Superstars Results – 11/17/11

WWE Superstars Results
November 17, 2011
Report by: Jason Namako of

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s edition of the WWE Superstars recap. Decent line-up of matches this week, so if you all are ready, Adelitas Way is playing the intro, and let’s get on with the show!

We kick things off with the lone RAW match this week, with announcers Josh Mathews & Scott Stanford.

“The Great American Nightmare” Drew McIntyre vs. Alex Riley

Lock-up and McIntyre sends Riley into the corner, before breaking clean. McIntyre motions Riley to come at him and they lock-up again. McIntyre with a waistlock into a cravate, and then a side headlock. Riley powers out of the hold into a top wristlock. Riley switches into a hammerlock, then shoves McIntyre away, drawing his ire. McIntyre goes for a right hand, but Riley blocks it and shoves McIntyre into the ropes, connecting with a hiptoss. Riley brings McIntyre to the mat with a headlock takedown, but McIntyre gets back up and brings Riley back into the corner. McIntyre goes to break clean again, but instead knees Riley in the gut. McIntyre with a club to the back and a headbutt, then Irish whips Riley to the far corner. McIntyre charges, but Riley gets out of the way and comes off the ropes, hitting a running clothesline. Headfirst goes McIntyre off the top turnbuckle as Riley mounts the turnbuckles for the 10 punches. Riley hits all 10, then front facelocks McIntyre and brings him out of the corner with a DDT. McIntyre rolls out to the outside to collect his bearings. As Riley begins to head out after him, McIntyre sees him coming and pulls Riley’s leg out from under him, sending Riley crashing backfirst on the apron and in the process doing damage to Riley’s already injured hip. Riley goes down to the floor, grabbing on his hip as McIntyre likes what he has done as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, McIntyre delivers a hard running kick to the back of Riley’s leg, sending him crashing to the mat. McIntyre stomps away at the back of Riley’s leg, and then delivers an elbow to the knee. McIntyre places his knee on top of Riley’s and begins to twist at the leg in a submission hold. Riley kicks away at McIntyre to break the submission, but McIntyre comes back with a right hand. McIntyre shoves Riley into the ropes and setups for a back body drop, but Riley sidesteps him and kicks McIntyre square in the face. Riley fires away with right hands, as McIntyre retreats to the corner. Referee tries to pull Riley away, and this allows McIntyre to kick Riley right in the knee. McIntyre brings Riley back to the corner, but Riley blocks McIntyre’s right hand, and hits one of his own. Riley goes for a mule kick, but McIntyre catches his leg and places it across his shoulder, before dropping down to his knees, injuring Riley’s leg even more. McIntyre goes to inflict more damage, but the referee gets in front of him, admonishing him in the process. Referee asks Riley if he can continue, and Riley says yes as McIntyre is pacing back and forth, waiting for the signal to pounce on Riley again. McIntyre jumps right back on Riley, raining in clubs to the back. McIntyre brings Riley across the apron, and nails a clubbing forearm across Riley’s sternum. McIntyre now as a hold of Riley’s injured leg, and proceeds to lock him in the infamous figure four around the ringpost that WWE Hall of Famer Bret “The Hitman” Hart was known to do. Riley is screaming in pain as McIntyre has to break the hold before being disqualified. McIntyre has a sick smile on his face as he is enjoying the punishment he is dishing out to the injured Riley as he gets back in the ring. McIntyre with a kick to the face of Riley, then stomps on his injured leg. McIntyre talks trash at Riley as he kicks him disrespectively in the face again. McIntyre with paintbrushes to the back of Riley’s head as he picks him back up. Riley however, tries to fight back with gut shots, but McIntyre kicks him in the injured leg again, sending him right back down to the mat. McIntyre places the injured leg across the bottom rope, and then drops down with all his weight on top of it. McIntyre with a spinning toe hold, then kicks away some more at the back of the injured leg of Riley. McIntyre goes for the hold again, but with his good leg, Riley kicks him off and sends McIntyre shoulder first into the ringpost.

Riley blocks McIntyre’s right hand attempts, and hits him with some of his own, but again McIntyre gains the advantage by kicking Riley right in the injured leg. McIntyre shakes off the effects of his injured shoulder and fires up. McIntyre charges, but Riley nails him with a couple of clotheslines. On 1 good leg, Riley hits a splash in the corner, and then a spinebuster for a nearfall. Riley tries to lift up McIntyre for the Early Dismissal, but is unable to hold him with his injured leg, and drops down to his knees as McIntyre retreats to the corner. McIntyre charges, and nails Riley with a running boot to the face for a close nearfall. Riley goes to the corner, and McIntyre starts unloading on him with kicks and right hands in the corner, before the official has to get in between the two. McIntyre places Riley on the top turnbuckle while talking trash, and then slaps Riley across the face. Riley fights back with right hands, and goes for a Tornado DDT, however McIntyre counters it and sends Riley to the corner. McIntyre charges, but Riley gets out of the way again and McIntyre ends up across the top rope, apparently hitting his head on the top turnbuckle.

Riley goes under McIntyre and brings him out from the corner, hitting the Early Dismissal for the gallant win.

Winner: Alex Riley by pinfall (Early Dismissal)

Riley celebrates his win, while McIntyre is seething on the outside as we go to commercial.


We go to the Smackdown portion now of this week’s show.

Epico & Primo vs. The Usos (Jimmy & Jey)

Epico & Jey Uso start things off as Epico charges, but Jey double leg takes him down and begins to rain in right hands. Right hand by Jey as he sends Epico over to his corner as he then tags in Jimmy. Jey whips Epico into Jimmy, who drills him with an uppercut to the throat. Epico comes back with a headbutt to the gut and a right hand. Epico brings Jimmy over to his corner and nails a couple of gut shots before tagging in Primo. Primo hits a gut shot of his own and then Irish whips Jimmy. Primo goes for a hiptoss, but Jimmy blocks it and takes Primo down with a clothesline. Primo retreats to the corner, as Jimmy nails him with a gut shot, then Irish whips him to the far corner. Primo goes up and over Jimmy on the whip, but Jimmy nails him again with a clothesline. Right hand by Jimmy, but Primo comes right back with a kick to the gut. Primo with a side headlock, but Jimmy Irish whips him out of the hold. Jimmy goes for a kick, but Primo holds on to the ropes. Primo charges, but Jimmy catches him and scores with a back body drop. Jimmy goes after Primo, but Primo throws him out to the outside. However, Jimmy holds on to the ropes and goes to the apron. Epico tries to come in, but is drilled by a right hand by Jimmy. However, the distraction allows Primo to come in and dropkick Jimmy off of the apron to the outside. Jimmy tries to collect himself on the outside as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Epico now in and is raining in stomps to Jimmy Uso. Epico Irish whips Jimmy, and nails him coming in with a back elbow for a 1 count. Epico applies the rear chinlock as Primo taunts the fans. Jimmy gets back to his feet and tries to break the hold with gut shots, but Epico comes right back with a kick to the gut. Primo tags back in and the cousins hit a double Russian leg sweep on Jimmy for only a 1 count. Primo wrenches out Jimmy’s arm and kicks him in the ribs. Primo sweeps Jimmy’s leg from under him, sending him crashing to the mat, then Primo hits a quick leg drop. Epico tags in as Primo hits an elbow drop, then Primo suplexes his own cousin from the apron into the ring, crashing on the prone body of Jimmy. Epico goes for a cover, but Jey comes in and breaks it up. Headfirst goes Jimmy off the top turnbuckle, as Epico nails him with a club to the back of the head. Tag back into Primo, who nails Jimmy with a gut shot. Primo locks in a sleeper hold with a body scissors as Jey tries to will on his brother. Jimmy gets back to his feet and nails Primo with a couple of gut shots. Jimmy shoves Primo to break the hold, and catches him coming in with a Samoan Drop. Both men are down, as they try to reach their respective corners. Epico gets the tag, and so does Jey.

Jey nails Epico with a couple of running forearms, then a thrust kick to the gut and a uppercut to the throat. Epico misses a clothesline, and Jey nails him with a twisting forearm. Jey is fired up, and charges at Epico hunched in the corner, drilling him with the running butt smash. Jey goes for a cover. but Primo breaks it up. Jimmy comes in now and nails Primo with a clothesline. All 4 men are in the ring now as the referee tries to bring Jimmy back to the corner. This allows Primo, who is the illegal man, to nail Jey with a Codebreaker. Primo rolls to the outside, where Jimmy greets him with a flying shoulder tackle from the apron onto the outside.

Jey gets back up, but Epico comes from behind and nails him with the Backstabber for the victory.

Winners: Epico & Primo by pinfall (Backstabber)


Our announcers for our main event are Jack Korpela & Matt Striker.

Main Event: Tyson Kidd vs. Trent Baretta

Lock-up and a break. Both men feeling each other before going to a test of strength. Kidd takes Baretta down, but Baretta keeps his shoulders from hitting the mat. Baretta bridges back up to his feet, but Kidd then nails him with a knee to the gut. Snapmare takeover by Kidd as he goes off the ropes. Baretta leapfrogs Kidd, and then nails him coming in with a back elbow. Forearm and a European uppercut by Baretta as Kidd reels over to the ropes. Baretta charges, but Kidd gets the boot up while spinning himself over the ropes to the apron. Kidd starts to head for the turnbuckles, but Baretta charges at him and nails him with an elbow, sending Kidd crashing back down on the apron. Baretta goes off the ropes, looking to baseball slide kick Kidd out to the floor. However, as Baretta slides, Kidd lifts himself up and Baretta slides under Kidd’s body. Baretta charges, but Kidd then drills him with a kick right to the face.

Kidd goes out after Baretta, and stomps away at him. Kidd rolls Baretta back into the ring, and chokes him on the ropes. Kidd kicks Baretta in the kidneys, then covers, only getting a 1 count. Kidd locks in a Dragon sleeper as the crowd tries to get behind Baretta. Baretta gets back to his feet, but Kidd nails him with a club to the back. Kidd Irish whips Baretta and setups for a back body drop, but Baretta sees it coming and counters with a swinging neckbreaker. Baretta goes out to the apron, as Kidd goes after him. Kidd goes for a shoulder thrust, but Baretta evades him and kicks him in the ribs. Baretta hits a slingshot leg drop on the back of Kidd’s head, then Baretta heads up top. Baretta hits a corkscrew moonsault onto Kidd, but only gets a close nearfall. Baretta front facelocks and tries to go for the Dudebuster DDT, but Kidd blocks it. Baretta comes right back, however, and nails Kidd with an enziguri. Baretta charges and hits a running knee for another nearfall. Kidd goes to the corner, as Baretta charges. Kidd sees him coming though and counters by hotshotting Baretta facefirst across the top turnbuckle.

Kidd front facelocks Baretta and hits a Brainbuster for the victory.

Winner: Tyson Kidd by pinfall (Brainbuster)

Before we go to credits, we see video of the closing segment of RAW, featuring The Rock, John Cena and The Awesome Truth.

My Thoughts

I thought this was a solid episode of Superstars this week. 2 solid matches with the Epico/Primo vs. Usos tag, short but effective. Also, the Kidd/Baretta was a shorter version of their series of matches thy have had in the past on this show, and I thought both guys pout on a good effort.

The one match I thought was very good was the match that kicked off the show between Riley and McIntyre. McIntyre without a question, is right now, one of the top 10 workers in the company. He has become on the heel side, the new version of Chris Masters, where each and every outing, he is doing new things that impress the viewer who doesn’t get to see a whole lot out of him and is making the most of what little time he has in his matches to not only get himself over as this crazy heel, but also garners babyface sympathy on his opponent, thusly getting his opponent over in the process. He did that here with Alex Riley, who in my book, put on one of his best performances to date in this outing. Great FIP stuff, selling the injured hip, and then having the intensity on his comebacks to gain a lot of crowd heat from the fans on the finish. Very good performance by Riley and another outstanding performance from McIntyre, who if we were doing awards for Most Improved for 2011, he would definitely be a candidate. Good stuff.

Overall, solid episode this week, and I recommend checking out the Alex Riley/Drew McIntyre that kicked off the show.

My Grade: B-

Well, that will do it for me this week, hope you all enjoyed the recap, and I will be back next week for more WWE Supa-Stars, have a good weekend everyone!