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November 9, 2011
Liverpool, United Kingdom
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

“We Are Wild And Young”

NOTE: Matt Striker and Josh Mathews are on commentary this week for NXT.

Matt Striker is in the ring with the two rookies. Maxine is there, so is Percy. Bateman says Maxine is the most beautiful woman in the world and kisses. Titus makes a fish joke, better this week, and says that he’s focused on winning NXT. Striker says he’s assessing them in and out of the Locker room. Music hits, and its Jonny Curtis. Curtis calls the people who watch show stupid, and hates the show. He trashes the rookies and then says Curtis says Maxine is too good for Bateman. Curtis apparently has dated Maxine Once. Curtis says he’s paid his dues. He’s not here to Do the Talk the Talk challenge. SO striker puts him in a match with Bateman against Titus and Percy.

Match: Trent Barreta vs Tyson Kidd

The match starts with a Trent Barreta chant. The two lock up and exchange moves and holds. Striker explains that Trent is trying to ground Tyson, but he has better ground game. This allows Kidd to take over on offense. During the match, Josh starts losing it. Striker has to ask if he can put on his headphones to hear what is going on. Josh shrugs it off. After several minutes, Trent breaks free. Rolls Kidd out of the ring. He goes for the dive, but stops then jumps down to the floor. The two fight, but Kidd gets the advantages and gets some offense


Back to the action, Kidd is in control of Trent in the ring. He’s got a neck hold on him. Striker and Josh are babbling on Commentary. Blah blah Balh… Back in the ring, Kidd is still in control till a double clothesline. The crowd is cheering for Trent. He takes over on offense and goes to the top rop. He flies across the ring for a pin. Kidd Kicks out. Trent continues the offense. Striker is still babbling on commentary. Kid gets some offense in and gets a brain buster. Trent however kicks out. Trent gets rolled out of the ring. Kidd lines up for an assault. Trent pushes him up on to the barricade. Trent then gets up and does a moonsault on to Kidd. The Ref counts as we get a replay. Trent rolls Kidd back into the ring. He slams onto him, but Kidd kicks out. The crowd is dead. As the Ref counts. Trent gets Kidd on the ropes. It looks like he falls and kid gets a leg submission. And he taps.

Winner: Tyson Kidd

Maxine and Bateman are arguing over “Skeletons in the Closet”. Curtis comes up, He talks about thins that weren’t satisfying. NXT is one. Maxine is the other. She slaps him. Bateman goes ballistic cause that’s his thing. He walks off. Curtis starts brushing Maxine’s hair. Bateman comes back and pulls Maxine away from him. Curtis rubs his jaw as he says, “Good talk, guys”.

Backstage Elsewhere
JTG is talking to Tamina. JTG is wigging out and wants to get back to the states. The Uso come up. They’re in disbelief that she’s talking to JTG. It turns into match between Jay and JTG. Jimmy will be with Jay, and Tamina with JTG to ensure nothing happens. That’s next.


Match: Jay Uso vs. JTG

Uso Bothers are already in the ring. JTG comes out with Tamina, and she pulls him down to the ring playfully by his chains. The bell rings. Takes a minute to get going. JTG gets the advantage and mocks the war dance. They lock up again, But Jay goes on offense. JTG is winning it’s a matte of speed, Jay wins when it a matter of strength. Striker is babbling again. Josh and Striker are quiet and wondering on other issues. In the meanwhile, JTG has taken control. Striker and Matt are not arguing about what to talk about. Jay takes over and goes for a pin. JTG kicks out. JTG reverses and goes on offense. Jay reverses it and goes to the top rope and flies across the ring for the win. Tamina looks pissed at Jay and Jimmy as she helps him to the back.

Winner: Jay Uso


Match: Percy Watson & Titus O’Neil vs. Johnny Curtis and BetaMax

Percy and Titus are out first. Maxine comes out holding both Curtis and Bateman’s hand. Bateman has to pull Maxine away. Bateman and Percy start the match. Percy goes on offense. Bateman has to tag in Curtis to save him. Percy manages to Tag in Titus. Maxine is going ballistic at ring side at Curtis. Percy is tagged back in and is beating on Curtis. Percy nocks Bateman off the ring, Curtis takes the advantage to throw Percy out. As the ref takes care of Curtis, Bateman beats on him on the outside and throws him back into the ring. Curtis goes back on offense. Bateman gets tagged in. Striker talks about liking the “La Parka” armbands. Josh says no one knows what he’s talking about. (#1 Unfortunately, I do. #2 Did Striker forget the tights and boots? #3 Comments like this is what Striker pulled form commentary in the first place.) Bateman Takes over on offense and continues to beat on Percy. Percy manages to drop Bateman. This turns into a double tag, but with no heat behind it. Titus comes out and over powers Curtis. Titus does the dog call and slams Curtis. Titus goes for the pin, but Bateman makes the save. Percy cleans out Bateman. The ref pulls back Percy. Behind the ref’s back. Curtis and Bateman double team Titus. Bateman rolls out of the ring and pulls Percy from the Apron. Curtis goes for the pin and the win.

Winners: Johnny Curtis and BetaMax

After the match, Curtis is snide with a smile as he tries to offer his hand to Bateman. Derrick will have none of it and pulls Maxine away.

The logo runs in the corner, and that’s it.

Grash Says…

Last week, I felt NXT was going through the motions. This week, however was a mess across the board.

Matt Striker and Josh Mathews are on commentary this week for NXT, and it was horrible. Striker was all over the place with irrelevant pieces of information. He was hardly on point related to the match at all, and when he was it was captain oblivious mumbling. Josh on the other hand, was left trying to clean up this shit. And unfortunately he got baited by Striker on several topics that distracted from the match. The talk about Survivor Series, for example came out of nowhere and was a distraction. This went on all night long. It’s like listening to Pink’s song “Boring.”

Trent and Kid didn’t click, and went too long with an ROH-like five star treatment. Simply put, who gave them this time was a mistake. Trent got gassed after the 10 minutes mark. And this ended up being the longest match of the night. Had this match been cut in half, it would have been better, and more time could have been given to the main event, which could have used it to put over some story elements.

JTG vs. Jay was a mess. JTG has been a heel successfully for week. And he talks to Tamina and the Uso, faces, get all in his grill. It turns in to a match, where Tamina has to be in JTG’s corner so the Brothers don’t cheat. Then on top of that, JTG loses the match and garners more sympthay with Tamina and us. When looked through how the Uso’s been shown vs. how JTG has been shown, and what is going on here. THIS MAKES NO SENSE! We will have to see how this progresses next week.

Curtis’ insertion to the mix doesn’t help the main event as well. Curtis walks in to NXT tonight like he’s Darth Vader. Don’t get me wrong, I like this angry, smarmy, Curtis. It’s great character for him. The problem is that this book ends the Faces acting like a bunch of jackasses. So Titus and Percy come across as heels. This leaves only Maxine and Bateman the position of having the Face role. The reason this happens is that we have nothing given to us to show us that Maxine and Bateman’s engagement isn’t legit. Curtis might be that factor, but however tonight was reestablishing Curtis’s role as NXT’s Ultra Heel. So going forward we should see this exploited. One of the reasons to introduce him this way is to make him the wedge between Maxine and Bateman. We shall see.

There’s going to have to be a lot of clean up next week to help sort of the steaming pile this week’s show.

I do read the comments that are posted on the recaps and any other news related to NXT (like the spoilers). Don’t be surprised that I will respond back, or tell you you’re wrong. I’m the professor of Wrestleview.