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December 14, 2011
Raleigh, North Carolina
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

“We Are Wild and Young”

Reks and Hawkins put themselves as “true pros”. Trent and Yoshi are out next. Trent calls them grumpy and says Reks’ video didn’t do well. Hawkins interrupts and makes fun of Yoshi. Yoshi takes the mic and tells Reks “Wash your Hair”.

Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins vs. Trent Baretta & Yoshi Tatsu

The match has good back and forth action with the heels and faces both getting in offense. Trent and Yoshi, have the speed and athletic advantage while Reks and Kurt have the power and strength advantage. Commentary though out the match has Josh questioning if the heel smacktalk in the face they have been losing. The match ends with Trent getting a quick roll up pin on Trent and the faces ditching the ring as soon as the match ends. After the match, Josh pushes the point about Reks and Kurt being all talk who don’t back it up in the ring.

Winner: Trent Baretta & Yoshi Tatsu


In-Ring Segment: Showtime with Percy Watson!

Percy will be interviewing Bateman, Maxine, and Curtis. Percy starts the show with a package that recaps the Rise and fall of BetaMax. Bateman and Maxine’s Mom included. Bateman is out first to the interview. Bateman is wearing a SmackDown shirt with a sports blazer. Bateman’s starts with saying all women are insane. He then says nothing happened, and says the mom is flirty. Curtis is out and says if that’s the explanation. He then shows an image from last week with Maxine’s Mom with her finger on Bateman’s lips. Kiss Cam heart around them. Curtis calls Derrick “Dirty Dirty Derrick”. Bateman Says since Curtis as arrived, he’s been stiring the pot. Dirty Kurtie says that’s paranoia talking. JTG is brought up, and Percy brings him out. Percy asks him why he told Bateman that Maxine left with Curtis. JTG is right out tells that Curtis paid him off to do so. He confirms it and walks back. Maxine is out next. She tells them to shut up. She’s angry at all of them. Tired of being told to be something she’s not. She tells them all to stick it up where the Sun don’t shine. Bateman is in love. “That woman is so crazy, I don’t know how you wouldn’t want to spend the rest of your life with her.” Curtis mocks him saying he blew it. Bateman turns around and bitch slaps full fist Dirty Kurtie. Bateman drops him and leave the ring after Maxine. Percy turns to Curtis and mocks him. “Finally got what is coming to him.” Curtis is all over Percy and the two get into a smoz. Striker gets up from commentary. He reminds us that he’s still the host. So if Curtis & Percy want to fight they’ll do it right. We’ll get Curtis vs. Percy.


Jay Uso vs. JTG with Tamina

Jay starts the match trying to work the crowd with an “Ue-So” chant. Meanwhile Striker is disputing that all women are insane. He believes in mythical creatures and such. Josh cuts him down by asking, “And you’re still single”. Striker moves back to covering the match. The match progresses with JTG in control for the most of the match. The match ends with JTG losing control and Jay getting a super kick for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jay Uso

After the match, Tamina gets in the ring and gives JTG a kiss in front of Jay. Jay in response acts like he’s going to barf.

Earlier – Backstage
Striker is playing a guitar as Titus walks up. He apologizes for letting his emotions run hot last week. Striker explains, he just let Darren get under his skin. Titus talks about his past, and making things right. Striker tells him that he doesn’t have to do the challenge. Titus says he has to do it for him.


Josh and Striker talk about Tribute for the Troops before introducing a package that reviews the Slammies. It ends with the return of Kane. And he’s back with a Mask. And a chokeslam to Cena.

Bateman finds Maxine, tells her he will marry her. She yells at him, saying she doesn’t have time for this. Curtis finds her next and says they both are playing mind games. And he forces a kiss on her. She tries to slap him, but he tells her they can get physical after his match. Curtis kisses Maxine’s hand, and heads off. Maxine is a over-boiling volcano.


Johnny Curtis vs. Percy Watson

The Match starts with both in the ring. Percy starts the match on offense. Curtis manages to take control and throws Percy out of the ring. Josh and Striker discuss about Curtis. The go over his history of growing up in an Orphanage, and how that could be the root of his insecurities. While out the ring, Curtis walks over to the announce table and tosses Striker’s water to the side. He tosses Percy back in the ring and goes back on offense. Percy is able to take control of the match again until the end.

Winner: Johnny Curtis

Face-Off: Titus O’Neil vs. Darren Young

Titus is first to the ring, he’s in a mustard color jacket. He apologizes to his two sons. He’s interrupted with Darren’s music. Darren says he gave him a weak-ass apology. Darren says they (the crowd) don’t know who is Titus, But they know Daren Young (talking in the third person). He’s trying to be a star the crowd can depend. Darren says he just an ex-football guy, not a wrestler. Titus says, he talks to the crowd as a Man. He won’t let Darren push his buttons. Darren says Titus, he doesn’t have it and pushed him. Titus won’t let Darren push him around. So he drops the mic and start to leave. Darren holds him up. He calls him a loser on season 2, and a loser now. He calls him a failure. He starts pushing, Titus around. Titus snaps and takes out Darren Young. Striker explains that Titus is conflicted between his morals and taking care of business. Striker goes on to say that Darren Young has forced Titus to change his beliefs and change his morals.

And that’s all, Folks!

Grash Says…

This week, we finally found out that Jack chose not to re-sign with the WWE. We wish him luck (you know how this ends) With Jack gone, we went through a round table of commentary before settling down with Striker and Josh Mathews. Striker, since returning to the commentary table, has gotten better staying on point each week. This week Striker and Josh was dead on explaining why action was taking place. Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing who is doing excellent work to make this happen. But it much appreciated.

Right now there are four major story lines on-going. We have Reks and Hawkins trying to raise their stocks. We have the Usos Brothers disapproving of Tamina’s relationship with JTG. In both of these cases, the storyline progressed, but we learned nothing new. The next two story lines, big changes have taken place.

Darren, by being the annoying character that he is, has forced Titus O’Neil to boil over and snap. In short, he’s one big angry man now. And when you think of big Angry men, Mark Henry comes to mind. And he’s quite hated now. Striker on commentary was gold explaining the situation. Here’s the hero. He has a moral code which he abides by. And here he is, with the crowd’s approval no less, breaking said moral code. It’s the fall of the hero. What makes this interesting is that Darren started this “season” oh so many weeks ago as a face, and we saw him fall. Now the fallen hero is corrupting the one man who’s been consistently a face. I’m not ready to break out the “Darth” title like I did with Darren. I’m just saying, that this is now possible going forward.

The love triangle between Bateman, Maxine, and Curtis took a huge step forward this week. We’ve found out that Curtis has been manipulating things behind the scene, but also that his goal really is to get Maxine. Up till this week, it was only apparent that Curtis was only stirring the pot with Bateman. With his admission to Maxine this week, we now know that he’s not just stirring the pot, he’s going for the whole thing. Curtis’ role here is as the sleazy crazy guy. So he’s clearly a heel. Bateman on the other hand is the knight in shining armor who’s crazy enough to go after the Force of Nature. What makes Maxine’s role tonight is that not only was she unleashed as the force of nature, it only embolden the guys. At which he was unable to control, making her the insane helpless damsel. See a theme here? They’re all CRAZY! Just remember, love is never rational.

The one foil in this storyline is the SmackDown element. At some point, we know that Bateman is on his way to the Blue crew. Curtis by virtue of winning the previous season is already there. However, they have sent him back down here to repackage him. By the looks of things, Curtis seems to be on track with his character. Like Bateman, he looks ready to work in the ring as well. Maxine is able to hold a divas match together, and her character is there. So it’s just only a matter of time before she’s called up as well. When this storyline ends, that will be the trigger the move of one or more of these talents. But then again, this why NXT exists in the first place!