that Tyson and Curtis will learn from this loss. Jack puts over the Usos as a potential future contender to the Tag titles.


Raw Rebound
The Muppets and WWE Superstars antics from Raw (10/31/11).

Our weekly talk between AJ and Kaitlyn. AJ is sick about the idea that Bateman and Maxine could have kid. “Maxine would give birth to pure hate.” Kaitlyn is unconfident in saying she’s got Tamina. They give each other a terrorist fist pump and head out.


Kaitlyn vs. Tamina
The lock up right away and Tamina starts on offense with power. AJ manages to turn the tables and get some offense in. This leads to a leg lock for a pin attempt. Tamina breaks the lock with elbows. Kaitlyn continues the offense till Tamina gets a boot up. Tamina goes in with power moves. It leads to three quick pin attempts. Tamina goes back to dealing damage to Kaitlyn. After another pin attempt, Kaitlyn breaks out and goes on offense. It’s stopped after a slap across her face. Tamina gets a lock on Kaitlyn. It’s reversed and the two struggle till Kaitlyn tosses Tamina into the ropes. Kaitlyn misses her move. Tamina tries to go for slam, but Kaitlyn reverses it and gets the win and the pin.

Winner: Kaitlyn

*Ads… well there should have been…*

Main Event: Mix Tag Match
Titus O’Neil, Percy Watson, and AJ vs. JTG and BetaMax

Titus and Co come out first. The BetaMax crew comes out next. Maxine is fired up and ready to go. JTG and Bateman have to hold her back and control her. The girls start off the match. Maxine is going right for the offensive. AJ gets a quick reverse for a pin attempt, Maxine takes back over on offense. It leads up to a pin attempt. After the kick out Maxine is slamming her hands on the matt frustrated at not getting the pin. Maxine continues the offense till AJ reverses and takes over. This leads to Maxine getting rolled to the ropes. She grabs them and AJ has to break. Maxine runs past AJ to tag in JTG. Percy comes in for AJ. Percy Runs the ropes and shows his athleticism as he tags over on offense. Titus gets tagged in shortly. With his dog call. he goes on offense and then tags Percy in. JTG manages to slide under Percy to escape the abuse and tags in Bateman. Percy manages to stay on offense. Maxine distracts Percy, and Bateman uses it to kick Percy and take over on offense. We get a review of the distraction, when we come back Percy is stuck in the heel corner and JTG is tagged in. JTG gets a lock on him, but they fight to their feet. JTG keeps control and continues the offensive till Bateman is tagged back in. Percy fights his way out of the Heel corner till Bateman returns back. Bateman gets Percy into a lock in the center of the ring. They fight to their feet and Percy gets a kick in. Percy tags in Titus and he’s fired up. He takes out JTG and goes to work on Bateman. Bateman gets a counter in , but Percy makes the save. JTG comes in to get Percy and the two tumble out of the ring. Maxine comes to check on Bateman, and AJ comes and cleans out Maxine. The two also roll out of the ring. Batman looks down to see if his girl is okay. Titus does his wolf call and then gets the big slam. Jack calls it the “Clash of the Titus” and gets the pin for the win.

Winners: Titus O’Neil, Percy Watson, and AJ

After the bell, Maxine is livid. Nuclear Vicky level of livid. It’s cute.

And that’s the show.

Grash Says…

On the spoilers for this week’s show on Wrestleview, Benji Dotan brough up the issue of the Fish Joke. “Fish lips? Ironic when WWE is running an anti bullying campaign and the FACES are the ones calling names.” And I agree with him on this point. Here’s how I see the “Fish Lips” Joke. It’s not that it’s a bad joke. Well, it’s a very bad joke.(I concede that point). It’s a bad joke done well. Done way too well. The crowd last week got into a “Kiss the Fish” Chant during the main event. So it’s every effective. And that’s the problem. When Titus and Co. are pushing a bad joke this hard, they look like heels than they do faces. Yes Maxine deserves this. Oh holy hell does she deserve it. But why do The Faces need to steep to her level? Awkward!

I have to pull out the Divas match this week as being not particularly good in the area of match psychology. Nothing ever got in a good grove that made sense. Given what was going on, match probably went too long. Finally the ending of the match makes no sense. Kaitlyn blows a big move only to reverse right away into a move for the win when Tamina picks her up. I do not blame Kaitlyn and Tamina for this. Kaitlyn is still very very green. Tamina, is not quite the worker of high caliber yet. She’s working her way to it, but not there yet. So, the real blame falls on to whom ever worked out the format of this match.

A lot of people have been complaining about when this season will end. We got our answer today. “Nobody knows when the season will end.” And to be honest with you, I’m perfectly fine with it. And so should you.

Normally, I talk about what we learned this week. And unfortunately, I have to say nothing to talk about. Don’t get me wrong, this week NXT was entertaining. The best part of the show was Maxine’s rage, but after that it just felt like that the show was just …

… going through the motions.