WWE NXT on WWE.com
November 16, 2011
Bridgeport, Connecticut
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

William Regal and Josh Mathews are on commentary.

“We Are Wild And Young”

Show starts with Percy and Titus in the ring and they welcome us to the show. It’s Showtime with Percy Watson. The red carpet is out and couches in the ring. Percy makes says NXT has gone on very long. He says he sees his light to redemption. Tyler Rex’s music hits. Rex and Hawkins come out first. They trash Titus as an ex-footballer while boosting their egos. Bateman comes out next. “Worst Show Evar” He says. He puts over the BetaMax Wedding. Titus and Percy push the Fish jokes and Bateman loses it. Striker comes out and takes control. Rex will take on Titus. Bateman will take on Percy Next.


Derrick Bateman vs. Percy Watson

Titus has joined commentary for the match. The lock up and Percy take the advantage and goes on offense. Titus say Rex is angry that the company is moving on in a new direction, he’s apart of it. Bateman manages to take over on offense till he gets dumped over the ropes to the floor. Percy goes after him and rolls him out. Bateman takes the opportunity to turn the tables and take over on offense. Titus asks why Regal doesn’t mentor. Bateman has Percy in lock and Throws him. He turns to Titus and yells “Where’s your boy?”. Titus Yells back “Where’s your fish?” and mumbles “You should turn around”. Seconds later, Percy has taken control of the match and is offense on Bateman. He his “Showtime Splash”, but Bateman kicks out. Percy continues the offensive. Percy slams Bateman and gets the pin for the win.

Winner: Percy Watson

After the match, Regal asks what do they call the Slam used on Bateman. Titus says it’s the Percution.

Dirty Johnny walks up to Maxine. She’s planning for the wedding. He offers to help her. She plays coy to him and tells him she doesn’t need him. Maxine then slaps Curtis in the face and walks off. Johnny then adds, “I love then they play hard to get.”


Yoshi Tatsu vs. JTG with Tamina

They lock up and Yoshi goes on offense. JTG manages after a few failed attempts to turn the table on Yoshi. He poses for the crowd and gets a mixed of cheers and boos. Tamina this week is in a styling suit. JTG is control as Regal talks about Yoshi says he has a “fighting spirit”. Yoshi manages to flip JTG and take over on offense. Yoshi gets a kick on JTG and stuns him. Tamina distracts Yoshi just long enough for JTG to gather himself and roll up Yoshi for the win.

Winner: JTG


Regal and Josh put over The Rock and Cena Teaming up. Never Before. Never Again. This leads to the ending of Raw where the Rock and Cena take out Miz and

JTG and Tamina meet up with the Uso. Tamina says “Not Right now as she brushes them off. The then meet up with Bateman, who’s trying to find Curtis and Maxine. They don’t know and Tamina and JTG walk off scene. Curtis approaches Bateman. He eggs him on saying that he say Maxine and got a slap from her. Maxine appears. Bateman yells at her asking why she wasn’t at his match. It boils over and Maxine has a meltdown and walks off. Curtis who is watching says he can call him. Points out Bateman might not have his number, but Maxine does. He pats Bateman and walks off. Bateman has his own meltdown and throws the ice he’s been holding. And then he pulls out a cellphone and places a call to Teddy Long, Smackdown’s General Manager.


Titus O’Neil vs. Tyler Rex

Titus is out with Percy, and Rex has Hawkins. They lock up and Rex goes on offense. Titus gets a nice reversal and takes over. Titus stays in control by over powering Rex. Titus tosses Rex out of the ring and follows after him to toss him back in. Rex uses this to keep Titus out. As the ref to turned to Rex, Hawkins gets a cheep shot on Titus. Percy walks around and takes out Hawkins. The ref sees this and tosses Percy from the ring area. Hawkins is then tossed as well.


Back to the Action, Rex is on offense. He will dominate the offense for several minutes. Rex gets a lock on Titus. The fight to their feet and Titus overpowers Rex to get separation. When the lock up, Titus on on fire. He goes for the pin and Rex kicks out. Rex gets some offense in, and goes to the tops rope. When he jumps, Titus is ready for him and turns it into a slam for the win.

Winner: Titus O’Neil

After the Match, Darren Young returns and takes out Titus. He takes a mik and says “You talk about Redemption, what about retribution?”. Darren Young walks up the ramp saying “This is my house.” Regal says Darren Young could be the man on NXT.

The logo runs in the corner, and that’s it.

Grash Says…

Last two weeks, I’ve really taken NXT to the woodshed. Well, This week NXT is back in stride and was extremely enjoyable. My big complain about last week’s show was that too much got muddied so quickly. As I somewhat predicted, this week’s show began the process to sort things out for us the viewers. IT brought things back in line to what we have expected, or how characters have been portrayed as well.

Curtis’ role as the wedge in BetaMax got amplified even more this week. Now, admittedly I was a huge fan of Lucky Cannon from earlier in the season. Seeing Curtis in this role has the same feel, but even better. The reason is Curtis doesn’t have to tell us what his role is, he just does it. And he doesn’t need a robe to wear to make us hate him. It’s still not apparent where this love triangle is arranged. But one outcome that is possible is that one of three gets popped like a zit out of it and get turned face as a result.

During the segment with the BetaMax Love Triangle, Bateman had a great call back to previous weeks. After Maxine has lost previously, she’d then later find Bateman and scream at him why he wasn’t at her match. This week we have the tables turned on us with Bateman doing the screaming. Hilarious. Just hilarious.

This week we had JTG taking on Face and crowd favorite Yoshi Tatsu. Tamina pulled a heel valet distraction for JTG to win. We had a quick confrontation between JTG, Tamina, and the Uso brothers. Worked great, keeps the angle going from last week to next week. Now the setup and roles for this angle are set well. The issue that I bring up is how do you present 1) the Uso brothers’ concerns for Tamina with out them looking like heels or 2) Present JTG and Tamina to justify the Uso’s concern. The two issues are the two sides of one coin. Solve one, the other is likely solved as well.

Darren Young is back after his 30-day Suspension. And like everyone else who needs an introduction to the show quickly, the writers have chosen to have them make an attack at the end of the show. The problem here is in over use. The Usos did this, Rexs and Hawkins did this. Now Darren is. Don’t get me wrong, it works. My question on the matter is that it’s effectiveness may be dropping quickly with its overuse. As for Darren, we shall see how things progress in the weeks ahead.

Last week, I slammed the pair of Striker and Mathews. This week we had the pair of Regal and Mathews. This was a great pairing on commentary. As for the disappearance of Jack, to that I have no answers. After two weeks, I’m sorta missing him. Next week, will tell us more on the commentary situation on NXT.

I’ve gone back to WWE.com’s stream. The majority of the problems which cause horrible compression problems seem to be mostly fixed. It’s interesting to note that parts of this week’s episode, #37, have been up loaded to Youtube, but not the entire show.