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December 21, 2011
Richmond, Virginia
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

Josh Mathews and Matt Striker are on commentary this week.

“We Are Wild And Young”

Derrick Bateman is out quickly. There’s a sign that says “Bate-Max” with the “Max” crossed out. He gets to the ring and takes a mic as we get a package from last week showing Bateman in love and Curtis getting his due. Bateman says he’s here to win. He says he’s found true love. Curtis is out next. Bateman asks if Curtis is out for another punch to the face. Curtis tells Bateman that he has the same sick of mind like Striker, and he’s made them into a tag team tonight. Striker tells Curtis they’re nothing alike. He tells them they’re going to have to learn to work together. Curtis then rubs in the forced kiss from lass week on Bateman. Kiss Kam Heart For the WIN! He asks for bygones to be bygones. It’s Christmas after all. Bateman reluctantly accepts. The Usos do their war dance and get to the ring.

The Usos vs. Johnny Curtis & Derrick Bateman

Before the match starts, The teams end up switching corners. The Uso are put on the typical Heel corner. Curtis and Bateman put on the Face corner. Bateman starts the match. Striker explains to that Maxine was not a willing participant in the kiss. Josh begins a discussion about Bateman. Curtis tags himself in. The Uso’s are working their “UE”-“SO” Chant. Striker mocks the Uso’s war chant. Curtis goes to tag in Bateman and he drops off the apron. They get in to an argument. Bateman walks off as Curtis asks him “Are you going to do this to me?”. The Uso roll and within a minute they get the pin for the win.

Winner: The Usos

Bateman is shown up the ramp as the Usos get the three count. Curtis is looking livid at Curtis.

Yoshi is shown with his mask. Trent Baretta walks by and says he’s next and to watch his bag. Yoshi is about to put on his mask as Hawkins and Reks walk up to him. Reks comments about the “Wash my Hair” comment from last week. Yoshi is grabbed and tossed into a small utility closet. Rex and Hawkins quickly close the door on him, locking him in with a screwdriver. The two walk off with a smug look on their face. Josh Mathews via voice over says that it’ll be Trent vs. Hawkins next.


Match: Trent Baretta vs. Curt Hawkins with Reks

Trent is out first. Josh mentions that Yoshi hs been locked in a closet. Hawkins is out next with Reks. Several goofballs at ringside are wearing Santa hats now. Striker goes on a rant calling out agents who should come down and beat some sense in Trent and Reks. Hawkins takes control of the match as Reks works the crows. Hawkins gets a big move on Trent and he rolls out of the ring to high five Reks. The two then jaw jack commentary and get under Striker’s skin. Hawkins goes back in, but Trent uses the time to recover and take control. The match is back and forth till Trent gets the advantage. He’s about to put away Hawkins when Reks distracts him. Hawkins comes in and gets the pin for the win.

Winner: Curt Hawkins

After the match, Striker makes fun of Curt Hawkins. Striker gets hot and bothered as Kaityln is back to take on Maxine.


Kaitlyn vs. Maxine

Before the match starts, Striker gets creepy about his “crush” on Kaitlyn. Maxine looks like a dominatrix… rarrr… Kaitlyn takes control of the match first. Maxine turns the table and jumps on Kaitlyn’s back. She breaks it and but Maxine keeps control. And Some hair pulling. Josh and Striker talk about Maxine’s mean streak and her success on NXT. Maxine has Kaityln in a head lock. It progresses into a vice lock. So Sexy. Kaityln breaks it by dumping Maxine into the post. Maxine gets back in control. Bateman comes out and distracts Maxine telling her he’s been looking for her. Kaityln rolls up Maxine for the win.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner: Kaitlyn

Bateman knows exactly what he’s done. Maxine is livid. Bateman tells Maxine that he’s a man, and he screwed up. He tells her “You’ve lost that love and feeling… ” Yes… He starts singing… Till Curtis comes out and knocks Bateman down. He then tells no one walks out on him. Maxine walks past Curtis as she says “I’m walking out on you right now”. The crowd ohs at Curtis after hearing Maxine. Bateman gets up frustrated.


Percy Watson vs. Tyson Kidd

Josh and Striker talk about Percy’s upside as he enters the ring. Tyson is out next and he’s put over as a bone fide pro. Percy goes on offense first. Josh gives the strength advantage to Percy. Speed advantage to Kidd. Kidd Manages to use the ropes to take control of the match. Percy kicks it up a notch and gets good offense. Percy climbs the ropes with Tyson. Tyson knocks Percy down, and does a slam top rope to get the pin for the win.

Winner: Tyson Kidd


When we get back we get a recap from last week’s Tribute to the Troops and video package featuring Nickleback’s performance with the WWE stars with the troops.

Striker is pulled from ringside to head to the back to spilt up Curtis and Bateman. Maxine is somehow in the mix. Striker puts them into a match for next week to settle it once for all. Maxine yells at Striker in an angry fed up way, “you take care of them.”

Titus O’Neil vs. JTG

Darren Young is on commentary. His arm is in a sling. We get a package from last week’s Face off that ended with Titus beating him up. Darren is taking every chance to take a jab at Titus. JTG is out next with Tamina. Darren says, Titus should be in Jail. Josh lists off Titus’s good deeds. Darren says he doesn’t care about that. He’s won NXT already, and give him the crown. Titus is taking it to JTG in the ring. JTG gets tossed out. When Titus goes after him, JTG drops Titus between the ring apron skirt. Ouch. JTG gets some damage on Titus and takes control of the match. Darren is going back and forth on the mic with Striker and Josh. Meanwhile, Titus is back in control of the match. Within a minute, Titus gets the pin for the win.

Winner: Titus O’Neil

After the match, Darren gets on to the ring steps. This distracts Titus so JTG can hold his legs. Darren pulls off the sling, revealing he’s perfectly fine. Darren goes to work on Titus and stands above Titus gloating. He gets the mic and tells Darren if he’s going to take someone out, finish the job. He tells him that he’s still just an NXT loser.

And that’s the show.

Grash Says….

If there’s a week to introduce someone to NXT, this is the week to do it.

The love triangle among Maxine, Bateman, and Curtis hit major high. Bateman screwing up Maxine’s match rolling into You’ve lost that love and feeling is incredible. Now that we know that Curtis and Bateman are in a match to settle this, the feeling that is being evoked is a penultimate stage. Simply put, next week Striker told them that all the chips are on the table between these two.

The feud between Titus and Daren Young progressed in two particularly ways. First, we got Daren Young on commentary making his case against Titus. Second, after the Titus\JTG match, we had the momentum in the fued shift back to Darren with the end of the show beatdown. The question that we are left with this week is, “How far Titus will fall from his personal morals to stop Darren Young?”

This week we saw Hawkins and Reks get huge standing over Yoshi and Trent. After weeks of these two goofballs talking how great they are and getting beat, Reks and Hawkins find the way to turn the tables and put up this week. Also anyone getting under Striker’s skin is good in my book. An angry Striker is an amusing Striker.