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November 30, 2011
Charlotte, North Carolina
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

Josh Mathews and Matt Striker are on commentary this week.

“We Are Wild and Young”

Tyler Rex vs. Percy Watson

Rex is out with Curt Hawkins. Percy is out next. They lock up, and Rex overpowers Percy first. In the meanwhile, Kurt has joined Commentary. Percy takes over for a sec, but Rex gets back on offense. Kurt is telling Striker that he’s underutilized. Percy gets back on offense, after ditch to let Rex run into the ring pole. Kurt sees this, and cornermans him to shake it off. This leads to the Percy getting a pin. Hawkins gets up and distracts Percy. It sets up Rex from the top rope. Percy manages to Jump up and get a drop kick on Rex. Rex is out cold and Percy gets the pin for the win.

Winner: Percy Watson

After bell, Hawkins rushes the ring and rolls Percy out of the ring. Josh says Hawkins talked up Rex, but Rex didn’t back it up.

AJ is talking to Dirty Curtie. He’s charming her. Maxine walks up and asks if that’s what Curtie settles for. Curtie says there’s enough of him to go around. Maxine he wouldn’t have to go around if he knew how to treat a woman. Curtis takes his two fingers and kisses it and goes around Maxine before placing it on her lips. She’s not accepting of it. He says that’s the best he can do. Curtis walks off, Maxine is frustrated. Bateman walks on scene, apologizing. Maxine grabs him right away and kisses him, pulling him to her. After the break the kiss, Bateman introduces his mom. He is happy that he’s got both of them there for tonight’s main event. He kisses them both. Mom first, Maxine Second before going off to prepare. Maxine is pleasant with Bateman’s Mom. Dear old Mom turns to Maxine and says she’s seen how she Curtis. Mom tells Maxine if she hurts her son, Mom will take her down herself!

Yoshi Tatsu & Trent Barretta vs. Tyson Kidd & Johnny Curtis

Yoshi and Curtis start off the match. Yoshi goes on offense first, and tags in Trent in. Striker and Josh talk about the love triangle. During this, Kidd is tagged in and goes on the offensive. He pulls Trent back to the heel corner and the heels tag in and out doing damages to Trent. Striker and Josh are ignoring the match till Kidd gets a neck lock on Trent. They fight to their feet and to the top ropes. Trent manages to knock Kidd off and does a backflip on to Kidd. It sets up the double pin. Yoshi comes in hot. He does some damages and goes for a pin. Yoshi is charge and goes to the top rope. He tries to do a flying leg drop, but Curtis ducks it. Yoshi burns and Curtis rolls him up for the in and the win.

Winners: Tyson Kidd & Johnny Curtis

Striker puts over Piper’s Pit from Raw this week. We’ll see it next.


The show cuts right to the entire segment of John Cena in Piper’s Pit on Raw.

A recap of this segment can be found at the start of David Stephen’s Raw Recap for 11/28/11.


Maxine vs. Alicia Fox

Maxine is out in a sexy blue outfit. Fox has a fox hoodie on. Maxine is still hotter of the two. Striker agrees with me. They lock up. Josh asks Striker to compare the offense styles of the two Divas. Maxine has taken control of the match. Maxine goes for a pin. Fox kicks out, and she screams about it. Maxine gets a neck hold on Alicia Fox and it turns into a slam. Maxine tries to pin Fox. Fox kicks out and Maxine screams at the ref. Bateman and his mom begin to walk to the ring from the back. Bateman is supported as Maxine has another neck lock on Fox. She sees them, is distracted and it gives Fox the opportunity to turn the tables. She slams Maxine and gets the pin for the win.

Winner: Alicia Fox

Josh says that the assist for Fox should go to Bateman and his Mom. Maxine is livid as she leaves for the back. Josh wonders what conversation they will have.


Main Event:
Winner earns a match on Smackdown
Darren Young vs. Titus O’Neil vs. Derrick Bateman

Titus is out first. Bateman is out next, and he’s alone. Darren Young is the last out. Titus is ganged up on first. Young gets tossed out. Bateman beats on Titus. Young breaks it up and fights Titus. It turns into a strike match. Young goes to the top rope and Titus grabs him and slams him to the matt after Young tries to wave it off. Bateman breaks up the pin. Bateman and Titus fight. Bateman gets tosses out. And then Young fights Titus. It ends with Young getting tossed out. Titus does the dog call for the crowd as he stands alone in the ring. Bateman walks over to Young and talks to him.


When we get back, Bateman and Young have teamed up on Titus and begin the beatdown on Titus. Striker asks how this will progress once it gets to the end. There can be only one winner. It breaks down in two minutes and Bateman and Young get in to a strike exchange. As this takes place, Titus recovers and clotheslines both of them. Titus goes for Bateman first. He tosses Bateman out the ring and goes for a pin on Young. Bateman breaks it up. It leads to co-operation to put down Titus again, and Bateman turns on Young. Bateman eventually goes to the top ropes, b ut Young his the ropes and drops Bateman on his nutz. They continue to fight on the ropes and it leads to Titus getting a Tower of Doom on the two. Titus tries to pin young, then Bateman with no success. It frustrates him. He takes out Young, the Bateman. Young tries to turn it around, but Titus scoop slams him. Titus grabs the ropes with a Dog call. Young manages to recover and fights Titus on the Apron. Young hits Titus with a drop on the edge of the Apron. Bateman is able to kick Young off the Apron to the floor and then roll up Titus for the Win. And a match on SmackDown!

Winner: Derrick Bateman

After the match, Bateman gets the mic. He calls his bride out to the ring. They’ll be heading back to SmackDown where they belong. Maxine’s music hits, but she doesn’t come out. Tamina and JTG come out. Tamina and JTG tell him that Maxine just left with Dirty Curtie. Bateman facepalms.

And that’s the Show.

Grash Says…

A few points this week before I hit the main topic…

1) I have no clue what they are doing with commentary. Jack Korpella has disappeared. In his place, we have Mathews, Regal, and Striker doing round robin duty on commentary.

2) Commentary was at its best when Hawkins dominated the conversation.

3) It shouldn’t be the surprise that Bateman won tonight’s main event. He’s the one who’s the most ready to head to the main roster. Knowing a little bit of history, we can probably say that it’s likely the situation that Bateman was slated to win the previous season of NXT till he got injured.

4) Tamina and JTG being the bears of bad news for Bateman, helps build them into their heel roles.

And that leads to one more topic…

At this point, the house that was BetaMax is on fire and the flames are flowing out of the house itself. Previously I’ve called this love triangle between Bateman, Maxine, and Curtis one big zit that was going to get popped. Know we know that Maxine and Curtis are the fingers. Bateman being the expunged one here. It leaves Maxine and Curtis as heels, and Bateman no place to go but into the realm of Faces.

And then there’s Bateman’s Mom. Within a few short sentences with Maxine, The mantle of “Force of Nature” became hers with a face slant no less. And now that Maxine just got caught walking off Dirty Curtie… Oh Hell IT’s on! That’s right, there’s no way this ends without seeing Bateman’s Mon in the ring. Beating Maxine. OR in a Mixed Gender Tag match where Maxine and Curtis take on Bateman with his Mom. I can’t see this not happening now. All the pieces are in place for this to take place. Think about this one. Story is going to hold the match together. Bateman’s Mom just has to fight as well or better than say Michael Cole or Vicky. If there’s a Santa, a Bateman’s Mom Match is what I want for Christmas.

Meanwhile Stuck in my mind, I’ve got Fountain of Wayne’s “Stacy’s Mom”. It’s just that Stacy isn’t the name that I’m singing it with…