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January 4, 2012
North Little Rock, Arkansas
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

“We Are Wild And Young”

Regal and Mathews are on commentary.

We start with Matt Striker in the ring welcoming everyone to 2012. Main event will be Darren Young vs. Bateman. Each week going forward to Episode #100, we’ll have NXT alumni matches. Michael McGillicutty is brought out. Striker congratulates him on being a tag team champion. Gilly takes the mic and calls NXT sh*t. He puts over his time in Nexus. Says nobody will stop him from being a success. A-Ri comes out next and gets a face pop from the crowd. A-Ri is happy to be back on NXT. A-Ri takes Gilly to task for running down the show and the city they’re in. Told him he’s earned no respect in Nexus. The only way to earn it with his bare hands. A-Ri challenges him and the two get in a smozz. Striker calls for a ref. The ref breaks them up before the bell begins.

Alex Riley vs. Michael McGillicutty

A-ri gets goes on the offense first in the match leading to A-Ri knocking Gilly out of the ring. When Gilly gets in the ring, he takes control of the match. Riley turns the match around and the crowd with him. A-Ri gets sent of the ring, He recovers, but whiffs with a kick to Gilly. Gilly spears him to the floor hitting the announce table. Gilly in turn roars to the crowd’s displeasure.


Back to the action, Gilly is in control but A-Ri fights back. Gilly manages to retain control of the match. Commentary talks about how each have done well. A-Ri with Miz, and Gilly as a former tag team champion. Regal goes on how he likes rookies. A-Ri makes an attempt to fight back, but is stopped by Gilly each time. Each time, the crowd gets louder as they get into it. Regal puts over McGillicutty’s family and the fact his Grandfather “The Ax” Henning is still mentoring him. Riley gets a few moments of offense, to a large pop for the crowd. Gilly goes to the ropes, but A-ri drops him. It sets up a suplex, for a false finish. Riley tires his finisher, but Gilly gets out it. When Gilly bounces off the ropes, A-Ri ducks to the side and then hits his finisher for the win.

Winner: Alex Riley

After the match, commentary sets up a package from last week showing Bateman beating Curtis with Maxine looking on. Maxine would walk away from Bateman. Heads over to Curtis. She kisses him and walks off. When the package ends, we cut to backstage. Bateman is with Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn tells Bateman that he’s Derrick “Sweet Meat” Bateman and needs a clean break from Maxine. Maxine with Curtis walks up. She tells Bateman she knows what he did Aksana. Bateman says he doesn’t know what the heck Maxine is talking about regarding Aksana and he won’t take her back when she crawls back. Maxine tells Bateman she won’t crawl back and he’ll regret crossing her. Maxine kisses Curtis and then walks off. Curtis looks over to Kaitlyn and asks what’s up and “Do you want to get weird?” Kaitlyn responds, “I’m not getting in your van” and then walks off. Curtis looks in the direction Kaitlyn leaves. He’s like “Ya” okay as he creepily leers. We’re going to get Maxine and Kaitlyn next.

Maxine vs. Kaitlyn

Maxine is out first. And Regal is old creepy man regarding Maxine. Kaitlyn is out next. Josh as Regal about the Love Triangle. Regal says it’s good cause you get life’s scars on them. Maxine has been in control of the match till Kaitlyn drops her. Regal talks about Maxine’s family with several P words. He then asks if NXT stars think about their career on New Year’s Eve. As he asks that Maxine wraps up Kaitlyn. It’s the submission for the win. Regal calls it a Standing Dragon Sleeper with a body scissors.

Winner: Maxine


Raw Rebound
Recap of the Raw 6-Man Tag Main Event. Kane not appearing. Show\Henry getting thrown out. Cena getting the win on Swagger. Kane appearing to rolph Cena. Then dragging Ryder to Hell (New Jersey). With voiceover of Kane telling that Cena will embrace the hate.

Yoshi and Trent are playing WWE ’12 when Hawkins and Reks walk up. They trade verbal barbs. Trent challenges the mid card mafia to a match on 360. Reks says he’ll take it and that’s his thing. He picks up the controller, Hawkins tells Reks to put it down. He can’t. The faces laugh at the heels as Yoshi reveals they’ve put super glue on the controller.


Trent Barreta vs. Curt Hawkins

Yoshi is out with Trent. Curt has Rex with him, and he’s still got the controller super glued in his hands. Regal can’t believe that Reks fell for something as glue on the 360 controller. Reks head towards the commentary table and Jaw Jacks around it as the match starts. The match’s dynamic is established. Trent wins on speed. Curt wins on Strength. Josh wishes JR Happy Birthday and commentary goes on JR jokes. Regal pulls josh back to focus on the match. Hawkins is in control of the match still. Yoshi works ringside just before Trent gets control of the match and goes on offense. Curt rolls out of the ring, and it sets up a suicide dive over the top rope by Trent. Trent rolls in Curt, but Reks stalls Trent. It gives Curt a moment to take control, but Trent turns it around into a Swinging DDT for the pin and the win.

Winner: Trent Barreta

After the match, Reks enters the ring to tend to Hawkins. The faces ditch the ring area and head up the ramp. The final shot before the show cuts away is Reks in the ring with the 360 controller still glued in his hands.


Darren Young vs. Derrick Bateman

When we return, we get a package of Darren Young breaking the morals of Titus O’Neil and then beating him after fooling everyone with a broken arm. The package ends with Darren Young hitting the heat wave on Titus and calling him an NXT Loser. As Darren comes out, Josh tells us that Titus will be cleared to compete and will be on next week’s NXT. Darren gets in the ring, and gets a mic. He first berates the staff for not getting him the mic faster. It gets easy boos for the crowd. Darren Young then berates Titus. He then focuses his promo on Bateman. Bateman is out next. Josh reminds us of the Love triangle. The match starts and Darren goes on offense first. The two run the ropes and Bateman turns the tables with big hits on Darren. Bateman gets baited on the apron, and Darren Young drops him right to the floor. We get a replay of it. Darren rolls him in and goes on the offensive. Bateman is able to turn things around with power and toss Darren out of the ring. Bateman runs on the apron edge to get a drop kick on Darren. Regal says losing the girl has fuel Bateman’s intensity. After rolling Young, Bateman is interrupted by Maxine. Curtis is with her. Bateman ignores Maxine till She tells him that in two weeks they’re getting married. That causes Bateman to turn his attention and it gives Young the opening for the win.

Winner: Darren Young

After the match, Regal asks why would that bother Bateman. Josh reminds him that Bateman is still in love with her. As Young taunts Bateman. Bateman looks to Maxine and Curtis as the two share another luscious kiss as the show ends.

Grash Says…

Happy 2012, everyone!

NXT tonight had three basic stories. Like last week, we’re treated to an opening match from NXT Alumni. To be honest with you Alex Riley vs. Michael McGillicutty was pretty good. After not being on the main shows for a while, A-Ri seems to still have a good deal of crowd recognition. Add that with good reactions for both him and McGillicutty throughout the match. It wasn’t “Match of the Year Nomination” quality, but still fun.

Our second storyline tonight is the next page in Yoshi and Trent’s feud with the Mid Card Mafia. Now, the addition of the 360 Controller is hilarious tonight. For those who don’t know, Reks is an avid and skilled game player. He’s got some hilarious pwning action in Halo on YouTube. Kudos to Reks for selling the superglue angle from the backstage segment all the way though the match. Ultimately, the faces got one over the Heels this week and advanced the feud forward. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a gimmick match pop up sometime soon.

Finally we know how long the fuse is on the Love triangle now: two weeks. Enjoy the Rollercoaster (of Love) everyone.