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February 1, 2012
Omaha, Nebraska
Report by: Gregory “Grash” Walek of Wrestleview.com

Josh welcomes us to the show and puts over WrestleMania. Titus enters the arena and takes the mic in the ring. Titus first treats the crowd like little kids and tells them to stay in their seats and shut up. He talks about A-Ri getting in his business and “canceling” the showtime. Darren Young’s music hits as he enters and gets some cheap heat from the crowd. Darren tells Titus, he needs to worry about him as they have unfinished business. Titus says he cleaned his clock. Darren says he doesn’t like him, but the past two week he’s respected him for turning on the crowd. He “respects him.” Titus doesn’t care about respect from the crowd or from him. He appreciates that he’s starting to see the light. Titus and Darren shake hands.

Percy’s music hits and he enters the arena. Percy reminds Titus how he blew up at being compared to Darren, and here he is now shaking hands with him. Percy says he told A-Ri last week that Titus was one of the good guys. But he realizes he is wrong now and “the gloves are off”. Titus calls him stupid for it. Percy says back to Titus that the only stupid people here are in the ring (Titus and Darren). Darren butts into the conversation, and tells him to step into “His ring” and tell it to their faces. Titus holds Darren off cause he’s “soft and weak” and you have to ask him nicely. Titus does.

Before Percy can respond, A-Ri’s music hits and he enters the arena. A-Ri gets a huge pop from the crowd. Titus says we’ve got “Ebony and Ivory” now. A-Ri tells Titus to keep his mouth shut and no problem getting in the ring with them. A-Ri has a problem with last week. He relates it to his experience with the Miz. He kicks his ass, and has no problem doing it again. If he has a problem, he can say it to his face. And with that, they stair each other down before they brawl. Titus and Darren get tossed out of the ring. This is where Striker makes his appearance and makes a tag team main event.


Tyson Kidd vs. Trent Barreta

Trent is out first, Josh asks Regal about him. Regals says he has “locker room etiquette.” Tyson is out next. Regal gives advantage to experience and Tyson Kidd. The two lock up and Kidd gets caught. Trent has to use a bridge to save from a pin. With some arm work, Trent takes over. Kidd tosses Trent out of the ring after a bounce from the ropes. It leads to a suicide dive. Regal points out how Trent’s neck hits the barricade in the replay of the dive. Both take till 9 to get in the ring. Back in the ring, they go in to a strike and kick fest. Trent wins it out with a kick to the head. The match continues to be back and forth. Regal says with two good competitors, it’s a conditioning game. Both are now getting a move or two in and a pin attempt. Kidd gets dropped on his nuts. Trent tries to go up to take advantage but is pushed back. Trent then rolls Kidd off the top ropes for a pin. Kidd takes the energy in the roll and rolls Trent in to a pin for the win.

Winner: Tyson Kidd


Heath Slater enters the arena. He says he had to come back to “D-List” NXT. He did so to show what he did to Trent last week. Regal takes offense to NXT being called “D-List” The 123 of the pin fall keeps looping. Regal says Slater is from the “Jamie Noble School of Linguistics”. Derrick Bateman’s Music hits and he heads to the ring. As Bateman approaches the ring, Slater can be easily hear saying “What are you doing here.” and “Nobody invited you.” LOLZ! Bateman gets in the ring. Slater says to Bateman that he’s getting in his spotlight. IF he wants to show beating Trent all night long, he will. Bateman tells Slater that he just found he had a finisher. And nobody came to see the video. The crowd cheers. Bateman says the Undertaker’s Streak incredible, but Slater’s Losing streak is the stuff of legends. Slayer says Bateman say he thinks he’s funny. Calls Maxine a Bimbo. Reminds him he’s been to WrestleMania, Main evented SummerSlam, and has been the tag team champion. And he’s about to cause damage everywhere! Bateman says he’s compiled that list of damage… He said he title it “Heath Slater’s Greatest Hits”… Slater is all for it… then Bateman drops “and by hits I mean misses.” LOLZ! A Slide show starts up with two losses to the 450 splash from Gabriel. The next slide is Slater losing a over the top rope challenge to Hornswoggle. The crowd is now chanting loser. Regal then drops, “I wouldn’t say that [loser], I think we’re all winners with this segment.” Slater does a mic drop and shoves Bateman. Bateman gets the best of Slater as he rolls out of the ring. The Maxine enters the arena. She walks by Slater and head to Bateman in the ring. Bateman kisses her hand before kissing her lips.


Alicia Fox vs. Maxine

Alicia comes out in her Foxxy outfit. The run a package from 3 weeks ago with an exchange between Maxine and Alicia that developed a match then. The two lock up and Maxine gets on top. Regal and Josh talk about the love triangle. Then Johnny Curtis appears. He yells out to Maxine “Baby, why haven’t you returned my calls?” Maxine yells at Curtis and Alicia Fox gets the roll up for the pin and the win.

Winner: Alicia Fox

After the match, Curtis walks back with a smile. Maxine is after him pissed off.


When we come back from ads, we get the John Cena package that was shown during the Royal Rumble. After the package, Regal puts over Cena vs. Rock at WrestleMania.

Maxine is on a tear backstage. Bateman is with her. They encounter a random staff member. Maxine asks where Curtis is. He doesn’t know. Maxine goes ape shit on him and tosses him. Bateman catches the guy and fixes him up before following Maxine again. She Kaityln and tells Bateman to go ahead. Gabriel is with Kaityln, but when he sees Maxine, he books it away. Kaitlyn makes fun of Maxine looking for Curtis. Maxine says it’s none of her business. Kaitlyn says she doesn’t want to see Maxine hurt Bateman again. Maxine says it’s none of her business. Kaityln says she’s just friends. And that’s when Maxine gets it. She accuses Kaityln for having a thing for Bateman. Kaitlyn tries to slink away embarrassed. Maxine follows her and makes fun of her for thinking Bateman might like a “girl” like her. The two part ways and Maxine goes on to look for Curtis. Before the segment ends, the camera pans to a door and Curtis emerges from it. He’s amused as he’s heard the exchange between Maxine and Kaitlyn.

Titus O’Neil and Darren Young vs. Percy Watson and Alex Riley

A-Ri’s music hits. Josh asks if Maxine if starting to lose it. Regal laughs to it. A-Ri and Percy enter the arena, and Josh says we could see a good tag team pairing here. Regal asks why Curtis and Bateman haven’t ditched Maxine. No Woman is worth that trouble, he says. Titus’ music hits and the heels enter the arena. Regal says Darren has been doing things his way all NXT, but this is new ground for Titus.

Percy and Darren start the match. Darren starts with a slow struggling offensive. Percy turns the table after hurdling Darren a few times and getting a slam on him. Darren rolls out of the ring. Percy jumps over the ropes and lands on Darren.


Back to the action. We have A-Ri doing his work on Darren. Regal says during the break we saw some great work between A-Ri and Percy. Percy is then tagged in and goes for a pin attempt. Percy goes on the offensive again and drop kicks Darren out of the ring. He goes out and gets him but Darren drops Percy on the ring apron. Percy goes for a pin. Showtime kicks out. Titus gets tagged in and starts to physically dominate Percy. A-Ri works the ropes and the crowd gets behind him. Percy however is being kept in the heel corner. Darren is tagged in and continues the offense. A-Ri continues to work the apron and there’s a chant for the faces. Percy manages to fight back and the crowd pops for it. It’s short lived and Titus is tagged in to continue the damage. Titus eventual props up Percy on the ropes. Percy manages to get a foot up and knocks Titus over. It leads to a double tag. A-Ri comes in hot and explodes with offense on Darren. Titus has to save a pin attempt. Percy comes in to clean out Titus from the ring. Percy heads out after him but is taken out. Titus gets on the ring apron. A-Ri and Darren continues to fight. Titus makes a tag quickly, Both A-Ri and Darren miss it. While A-Ri takes out Darren, Titus waits to get his strike. He does and it leads to the “Clash of the Titus” for the pin and the win.

Winners: Titus O’Neil and Darren Young

After the match, Josh and Regal break down the last moments of the match and explain why Titus and Darren won.