NXT Results – 12/7/11

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December 7, 2011
Jacksonville, Florida
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

Josh Mathews and Matt Striker are on commentary this week.

“We Are Wild and Young”

The theme cuts out to The Usos. They get the crowd going with their war battle cry. The walk down to the ring, they are announced by a new girl (she’s doesn’t get a name on the screen). Usos cut a promo with a cheap pop to the city. And they get the crowd going doing “SO” to the Brothers’s “Ue”. Batman comes out and apologizes to the Uso. He needs to talk how last week’s show ended. Bateman wasn’t to figure out what’s going on. The Uso tell him that Tamina and JTG are liars when they told Bateman that Maxine left with Curtis. The Uso say they saw her leave alone. Bateman thanks them and leaves the ring quickly. Hurt and Hawkins come out. Hawkins jawjacks Bateman as he passes by.

The Usos vs. Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins

Hawkins and Jay start the match. Jay gets early offense in and get an “SO” from the crowd. Hawkins tags Rex in. but the Uso keep the offense rolling as they tag each other in to keep the advantage. Hawkins come in, but he gets tosses out of the ring with Rex. They go out to get Rex. but Hawkins manages to hold the leg, letting Rex to take over on offense. Hawkins gets in the ring as the crowd chants “Ue-SO”. The legal brother gets tosses out of the ring as we cut to commercials.


Rex is working on Jay as we come back. Hawkins comes in to continue to offense. He mocks the “Ue-SO” chant. Jay gets the crowd doing an “Ue-SO” change. Rex and Hawkins tag in an out, controlling the match. Hawkins get a neck lock on and they fight to their feet. In the mean while, Rex work the apron and it turns into an another “Ue-SO” chant. Just after that takes place, The Jay gets reversal and it sets up a hot tag. Jimmy comes in hot and goes on a roll. After a pin attempt, Rex is able to get a reversal and his own pin attempt. Jay and Hawkins have been dropped to the floor. Leaving on Rex and Jimmy in the match. Rex tries to do a Torture rack, but it gets turned around on him. Hawkins comes in for the save, and is shortly gets a double super kick to put him out. The uso then set up Rex to fly with a super splash for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Usos

Bateman is walking backstage he asks Tyson Kidd if he has seen Maxine. He tells him he can’t stand her. He meets up with Justin Gabriel and Trent Barreta. They don’t know. He then walks up to a woman, he calls her Maxine. It happens to be Maxine’s mom. She gets her cougar on and treats Bateman like a little cub. She stops and slaps Bateman’s face as Curtis walks up. She takes off. Curtis tells him he’s done bad things, but he wouldn’t steal another man’s fiance. He does WWE’s 2 fingered “Scouts” honor on both hands as he tells him to trust him. Bateman shrugs as he accepts it and begins to walk off. Curtis stops him after a few step and tells him, “I was with your mom this week.” This enrages Bateman and he charges Curtis. A wild and howling Bateman is pulled off by Gabriel and Trent. Tyson asks Curtis if he’s okay. Curtis says he’s “fantastic.”


Striker tells us that our main event will be Bateman vs. Dirty Curtie.

Darren Young and JTG vs. Percy Watson and Titus O’Neil

Titus and Percy are ot first. JTG and Darren are out next. They have Tamina with them. Striker explains the history to why this match is personal between Titus and Darren. Without missing a beat he starts talking about Maxine’s mother. Striker points the similarity between Maxine and her mother. Josh calls it uncomfortable. But the cougar hunter, Striker find it “Alluring”. Percy start the match with offense on JTG. JTG manages to tag Darren, but Percy continues the offense rolling Darren out of the ring. Percy gets on the outside of the ring to pull Darren up. It turns into Darren’s drop on the apron. JTG and Darren tag in and out as they control Percy and work on his back. JTG gets tagged back in and works a minute or so of control. It ends when JTG goes to the top ropes and flies only to get a drop kick in return from Percy. The both drop to the matt and it sets up a double tag. Titus comes in on fire and dominates. JTG has to make the save and Percy takes him out. Tamina drop up on to the apron and distracts Titus just enough for Darren to get the pin and the win.

Winners: Darren Young and JTG

After the match, Titus gets on the mic. He talks about how hard he’s worked. He says Darren Young doesn’t care about anyone but himself. He makes a challenge, about it’s being a man now, and challenges him to a match next week.


Derrick Bateman vs. Johnny Curtis

Bateman is out first. He’s got an intense look on his face. Curtis is next. There’s a lone man chanting “Let’s go Bateman”. Curtis starts the match on offense. Bateman gets moments, but he’s busted open. He nose is bleeding. Bateman eventually gets Curtis out of the ring. Bateman takes the opportunity to do a drop kick form the apron to Curtis on the floor. He misses Curtis completely. Curtis looks over like it wasn’t his fault.


During the break, Bateman was tended to by medical. Curtis is in control of the match and working his elbow. Striker talks about having a shrink on staff for WWE talent. Curtis is still in control, but the crowd isn’t into the match. Bateman manages to flip Curtis and goes on the offense. He’s favoring one arm. With three minutes left in the show, the ref tells Bateman to “bring it in”. It leads up to

Winner: Derrick Bateman

After the match, Maxine comes out to the ring. She has a mic in her hand. She walks up to him and pushes him. She accuses of him of stooping to her mother. She pulls her ring off and hands it off. The engagement is off. We get a shot of Dirty Curtie with a blazing grin from side to side across his face.

And that’s the show.