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Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

So of course, there were a handful of remarks complaining about what was written last week, but far more that were supportive.

I make no apologies for what I said. If anything, the comments about the owners of the venue could have been stronger. If anyone has access to Lexus/Nexis or knows how to research property databases, perhaps we can share with readers some of the other dealings Stein and Silverman (who also do business under Stein and Silverman Family Partnership) have had in the past. If you feel as I do, and would like to share your feelings regarding what they are allowing to happen regarding the ECW Arena, their office number is (215) 985-0255. Please conduct yourself in a polite and civil manner if you do so.

By the way, it does appear according to local blogs, that Stein and Silverman do own the building adjacent to the ECW Arena in which the Forman Mills in Soutb Philadelphia is housed, which has posted signs that they have lost their lease. So along with depriving wrestling fans of shows at the ECW Arena, they’ll be removing a low cost option for clothing for people in South Philadelphia with this concert hall/restrurant project.

CZW, EVOLVE/Dragon Gate USA, and CHIKARA Pro Wrestling still need to find new permanent homes for at least the foreseeable future. CZW is actively searching for a permament home in the Philadelphia market, but has venues for the next two months worth of shows. If you think you know of a venue suitable in the Philadelphia area, e-mail DJ Hyde at .

Still no word regarding a Philadelphia venue for CHIKARA, or EVOLVE/Dragon Gate USA shows. CHIKARA has no Philadelphia area events listed on their website, and there is still no mention of the annual King of Trios weekend, which had been held at the ECW Arena for the last several years. They have not responded to e-mails sent to them asking about this thus far.

Combat Zone Wrestling holds its 13th Anniversary show in Voorhees, NJ on Saturday, February 11th at the Flyers Skate Zone, 601 Laurel Oak Road in Voorhees, NJ (approximately 25 minutes from the Arena).

Matches scheduled:

The Champ against the #1 Contender
The current CZW Heavyweight Champion (Devon Moore or DJ Hyde, who challenges Moore on February 4 in Indianapolis) after February 4 vs. top ranked Drew Gulak

CZW #1 Contenders’ Match
Masada vs. Scotty Vortekz vs. ‘Ego’ Robert Anthony

CZW Tag Title Match
Azrieal/Bandido vs. The Runaways (Ryan Slater/Joe Gacy)

Homicide vs. BLK JEEZ

Drake Younger vs. Adam Cole

Death Match Trial
Rory Mondo vs. Danny Havoc

The Virtua Center Flyers Skate Zone at Voorhees
601 Laurel Oak Road
Voorhees, NJ 08043
(856) 309-4400

From I-95 : Take the Walt Whitman Bridge into New Jersey. Stay on Rt. 42 South. Exit onto I-295 North. (Second exit from bridge) . Take I-295 North to Exit 32 (Haddonfield/ Voorhees) . Make a right off of the exit onto Haddonfield-Berlin Road. Follow several miles to Laurel Oak Road. (Just past the Eagle Shopping Plaza). Make a right onto Laurel Oak Road. Facility is ¼ mile on the left. (Across from the rear of the Ritz Theatre)

From NJ Turnpike: Exit turnpike at Exit 4. Follow signs to Rt. 73 North. Take Route 73 North and exit onto I-295 South. Take I-295 South to Exit 32 (Haddonfield/ Voorhees). Make a left onto Haddonfield-Berlin Road. Follow several miles to Laurel Oak Road. (Just past the Eagle Shopping Plaza). Make a right onto Laurel Oak Road. Facility is ¼ mile on the left. (Across from the rear of the Ritz Theatre)

This event is also part of a huge weekend for the Combat Zone as CZW will be appearing at the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention at the PA Convention Center in Center City from Feb. 10th – 12th. Complete directions to the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees are listed below. Complete venue information can be found at

Then there’s the situation between R. Bruce Tharpe and the NWA, specifically Robert Trobich. In what many describe as a hostile takeover attempt by R. Bruce Tharpe has filed a lawsuit against the National Wrestling Alliance. Tharpe is a personal injury lawyer who has promoted wrestling shows in Brownsville, TX under the Lucha Americana, NWA World Class Wrestling, and NWA Southwest banners.

The claim alleges insurance fraud, in that the NWA “misrepresented themselves to insurance companies and put promoters at risk by doing so”. Different NWA affiliate members (in the Philadelphia/New Jersey region, including NWA Coastal) have an option to cover their events using insurance provided by the NWA, which is underwriten by the NWA’s insurance company. The insurance covers up to 100 fans. Tharpe has portrayed this as “misleading” given that many NWA affiliate members shows typically draw more than this number.

There is apparently no requirement that the NWA affiliate members use this insurance plan, and members are welcome to decline it and to find their own coverage. The NWA further states that no claims have been paid on the policy.

Here’s the key. Tharpe is seeking fairly nominal damages ($49,000) and he is also hoping to have the current Executive Director of the NWA Robert Trobich as well as the Board of Directors removed and a new regime put in their place.

In various stories regarding this lawsuit, Tharpe has made various claims against Trobich, many of which have nothing to with the wrestling business. He does make one claim alleging an NWA member promoter who is on the Board of Directors has a heavy duty arrest record.

This one’s going to get really fun, folks. More will be discussed as it is reported.

Until next time…

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