WWE Superstars Results
December 15, 2011
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s edition of the Superstars recap. If you all are ready to go, then since Adelitas Way is playing the intro, let’s get on with the show!

Our announcers are Josh Mathews & Matt Striker.

“The Great American Nightmare” Drew McIntyre vs. Justin Gabriel

Lock-up and McIntyre sends Gabriel hard into the corner, while talking trash to him. McIntyre has words with the referee, but then Gabriel kicks him in the leg. McIntyre misses a clothesline, and Gabriel kicks him in the chest. Gabriel hits a couple more kicks, as McIntyre ducks his head under the ropes to get the referee in between him and Gabriel, and that allows McIntyre to nail Gabriel with a gut shot. McIntyre then hits a right hand that knocks Gabriel down. McIntyre knocks Gabriel down again with a club to the back. McIntyre with an Irish whip, but Gabriel slides under McIntyre’s legs on a big boot attempt and scores with a spinning headscissors. Gabriel hits a couple of forearms, and then hits a big spinning kick that rocks McIntyre. Gabriel with an Irish whip, but McIntyre reverses it, but is then nailed with a kick on a back body drop attempt. However, McIntyre comes right back and drills Gabriel with a big boot.

McIntyre lifts up Gabriel, and connects with a gutbuster for a nearfall. McIntyre locks in a seated abdominal stretch with a facelock applied. Gabriel gets back up to his feet and nails McIntyre with a knee and a forearm to break the hold. Gabriel then connects with a right hand and goes to Irish whip McIntyre to the corner, but McIntyre reverses it. McIntyre charges at Gabriel, but Gabriel gets the boot up. Gabriel charges, but McIntyre catches him and sends him into the lights with a high back body drop for a nearfall. McIntyre nails Gabriel with clubs to the chest, then connects with a backbreaker and then holds onto Gabriel to deliver a 2nd backbreaker. Gabriel crawls to the corner to pick himself back up, but then McIntyre Irish whips him hard to the corner, and Gabriel drops down to his knees, wincing in pain as McIntyre taunts the crowd. McIntyre goes for another backbreaker, but Gabriel counters and spikes McIntyre on his head with a DDT.

Gabriel gets back up and hits a springboard moonsault for a nearfall. McIntyre goes to the corner as Gabriel charges, and connects with a crossbody style forearm. Gabriel goes to the apron and springboards, but McIntyre sees him coming and drills him in mid-air with a clothesline.

McIntyre underhooks and spikes him with the Future Shock DDT for the victory.

Winner: “The Great American Nightmare” Drew McIntyre by pinfall (Future Shock DDT)

McIntyre celebrates his win while screaming “I’m back” as we go to commercial.


Hunico w/an unknown guy (believed to be Donny Marlow from FCW) vs. Trent Barreta

Lock-up and Hunico with an keylock. Hunico brings Barreta down to a bridge, but Barreta gets himself back up to a vertical base, however Hunico grabs him by the hair and drives him back down. Hunico goes off the ropes, but Barreta leapfrogs him and then monkey flips him over. Barreta connects with a back elbow for a nearfall. Barreta applies a rear chinlock, but Hunico gets up and drives Barreta into the corner. Hunico snapmares Barreta out of the hold, and then as Barreta charges at him, Hunico hiptosses him into the corner for a nearfall. Hunico with a couple of kicks to the back of Barreta, then drives him repeatedly into the middle turnbuckle. Hunico with another kick to the back, then scores with a suplex for another nearfall. Hunico locks in a reverse chinlock, with his knee driven into Barreta’s back. Barreta gets back up and tries to break the hold, but Hunico comes back with a club to the back. Hunico wrenches the arm, then connects with a wrist clutch style suplex. Barreta goes to the apron, as Hunico then drills him with a right hand. Hunico charges at Barreta, but Barreta evades him and hits a leg drop across the back of Hunico’s head. Barreta goes up top, and hits a corkscrew moonsault for a nearfall. Hunico goes to the corner as Barreta charges and connects with a running knee for another nearfall. Barreta goes for the Dudebuster DDT, but Hunico counters and drop toe holds Barreta into the ropes, then connects with an Olympic Slam.

Hunico heads up top and hits the Falling Star(Swanton Bomb) for the victory.

Winner: Hunico by pinfall (Falling Star)

Hunico celebrates and then cuts a promo in Spanish. He says he would say it in English, but he thinks the fans don’t deserve to hear him speak in English.


Our announcers for the 2nd half of the show are Josh Mathews & Scott Stanford.

“The All-American American” Jack Swagger vs. Alex Riley

Lock-up and Swagger drives Riley down. Swagger paintbrushes Riley in the back of the head and then goes into his victory lap. Another lock-up and Swagger with a side headlock. Riley Irish whips out of the hold, but Swagger knocks him down with a shoulder tackle. Swagger goes off the ropes, but Riley sees him coming and hiptosses him over. Swagger goes to the corner, as Riley goes after him, but then Swagger sends Riley facefirst into the middle turnbuckle. Swagger with stomps and right hands to Riley, before being pulled away by the referee. Riley comes back with right hands and goes to Irish whip Swagger to the corner, but Swagger reverses it. Swagger charges, but Riley moves out of the way and goes off the ropes, hitting a flying forearm. Swagger goes to the corner, as Riley nails him with a gut shot and then goes up and hits the fall forward DDT. Riley goes for the cover, but Swagger gets his hands on the ropes to break the fall. Swagger goes back to the corner as Riley hits another gut shot. Riley goes to send Swagger to the corner, but Swagger reverses it. Riley tries to spring off the ropes, but Swagger catches him coming in with a big boot for a nearfall. Swagger unloads on Riley with clubs to the back, then hits a couple of right hands. Swagger stomps Riley, then charges and hits the 2nd rope Swagger Bomb for a nearfall. Swagger has words with the official about the count, then locks in a neck vise. Riley gets back to his feet and tries to break the hold, but Swagger knees him in the gut. Swagger with an Irish whip, but Riley nails him with a kick to sidestep a back body drop attempt. Riley goes off the ropes, but Swagger creams him with a clothesline. Swagger hits a couple of forearms to the kidneys, then goes off the ropes and hits a running shoulder tackle for a nearfall. Swagger locks in a seated double chickenwing as the crowd gets behind Riley. Riley gets back up to his feet and breaks the hold with right hands. Swagger misses a clothesline and Riley goes off the ropes, hitting another flying forearm. Riley hits a clothesline, but runs into a back elbow on a corner charge. Swagger charges, but Riley catches him with a spinebuster. Riley is fired up as he sets Swagger up for the Implant DDT, but Swagger counters and hits a Sambo Suplex. Swagger charges and goes for another 2nd rope Swagger Bomb, but Riley gets the boots up. Riley lifts up Swagger for the Final Score, but Swagger counters with a Sunset flip, but Riley drops down for a nearfall. However, Swagger counters the pin attempt by locking the Ankle Lock. Riley kicks him away, and hits the Implant DDT for a close nearfall. Swagger goes to the corner, as Riley goes up top for another fall-forward DDT. Swagger shoves him off, and as Riley misses a charge in the corner, Swagger comes off the ropes and connects with a running chopblock.

Swagger pounces and locks back on the Ankle Lock in the middle of the ring, leaving Riley with no choice but to tap out.

Winner: “The All-American American” Jack Swagger by submission (Ankle Lock)

Swagger celebrates his win with the victory lap as Mathews & Stanford run down the RAW matches for the TLC PPV. Air Boom come out to the ring for our main event as we head to commercial.


Main Event in a Non-Title Match: WWE Tag Team Champions Air Boom (Kofi Kingston & Evan “Air” Bourne) vs. Epico & Primo w/Rosa Mendes

Epico & Bourne start things off for their respective teams. Lock-up and Epico armdrags Bourne down. Another lock-up and Epico sends Bourne to the corner, then nails him with a right hand on the break. Epico with a club to the back, then Irish whips Bourne. Bourne, however, goes up and over Epico and hits a couple of armdrags into an armbar. Epico Irish whips out of the hold, but misses a clothesline and a chop attempt, and Bourne hits a running boot for a 1 count. Bourne tags in Kingston, and Air Boom hit an assisted top rope foot stomp for a nearfall. Kingston with an Irish whip, and he knees Epico in the gut for another nearfall. Kingston goes for another Irish whip, but Epico reverses it. Kingston then counters with a Sunset flip into another double stomp for a nearfall. Epico fights back with a right hand, then tags in Primo, and the cousins Colon double Irish whip Kingston. However, they miss a double clothesline attempt, and Kingston then comes off and hits a flying double clothesline on both of them for a 1 count on Primo. Primo then regains the advantage with a flurry of strikes on Kingston, then locks in a front chancery. Kingston gets back to his feet, but Primo knees him in the gut and locks in a side headlock. Kingston Irish whips out of the hold, but Primo holds on to the ropes to avoid Kingston. Kingston charges, but Primo sidesteps him and Kingston goes through the ropes to the outside. Primo mocks Kingston, then goes off the ropes, looking for a tope dive, but Kingston catches him coming in with a enziguri style kick. Kingston then springboards, connecting with a missile dropkick that sends Primo to the outside. Kingston then dropkicks Epico off the apron to the outside. Bourne comes in, and with Kingston’s assistance, hits a springboard dive onto the cousins Colon as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, with Kingston’s assistance, Bourne jumps off Primo’s back and hits a moonsault for a nearfall. Bourne hits Primo twice in the back of the leg with kicks that knock Primo down. Bourne goes after Primo, but Primo sends Bourne throat first into the middle rope.

Primo hits a flurry of right hands to Bourne’s kidneys before he is pulled away by the official. However, that allows Epico to drill Bourne with a boot to the face, and then Primo hits a left-armed lariat for a 1 count. Primo goes to the mount, and rains in left hands on Bourne, then stomps on Bourne’s head. Primo chokes Bourne with his boot, then tags in Epico, who kicks Bourne in the gut and sends him into the ropes, connecting with a back elbow for a nearfall. Epico locks in a neck vise, but Bourne fights back and gets back to his feet. Bourne whips Epico to the ropes, but Epico sidesteps Bourne’s back body drop attempt, and connects with a swinging neckbreaker for another nearfall. Bourne goes headfirst off the top turnbuckle as Primo tags back in, connecting with a running forearm in the corner. Primo hits a Russian leg sweep, then locks in a unique submission hold, scissoring Bourne’s head while applying an armbar of sorts. Primo switches to a front chancery as Bourne tries to make the tag to Kingston. Primo then rollups Bourne for a nearfall. Bourne leaps to make a tag, but Primo catches him and drives him back into his corner and tags back in Epico, who hits a dropkick for another nearfall. Epico then scores with a back suplex for yet another nearfall. Primo tags back in and he gut shots Bourne, then goes for a suplex, but Bourne nails him with a knee on the way up. Bourne kicks Primo in the leg, but Primo shoves him away, however Bourne comes off and hits the double knee drop. Both men crawl to make the tag and both men get the tag, bringing in Kingston and Epico.

Kingston rolls through on the way in and hits the flying clothesline on Epico, followed by 2 double back chops and a dropkick. Kingston goes off the ropes, and hits another flying clothesline. Kingston is fired up as he goes off the ropes, hitting the Boom Drop. Kingston then begins the setup for Trouble in Paradise, but Epico rolls underneath, sending Kingston to the corner. Epico charges, but Kingston hits the Pendulum kick, and goes up top. Kingston hits the froggy crossbody and goes for a cover, but Primo breaks up the fall. Bourne comes in and hits a flying knee, then tries to rana Primo to the outside, but Primo holds on to the ropes and Bourne crashes hard to the outside.

Kingston Irish whips Epico, but Primo makes the blind tag, and as Kingston hits the Trouble in Paradise on Epico, the legal man Primo comes in from behind and hits the Back Stabber on Kingston for the upset victory.

Winners: Epico & Primo by pinfall (Back Stabber)

Epico, Primo & Rosa Mendes celebrate their win as we go to credits.

My Thoughts

I thought this was a good episode of Superstars this week. Besides the Hunico/Barreta match, every match was a good back and forth affair with nicely done and entertaining action. Main event was a really good tag match and continues the ascent of Epico & Primo as future contenders to Air Boom, who are in a bit of a slump as of late. McIntyre gets a much needed win, and had another good match with a good babyface seller in Justin Gabriel. Swagger/Riley was a solid match, but not as good as the previously mentioned matches. And finally, Hunico/Barreta was merely a showcase for Hunico, who was almost forgotten as of late, but with adding what was believed to be FCW’s Donny Marlow as his bodyguard of sorts, seems like they still have plans for Hunico down the line. Hunico is a good worker, but he has to have the right opponent to really have his work brought out in the right way. Good thing is the Smackdown roster has guys who can do that, which is a positive sign for him going forward. Interested to see how this goes and overall, I think as a top to bottom show with 2 really good matches, a solid match, and a showcase, Superstars would be something I would recommend you all checking out.

My Grade: B-

Well, that will do it for me this week, I want to thank you all for reading and I hope you all enjoy your weekend. But remember….

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