WWE Superstars Results
November 10, 2011
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s recap of WWE Superstars. The intro has hit, Adelitas Way is playing the opening theme, and if you all are ready, let’s get on with the show!

Our announcers this week are Josh Mathews & Matt Striker.

Justin Gabriel vs. “The Party Starter” Curt Hawkins

Hawkins hides his pimp cane that he used to help him get to the ring under the ring skirt and Gabriel takes him down with a single leg but Hawkins is able to get to the ropes. Hawkins goes out to the outside to regroup. Back in the ring, lock-up and Hawkins with a waistlock, however Gabriel rolls through it and goes to work on Hawkins’ arm. Hawkins counters with a head scissors but Gabriel escapes it. Gabriel locks in a side headlock but Hawkins Irish whips him out of it. Hawkins hits a shoulder tackle but Gabriel comes right back with a dropkick and then an armdrag into an armbar. Hawkins brings Gabriel to the ropes and instead of breaking clean, gut shots Gabriel. Hawkins tries to hiptoss Gabriel out of the corner but Gabriel lands on his feet and sweeps out Hawkins’ leg. Hawkins goes to the outside but Gabriel charges and hits a baseball slide and then slingshots out and connects with a corkscrew plancha. Back in the ring, Hawkins nails Gabriel with a right hand, then chopblocks Gabriel’s leg as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Hawkins has a step-over toe hold applied on Gabriel. Gabriel gets out but Hawkins nails him with a boot to the chest for a nearfall. Hawkins takes down Gabriel and re-applies the step-over toe hold. Gabriel kicks away at him, breaking the hold, then hits a headscissors takedown. However, Hawkins gets right back up and nails Gabriel with a clothesline for another nearfall. Gabriel tries to kick away at Hawkins while on the mat to create distance, but Hawkins nails him with a right hand and again applies the step-over the hold. Gabriel tries to break the hold again with kick, but Hawkins switches and tries for a half crab. However, Gabriel counters it and nails Hawkins with a heel kick, followed by a right hand.

Hawkins tries for a back suplex but Gabriel lands on his feet, however his leg somewhat buckles due to the damage done earlier by Hawkins. Gabriel goes to the corner as Hawkins charges. Hawkins goes for an avalanche, but Gabriel moves out of the way and nails Hawkins with a spin kick for a nearfall. Hawkins comes right back and connects with a scoop slam for a nearfall. Both men back up, and Gabriel scores with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a close nearfall. Gabriel looks to head up top for the 450, but Hawkins stops him and heads up top with him. Hawkins setups for a back superplex and connects for a close nearfall. Hawkins goes for his pimp cane but Gabriel drills him with an enziguri before he can do so.

Gabriel heads back up top and hits the 450 for the win.

Winner: Justin Gabriel by pinfall (450 Splash)


Alex Riley vs. Michael McGillicutty

Lock-up and McGillicutty back Riley into the corner, then rakes his eyes. Another lock-up and McGillicutty with a knee to the gut and a club to the back. Riley comes back with a hiptoss and then Irish whips McGillicutty to the corner. Riley charges, and hits an avalanche. Riley hits the Implant DDT but McGillicutty is able to get to the ropes before Riley can make a cover. McGillicutty, back up, kicks Riley in the knee and then from the apron, hits Riley with a running boot to the head. McGillicutty Irish whips Riley to the corner, then unloads on him with right hands before being pulled away by the referee. McGillicutty covers Riley and gets a nearfall. McGillicutty locks in a reverse chinlock as the crowd tries to get behind Riley. Riley gets back to his feet and breaks the hold with gut shots. McGillicutty misses a clothesline, but then nails Riley with a clothesline to the back of Riley’s head. McGillicutty hits Riley with a boot then Irish whips him to the corner. McGillicutty hits more right hands on Riley then setups for a running clothesline. However, Riley counters and hits the Game Changer.

Riley goes off the ropes and hits a running forearm, then a clothesline on McGillicutty. McGillicutty goes to charge, but Riley catches him and hits a spinebuster. Riley with a kick to the gut then setups for another Implant DDT but McGillicutty counters it and kicks Riley again in the knee.

McGillicutty measures Riley for the McGillicutter, but Riley counters and hits the Early Dismissal for the win.

Winner: Alex Riley by pinfall (Early Dismissal)


Back from commercial, video is shown highlighting last week’s Smackdown where Daniel Bryan almost cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase before we go to our main event.

Main Event: Daniel Bryan vs. William Regal

Lock-up and Bryan sends Regal to the corner and breaks clean. Another lock-up and Regal goes to work on Bryan’s wrist and takes Bryan down to a knee. Bryan rolls through it to try and reverse but Regal maintains control. Bryan is then able to reverse the wristlock into one of his own. However, Regal escapes it and drop toe hold Bryan into a keylock and goes back to work on the wrist. Bryan escapes the hold and goes for a dropkick, but Regal evades it. Another lock-up and Bryan waistlocks Regal, but Regal counters with a wristlock. Regal trips Bryan and takes him down while still applying the wristlock. Bryan gets back up and brings Regal to the ropes, shoving him on the break, as Regal has a smile on his face. Another lock-up and both men begin to unload on each other back and forth with European uppercuts. Both men go to a knucklelock as they try to gain an advantage on the other. Regal takes Bryan down to the mat but Bryan bridges to avoid being pinned. Bryan gets back up and hits a succession of kicks to the chest of Regal and then connects with a German Suplex. Regal goes to the outside to re-group, but Bryan goes out to the apron and charges, hitting the flying knee to the head on Regal as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Bryan as a rear chinlock applied. Regal tries to break the hold but Bryan keeps control. Regal gets back to his feet and brings Bryan over to the corner. Instead of going for a break, however, Regal nails Bryan with shoulders to the gut. Regal drills Bryan with a European uppercut, then forearms and a kick. Bryan comes right back with a kick, then hits a flurry of kicks on Regal, forcing him into the corner. Bryan wraps the leg of Regal in the corner and hits a running dropkick to the knee. Bryan nails Regal with a European uppercut and then kicks away at Regal’s injured leg. However, Regal comes right back and hits an Exploder suplex. Regal takes Bryan down and locks in a Dragon Sleeper, while unloading with forearms to Bryan’s chest. Both men back up to their feet as Regal hits another European uppercut, followed by a succession of knees to Bryan’s head. However, Bryan comes back and takes Regal’s knee and rams it into the ringpost not once, but twice. Back in the ring, Bryan with a kneedrop to Regal’s knee, then twists and turns Regal’s leg in many ways that a leg is not supposed to go. Regal tries to break the hold, but Bryan keeps control and then locks in a half crab. Regal refuses to submit and kicks Bryan away, but Bryan goes right back to the injured leg. Regal kicks him away again, but Bryan goes for the leg a 3rd time, but once again, Regal kicks him away. Regal single-legs Bryan down and then hits an elbow drop.

Regal hits a succession of European uppercuts but Bryan comes right back with uppercuts of his own. Bryan then drills Regal with a kick to the back of Regal’s head, then locks in the Lebell Lock and Regal taps out.

Winner: Daniel Bryan by submission (Lebell Lock)

Bryan celebrates his win, then leads the crowd in giving an ovation for William Regal. Both men shake hands, then Regal raises Bryan’s arm as we go to credits.

My Thoughts

Going to keep my thoughts short and sweet this week. Thought this was a good episode of Superstars this week.

Gabriel/Hawkins & Riley/McGillicutty were solid matches, with all 4 giving a good effort and improving in their work with every match, nice to see it. Finally, no other words than awesome for Daniel Bryan vs. William Regal. If you want to see pro wrestling in its purest form with superb grappling and vicious strikes, then this is a textbook example of that. Highly recommend check this match out for any fan of pro wrestling, just great stuff.

My Grade: B

Well that will do it for me this week, want to thank you all for reading my recap and I will be back next week for all your Superstars, FCW, and Ring of Honor needs. Have a good weekend, see ya next week!