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November 23, 2011
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

Matt Striker and William Regal are on commentary this week.

“We Are Wild and Young”

Matt Striker welcomes us to NXT. Darren Young is out, he has his own music. Regal is happy to see Young back on NXT. We get a package from the end of last week of Darren coming back after a wellness policy suspension. Young starts cutting a promo that NXT is his show. He puts over the beating he gave Titus last week and that fact Young was on the main roster with Nexus. Tyler Rex and Hawkins come out next. Rex says that all that Young got an opportunity any took it. They’re not impressed at it. But They’re impressed at the anger at it. Rex and Tyler say that Young has the It factor. Titus’ music hit and he and Percy come out. Percy are asking what “IT” they are talking about. Titus tells Darren to shut the hell up when they’re talking. Titus refers to when he was cut from Season 2 and told the crowd that he would be back to make it a win. He then explains his agenda and punches Young. The Heels roll out of the ring. Striker breaks it up. He sets up Percy and Titus vs. Young and Rex with Hawkins and his stick.


Yoshi Tatsu vs. Johnny Curtis

BetaMax is on commentary for the match. Bateman is gushing about Maxine, Regal is working a Maxine Mother hookup. In the meanwhile, Curtis is taking it to Yoshi. He stops for a second to show his ass to Maxine. Regal says “At my age, you can take what ever you can get.” OH MY! Back to the match, Curtis is still in control. Bateman will have a debut on SmackDown soon. Striker in the meanwhile pushes the line that something “happened” between Maxine and Curtis. It’s too much for Maxine walks off. Regal and Striker press on Bateman on the fact she’s going. Curtis does the call me sign to Maxine. Curtis loses control of the match and Yoshi gets a rolling leg kick. It’s the pin for the win.

Winner: Yoshi Tatsu

After the match, Bateman walks into the ring and pats Curtis on the shoulder. Regal says they need to get to the bottom of what is going on with this love triangle.


Striker and Regal put over the Rock at Survivor Series. We then cut to the back, BetaMax is arguing. Maxine tells Bateman to get his priorities strait. She walks up. Curtis walks up and he taunts Bateman. Bateman says to get her off his mind and then walks off. Curtis says he’s gonna get her.


Jimmy Uso vs. JTG

The Uso Brothers do their war dance to pump up the crowd. They get in the ring and get mics. They talk about representing all Samoas who’ve stepped into the ring. They start dropping names. They’re awkward before starting an “Ue” to an “O” from the crowd. JTG comes out and stops them. JTG says his baby want to talk. Tamina takes the mic and tells the Brothers off. The bell rings and they lock up. JTG gets a move, and poses to the crowd. Jimmy comes back and rolls him out of the ring. Tamina goes over to JTG and keeps JTG safe. They get back in the ring, and JTG goes on offense. Regal makes JTG into Trash in comparison to the Heritage of the Uso. The crowd gets into UE-O chant and Jimmy takes over on offense. It leads to a homage to Rikishi. JTG turns the table for second, but is knocked down. So Jimmy goes to the top ropes and flies. It’s the pin for the Win. Tamina is in the ring after the bell to take care of Tamina.

Winner: Jimmy Uso

After the match, Regal says that Tamina would be better off with him.


Titus & Percy vs. Rex & Young with Curt Hawkins

Titus and Percy is out first. Rex and Young come out second with Hawkins. Percy and Young start the match. Percy goes on offense first. It leads to a tag to Titus. Young ditches and tages Rex. REx gets in Titus’s face. Titus has none of it and punches it in his face. Striker likes it. Titus gets a few moves in before Rex turns the table and Young gets tagged in. He gets some offense in and returns Rex on offense. Rex gets a head lock on Titus. They fight to their feet. Rex tries to slam Titus, but it’s turned on. Percy gets tagged in hot. He rolls Rex out of the ring. Young goes over to support him. It sets up a dive over the ropes by Percy onto them. We go to an ad.


Back to the action, Rex has taken control of the match. Regal is pysched at that he’s in WWE ’12 and the fact he has ABS. Young is tagged in during this ab rant. He continues the offense. Rex gets a cheap shot while the ref is turned. Young goes back on the offensive and then tags Rex back in. He slams him to the matt and mocks him. Percy tries to strike back, but Rex gets another slam on him. Percy eventually works his way to the face corner. Rex stops him, and then turns and knocks Titus off the apron. He turns around and Percy gets Rex down. It sets up a double tag. It happens, but Titus comes in on fires. He goes for a pin, Rex saves it. Percy tosses Rex out. Then Young tosses Percy out. He turns around and Titus slams him. Titus grabs the rope and does a dog call. Hawkins distracts Titus long enough for Young to recover. Young gets a gut check for the pin and win.

Winner: Rex & Young with Curt Hawkins

After the match, Regal says that Young has made a statement this week.

And that’s the stream.

Grash Says…

And this week, the role of “Dirty Old Man” is played by William Regal.

This week’s show has two major objectives. First, we got Darren Young getting a re-introduction to the show and a win to help solidify his place on the show. Second, our two “Love” story lines progressed a little bit further. Tamina still loves JTG inspite of him getting killed by the Uso Brothers in the ring. Curtis, on the other hand, has established himself as the wedge that can blow up the power couple that is BetaMax.

Happy Thanksgiving to all…